Gathering friends and family at home is increasingly common with the appearance of gourmet spaces in the residence. For this to have an organized place to dispose of bottles and utensils is a great option to increase the decoration. The ideal space for the bars is a place where the hosts are usually welcomed. So that is in the social area, being in the dining / living room or even on balconies. If the area of ​​the site is small, avoid restricting the bars with benches and even the sideboard can be transformed into a bar, so that the measures   […]

The curtain is the element that has a very important function in the decoration and protection against the luminosity in the environment. In addition to bringing the aesthetic, it offers the warmth to the residents, composing with the environments and bringing exclusivity to the spaces. When designing your curtain there is a lot of information that requires some care, analyzing the finish, fabrics, models and measurements. All this set should compose with the decoration of the space, so it is one of the last items of the decoration. To help you here are some important tips so you do not   […]

Reusing materials is increasingly common in the architecture business, so pallets gain a foothold in the decorating market. The difference is that it can be worked by anyone, not needing to be a professional in the joinery. It is possible to transform the pallet into various items into the room, either in the room as a table center, in the bedroom as a bed base, in the kitchen as a panel, in the outside area as a sofa and among other objects. There are several ways of finishing you perform it. If you want something rustic leave the wood with   […]

The dressing table is an indispensable piece of furniture for people who like makeup. Be it improvised or purchased is a beautiful item that can leave your environment with a special decoration. For this you do not need to invest so much a tip is to repaginate a dresser or small table that you already own and transform it into your beauty corner. For those who prefer can hire a good joinery project to harmonize with the environment in which it will be inserted, either in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Be the style of the dressing table The   […]

Preparing a party or dinner at home for friends and family requires a lot of work. The small details, which do not waste much time and money, are what make the difference and make this event more pleasant to the guests. The first step is to decide the environment in which it will happen and also what kind of party will give - theme, to friends, to family, formal or informal. With this there will be a number of elements to leave an inviting table and ambience, ranging from the towel and the napkins to some decorative touches that will   […]

To create a modern and natural environment in harmony with the surroundings nothing better than using the wooden deck floor in space. It is formed by a board of 10 cm of width with finishes of the sides to avoid accident. They are used most often in outdoor areas, mainly in the leisure area on floors around pools, grills, balconies, mezzanines and panels. Maintenance is necessary since mold and moisture can result in dirt degrading the material. Despite this disadvantage, it maintains a pleasant temperature even when exposed to the sun. Decks are great too for those who do not   […]

Decorating a small kitchen is a daunting task for many people living in homes that do not have much space. But remember that small kitchens can become cozy rooms and are equipped with much coziness. The biggest difficulty comes from the high cost of the planned furniture or because the market found in department stores do not fit into space. Here are some tips to help you organize and design this small room in your home: - Use the shelves, because it gives a bigger sensation of space, for not leaving the loaded atmosphere. The ideal is to take out   […]

Building a tree houseIs no longer a child's dream, today adults are acquiring this type of construction to have a space of leisure and relaxation. They can be found in many ways, both the simplest and the widest with a residence structure. For those who think of owning one, the ideal is to hire professionals to carry out this type of construction as biologists, architects and forest engineers. At the beginning it is necessary to know the species of the tree, as well as the age, to verify if it has a voluminous canopy and if the trunk is resistant.   […]

Currently the kitchen is not only seen as a space for a meal but rather as a place to gather friends and family. With that, this environment should be cheerful and have personality. The coatings on the walls can create a more contemporary look and give a more striking look. They can be found in many options, the most used are tiling, mosaics, glass tablets, marble, porcelain, wood, burnt cement, ceramics, tiles and stones. It is ideal to place the coating behind the stove and the sink, to protect from water and dirt. Being a small area is a great   […]

The barbecue is one of the indispensable places for those who like to gather friends and family. It can be seen both inside the house and in the outside area of ​​the residence, integrated into the balcony or even in the backyard. If your barbecue is outdoors the ideal is that it has a cover to avoid direct natural lighting, so invest in pergola, awnings or metal roofs. The first step is to choose where it will be installed. Look for a location near the sink with an easy-access countertop for handling food and cleaning utensils. It is important to   […]