Author: Audrey Thomas

For those who have two children or more of different or equal sexes, but share the same room, a good option is aNeutral room. The obvious blue and pink are coming off fashion and giving way to a versatile decor with a mix of colors, which results in an environment for both sexes. In addition to not quickly getting sick from the room, it can be changeable and can vary in decoration without changing the paint. The ideal is to invest in natural or white wood furniture so that the decoration is according to the children's personality. Not forgetting that   […]

Currently the kitchen is not only seen as a space for a meal but rather as a place to gather friends and family. With that, this environment should be cheerful and have personality. The coatings on the walls can create a more contemporary look and give a more striking look. They can be found in many options, the most used are tiling, mosaics, glass tablets, marble, porcelain, wood, burnt cement, ceramics, tiles and stones. It is ideal to place the coating behind the stove and the sink, to protect from water and dirt. Being a small area is a great   […]

The curtain is the element that has a very important function in the decoration and protection against the luminosity in the environment. In addition to bringing the aesthetic, it offers the warmth to the residents, composing with the environments and bringing exclusivity to the spaces. When designing your curtain there is a lot of information that requires some care, analyzing the finish, fabrics, models and measurements. All this set should compose with the decoration of the space, so it is one of the last items of the decoration. To help you here are some important tips so you do not   […]

TheChandeliersAre key pieces in all decoration projects, as they provide the final touch to the environment. The possibilities of formats and materials are many and should be chosen with enough criteria to be harmonious with the rest of the decoration of the environment. Watch for the desired illumination to set the amount of chandeliers required. It is also important to meet the requirements of electric, ceiling and plaster, some chandeliers require the plaster lining to be installed properly, others need special supports to support their full weight. We selected combinations of different dining room styles with bold chandeliers and unique   […]

The first impression for those who pass through a residence is the facade, so it is important to invest in the external treatment of the house. It can appear in different styles from the simplest, such as the minimalist and even with more exquisite models with mixed materials. The wall is an option to bring security to the residents of the house, but today there are several models of walls that make the façade more beautiful and stylish. The cool thing is to invest in plants and gardens in the wall for those who want to make her look cheerful.   […]

Deceiving those who think that the colorful final touch in a kitchen only happens through furniture, the wallpapers can be a great ally in the decoration of the space, bringing charm and a more fun tone to the environment. The options are diverse and should combine with the other elements, in small spaces, choose the clear papers, in larger spaces, one can opt for darker shades without sacrificing the sensation of amplitude. In addition to the common wallpapers, there are also those coated with acrylic resin and pvc, which conserve for longer even with the conditions of the environment For   […]

The room is the environment of the residence in which the child spends more time possessing all his objects and toys in that space, and besides there he feels comfortable. For this the study space is fundamental, a well planned place facilitates in the academic performance of the adolescents and encourages the art of drawing of the smaller children. It is important to choose furniture appropriate to the available space. The cool thing is to invest in benches, desks or desks so that it creates a cozy atmosphere so that the moment of study is pleasant and fun. The table   […]