Author: Ella Ortiz

In the corporate office it is important to decorate the spaces with some care, with a greater attention to the workstations so that the quality and the style of the place are present. Because this environment is where people spend most of their time, so the furniture should collaborate with the income of who to use. Ergonomics at work is an important point in this regard, since it defines the choice of furniture. Here are some tips to help organize the corporate space: For people to work comfortably, prefer the arm chair, which is both swivel and upholstered.The table needs   […]

The dressing table is an indispensable piece of furniture for people who like makeup. Be it improvised or purchased is a beautiful item that can leave your environment with a special decoration. For this you do not need to invest so much a tip is to repaginate a dresser or small table that you already own and transform it into your beauty corner. For those who prefer can hire a good joinery project to harmonize with the environment in which it will be inserted, either in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Be the style of the dressing table The   […]

Gathering friends and family at home is increasingly common with the appearance of gourmet spaces in the residence. For this to have an organized place to dispose of bottles and utensils is a great option to increase the decoration. The ideal space for the bars is a place where the hosts are usually welcomed. So that is in the social area, being in the dining / living room or even on balconies. If the area of ​​the site is small, avoid restricting the bars with benches and even the sideboard can be transformed into a bar, so that the measures   […]

The blind is a type of curtain that controls the entrance of lighting in the environment, it is an alternative for those who want to replace the traditional fabric curtains. They offer a number of advantages and have a great choice of types and styles, so it is gaining more and more space in interior designs. One of the advantages is that they are easy to clean, and can be vacuum cleaned or sponged to keep them well cared for. As it has a modern system it allows controlling the luminosity with partial opening through the blades or the fabric.   […]

The facade is considered an important factor for a work in the commercial sector. It is they who come into first contact with the customer and together with the composition of the showcase collaborate to highlight the attention of the public. It is ideal that it transmits the identity of the store and the product so it is essential that you have a good professional in the area to choose materials for the facade. The identification of the trade is fast and for a successful store it is necessary to obey a set of factors, among them is the appearance   […]

Meet our selection with 50 photos of creative and inspiring children's furniture for your decoration.   […]