Author: Eric Lane

Decorating a small kitchen is a daunting task for many people living in homes that do not have much space. But remember that small kitchens can become cozy rooms and are equipped with much coziness. The biggest difficulty comes from the high cost of the planned furniture or because the market found in department stores do not fit into space. Here are some tips to help you organize and design this small room in your home: - Use the shelves, because it gives a bigger sensation of space, for not leaving the loaded atmosphere. The ideal is to take out   […]

Graphite is a very common art on the street and currently they are entering the residential walls for those who want to creatively decorate with a touch of exclusive modernity. For those who want to innovate and transform the environment is a great option, as it has the advantage of being removable if you want to remove it from the wall. The designs will depend on the style of the resident, ranging from organic figures to children's character drawings for children's bedrooms. The environments also vary according to the intention and the proposal of the project, can be part of   […]

The baby shower is a celebration that requires a preparation very carefully, as receiving family and friends for the arrival of the baby will always be remembered for future mother. The details is what makes this party special and leave the atmosphere pleasant to receive the guests. For those who are organizing the party, one of the first things to be chosen is the invitation. For this there are thousands of graphs and invitations ready that can help solve this problem. The theme of the party may depend on the style of the invitation, but if you are not already   […]

Meet our selection with 50 pictures of models of different dining tables to inspire your decor.   […]