Author: Jared Harper

Many people do not need a pool at home, even if it is small. AtSwimming pools in residencesAre becoming more common or owning one has become a tempting new resource. They come in many shapes, materials, styles and sizes. More modern ones may be more classic, but all allow for a moment of leisure and relaxation. To design it is essential to see the free space available and the study of the sunshine you wish to have at certain times. As they are permanent choose a design that functionality and aesthetics are appropriate. If you are thinking about building or   […]

The laundry or laundry area has a very important function in the house, but it does not always have a guaranteed decoration. It should follow the style of the other environments, so to enjoy the space and leave organized is essential to leave the items in order with a fun decoration. For small apartments, the tenant must invest in functional and space-saving solutions. One has to think of a space to wash clothes, put to dry, store the products and pass. Different from what happens in homes where you have a balcony or yard to hang clothes. With that in   […]

TheWashbasinsAre environments usually dedicated to visitors to your home and because they are closed, they can have a more daring decoration to differentiate themselves from other environments. With increasingly smaller spaces for toilets in new apartments, one must innovate to be able to take advantage of all the possible space in an intelligent way. despiteLight colors are favorites.For those who want to maintain a sense of spaciousness within the environment, even in small washrooms, it is possible to clad the walls with dark, colored ceramics, concrete finishes, lozenges, wood-imitating ceramics and even stamped wall papers. Knowing how to balance and   […]

Wallpapers can also be used wisely in decorating a bathroom. The recommendation is that it apply in toilets, because the humidity in bathrooms with shower can deteriorate the paper according to the time. In bathrooms with large space and good ventilation, you can apply the wallpaper keeping as far away as possible from moisture and steam. To soften these effects, there are vinyl wallpapers (made of pvc) and washable ones (with a layer of resin protection) that prevents deterioration by moisture. Once applied, the wallpaper can also be waterproofed with acrylic resin. See our selection of photos of bathrooms with   […]

The coffee table and side table in the living room should be well chosen due to several criteria: size of available space, room format and style of decor and the locals. It is the differential of the room, because in addition to giving charm we can increase with some decoration items such as vases, candles, books, plants and more. As the table is located in the room it is ideal that the size is suitable to support the objects of decoration and your day to day, such as a glass, so that it is also functional. It is interesting to   […]

See 50 photos of selected models of bar trolleys and teas used in the decoration of environments   […]