Author: Jeremiah Pearson

The GreyIs one of the most modern and versatile colors in architecture and decoration. The greyish color shows an urban air in space and because it is a neutral base it is interesting to choose furniture and accessories with bright colors to be part of their environment. The burnt cement is a floor with the mixture of cement, sand and water. What burns the mortar is the contact with the powder of the cement, hence the origin of the name. Called monolithic because it has no grout which makes the environment visually larger. Burnt cement is a mass application with   […]

Ohome theaterIs one of the environments that are included in the program for the elaboration of a residence project. Because it is a space that everyone in the house enjoys, it also serves to receive guests offering a social environment with friends and family. The main feature to design a home theater room is the acoustics so choose the furniture very well, the colors of the furniture, the type of flooring and the flooring materials. Prefer the use of wood for panels, carpets to decorate, carpet flooring, wallpaper, plaster on the ceiling or styrofoam boards on the wall. These types   […]

Building a tree houseIs no longer a child's dream, today adults are acquiring this type of construction to have a space of leisure and relaxation. They can be found in many ways, both the simplest and the widest with a residence structure. For those who think of owning one, the ideal is to hire professionals to carry out this type of construction as biologists, architects and forest engineers. At the beginning it is necessary to know the species of the tree, as well as the age, to verify if it has a voluminous canopy and if the trunk is resistant.   […]

Sideboards are a great choice for those who have extra space in living rooms or dining rooms, offering a larger space to store kitchen items, put pots, portraits and other decorative objects. A dresser usually has a low cost and what matters most is creativity when it comes to combining it with the rest of the environment. You can harmonize the sideboard with pictures on the wall, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and others. See our selection of 52 dressers in different materials and formats to inspire: Picture 01 - Pink dresser with navy blue background surrounded by frames Picture 02 -   […]

A modern kitchen design should be done with great care and care, after all, it will last for years at your residence. We recommend that you do a lot of research to decide what style and what suits your home. Even with small spaces it is possible to execute a kitchen project without losing the elegance, of course, with a larger space can have a considerable impact. The minimalist style of cooking is on the rise, even if it seems a little too cold and hygienic, you can break the tone with colors, decorative objects, colored chairs and so on.   […]

The construction of a house has been the preference for those who intend to have a single family home, as it is a quick construction, with space saving of the land and consequently more economical. This type of dwelling has always been seen with a simple architecture, but currently it can be seen in a modern style and with different models. In the left the social part and the intimate part are separated, with rooms in the inferior part and dormitories in the superior one. With this logic of distribution many people with single storey house have been expanding their   […]