Author: Marion Bell

The loft comes from American origin that means deposit or attic, that were the industrial warehouses of the headquarters of companies located in decaying regions. This had a cool architecture, with a great price and a great space for housing. The loft is known today as a type of housing that offers an open space with few partitions and walls. With this decoration and planning in the distribution of furniture become more complicated than traditional dwellings. Living in a loft is ideal for young singles or couples without children, who prioritize practicality without giving up comfort. This villa is identified   […]

OOriental styleGains more and more space in homes, whether inside or some feature for the facade of your home. For oriental decoration it is interesting to convey the sense of tranquility in space, so harmony has to be present in the composition of furniture and colors. The Japanese decoration seeks balance and minimalism, values ​​space and maintains only the essential without exaggeration in architecture. Opt for pieces that are really needed in the furniture, better yet if the furniture is multifunctional. We must avoid overloading the environment, use accessories the minimums and the freest walls possible. The environment is kept   […]

Research has been confirming for years that the number of people who work at home should only grow in the future, therefore, those who work or intend to work at home should invest in a reserved space, calm and cozy to carry out their tasks. A home office can be installed in virtually any environment, even if you do not have much space available. The basics: a desk, a chair and shelves. Do not forget to surround yourself with what is most important to your work, such as reminders, reference books and materials needed to perform your tasks, then focus   […]

Hanging or upright gardens are a great alternative for those who have little space to set up a conventional garden. Can be used in small apartments on balconies, corridors and walls in residences. With creative solutions, it is possible to create a unique space to make your environment closer in nature. The costs of setting up such a garden are low, which usually involve the purchase of: wooden panel or shelf, pots and plants. The most economical and ecological option is the use of pet bottles or packaging used as pots of wafers, sugar and the like. We separate 49   […]

Check out our selection of photos of decorated mezzanines. Get inspired with the decorating trends. See more.   […]