Author: Maurice Palmer

When decorating a double room, one can choose to use beds with or without headboards. The most used are those separated from the bed that combine with mattresses of the box type, it is also possible to opt for a bed that already contains a headboard in its format. One should take into consideration all the material and colors used in the rest of the room, such as coverings, decorative objects, floor, color of the cabinets, wallpaper and etc. The options are diverse and cater for all tastes and decorating styles. See our selection with 50 headboard options for double   […]

Because it is of exclusive use the single room allows a decoration with much more personality and when it comes to gender requires a greater requirement because what characterizes a masculine environment is the practicality and functionality. The interesting thing for this type of decoration is to look for something more discreet, without thematic to inspire in the choice of furniture, but rather prioritize in colors. Usually they bet on dark colors, such as black and gray, which leave the room with a sophisticated air and match the masculine preference. The furniture must be sober with a more minimalist or   […]

The use of glass in residential projects has gained momentum in recent decades and has come to stay. The glass helps to integrate the exterior with the internal environments of the house, besides allowing a more pleasant and fluid appearance for those who see from outside. Glasses can be used only in parts such as specific environments, windows, doors or cover a large part of the facade ensuring a modern and sophisticated look. In relation to cost, common masonry walls are more expensive than the use of glass because of the amount of materials involved. As for privacy, it is   […]

It is common to decorate dinner tables when we receive friends and family or when making a more sophisticated dinner at home. The decorating options are diverse, the most important items are: towels, American set, cutlery, glasses, jars, pots with flowers, pots, candles and other decorative items. To get it right, also consider the colors of the environment and the table itself, then combine the accessories so that they have balance and harmony when arranged together. So you can make your dinner much more pleasurable and cozy. Enjoy! Check out our selection of 53 pictures of decorated dining tables: Image   […]

Decorating your room differently can be done without so many decorative artifacts, choosing a sofa with a different design, fabric or color, the impact can be great. The shapes and sizes are varied and can cater for all tastes, to set the choice of a bold model, you should however broaden your search in more furniture stores to find the ideal solution. Choose stores that manufacture and distribute few units of the same model to make your room unique and unique to receive your guests and family. See our selection with different sofas to inspire your next choice Image 01   […]

See our selection of 50 photos of beautiful and inspiring children's drawers for your next décor. Check it!   […]