Author: Reginald Sullivan

The hallway is one of the last spaces that we decorate at the time of the renovation, and by being seen as a limited place we often fail to invest in it. Besides being a place of passage to the other rooms he is used very often, however he has no reason not to decorate them in his house. The tips would be to invest in colors, joinery, lighting, artwork etc. So here are some items to help give style in your hallway: Painting Light-colored walls give the impression of a wider and more open space, so prefer neutral or   […]

The barbecue is one of the indispensable places for those who like to gather friends and family. It can be seen both inside the house and in the outside area of ​​the residence, integrated into the balcony or even in the backyard. If your barbecue is outdoors the ideal is that it has a cover to avoid direct natural lighting, so invest in pergola, awnings or metal roofs. The first step is to choose where it will be installed. Look for a location near the sink with an easy-access countertop for handling food and cleaning utensils. It is important to   […]

The curtains are very important in the decoration of environments because they harmonize with the other colors and block the lighting and protect the view from outside the residence. Although made in a variety of materials, most people choose fabric curtains or blinds to decorate their environments. We select different models of curtains with different colors, shapes, finishes, textures and prints used in living rooms to inspire you. Image 01 - Dark Gray Room Curtain Image 02 - Stamped curtain for living room Image 03 - Room dividing curtain Image 04 - Curtain with pink trim Image 05 - Different   […]

The TV room is an important environment of every residence that brings together family, friends and guests to relax and watch programs and movies. For this reason it is important that you invest in a decoration that is comfortable to the eyes, has good illumination, and does not reach the TV directly. In small spaces, just a wide sofa with a rack or narrow bench to keep the environment clean, in larger spaces, one can invest in armchairs, coffee tables, chandeliers, puffes and etc. Take into account the distance between the TV and the sofa so that people can see   […]

The residential sidewalk is an important item that must be worked along with the facade of the house. Usually modern houses have sidewalks that have direct connection with the residence because there is no wall and gate. That is why landscaping as the bed of trees, plants, vases, flowers are easily accessible to anyone who passes. So one care you must take is safety and what this sidewalk will compose. With this, it is good to take greater care in this area. For starters it is essential to invest in a beautiful residential sidewalk floor. It is ideal to match   […]