Black and white decoration: 60 ideas of environments to be inspired

Do not know yet which color palette to choose for your decor? How about using the combination of black and white? Know that it is a wildcard in decoration and can be applied in various environments: in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms and others.

When these two colors are well matched, the result can be really surprising. To do so, consider that white is a sober and impersonal color, and black, can leave the environment too charged. This is why balance is essential when decorating a B & W style environment.

Tips for Decorating with B & W Style

Space : The choice of base color may vary according to the area of ​​the environment, but in general: for small environments, choose white as a base, in large environments, black can be used for painting the walls or even the ceiling .

Frames : Use photos and illustrations with fine, elegant frames in black. Make the composition by hanging them on the wall in an intercalated fashion.

Prints : Whether in the geometric format, chevron or poá, the prints fit neatly on carpets, cushions, headboards and other fabrics with black and white color.

Other materials : To match the B & W style, you can use wood in floors and furniture, metallic elements also match the style as well as mirrors on the walls.

More colors : In addition to B & W, you can add a touch of color to take some of the sobriety out of the environment. To do so, use small decorative objects such as books, utensils, cushions and so on.

60 different environments with black and white decoration

See now the selection of environments decorated with B & W colors to inspire:

In the living room

Picture 1 - The combination of black and white can result in a contemporary living room.

1 The ideal at the beginning of any project is to choose the style of decoration that is desired for the environment. The contemporary style and the minimalist can leave an elegant room, working the lines well marked and using the colors of pure form.

Image 2 - The choice of white as the base and the black in the furniture.


An important tip for anyone who wants to use this type of decoration but is afraid of the final result is to choose one of the colors as the base and the other for pieces, furniture and objects.

Picture 3 - Take the monotony of the place using black and white prints in the decoration.

In the living room, apply black and white with the prints on the cushions, rugs, pictures or other accessory. Take care not to leave the environment too charged, so balance the look with a potted plant.

Picture 4 - Painting on the wall can cause an amazing effect on the environment.

If you want to give a touch of paint to the decor, have a black and white color scheme on the walls, giving the right contrast to the environment. One idea is to have a single wall of the room in black ink, to give this feeling of daring without many expenses.

Picture 5 - So that the room does not look cold, use warm elements in the decoration.

Referring to Fig.
Wood furniture, yellow lighting and paintings with the theme of your personal taste make all the difference to make the environment comfortable.

In the dining room

Picture 6 - A good tip is to apply black on the cushions of the chairs.

If you opted for a decoration with a white base but want to add a touch of black, choose a highlight piece to add black.

Picture 7 - In this integrated dining room, all environments lead to the same proposal.

The black and white combinations of this example run away from the traditional proposals - they appear in the details, forming a minimalist and modern architecture for this residence with integrated spaces.

Picture 8 - A sure option is to use the table of one color and the chairs of the other.

Referring to Fig.
This composition is the simplest way of setting up a B & B dining room. But it is possible to innovate with the design of these furniture. In the above design the base of the table with the lacquered finish and the chromed steel in the structure of the chairs reinforced the elegant touch that the project wishes to pass.

Picture 9 - The B & W effect can be in the furniture that surround the environment.

Referring to Fig.
In addition to the versatility of the casters in this set, the chairs have won the most classic print (stripes) so as not to disrupt the decoration.

Picture 10 - Checkered rugs are a great request in this environment.

The rug under the table is always welcome. Use this piece in your B & W version for the dining room.

In the kitchen

Image 11 - In this project the equipment also won its black version.

The design is every day bringing newness in the branch of decoration. In addition to copper and gold, the new trend is the black accessories for the kitchen and bathroom.

Picture 12 - Use contrasting finishes in the details to add a special touch to the kitchen.

Copper elements are beautiful and modernize the environment. The luminaire installed in the above design gave all the contrasting touch to this kitchen with black and white decor.

Picture 13 - White marble is the perfect choice for this proposal.

Marble is one of the most elegant stones in the decorative market. It offers all the finishing to the bench and has the advantage of replacing the white stone in its purest form. The effect of the more grayish spots is perfect in this composition B & W!

Image 14 - The niche has enhanced the design of this kitchen.

The niche offered all the touch of personality in this kitchen. It broke the sober air and still comes with a similar tone to the floor to not load the environment much.

Picture 15 - Small black and white kitchen.

Small kitchens ask for artifice to give the sense of breadth. Therefore, prioritize the white and let some details of the black stand out in the design. We can see that the installed mirror has a copper finish to further enhance this color combination.

In the laundry room

Figure 16 - Use the B & W tiles to cover the floor of the service area.

Tiles in wet areas are almost indispensable. In the market we can find several models and prints that please all styles.

Picture 17 - For this environment the ideal is that the walls are white to give the correct illumination in the line.

Because it is a service area, where the priority is cleanliness, it is recommended that the main sites be clear to leave the dirt visible. The strong point of this project is the hanging clothesline, which took all the charm and still leaves the clothes airy even in an enclosed environment.

Image 18 - Being a small area, the project prioritized the white that takes amplitude to the place.

If the black color is used in a small environment, the tendency is to look smaller. Follow the basic rule of colors: small environments with light colors and large environments with dark colors.

Image 19 - The silver elements highlight the black existing in this laundry.

The inserts are classic in the decoration of kitchens and laundries. In this proposal, try to bring the modern touch with the coating in silver finish, that way it combines with the household appliance and the existing laundry equipment.

Picture 20 - For a modern laundry, make a black carpentry and leave the white on account of the equipment and the wall finish.

This idea is great for small apartments, because it perfectly hides the service area without leaving the appliances visible.

In the bathroom

Picture 21 - The colors black and white combine with two very different materials: wood and mirrors.

Details make all the difference. Bet small points on other materials to disperse the B & W, such as mirror, silver, wood, steel or shiny metals, which make the look lighter.

Picture 22 - How about betting on a white bathroom and complement with black items?

These two colors follow some classic patterns, since the excess of one can load the space and create the opposite effect than the one wanted. The junction seeks the harmony in the set, causing the contrast to be reflected in this overlap.

Image 23 - There are several models of coatings in these two colors.


Picture 24 - Balance colors to avoid leaving the environment too black or too white.

Use the balance to not leave the environment with one color. Too much white can make the space bland and black can weigh a lot in the visual.

Picture 25 - The black accessories are different and are a way to innovate in the decoration of the bathroom.


On the balconies and balconies

Picture 26 - Small and cozy.

No need to invest much for a B & W decoration, you see that the furniture inserted in the balcony are made of pallets and painted white. In contrast some dark accessories create the desired effect.

Picture 27 - Bet on pictures and photographs in B & W, with thin and discrete frames.

The black and white illustration on the wall is a great way to put this type of decoration into practice in the environment.

Picture 28 - Make a composition with small objects and decorative pieces in black and white colors, playing with the contrast between them.

Mixing the flat with prints is a way of not leaving the environment monotonous.

Image 29 - It is very common for the projects to have the barbecue as a decorative item.

If you want to make an impact on the porch, add a different coat on the grill.

Picture 30 - Get inspired in the urban air to decorate your balcony.

Walls can earn personalized and creative finishes. Colorful pieces break the seriousness and sobriety of B & W.

No home office

Picture 31 - Slate painting is a great alternative to leave the environment with a black look and still keep your notes up to date.


Picture 32 - Choose materials that harmonize with these colors such as steel, concrete and glass.


Picture 33 - In small spaces, prefer more white than black.


Image 34 - In a work environment, look for a balanced look.

After all it can not be white or too black. This project is ideal for those who want a little bit of personality, but without too much of each color.

Picture 35 - The French armchair and hands formed the perfect contrast of this white home office.

In this home office, the small items help to value the decoration proposal.

In the corridor or entrance hall

Image 36 - In the hallway, paint a wall of black and leave the rest white.


Image 37 - The background with the black paint leaves the appearance of the longer aisle.


Picture 38 - Adopt the colors in a prominent piece and plan the surrounding environment according to it.

If you are afraid to apply the tones to the wall, invest in a large carpet for the entire room.

Picture 39 - An extensive rug is always welcome in the hallway.

Rugs are great accessories to emphasize the black and white proposal.

Image 40 - Mix textures and prints to create a more interesting environment.


In double rooms

Picture 41 - The black ceiling leaves the environment visually higher.

The paint with a dark color on the ceiling and lighter walls leave the limits of an invisible room, that is, it is almost imperceptible to visualize the delimitation of the environment. This effect creates the feeling of a higher environment, which can be the alternative for your project.

Picture 42 - Create a niche to flush the bed.

Add a black and white layout in the bedroom, behind the headboard of the bed - besides not disturbing the sleep, ends up creating a nice effect on the decoration.

Picture 43 - In this project the fabrics appear in black color creating the B & W effect.


Picture 44 - Bedding makes all the difference in the ambiance of the room.

In an environment with a default color, such as this black room, use white at a strategic point to focus attention.

Picture 45 - The black painting managed to delimit the area of ​​the room.


In children's bedrooms

Picture 46 - The idea here is to use only the bed in the darker color.


Image 47 - Because it is a combination of neutral colors, it is possible to mix several patterns of print in the room.

Mixing prints contributes to a more fun environment for the child. However, it is necessary to find a balance between the different designs so that it does not weigh much in the visual. For example, geometric shapes are never too much and can be used without fear in design.

Image 48 - For a children's room, the print in a poha is a success.

They are delicate and can be found in the form of stickers, sheets, cushions, carpets and even in a composition of handles and hooks on the wall.

Image 49 - Geometric prints, stripes and black and white poas stand amazing on objects, especially cushions, rugs and bedding.


Picture 50 - The B & W effect is due to the dark details of the beds.

To avoid a tedious decoration, bet on architectural traces, details and original shapes. The minimalist design bed was enough to make this room amazing.

In women's quarters

Picture 51 - To give personality to the room, explore the color in the small details.

For the female bedroom, add some decorative piece in a third more vibrant color, as is the case with the red in the photo. If you prefer a more delicate room, look for softer shades such as lilac, yellow or baby pink.

Picture 52 - The mirror is a great accessory in the female room.

For a black decoration that stands out and closes the environment, place a mirror near the place to break the seriousness.

Picture 53 - The room need not necessarily have these two colors, but rather should be the basis of the project.

Another way to create a stylish focus point in the black and white environment is by painting one of the walls with these colors.

Picture 54 - The black stripes leave the room contemporary and discreet at the same time.

Stripes are another way of letting the black and white combination change the style of the bedroom, which can be made in the bedside print of the bed as shown in the above design.

Picture 55 - The pictures within this color composition are also an option to highlight the style.

One of the proposals of any B & W decoration is the frames also in these colors and in black for a visual effect that holds the look.

In men's rooms

Image 56 - When opting for black carpentry, you can insert the rest with white finishes.

For a large room, do not be afraid to use the black color.

Image 57 - Play with the colors blending the gray in the composition.


Image 58 - Boy's room with Scandinavian style.


Image 59 - You may prefer a whole black room with some dots in white color.


Image 60 - Give personality to the wallpapers.

The wallpapers offer great options for the monochrome proposal, working with different patterns and patterns.

In closets

Image 61 - The carpet with pattern Chevron Is an alternative to make the closet cozier.

The pattern Chevron , Known for its geometric lines, are elegant and timeless. The design of its print offers a light, bare and pleasant environment.

Picture 62 - If you want a neutral environment, bet on B & W pieces.


Picture 63 - Painting can create an amazing effect in the closet.


Image 64 - To not leave the closet too dark, highlight more the white in the decoration.


Picture 65 - Black furniture offers elegance to the closet.

Invest in black and white furniture that offers a more sophisticated ambiance.