Black Bedroom: 60 Photos and Color Decorating Tips

The black shows elegance when it comes to using the color in the decoration. The first impression is that the use of color is a very bold choice, due to the fear that the application will result in a heavy and gloomy environment too much. When we analyze well, we can measure color in a sophisticated, elegant and with a differential compared to other colors. Today we will talk about the decoration of the black room:

Being a neutral color, black has a flexibility in the use and styles proposed and is not restricted to one type of profile: it can be composed in the decoration in more serious rooms, like a young single, to the more relaxed and cheerful as that of a young couple.

When starting the project, you need to keep in mind the need to use black in the decoration. In this way, the study will focus on color, so that decorative objects, lighting and complementary colors are suitable for each type of proposal.

The black color should be the focal point when choosing the decoration: it can be present on the walls, floor or ceiling, occupying much of the decor of the environment. Another alternative is to use the color at specific points in the decoration, focusing on certain objects such as a lamp, a curtain, a upholstered headboard, a type of coating, a bedding and other options.

There is no rule in decoration! So free up your creativity and create comfortable spaces for your day to day life. Be it a neutral, fun or colorful choice: black can work as the beginning in almost every decorative style of the environment. The important thing is not to leave the composition with a heavy look. For this reason, we facilitate your visualization with the following ideas.

60 black rooms for those who want to use this style in the decoration

To facilitate your viewing, we have selected 60 decorated black rooms that you can take inspiration from when it comes to decorating the environment. Check out all the photos with unique tips to get inspired in every step of your interior design project and hit the decor with shades of dark colors today:

Picture 1 - The color transmits elegance without the necessity of a high investment.

The black in the environment speaks for itself! But objects can be inserted to further enhance the elegance and sophistication, such as four-poster beds, lamps, curtains and bedding. In this project, it is balanced with white.

Picture 2 - Play with the geometric shapes to give style to the room.

These prints are also a way to leave the room relaxed without weighing heavily in the environment with the dark color. This mix is ​​classic and has no decoration error! In this design, the wall is black but the floor follows the white color in wood. The bedding also follows in black and white tones, such as pillows and bedspreads.

Picture 3 - The background wall in black color further highlight the details of the room.

The black can appear on a flat of the room, contrasting with the other colors and textures present in the room. This harmony leaves the contemporary and modern environment with the chosen objects correctly.

Picture 4 - The wall of the bed with upholstered plates leave the room more sophisticated.

Here the upholstery comes with everything in the wall covering with the black color. To complete, a desk with the white color, armchair of fabric, pictures and white linen with fluffy blanket.

Picture 5 - Create a gothic environment for you that loves this style.

The Gothic style refers to the past but may have a modern composition in the decoration. In this design, the bed linens follow the style with the black color, in addition to the dark wooden floor. Frame and golden plaid break strong hue of color.

Picture 6 - Use the color as the base to complement the rest of the project.

If the proposal is a black room, let it be the focus of the environment! It will work as a guide to the details chosen in the bedroom decor. Ideally, the color decision should be made well at the beginning of the project, so that this composition is done in a well-planned manner. This room features a suspended TV, next to shelves that hold books and magazines.

Image 7 - Explore the combination of black with other materials.

Black can be combined with different materials, among them the lighter floor. Here, the design follows with the upholstered black wall, a gray wall and a luminaire that ensures the illumination.

Picture 8 - Bedding can break with excess black in a positive way.

In a room design with the black tint on the walls, invest in a bedding that breaks with the color. In this proposal, the pillows and the gray duvet fill this role. Also, use decorative objects with lighter colors, such as the white frame frame.

Image 9 - Shades of gray blend well with black.

When decorating a black room, think of the tone on tone and use the palette that goes from black to white, passing through several shades of gray. The shades used in bedding can be the distinguishing feature of decorating an environment with dark colors.

Picture 10 - The flooring can be the key item for your black bedroom.

This bedroom design features 3D tiles on the wall finish in black color with shiny material. The curtains and the laminate floor follow the same color. In contrast to the black, the beige tones, white wood on the desk, vintage fridge and the floor lamp.

Image 11 - A large window can solve the lighting problem.

Any created corner of relaxation should be positioned near the windows, due to the incidence of natural light that contributes to the lightness of the environment. This tip is essential when the room is black or with very dark tones. In the composition, the photo frames with white frame break the black look of the wall.

Picture 12 - Mix neutral furniture in the middle of the black decoration.

In this design with walls, windows and doors in black, the choice of floor and bed material is essential to have a balanced environment. Here the wood adds a natural touch to the composition, plus the side table with vase and gray bed linen with patterned blanket.

Picture 13 - Concrete combined with black ensures style for the room.

The décor of this room plays with the idea of ​​tone on tone in a light and harmonious way. The color palette uses black and gray shades of concrete to create a modern, stripped-down environment.

Picture 14 - Black female room.

A black bedroom design with the fashionista style. Here, the black bench serves as a dumb servant, sheltering books, a picture with a picture and a vase with dry branches. Bed linen follows the dark tones of the wall.

Picture 15 - Metallic decorative objects leave the room more modern.

Black can be combined with metallic colors without losing harmony and cohesion. These colors have a sophisticated look and help make the environment feel classy and elegant. In this design, a wall rack in glossy black color, a dresser with classic mirror and white countertop. In addition, the curtains follow with the dark tonality, as well as the floor in the black color.

Picture 16 - Black and gray are the perfect pair of colors in combination.

To bring elegance, use a neutral decors palette along with black such as nude, gray, fendi and brown.

Picture 17 - The wood can break the dark of the black.

The wood is ideal for composing with the black decoration. In this design, its presence on the laminate floor as well as the wall panel helps break the black color. This room also has a high ceilings and a white ceiling.

Picture 18 - The black room is modern and current.

This room design features black wood flooring, bedding that follows the same color and a panel on the headboard as well as the top. Between these two panels, a lighter coating with LED lighting.

Picture 19 - The picture on the wall has become the highlight of the room.

The room had black walls and furnishings. But the picture on the wall has become the big highlight in the environment. In addition, the headboard and base of the bed follow the wood, as well as the floor, with a darker shade.

Image 20 - Abuse of contemporary elements in the setting.

This is an example of a project where lighting plays a crucial role in the setting. In a room with dark shades, choose dots that can be illuminated in contrast to the black décor.

Picture 21 - The plants gave the rustic touch to the room.

Although black is on the walls of the room, it can be mixed with white in the largest part of the decoration. The mixture with the plants brings lightness to the room!

Image 22 - The treatment of the wall and the floor balance the look of the room.

In this design, the wood wall was coated with black color. The floor with wooden blocks balance the composition. In addition, the ceiling lamp receives the rosé color. There is even a stylish black seat attached as support for coats and garments. Choose a rug that stands out in the composition of the environment.

Image 23 - Enlarge the environment with light colors.

In a dark color decor, the combination with lighter shades is essential. This room receives ample natural light and has white curtains.

Picture 24 - Woody shades perfectly match the black room.

Wood is a good choice for black rooms. It can appear on the floor or furniture, for example. This element brings rustic and uncluttered aspects to the room, in addition to being in harmony with the black.

Picture 25 - Green gave the fun touch to the room.

Choose a color to contrast with black. In this project, the green stands out in the bed linen and the chair. The cabinets, panel and lamps follow in black color. Wood flooring is a way of balancing the composition, just like the light curtains.

Picture 26 - Play with plans in B & W.

When the intention is to create a light and serene environment within the black, abuse the white in the decoration. This color can be present in bedding, curtains and decorative objects such as paintings, lamps and books.

Image 27 - Black room with white bed.

In a room with black lining in evidence on the floor and walls, the decorative objects play an essential role to make a contrast with the composition. Here, the white bed, the nightstand, the painting of the doors and other items break the dark look.

Picture 28 - Give a fun touch to the room!

This design creates a fun message on the wall, with a countdown to the days of life. In addition to the decoration with dark tones, the floor and base material of the acama follow the shades of wood. The gray rug is another item that helps maintain a balance of colors in the décor. In rooms with dark walls, it is best to choose light-colored bedding.

Picture 29 - Black can appear only in the bedroom furniture.

Note that the proportion of black and white can be used with the same intensity. Balance is essential for those who want a stylish and light room at the same time. The white walls and carpet contrast with the black panel.

Picture 30 - The seriousness of the room is demonstrated by the color and the decorative items.

This is a project that prizes for the sobriety in the composition of the decoration: with wooden floor, black armchair and wall with panels.

Picture 31 - Abuse of natural light!

Lighting is more than essential in a room with dark tones. Here, the natural entrance of the light contributed so that the room does not look so heavy.

Image 32 - Combining black with an industrial decoration is a guarantee of success.

In this design, black appears in wall finishes, door paint, bedding and some decorative details. The floor is made of wood, as is the base of the bed that has stones around it.

Picture 33 - Take some relaxation and joy to the room.

The colors and decorative objects add personality to the decor of the room. The vibrant tones create a fun room and break the seriousness of the black color used on the wall, headboard and bedside table.

Image 34 - A mix of prints leave the room stripped without losing the touch of elegance.

In this design, colorful and fun bedding combines both the black of the bedroom walls and the wood of the furniture, without creating an environment with much conflicting information.

Image 35 - Abuse of the lighting in the middle of the black decoration.

The black room should have effective lighting. It is the lighting that prevents the environment from becoming gothic and obscure, so bet in the presence of points of light in the room.

Picture 36 - The black furniture with light walls are a great option for those who want to put the color in action in the room.

Choose specific furniture to receive the black color, thus maintaining a balanced composition of colors. In this design, the walls have lighter shades and black appears in the rack, the TV panel and the base of the bed.

Image 37 - Black room with contemporary decor.

Create a space with contemporary elements to reflect your personality in a black room. Items such as large frames, geometric prints and wall textures are an example of how to apply originality when setting up the environment.

Picture 38 - Use the tone-to-tone scale.

Light colors should compose with dark shades of black or gray color, creating a neutral composition with balance.

Picture 39 - The bricks can be painted in black to take the stripped air to the room.

To match the black décor, the rose was chosen on the chairs and carpet of this double room. The footer in the ceiling has the golden color as a highlight,"dripping"through the brick wall.

Picture 40 - The room decor is black in contrast to the white elements.

It is possible to bring elements of contrast even though most of the decoration of the environment is in shades of black. Combine other colors in bedding, hanging frames and lamps.

Image 41 - Black male bedroom.

The color of the black color is perfect to highlight a male room. Be it for a young or adult, this design features a niche wall for decorative objects.

Picture 42 - Decorative elements can balance the environment.

In a darker design, balance the composition of colors with decorative objects with lighter colors, such as tables, countertops, frames and frames.

Picture 43 - For a baby room, fill the decor with cheerful tones to have a lighter environment.

Black can be applied in a children's room, the important thing is to make a composition with more cheerful colors in decorative objects to not leave the environment so sober.

Screenshot 44 - Explore Room Functions!

Knowing the needs of the room is more than essential for those who want to decorate with dark tones. In the room above, the study area and the rest area can properly define this. So much so that the study site was positioned near the window, where the lighting needs greater intensity. In the area of ​​rest, the ideal is to form a cocoon, where the darkness becomes more cozy, so a niche was created around the bed.

Picture 45 - Finishes in wood balance the look of the black decoration.

In this bedroom design with dark tones, the lighting plays an important role, without leaving the visual heavy. On the ceiling, the wood was chosen in combination with the plaster lining and lighting spots.

Picture 46 - Black double room.

This room focuses on the dark shades of color throughout its composition, from the walls, the furniture, the curtain and the panel in front of the bed. Wood is the material chosen for the floor to constrict with black. Lighting plays an essential role in this environment, highlighting important areas.

Picture 47 - For a baby's room, opt for more neutral furniture.

The baby's bedroom can also receive the black color in the wall painting. In these cases, choose for decorative objects with more neutral colors so as not to leave the composition visually heavy.

Image 48 - Lighting helps create a sophisticated environment.

Lighting is a factor that weighs when decorating a black room! They ask for a good lighting project , which demonstrates the interesting points of this environment.

Image 49 - The black wall can be made with the application of the slate paint.

Black walls can be painted with blackboard paint. You can draw with chalk to decorate the environment and leave it stripped and fun. In the room above, even the headboard has gained its drawing format!

Image 50 - B & W prints dominate the decoration of this room.

To compose in this funky environment, different prints were inserted to create a harmonic and stripped-down mix. However, as the goal was to create a youthful atmosphere, this was done with the most classic designs for the public with this profile.

Picture 51 - The wall stickers give style to the room.

A triangular patterned wallpaper balances the striking presence of black in the room. The gold of the print also combines with the lamps and the linen, bringing lightness to the room.

Image 52 - The color can be used in different ways in the decoration of the room.

In this design, black is used in the lining of the walls, at the base of the bed, in the rug and in the ceiling painting. In addition, it is part of the mirror sliding door frame that gives access to the closet. On the floor, a light wood was chosen to conspire with color. As we said above, lighting is an extremely important item in a room with dark colors, so choose strategic points that require light.

Image 53 - Room with light wood, beige, and black furniture.

The light surfaces of the room play with black and beige décor. These colors create a more elegant and sophisticated environment with great points of light that avoid a very dark visual environment.

Image 54 - Concrete items add joviality to the room.

This room features wooden flooring, decorative design object, black wall, light bed headboard, black bed linen and white curtain. A design of decoration with elegance, maintaining the simplicity of the materials.

Image 55 - Mirrors and windows are great in black rooms.

You may have some fear that the dark room appears to be smaller than it really is. To emphasize the feeling of amplitude in a black room, the use of mirrors can be fundamental to collaborate in the decoration.

Picture 56 - The black headboard is the touch of dark color in this room.

In an environment with neutral colors, the headboard, the bedside table and the side table are black. The painting of the wall follows with lighter shades as well as wooden flooring.

Image 57 - Play with the textures of materials.

Black can appear in the room in different shapes. In the above design, brick wall, upholstered headboard, wooden furniture and leather upholstery have formed a modern, stripped-down bedroom.

Image 58 - Leave the elegant and sophisticated environment with the decorative elements.

Decorative objects are responsible for giving personality and create a stylish atmosphere! Choose outstanding objects that can compose modern spaces, clean and functional.

Image 59 - In addition to the adult bedrooms, the boy's room can also receive color as the focus of the decoration.

A boy's room can also emphasize masculinity with the black color. In this design, some details of black are combined with shades of gray color. On the shelves, objects that emphasize the personality of the young man.

Image 60 - If you look at the footage of the room to have a harmonic design.

The beginning of all reform begins knowing the space well, so, analyze all the dimensions of the environment. In this way, it is more feasible to define where black can be applied, whether on walls, floor, ceiling, fittings or in joinery. In the above design, the room has a raised ceiling and the use of black paint helps to emphasize this feature, leading to a greater sense of amplitude despite the dark color.

Do you know how to decorate a room with a black color? Use all of these references when composing and planning your bedroom design with a dark shade finish. Take into account the main preferences of the resident before making a decision, ensuring the expected outcome of the client in question. Remember that harmony is the key of black color composition with other decorative items in different colors.