Boy Room: 60 projects that help you make the right choice

The decoration of the boy's room should have a visual aspect that emphasizes maturity, without losing the young spirit, attending to their tastes and desires. As this phase can last between the beginning of adolescence and the adult phase, the ideal is to opt for a decoration that remains current throughout the period.

Neutral colors are great allies when designing this kind of environment - another important tip is to emphasize the personality of the youngster with their main tastes, be it about a musical ensemble, a game, a television series, books or even films that he And fa. Some guys are fans of extreme sports like surfing, skateboarding, parachuting and others. In this case, focusing on sports is more than recommended.

60 inspiring photos of rooms for boys

To facilitate your viewing, we separate beautiful references from rooms of boys decorated for you to be inspired and leave the place with his face:

Picture 1 - Put a dot of color in the middle of the dark decoration.

You can do this with the help of a decorative accessory. In the above design the lamp and the frame gave the touch of color that the room needed.

Picture 2 - Optimize any room space.

For the bedroom to keep up with your child's growth, opt for the widow's bed, which is not double as a double bed, but also not as small as the twin bed. Having a little more space is always more comfortable. Another tip is to put a desk for study and work, in this proposal, it also serves as bedside table.

Picture 3 - Room of boy with double bed.

It's okay to put a double bed in the boy's room. The objects show all his personality of him and the production is the differential of this room.

Picture 4 - Get inspired in a B & W decoration.

Everyone knows that the decor with this pair of colors is versatile and fits in many styles. Be creative and ride yours!

Picture 5 - The neutral decoration leaves the dormitory timeless.

Referring to Fig.
This is a model of decoration that can stay current for many years. The wood predominates in the setting and the desk is a furniture that can not miss.

Picture 6 - Room with elements that stimulate the creativity.

Choose a balanced color chart such as the navy blue of the cushions, the beige of the bedding, the stripes of the pillows, the orange of the bricks and the wooden furniture. In the decoration, elements related to the sport represent well the personality of the resident.

Picture 7 - Leave the walls very inspiring!


Picture 8 - The sober tones reinforce the personality of the master of the room.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 9 - Work with gray for the proposal of a male room.

Referring to Fig.
To give a masculine touch, furniture was added with sober colors like black, gray and brick on the wall of the headboard.

Picture 10 - Inspire yourself in a thematic and jovial room.

Who likes to practice skateboarding is usually very stylish, so the various references to this sport make up a cool, cozy and welcoming environment.

Picture 11 - The earthy tones break the sobriety of the room.


Picture 12 - The pictures on the wall can not miss the decoration.


Picture 13 - Simplicity can be in the small details.


Picture 14 - Room with decoration of basketball.

A passion for basketball can accompany you in your dorm. The ball, basket and court were properly inserted to represent this personal taste.

Picture 15 - Put your personality in the environment.


Picture 16 - The Star Wars theme can leave the room with an original and creative decoration.

Some themed accessories can add in the decoration of your corner, as is the case with this design that included the wall and shelf to accommodate objects of the favorite film.

Picture 17 - Create a stripped air in the men's room.


Picture 18 - The minibar is a decorative and functional piece in the decoration.

All the components of this environment represent the lifestyle of the young man, since decorative objects correspond to his personal tastes, such as the frigobar and the guitar that are practical and easy to use.

Picture 19 - The minimalist traits mark the decoration of the room.

To enhance the masculine characteristic of this composition, the marble niche along with the gray wall gave the perfect balance between refinement and minimalism.

Picture 20 - Divide each corner of the room according to the needs of the owner.

Even with a subtle wallpaper, the dormitory has a masculine atmosphere with the choice of colors and materials used in the composition. Note that each corner has a function to accompany the daily life of the resident.

Picture 21 - The wood takes all the warmth a room needs.

The wood combined with the warm lighting ensures warmth in the environment. The floor lamp gave all the charm to this masculine composition.

Picture 22 - Bet on an Art Deco room.

This style is characterized by the most stylized geometric shapes, abstract design and pieces with rich detail. The focus is plain fabrics or with geometric patterns. We can observe these details in the pictures, the wall with boiserie, the carpet and the linen.

Image 23 - Industrial air comes with everything in a masculine environment.

Most of the male audience prefers a more urban decoration with an industrial footprint. The brick wall is the trend of the moment and can be included with a graphite that refers to the style of the owner.

Picture 24 - Choose a design piece to stand out in the middle of the decoration.


Picture 25 - The lamp in rail takes style to the room.

Make a quick decoration in your room, after all, it does not take much to include personality and style in an environment. Correct colors and prints at strategic decoration points easily solve this problem.

Image 26 - A trend in decoration is the painting that simulates burnt cement.

Gray is the darling color of the male audience. In addition to being versatile, it combines with various materials and objects.

Image 27 - When a simple object changes the whole look of the room.

Note how lamp was subtly included in the décor with a highlight color.

Image 28 - Turn objects into unique and unique pieces for your room.


Picture 29 - Black is a striking color in the masculine decoration.


Picture 30 - Use leather objects, fabrics with linear pattern and bulb lamps.


Picture 31 - Pillows carry charm in the decoration.


Picture 32 - The lower bed is ideal for small rooms.

Transform a traditional bedroom by adding details to the décor. Kids love to include something that sports or music in the room. Here, the sticker already guarantees enough personality to the environment.

Picture 33 - The floor is also another bed option.

In addition to this furniture serve as a bed, it has additional space to hold decorative items or any other object within easy reach.

Picture 34 - The rustic style allows to create a room despojado and elegant in the right measure.


Picture 35 - Try doing a lighting project in the bedroom.

Add a touch of refinement with the sober colors and capriche in the decoration. In this project, the extensive headboard and lining have gained an LED illumination that further highlighted the bed wall.

Picture 36 - The shelves are great for sharing the environment.

Make good use of space by installing a partition shelf. For those who love books, this is a perfect alternative to accommodate your books and leave them exposed as part of the decor.

Picture 37 - Make a furniture coupled to the bed.


Picture 38 - The British decor perfectly combines with luxurious furniture, heavy fabrics as well as leather trim.


Picture 39 - Room with decoration focused on colors more fun.

One tip is to choose the boy's favorite colors to compose the decor. They can be on the walls and furniture, spontaneously and personally, without losing the harmony and appearance of maturity.

Image 40 - Be simple to highlight only what is needed.

For a young man who spends most of his time away from home, choose only the essentials in decorating to keep the environment organized.

Image 41 - The sober tones leave the space clean and visually enlarged.

Pastel colors can and should be applied to the men's décor, bringing warmth and neutrality.

Picture 42 - Do not forget the study space in the bedroom.

In this design, the study desk or work was positioned next to the bed, as well as shelves to organize the books, lamp suitable for each function and style touches to mark the personality in the room.

Picture 43 - Take the maritime climate to the decoration of your room.


Image 44 - The pallets also succeed in a jovial decor.


Picture 45 - Room of boy with geek decoration.

Harmony is everything - the colors used in the frames correspond to the placard used in the rest of the decoration.

Picture 46 - Room of boy with style Folk .

This style is ideal for adventurous boys! It is a mixture of hippie and rustic where the use of earthy tones, craft objects and wood prevails.

Picture 47 - Mix colored accessories in the neutral decoration.


Picture 48 - Photographers can assemble a composition of paintings or a single portrait to decorate the environment.

This is for those who do not want many investments, but who want to have a more relaxed and jovial space.

Image 49 - Beach images reinforce the style of the owner of this room.


Picture 50 - Room of boy with modern decoration.


Picture 51 - Use the bicycle as a decorative item in your room.

No space to store your bike? This is a great idea to store and decorate your room.

Picture 52 - A classic room, however beautiful and functional.

For those who prefer a clean and traditional room, the decor can have light and neutral colors. The jovial touch comes with the dots of color on pictures and objects.

Picture 53 - Travel lovers can take inspiration from a wall with the world map.

The wall of burnt cement gained more prominence with the design of the world map. The themed cushion is yet another striking bet to record your passion for travel!

Picture 54 - The objects take all the haphazard touch to the room.

This room represents well the joy with the objects in vibrant colors. The wall has gained a huge slate and the colored decorative items contrast with the neutrality of the rest of the environment.

Picture 55 - A musical studio in the bedroom.

This multifunctional space, besides accommodating a bed, has a study area, since the bunk offers this corner at the bottom. The venue also provides a space for practicing musical instruments.

Image 56 - Choose a nightstand and work table on each side of the bed.


Image 57 - The neon lighting is beautiful and can decorate any room style.


Picture 58 - The old suitcases are accessories of personality for the masculine environment.

Reinforce the look of the environment with articles and accessories that represent the personality of the resident. The retro style suitcases are versatile in the environment, leaving their use flexible to have the desk support function, nightstand, bench and other uses.

Image 59 - The spinning of the luminaires circling the room and the brick wall create an urban air for the room.

The above project has the personality of those who like the frenetic pace of the big metropolis. The lighting rails can bypass the walls as well as the ceiling, forming a composition reminiscent of the chaotic air of urbanized cities.

Image 60 - Decorate the room with the oriental style.

One of the principles of this proposal of decoration is the harmony between modern and traditional, so it abuses simplicity, minimalism and functionality at the same time.