Cacti at home: 60 inspirations to decorate with the plant

Are you in the rush of everyday life and do not have time to care for and water plants? Cacti are charming, sturdy plants that require little maintenance and are perfect for decorating indoor environments. To facilitate your understanding, let's address the main advantages of cacti and show you practical decorative examples to use in your home:

The main advantages of cacti

Check out now the main advantages of having the cacti in the interior decoration of your apartment, house or garden:

  • Resistance : Cacti are extremely resistant, their skin is thick, which prevents water loss and moreover, they do not need to be watered frequently - every month indoors and biweekly in outdoor locations and exposed to the sun. Make sure the vase is well dry before watering, do not leave the pot soaked or with dishes, the accumulation of water can even kill the plant.
  • Sun exposure : Do not be afraid to leave them exposed to the sun, they can stay there for hours without major problems. If you have a corner with a lot of incidence, that's where he should stay.
  • More options : The wide variety of species of cacti allow different combinations of plants in the same arrangement. It can be in a pot with small, medium plants and even in the outside garden.

60 decorating ideas using cacti

Now that you know a little more about this plant, check out the inspirations below environments decorated with natural and artificial cacti:

Picture 1 - Insert a little green in your home office.

This exotic plant is a great ally to add beauty to your little corner. Placing the cacti on a piece of furniture attracts attention and highlights the monotonous look of the work area.

Picture 2 - That house dresser can turn into a little corner full of plants.


Picture 3 - Make a beautiful composition: small vases with several cacti.

If you do not know how to put together a production for the dresser, the vases with cacti can bring all the charm to this little corner. Small plants forming a composition are enough to give the highlight that the furniture deserves.

Picture 4 - Cacti are an important plant in decoration with the Scandinavian style.

They transform the ambience by adding color to a pastel d├ęcor.

Picture 5 - You can use deep dishes to mount a garden with small succulents.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 6 - For those in love with this plant: get inspired in this combination!

Cacti have become a trend in decoration: in addition to the actual plants, they are seen in wallpaper, fabric and even in artificial vases that mimic the species. Although not natural, this is an idea for those who have children at home or want to decorate his room with this theme.

Picture 7 - The cacti have varied sizes and formats: here, a decorated vase in the room: 7
Another way to insert it into the decoration is to position it next to the sideboard. It looks beautiful, highlights and always leaves visible.

Picture 8 - From small to big: everyone can survive the vase.

Referring to Fig.
For larger plants, choose the clay pot and leave them on the ground - besides being a sturdy material, you can also stay in the external environment.

Image 9 - Your growth fits the space available.

Referring to Fig.
When this species grows so much, it does not lose its characteristic form. If you decide to cut it a little, it may even look very strange, but its essence is the same in the environment.

Image 10 - Use a larger vase to assemble a composition with the succulents.

Together they form a more than interesting combination to make decorative terrariums.

Image 11 - Glass container with cacti give a modern and bold air to the environment.

Take extra care when planting the cacti. The ideal is to insert a layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot, add the soil and cover with a layer of pebbles to permeabilize better.

Picture 12 - The cacti harmonize well with the boho style decoration.

Especially when it comes with these ethnic print wipes.

Picture 13 - Let the cacti be the highlight element in the decoration.

In a neutral decor, you can opt for larger cacti - it takes all the prominence your room needs without asking for anything else in the production.

Image 14 - Have you thought about positioning them on each step of the ladder?

Other plants may also be part of this proposal, such as succulents. If you choose only cacti, you prefer to diversify in size and models of vines. Remember that this idea is ideal for those who do not have children at home, after all they play and take everything they see ahead.

Picture 15 - Create a cozy climate by leaving the cacti on the ground.

Instead of a side table, you can use vases with medium to large cacti, decorating these"standing"nooks alongside the sofa and armchairs.

Image 16 - Replace the traditional pots with baskets.

They are great allies at the time of decoration, and can carry more personality than a traditional vase.

Image 17 - The cool thing is that they do not need to be pruned, keeping their shape from the beginning.

Species that have multiple spines can be used indoors without any problem, provided it is in more formal environments such as offices or waiting rooms.

Picture 18 - Build a nice composition with your furniture.

To highlight a cactus that is still growing, choose to support it on a small stool. In the photo we have a good perspective of how it is, because it seems that the bank joins the vase.

Picture 19 - The small vases are versatile and can be positioned in any corner of the house.


Image 20 - Its bright colors enhance any environment.


Picture 21 - It is always advantageous to have a little piece of nature at home.


Picture 22 - Use the kitchen containers to support your cacti.

The model of cactus Nopal mini is very used in decoration, can be mixed with other types of cacti, since it has a very simple design. Put it in a vase, shower once a month and your decor will be ready!

Picture 23 - Another tip is to assemble in different pots forming a colorful composition.


Picture 24 - It also fits perfectly in a rustic decor.


Picture 25 - Height your dresser with a medium cactus.


Picture 26 - They are welcome on dressers and stools.

You can opt for a composition of plants of all sizes, as in the picture above. Placing them on the floor, on benches and on small tables is a good alternative for those who prefer a more cool air.

Image 27 - Have you ever imagined a vase in the shape of a cactus?

The composition of the cacti and an arrangement of flowers became modern and cheerful in the environment. For those who like the plant is a good alternative to decorate the house even more.

Picture 28 - Assemble a composition of small plants in different cups.

Make your kitchen prettier with this shelf surrounded by cups and little plants. This idea is perfect for anyone who has a dull kitchen wall - the cool thing is always to increase with some item that is inspiring for you.

Picture 29 - They bring all the charm to the coffee tables.

Choose different types, preferably with small and medium sizes. A set of three pots on the small table is a charm!

Picture 30 - It enchants this environment with festive decoration.


Picture 31 - Cacti can combine with any decor.


Picture 32 - Play with textures and materials

It is so versatile that it can receive an industrial and bold touch like concrete vases. They are the new trend of the market, since the industrial style is among the most requested in the interior designs.

Picture 33 - Cacti in the bathroom.

The bathroom can be a good place for this plant, if there is no option of an environment with natural light. This way it will need less water as it will absorb moisture from the air.

Image 34 - Cacti in the kitchen.

Put the cacti in these little places that do not have much use. After all it is there to decorate and not to disturb the cooking area.

Picture 35 - Give more personality in your favorite corner of the house.


Image 36 - Cacti on the edge of the window.

Many homes have a low sun incidence, so the option to leave them in the window is an outlet for those in this problem. This plant likes to receive the natural luminosity for a long time, that leaves her more alive and beautiful!

Picture 37 - Despite its appearance, it can take delicacy to the environment.

This will depend on how and where to insert your cacti. For example, this composition with candles, bowl and jar gave all the graceful finishing for this plant in the rose pot.

Image 38 - Sideboard with composition of cacti.


Picture 39 - In white pots they hire even more.


Image 40 - Do not know what to do in the hallway? Get inspired in this decor!


Picture 41 - Cushion shaped cushion.


Picture 42 - Cacti in the room decoration.

The cactus decoration is ideal for those who follow an independent and practical style, both for decorating and for caring.

Picture 43 - Cacti in modern decoration.

Because it is easy to care for, many residents opt for the cacti in the decor. It is versatile and can give personality according to the vessel in for insertion.

Image 44 - The cacti stands out in the decoration in the middle of the wood.


Image 45 - The vase is an important piece to accompany in the decoration.


Image 46 - Shelf with cacti.

Make a shelf with only small plants and let the room be one of the most charming environments of the residence. In this case, opt for neutral color shelves, such as the natural shade of the wood, in white, gray or black - leaving the highlight due to the green of the plants. Inserting other plant species such as the famous succulents is also a good alternative in this composition.

Image 47 - Cacti of paper.


Image 48 - Pot of macrame with cacti.


Picture 49 - Use the bar cart to mount a little corner with cacti.


Picture 50 - This composition is perfect to leave as centerpiece.

The tip is to choose small cacti, even if it is a very large piece of furniture. After all, the vessels are part of the production and not the other way round. You can boost it with a washcloth, pot holders or a pretty tray.

Image 51 - Vertical garden with cacti.

This idea is perfect for those who own several small plants and want to complement some little corner of the house. With the help of a professional you can install this structure to fit your green wall in a practical way without much maintenance.

Image 52 - If you opt for small cacti, insert more pots in the decoration.


Picture 53 - The paintings inspire even more this environment.


Picture 54 - In a neutral decoration, they take every touch of color.


Image 55- Balcony with cactus.

Another interesting place to leave the plant are on the balconies and balconies. After all, direct contact with the sun is good for this type of plant.

Image 56 - Insert small pots on the window sill.

In this proposal, choose small vessels, since the space is very narrow and avoids accidents with the vessels. The cool is composed in different sizes and shapes to form a fun visual. If you like a clean environment, choose the vases in neutral colors, same as the picture above.

Image 57 - This vessel holder serves both a shallow dish and a deeper vessel.


Image 58 - Play with the colors, textures and shapes of cacti species.

This decorative item can be present in both the center table of the living room and the kitchen counter. In this case, choose different cacti to have this result with a burst of colors. The color of the vase is very important to further enhance the cheerful look it takes to the environment.

Image 59 - Another option is to choose a bucket with the color of your preference to form a contrast with the green of the plant.

This idea is perfect for those who want to change the look of the environment, but do not want to spend too much. The interesting thing about this project is the color chart chosen to leave the atmosphere cheerful, feminine and with personality.

Image 60 - Leave the composition of the succulents with the cactus more fun.