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When decorating a double room, one can choose to use beds with or without headboards. The most used are those separated from the bed that combine with mattresses of the box type, it is also possible to opt for a bed that already contains a headboard in its format. One should take into consideration all the material and colors used in the rest of the room, such as coverings, decorative objects, floor, color of the cabinets, wallpaper and etc. The options are diverse and cater for all tastes and decorating styles. See our selection with 50 headboard options for double   […]

Sideboards are a great choice for those who have extra space in living rooms or dining rooms, offering a larger space to store kitchen items, put pots, portraits and other decorative objects. A dresser usually has a low cost and what matters most is creativity when it comes to combining it with the rest of the environment. You can harmonize the sideboard with pictures on the wall, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and others. See our selection of 52 dressers in different materials and formats to inspire: Picture 01 - Pink dresser with navy blue background surrounded by frames Picture 02 -   […]

To have a kitchen with bright colors, it is not always necessary that the furniture and coatings have a strong color. In neutral environments, just use the refrigerator and other appliances with colors, as well as decorative items such as stools, bins, bottles, jars, jars, dishes, vases, chairs and etc. The right combination between them can impact the impact of your environment sufficiently, making it more fun and charming. The colors of refrigerators are diverse, and if there is no refrigerator in the color you want, you can coat it with a special paint. There are also the printed stickers   […]

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