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TheWashbasinsAre environments usually dedicated to visitors to your home and because they are closed, they can have a more daring decoration to differentiate themselves from other environments. With increasingly smaller spaces for toilets in new apartments, one must innovate to be able to take advantage of all the possible space in an intelligent way. despiteLight colors are favorites.For those who want to maintain a sense of spaciousness within the environment, even in small washrooms, it is possible to clad the walls with dark, colored ceramics, concrete finishes, lozenges, wood-imitating ceramics and even stamped wall papers. Knowing how to balance and   […]

Research has been confirming for years that the number of people who work at home should only grow in the future, therefore, those who work or intend to work at home should invest in a reserved space, calm and cozy to carry out their tasks. A home office can be installed in virtually any environment, even if you do not have much space available. The basics: a desk, a chair and shelves. Do not forget to surround yourself with what is most important to your work, such as reminders, reference books and materials needed to perform your tasks, then focus   […]

Because it is of exclusive use the single room allows a decoration with much more personality and when it comes to gender requires a greater requirement because what characterizes a masculine environment is the practicality and functionality. The interesting thing for this type of decoration is to look for something more discreet, without thematic to inspire in the choice of furniture, but rather prioritize in colors. Usually they bet on dark colors, such as black and gray, which leave the room with a sophisticated air and match the masculine preference. The furniture must be sober with a more minimalist or   […]

The use of glass in residential projects has gained momentum in recent decades and has come to stay. The glass helps to integrate the exterior with the internal environments of the house, besides allowing a more pleasant and fluid appearance for those who see from outside. Glasses can be used only in parts such as specific environments, windows, doors or cover a large part of the facade ensuring a modern and sophisticated look. In relation to cost, common masonry walls are more expensive than the use of glass because of the amount of materials involved. As for privacy, it is   […]

Hanging or upright gardens are a great alternative for those who have little space to set up a conventional garden. Can be used in small apartments on balconies, corridors and walls in residences. With creative solutions, it is possible to create a unique space to make your environment closer in nature. The costs of setting up such a garden are low, which usually involve the purchase of: wooden panel or shelf, pots and plants. The most economical and ecological option is the use of pet bottles or packaging used as pots of wafers, sugar and the like. We separate 49   […]

To have a roommate, you must first make a great organization and not leave the room messy. In the decoration, it is possible to create an elegant room only by changing bedding, pictures, desk and other simpler objects like curtains, vases, shelves, mirrors and etc. If your budget is higher, you can put colorful and patterned wallpapers, change the bed, chandeliers, carpets and others. Important is always to have a rose shade somewhere in the room, the amount of rose and the tonality depends on personal taste. For those who like jewelry and jewelry, it is important to have a   […]

The first impression for those who pass through a residence is the facade, so it is important to invest in the external treatment of the house. It can appear in different styles from the simplest, such as the minimalist and even with more exquisite models with mixed materials. The wall is an option to bring security to the residents of the house, but today there are several models of walls that make the façade more beautiful and stylish. The cool thing is to invest in plants and gardens in the wall for those who want to make her look cheerful.   […]

A modern kitchen design should be done with great care and care, after all, it will last for years at your residence. We recommend that you do a lot of research to decide what style and what suits your home. Even with small spaces it is possible to execute a kitchen project without losing the elegance, of course, with a larger space can have a considerable impact. The minimalist style of cooking is on the rise, even if it seems a little too cold and hygienic, you can break the tone with colors, decorative objects, colored chairs and so on.   […]

The facade is considered an important factor for a work in the commercial sector. It is they who come into first contact with the customer and together with the composition of the showcase collaborate to highlight the attention of the public. It is ideal that it transmits the identity of the store and the product so it is essential that you have a good professional in the area to choose materials for the facade. The identification of the trade is fast and for a successful store it is necessary to obey a set of factors, among them is the appearance   […]