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The TV room is an important environment of every residence that brings together family, friends and guests to relax and watch programs and movies. For this reason it is important that you invest in a decoration that is comfortable to the eyes, has good illumination, and does not reach the TV directly. In small spaces, just a wide sofa with a rack or narrow bench to keep the environment clean, in larger spaces, one can invest in armchairs, coffee tables, chandeliers, puffes and etc. Take into account the distance between the TV and the sofa so that people can see   […]

Wallpapers can also be used wisely in decorating a bathroom. The recommendation is that it apply in toilets, because the humidity in bathrooms with shower can deteriorate the paper according to the time. In bathrooms with large space and good ventilation, you can apply the wallpaper keeping as far away as possible from moisture and steam. To soften these effects, there are vinyl wallpapers (made of pvc) and washable ones (with a layer of resin protection) that prevents deterioration by moisture. Once applied, the wallpaper can also be waterproofed with acrylic resin. See our selection of photos of bathrooms with   […]

Decorating your room differently can be done without so many decorative artifacts, choosing a sofa with a different design, fabric or color, the impact can be great. The shapes and sizes are varied and can cater for all tastes, to set the choice of a bold model, you should however broaden your search in more furniture stores to find the ideal solution. Choose stores that manufacture and distribute few units of the same model to make your room unique and unique to receive your guests and family. See our selection with different sofas to inspire your next choice Image 01   […]

The construction of a house has been the preference for those who intend to have a single family home, as it is a quick construction, with space saving of the land and consequently more economical. This type of dwelling has always been seen with a simple architecture, but currently it can be seen in a modern style and with different models. In the left the social part and the intimate part are separated, with rooms in the inferior part and dormitories in the superior one. With this logic of distribution many people with single storey house have been expanding their   […]

The room is the environment of the residence in which the child spends more time possessing all his objects and toys in that space, and besides there he feels comfortable. For this the study space is fundamental, a well planned place facilitates in the academic performance of the adolescents and encourages the art of drawing of the smaller children. It is important to choose furniture appropriate to the available space. The cool thing is to invest in benches, desks or desks so that it creates a cozy atmosphere so that the moment of study is pleasant and fun. The table   […]

The coffee table and side table in the living room should be well chosen due to several criteria: size of available space, room format and style of decor and the locals. It is the differential of the room, because in addition to giving charm we can increase with some decoration items such as vases, candles, books, plants and more. As the table is located in the room it is ideal that the size is suitable to support the objects of decoration and your day to day, such as a glass, so that it is also functional. It is interesting to   […]

The residential sidewalk is an important item that must be worked along with the facade of the house. Usually modern houses have sidewalks that have direct connection with the residence because there is no wall and gate. That is why landscaping as the bed of trees, plants, vases, flowers are easily accessible to anyone who passes. So one care you must take is safety and what this sidewalk will compose. With this, it is good to take greater care in this area. For starters it is essential to invest in a beautiful residential sidewalk floor. It is ideal to match   […]

Meet our selection with 50 pictures of models of different dining tables to inspire your decor.   […]