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The GreyIs one of the most modern and versatile colors in architecture and decoration. The greyish color shows an urban air in space and because it is a neutral base it is interesting to choose furniture and accessories with bright colors to be part of their environment. The burnt cement is a floor with the mixture of cement, sand and water. What burns the mortar is the contact with the powder of the cement, hence the origin of the name. Called monolithic because it has no grout which makes the environment visually larger. Burnt cement is a mass application with   […]

Graphite is a very common art on the street and currently they are entering the residential walls for those who want to creatively decorate with a touch of exclusive modernity. For those who want to innovate and transform the environment is a great option, as it has the advantage of being removable if you want to remove it from the wall. The designs will depend on the style of the resident, ranging from organic figures to children's character drawings for children's bedrooms. The environments also vary according to the intention and the proposal of the project, can be part of   […]

Deceiving those who think that the colorful final touch in a kitchen only happens through furniture, the wallpapers can be a great ally in the decoration of the space, bringing charm and a more fun tone to the environment. The options are diverse and should combine with the other elements, in small spaces, choose the clear papers, in larger spaces, one can opt for darker shades without sacrificing the sensation of amplitude. In addition to the common wallpapers, there are also those coated with acrylic resin and pvc, which conserve for longer even with the conditions of the environment For   […]