Cement burned: ideas for choosing this coating in the environment

The finishes are important in the decoration of any environment. Studying how space will be with a certain color or texture is key to having a beautiful result! Anyone looking for practical, versatile, beautiful and cheap material can invest in the famous burnt cement . One of the favorite coatings at the time of decorating, without requiring great care in the post-application.

Textures of burnt cement

In addition to the natural texture, there are materials on the market that mimic the burnt cement:

1. Natural

Burnt cement in natural finish

2. Porcelanatos

Porcelain tile that imitates burnt cement

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper that mimics burnt cement

4. In the form of ink

Ink that imitates burnt cement

How to Make Burnt Cement

The natural burnt cement is made with a mixture of cement, water and sand in the work itself. Apply to the desired surface the cement powder on this still fresh mortar with a trowel, covering the whole area. To ensure a lighter shade of gray, balance the color with white cement and marble powder.

Others already prefer a more practical service, so there is the ready-made mortar of burnt cement, which negates the need to purchase all the components mentioned above separately. Simply apply the product with a stainless steel trowel to smooth, expect to dry and if it is necessary to make a second coat.

In these two modes, the surface is neutral, but there is the possibility of a glossy coating. A simple technique is to pass the wax regularly, which reduces costs with resin applications. For a longer lasting finish, coat a layer of resin or varnish to have a glossy finish.

Care when applying burned cement to the floor

It is essential that the subfloor is clean, smooth and free of dust. Any cracking or loose parts can damage the application, leaving the result disastrous.

How to clean surface in burnt cement?

The burned cement is very easy to clean, as well as a simple cleaning. To remove dust or sand, use a broom or vacuum cleaner. To wash it, make a mixture of neutral detergent and warm water and wipe with cleaning cloth or sponge.

60 projects using burnt cement in architecture and decoration

His touch of rusticity, due to the variation of colors and their natural cracks, are no longer used only in lofts or floors of industrial sheds. Today we can find many ways to insert this element so dear by architects and users.

To know how and where to apply the burnt cement texture in decoration and architecture, we selected 60 projects that make the material a great choice:

Picture 1 - The main characteristic of the cement burnt: stains in different shades of gray.

Stains with different shades of gray
This stained appearance is normal in the finish, for some it can become a disadvantage, however it is one of the particularities that leaves the choice much more attractive.

Picture 2 - Highlight the environment with a differentiated treatment in some of the walls.

Differential treatment in one of the walls
For those who are afraid to radically innovate the environment, you can start this process on just one wall. You will realize that this little transformation makes all the difference in the visual!

Picture 3 - Bathroom: marble sink and finishes in burnt cement.

Finishing in burned cement

Picture 4 - Decorate with neutral colors, without being basic.

Neutral colors in the decoration
If you love burnt cement and like neutrality, bet on this palette: black, white, and gray. This solution is infallible and leaves any modern space!

Image 5 - Apply the texture of burnt cement on the kitchen countertop.

Texture of burnt cement in the kitchen
If you want a creative look, make this kind of application on your workbench. Bet on a touch of color in the cabinet and sink to make the kitchen even more irresistible.

Picture 6 - The differentiation of floor is a tendency in the decoration.

Differentiation of materials on the floor
This technique is very common in kitchen integrated with the room. But in the above project, moving from the lobby to the social area is also an option for anyone who wants to innovate in the application of burnt cement in the decoration.

Picture 7 - Case burnt wall cement with a good composition of frames.

A good composition of frames with burnt cement on the wall
Empty walls have no grace in the visual, especially when they gain a different texture. Be creative in composition and demonstrate personality in choice!

Picture 8 - And what about coating the balcony in burnt cement?


Picture 9 - Bet on the combination with the wood to gain a contemporary look.

Cement burned in combination with wood

Picture 10 - In the bathroom, the porcelain version is the best choice.

Bathroom with porcelain tile that imitates burnt cement

Picture 11 - Make a simple and quick transformation in your entrance hall.

Simple and quick transformation in the lobby
Entrance hall is never much valued at the time of decorating. If you fit into this situation, try applying the burnt cement finish to the walls of this space.

Image 12 - The oldest burned cement has the reddish coloration.

Burnt cement with reddish coloration

Picture 13 - The material is so versatile that it fits in any style.

A versatile material that fits in any style

Image 14 - Make a burnt cement bottom in your wire cabinet.

Background of cement burnt in wire cabinet

Picture 15 - Pay special attention to the walls of the stairs.

Special attention to the walls of the staircase with burnt cement

Image 16 - Choose the correct porcelain tile for your type of environment.

Room with porcelanato with aspect of burnt cement
Larger parts are ideal for large environments, while small ones (45 × 45) get better small spaces, such as the bathroom.

Picture 17 - No error in decoration: the mixture of gray, black and white is classic.

Apartment with porcelain tile that imitates burnt cement

Picture 18 - Bet on simple solutions that result in a modern design.

Simple solution for kitchen decoration
For those who want a beautiful result, but do not have much security in innovating, bet on the porcelanatos in cement burned on the kitchen wall. A touch of color is always welcome, however, moving to the traditional side also has its advantage.

Picture 19 - Be enchanted with colored burnt cement!

Colored Burnt Cement

Picture 20 - Baby room with decoration in burnt cement.

Baby room with burnt cement

Picture 21 - Decorate a normal apartment with the style of a loft.

Loft style apartment decoration
When used on the floor and walls, break the rustic and heavy effect by betting on a more elaborate joinery. As in the example above, where using color was the key point of the project!

Image 22 - Want a creative look? Bet on unusual combinations!

Bet on combinations of materials evading common sense
It is also possible to sculpt your own vat, provided you receive a great waterproofing. The bench and tub together optimize the spaces and create an interesting harmony in the environment.

Picture 23 - Decorate more, for less!

Environment with burnt cement
The Christmas ornaments can decorate these transitions from one environment to another, especially on balconies, where the span is larger. This combination of green (resembling the vertical gardens) and burnt cement looks amazing in any decorating style!

Picture 24 - Give contrast to the decorative elements!

Contrast with decorative elements

Image 25 - The very light burnt cement is ideal for those who want a clean environment.

Light burnt cement for a clean environment

Picture 26 - Tired of the traditional? Build your bench in burnt cement.

Workbench in burnt cement
If you want a more economical bench, bet on the burnt cement to build the bench. So, enjoy the economy to make a good ambiance for your bathroom.

Picture 27 - And also bet the finishing in the bath!

Bath with burnt cement
This example works in a similar way to the carved vat: a good waterproofing and a quality professional to avoid future infiltrations.

Image 28 - Light shade to work in conjunction with candy colors.

Clear shade combined with candy colors

Image 29 - Paging is an important step for anyone who opts for porcelain tile.

Work the pagination between the porcelain tile floor

Image 30 - Service area with 50 shades of gray.

Service area with 50 shades of gray

Picture 31 - Loft decorated with burnt cement.

Loft decorated with burnt cement

Picture 32 - Burned cement and neon form the perfect pair to decorate the room.

Perfect double: burnt cement and neon

Image 33 - Mix vibrant colors in the middle of the gray of the burnt cement.

Vibrant colors in conjunction with the burnt cement gray
When using this material in the décor, bet on laid-back decorative items and warm paints to bring a little more warmth into the environment.

Image 34 - For an intimate look, bet on sober and neutral tones!

Sober and neutral tones for an intimate setting

Image 35 - Walls in burned cement require decorative accessories.

Decorative wall accessories with burnt cement

Image 36 - Male decoration: bricks + burnt cement.

Cement burned: ideas for choosing this coating in the environment

Image 37 - Commercial projects also gain space with this material.

Cement burned for commercial projects

Picture 38 - A touch of color in the environment.

A touch of color in the environment

Image 39 - The identity of your office in decorative details

Office with burnt cement

Image 40 - Coating the entire house with burnt cement.

Whole house with burnt cement

Image 41 - Kitchen with burnt cement.

Kitchen with burnt cement

Picture 42 - Build a conceptual environment working the decorative elements along with the colors.

Conceptual environment

Picture 43 - Loft colorful and full of personality!

Loft full of personality

Picture 44 - Give personality on your wall!

Bring personality to your wall
For those who want to innovate and like a more radical look, you can be inspired by the cracked walls. In this mix, apply the brick and the burnt cement on the same surface, while still planning the area to be destroyed.

Picture 45 - Change the look of your room quickly.

Change the look of the room with burnt cement

Image 46 - Learn how to work with minimalism.

Learn how to work with minimalism
For coatings, blend burnt cement with white, and for furniture and fixtures, bet on straight strokes, without many color details.

Picture 47 - Inspirational Home Office!

Inspirational Home Office

Image 48 - Broadcast your urban style with earthy tones and burnt cement.

Urban environment with burnt cement

Image 49 - Insert a color to give personality to the environment.

Cement burned: ideas for choosing this coating in the environment

Image 50 - What is the best type of lighting for a ceiling in burned cement?

Ceiling of burned cement
In addition to traditional rail luminaires, the new trend is to use the apparent wiring. In this case, the yarns can be colored or thicker, forming this set with spots embedded throughout the space. The interesting thing is to mark a good stroke to create the playful effect of the wires!

Image 51 - Jovial studio with elements that are trend in decoration.

Studio jovial trend

Image 52 - Decorate the closet in a different way!

Decorate the closet differently

Picture 53 - The lining is a very important element in the decoration, so mix the recesses with different materials and colors.

Integrated room

Image 54 - Apply the finish only to the structural elements of the residence.

Finishing in structural elements

Image 55 - Burnt cement flooring is ideal for outdoor areas.

Burned cement: ideal for external areas
The accumulation of dirt in the grout caused by rain or air pollution damages the floor with time, so a monolithic floor is ideal for the outdoor area.

Image 56 - Combine the burnt cement with a lighting project modern.

Environment with lighting design

Image 57 - Feminine decoration: pink + burnt cement.

Pink and burnt cement for a feminine decoration

Image 58 - Work the contrast between the shades of gray.

Contrast between shades of gray

Image 59 - The classic loft could not miss in our gallery of inspirations.

Classic loft with burnt cement

Image 60 - Tricks to decorate a small apartment spending little.

Small apartment decorated with burnt cement
It's not easy to use warm colors in the décor, but that's the great trick to make your apartment look impressive. In the above design, the burnt cement neutralizes the orange of the fittings and the result is balanced. Add wood and bricks and if it's orange, better yet!

Price of burnt cement

Natural burnt cement floor

We have selected a few options for burnt cement finishes to make your work cost more affordable. In this choice, pay attention to the cost-effectiveness and see what is your priority in the remodeling and decoration:

Natural: from R, 00 - yields 2sqm.

This is certainly the most accessible option, but those who are looking for a quick work can choose the following options.

Ready pasta of 5kg: from R, 00 - yields 1m².

If you do not have a professional who really knows how to make natural burnt cement, buy ready-made mortar. This is the safest option to avoid having a mistake in the middle of the work.

Porcelanato: from R, 00 per m².

Wet areas like bathroom, kitchen and service area are best suited for this type of material. With a variety of sizes and formats, you can choose the one that best fits your environment.

Wallpaper roll between R, 00 to R, 00.

Despite its high investment, the wallpaper is the best solution for those who do not want dirt at home and want a ready result on the same day. If you live in a rented residence, this may be the best option among the others.

Inks 3,8kg: from R, 00 - yields 10sqm.

Now if you are one of those who loves to put their hand in the dough, you can venture into painting your walls with the textured inks. It's easy, fast and does not require a skilled workforce (which already saves a lot in the final budget)!