Children's Day Decor: 60 Ideas to Make an Incredible Celebration

Children's day is celebrated on October 12 and for those who want to have a party, the ideal is to initially prepare a list of preparations with the main topics and how this day will be celebrated.

Parents have an important task in the organization, they are the ones who define the place and what will be part of that celebration. Defining the location, the number of children, their age and whether there will be adults are the first things to be established. After this step, set up a menu thinking about what kids like, like sweets, snacks and drinks, as well as the games and activities they can play on this day. Knowing their opinion also helps make the party more fun and personalized.

For those planning to do something at home, use the backyard - the outdoor climate is ideal for running, jumping, playing ball and playing freely. For those who do not have an external space, leave the house with a special decoration and full of games such as hopscotch, electronic toys, paintings or drawings.

Prepare a colorful menu that attracts children's looks, use healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Serve juices, milk shake , donuts , cupcakes , Popcorn, hot dogs, fruit salads and natural sandwiches. Reserve a place for sweets such as candy, fruit skewers, brigadeiros and others.

The children's day party demands a cheerful and fun atmosphere, so in decor is ideal to work with a very vibrant color chart. To leave the environment with a playful atmosphere, abuse the metallic balloons and bladders - they can get stuck in an arrangement on the ceiling or wall. Another option is to use these ornaments to mount arches, partitions and panels.

60 decorating ideas to have a children's day party

Thinking about this occasion, we separated some creative tips to put together the decoration on children's day in your home, in a simple and very special way.

Picture 1 - In this day look for to opt for fun and colorful candy.

Assembling different sweets is not a difficult task! Use some gelatin jelly to give this effect to the bottom of the cup and then just insert a cupcake on top. You can substitute the cupcake for a ball of ice cream, candies or some pieces of fruit.

Picture 2 - What about organizing a fun and delicious joke at the same time?

This game is great because it manages to work the creativity of the child. Purchase paint molds and replace the paint space with confections and granules. The goal of this task is to decorate the cupcake and the more colorful, the more beautiful it gets!

Picture 3 - If you thought about picnic, look for the colorful accessories to make the place more fun and happy.


Picture 4 - Balloons can not miss in celebration at home.

Leave your home different on that day! Make arrangement of balloons and place in some environment of the residence, children will love to play with them.

Picture 5 - Enjoy your free time to assemble these wires that leave the room well playful on this day.

Referring to Fig.
Another idea is to invest in the hanging wires that cross the room. The effect leaves a playful and imaginative environment for children.

Picture 6 - Colored popcorns are a good option of Snack For the little ones.

This type of popcorn is practical to do and children love something different. At the time of preparation, put a few drops of dye and mix well, in the end you will be surprised by the result.

Picture 7 - Children love sand, so make a place for them to play.

For anyone using this idea, wrap a small plastic pool with sand and cover it with fabric. It is a simple solution but requires a little time for assembly.

Picture 8 - If your child is small, try to decorate an environment of your house.

Referring to Fig.
The option for those with small children is to make the house decoration very colorful!

Picture 9 - Arrange a different breakfast on this day.

Referring to Fig.
Not bad to start the day with a breakfast with cakes and cookies. You can be inspired by some theme and make a small table, do not need to fill things up, because children do not eat too much.

Image 10 - Bladders, hats and confetti change the whole look of the table.

These three items are essential to hold a party, leaving the mood for celebration.

Image 11 - Surprise the children with a tree house.

This is an idea for anyone who owns a large backyard at home. Plan a tree house to amuse the little ones.

Image 12 - Put flags, bladders and ribbons around the house.


Picture 13 - Assemble a movie session with a special kit.

If the family wishes to celebrate at home, plan activities based on the child. For example, watch a movie or cartoon with the right popcorn, candy, candy and whatever else you feel is needed. The interesting thing is to put together a kit, just like the photo, to make the weather even more fun!

Picture 14 - For fans of the Scandinavian style: use the ready kits with stamps in chevron and poás to hold a party at home.

These kits are great for those who do not have the time to organize a last minute party. This style of party decor can be used for both children and adults. You can reuse them and use them at other times.

Picture 15 - Make a joke on the floor of the room.

Another cool idea for anyone to celebrate at home is to make jokes that can be made in the room. The hopscotch can be assembled without fouling the floor of the room, just make a rug with the design of the game to make everything more practical.

Picture 16 - Embellish the house with some accessories.


Picture 17 - The mermaid theme is ideal for girls.

There are many references to the mermaid theme on the internet. The macaron is a famous sweet and in this case it was cut and stuffed with cream and vanilla gum, simulating an open shell with pearl.

Picture 18 - Organize the environment with a trailer and let the kids have fun.

For those who want to invest in a lively party, try to organize a charming little corner for the children to play. This idea is perfect to join the birthday with children's day and make a neat production.

Image 19 - Chocolate confetti can not be missed on this day.

These confetti can be found in supermarkets and candy stores. They leave the environment colorful, decorate the table and are still easy for the kids to eat.

Image 20 - Day spa for girls.

Organize a day of beauty for your daughter with cousins ​​and little friends. Put some glazes at their disposal, a bucket with petals, some bathrobes and let them have fun.

Picture 21 - For those who own a yard, gather all the children in the family or neighborhood and organize a movie theater outdoors.

Since it's their day, how about setting up different activities in the house? They will be amazed at this movie theater in the house! Organize so that they can eat and watch the movie at the same time.

Image 22 - The picnic can please everyone.

At the picnic mount, place several colored bladders in place. That way they can play with the balloons, in addition to decorating the space.

Picture 23 - Mount biscuits with the cereal your child likes the most.


Image 24 - Be inspired by the latest trend of emoji.

Emoji became the little darlings of the children. In the market you can find cushions, buoys and balloons with these formats. Use them to decorate the house on this day.

Picture 25 - The table for the children should have some kind of joke or something that attracts attention.

Kids love to paint, so schedule an activity related to painting and drawing. You can arrange this little corner on the dining table with individual kits for each child.

Image 26 - Start the day with a different breakfast.

Be creative and leave your home with a look that suits the personality of the little ones. For example, a breakfast especially for them, with the favorite foods and delicate decoration is enough to start the day differently.

Image 27 - Want a colorful celebration? Get inspired in fruits!

Fruits are a healthy and refreshing option for children - munch on various foods and sweets with various fruits. For the final touch, choose balloons with the colors of the chosen species.

Image 28 - Table for children's day.


Image 29 - Another option is to leave the food centralized and place suspended balloons.


Picture 30 - When the simple turns into something amazing.


Picture 31 - Gather all that they like best to make this special day.


Image 32 - Cone-shaped candy cotton.


Picture 33 - Set up a little corner decorated for the children to refresh themselves.

The plastic pool succeeds with the kids, they play and refresh for hours. There are several models on the market, even a simpler design can leave the environment beautiful with the help of balloons and themed buoys.

Picture 34 - Be creative in the decoration to leave the space playful.


Picture 35 - Prefer to serve something practical and what they like!


Picture 36 - Pillows take all the charm to start this day.

You can welcome your child with a beautiful breakfast in bed and still gift with these fun cushions.

Picture 37 - Organize a play at home.

How about giving a fun task for your kids this day? Buy papers and scissors and let their imagination flow by putting a picture on the wall.

Picture 38 - Simple picnic for children's day.


Image 39 - Candy table for children's day.


Picture 40 - Make a thematic decoration in the house.


Picture 41 - Leave the gifts in some corner that is decorated.

Receiving gifts on this day is the most special time for children, so make a space with balloons and leave gifts there.

Image 42 - Special Milkshake for Children's Day.

O milk shake It pleases all children. Do something attractive and garnish with colored straws, granules and candy on top of the drink.

Picture 43 - Play fun jokes for the whole family to play.


Picture 44 - Make your own decorations to decorate your home.


Picture 45 - Cake of donuts Is the perfect bet for children.


Image 46 - Canton of lemonade and snacks.

The stalls are successful with the kids. Put a themed tent in some home environment to make their day different and fun!

Image 47 - Containers should be different and attractive.


Image 48 - Mount chopsticks with the fruit's own peel.

This is a great option for serving a healthy snack. Re-use the whole piece of fruit to assemble containers and further decorate the table.

Picture 49 - Cozy corner to gather the family in the backyard of house.

Extend towels and cushions in the backyard where the whole family can share this moment outdoors.

Picture 50 - Decorate the walls of the house with balloons and rainbow.

The fashion of the unicorn has entered and turned trendy trend and decoration. Children delight in this imaginary world, so they abuse elements like clouds and rainbows.

Picture 51 - Ice cream can not miss!


Picture 52 - Another tip is to organize a pajama party at home.

The pajama party really appeals to children and leaves the house with a different atmosphere. To make the weather more fun try putting some cabins and decorating them with colorful cushions.

Picture 53 - Put the kids to cook in a fun way.

On this day, put the whole family to cook! Schedule a menu where children participate creatively. Cookies are a great idea to make with different shapes and still garnish with colorful confections.

Image 54 - Star Wars Decoration for Children's Day.


Picture 55 - Use the sport theme to decorate the table.


Image 56 - The trolley you own at home can turn into a support for sweets.


Image 57 - Use lots of color in the decoration.


Image 58 - Table decorated with cars theme.


Picture 59 - You can set up a little corner for the children if they serve.


Image 60 - Choose a nice towel to set the table.

The towel is an important item for anyone riding a children's day at home. Choose the colorful and thematic models. It serves as the basis for decoration - from it you choose the other accessories that will be part of the table.

Picture 61 - Satin slippers can give all the charm to the dining table chair.


Image 62 - Turn the fruit into a very colorful candy.

Soak the fruit in a topping and then pass through some confectionery. The more colorful, the more attractive it is for the child, so capriche in the dose of color!