Crafts with Newspaper: 59+ Photos & Footsteps!

How about giving another end to those old magazines or old newspapers? Reusing materials is a great opportunity to learn and economize. Besides being a trend, the crafts made with newspapers and magazines can be very elegant if well executed. For this, you must know the best examples.

Ideas and references of crafts with old newspaper and magazine

See the best references of the internet that we separate with several objects, like: boxes, trays, photo frames, baskets, vases and many others.

Newspaper boxes and trays

Newspaper boxes are a great choice for storing small objects. You can use the newspaper to the edges of the box or even make a paste in an existing box, but that does not look very nice. So you can paint it or draw a picture thinking about newspaper clippings and magazines.

Picture 1 - Mini-box made with newspaper


Picture 2 - Newspaper box to store objects from the TV room.


Picture 3 - Several boxes of diverse formats made with newspaper.


Picture 4 - Boxes lined with newspaper collages.


Picture 5 - Shoe boxes with newspaper.


Picture 6 - Small newspaper box.


Image 7 - Box with newspaper comics.


Image 8 - Tray made with newspaper crafts.


Image 9 - Newspaper tray for storing objects.


Newspaper baskets

Baskets are the most used objects when it comes to newspaper crafts. It is a great choice to place on tables, storing small objects such as keys, papers, fruits, vegetables and others. You can also make a large basket to store clothes and heavier objects. To complete, one chooses whether or not the basket should have a lid or a handle. See the references below:

Image 10 - Newspaper basket for magazines.


Figure 11 - Simple newspaper basket.


Image 12 - Basket with newspaper handle.


Image 13 - Newspaper basket with handle.


Image 14 - Colored baskets made with newspaper.


Image 15 - Beautiful newspaper basket.


Figure 16 - Bottom of colored basket made of newspaper.


Picture 17 - More options of colored baskets for tables.


Image 18 - Newspaper basket with blue color and illustration in the center.


Image 19 - Large basket made with newspaper and painted with flower designs.


Image 20 - Large basket made with newspaper.


Image 21 - Basket of fruits and vegetables for table.


Newspaper Flowers

Flowers made with papers or newspaper sheets are used as small decorative objects. In addition to making pots and bouquets, one can still assemble murals to decorate a wall for example. Do not forget the colors! A very important feature that is the main identity of a flower, in addition to its shape.

Image 22 - Newspaper flowers with soft colored outlines.


Image 23 - Bouquet of flowers made with newspaper.


Picture 24 - Flowers made with colorful strips of newspaper.


Image 25 - Simple newspaper flowers with newspaper strips.


Mandala and wall decorations

How about changing the face of a neutral wall without spending too much? The wall decorations made with newspaper can be of different shapes and sizes, see the references below:

Image 26 - Purple mandala made with newspaper.


Image 27 - Handicraft of newspaper for wall. Beautiful contrast with mustard color.


Image 28 - Wall decoration made with newspaper.


Picture 29 - Another flower-shaped wall ornament made with newspaper


Picture 30 - Delicate embellishment of newspaper for door or wall.


Picture 31 - Wall decoration made with newspaper in format with fan structure.


Image 32 - Wall with recycled newspapers.



Use the newspaper to change the old ceramic pot. With due care, you can make beautiful pots or even coat an existing vase with newspaper strips (at the end of this post you have avideoExplaining how to do this).

Image 33 - Beautiful pink vase made with newspaper.


Image 34 - Newspaper glass viewed from above.


Image 35 - Vase for square newspaper plant.


Image 36 - Vase with newspaper collages.


Image 37 - Vase made with bottle of wine and newspaper collages. A simple and practical option to use.


Image 38 - Vase made with small rolls of magazine paper.


Newspaper frames

The newspaper frame is one of the simplest examples to do and start learning.

Image 39 - Colored photo frame made with newspaper.

Photo frame-with-newspaper-1

Image 40 - Simple newspaper frame.

Photo frame-with-newspaper-2

Image 41 - Interesting frame format made with small newspaper rolls.

Image 42 - Photo frame with spare newspaper.

Photo frame-with-newspaper-4

Table lamp and lamp

The newspaper in lampshades and lamps should be used as a coating of other heat-resistant material.

Image 43 - Tablecloth coated with newspaper.


Picture 44 - In this model, the newspaper is used with glue of the globe that surrounds the base of the lamp.


Picture 45 - This lamp has small outer layers made with newspaper.


Newspaper bags

Image 46 - Colored bag made with layers of newspaper


Image 47 - Recycled bag made with newspaper and then colored in green color.


Image 48 - Several models of the same line of crafts.


Other Newspaper Crafts

Let's get away from the pattern? We separate other innovative examples of handicrafts with newspaper with different objects:

Image 49 - Small pine trees made with newspaper for holiday celebration.


Image 50 - Small bracelet made with layers of magazine paper and newspaper.


Image 51 - Small black earring made with newspaper.


Picture 52 - Puppies made with recycled newspaper.

Other dog

Image 53 - Small stars made with newspaper and paper.


Picture 54 - Beautiful decorative objects made with newspaper to celebrate Christmas.


Image 55 - Small party pompom with string.


Image 56 - Coaster made with newspaper.

Other-cup holder-2

Image 57 - Cup holders with different formats.


Image 58 - Simple solution: a small clock made with newspaper.


Image 59 - Gift bags made with newspaper.


Step by step newspaper crafts

Step by step to set up a newspaper box

See following pictures below how to assemble a box made with newspaper:

Newspaper basket twisted step by step

In this video, theHellen macExplains the step by step to make a party braided with newspaper. You will need ink, cardboard, newspaper scraps, scissors and glue. see below

Tray made with newsprint step by step

See the video below co channelPop Craft, The step-by-step to assemble a newspaper tray. Also know how the paper straw used in most of the crafts in this category is made.

Step by step to make a small colorful and creative newspaper basket with glitter

Check out this step by step how to assemble a colorful basket. You will need newspaper, glue, paint, scissors, plastic bags, glitter and varnish.

Step by step to coat a bottle or vase with newspaper strips

In this channel videoThe art of making art, You will learn the step-by-step to coat pots and bottles with newspaper slips. Watch: