Creative Shelves: 60 Modern and Inspiring Solutions

In the decoration of environments it is essential to choose functional solutions, that adapt to the space and that have decorative characteristics. The shelves are mobile that fulfill this role, although many models have traditional formats, you can buy and even create them with different formats and innovative.

The shelves are great allies in optimizing space, including various items such as books, magazines, newspapers, vases and the most varied objects. They can even replace cabinets, in addition to adapting to any type of environment, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

To make it easier to see, we have separated 60 amazing ideas from shelves with different materials (wood, metal, mdf) and styles (modern, colorful, rustic, minimalist and so on). At the end of the post, here are some tutorials you can do at home:

60 creative shelf and shelf solutions for you to love

For easy viewing, we've sorted out 60 great ideas from shelves and tutorials you can do at home, see the end of this post:

Picture 1 - How about installing this model of shelves in the meeting of the walls?

We often do not know what to do with the corner that forms with the corners of the wall, so this is a great solution to decorate the house even more.

Picture 2 - The perforated panel takes versatility in the layout of the shelves.

With the help of a good carpenter it is possible to install this panel that promotes a set of shelves according to the taste of the resident. This proposal has the flexibility of fixing the shelves as required.

Picture 3 - The metal plates form an incredible drawing on the wall.

Sheet metal can receive a specific paint and form a colored wall in some room of your house. It is ideal for rooms and children's bedrooms and are installed according to the available wall size.

Picture 4 - The material that lines the wall molded to form the shelves.


Picture 5 - Another option is the metallic panel that forms a creative composition on the wall.

Referring to Fig.
These panels are a trend in decoration, since there is no need for many holes in the wall to install decorative objects, a great solution for rented residences. The ideal is to make a composition with the items of your taste and also opt for a color that is similar to the wall.

Picture 6 - Suspended shelves by wires.

The shelf secured by wires results in a delicate decoration. It can be installed in bathrooms, corridors and even in the kitchen to organize the seasonings or the mini vegetable garden.

Image 7 - Link the functionality in your decoration.

This is for those who come home and leave things scattered around the table or sideboard. Nothing better than keeping the environment organized and leaving the important items, such as key and wallet, always on hand when you need to leave.

Image 8 - Reuse the rest of the pallets to assemble this shelf model.

Referring to Fig.
With a tendency to reuse materials, here's a perfect idea to decorate the house. The pallets, besides being economical, can be transformed into various furniture like sofas, beds, dresser, shoe rack and now on shelves. That old piece can be cut and fastened with the help of ropes to be installed on the wall.

Picture 9 - Innovate in the furniture of your bathroom.

Referring to Fig.
The bathroom also has won innovative shelves! This is for those who do not leave the cell phone and want to keep them always in hand.

Image 10 - Shelf shaped like tree branches.

This idea is most welcome in children's rooms!

Image 11 - The metallic structure forms the design of this shelf.

The metal frame is very versatile in decoration. Being a moldable material, it can gain formats according to your proposal and still gain different colors and finishes.

Picture 12 - Shelf for music lovers.

The old guitar or the box itself can turn into a decorative item for the home. Line the bottom with a fabric and pattern of your choice and make struts throughout the piece to create shelves.

Picture 13 - Create an amazing effect in your living room.

These shelves are mounted with the help of a metal plate installed in the wall. In the market it is possible to find several models that accompany the size of the books they wish to place.

Image 14 - Ladder design can be the solution of your design.

A cool project for those who want to innovate in stair design. It can be made in higher rises too, the important thing is to leave the gap open to support the objects and give shelf functionality on each step.

Picture 15 - Mix shelves and niches to give movement to your wall.

The composition is very nice for children's room. You can paint the niches to create a more fun effect on the piece.

Image 16 - The design of the joinery gave personality to the environment.

The P & B mix creates an incredible visual illusion in this room. The blank outline in the design of the joinery forms these shelves that further enhance the panel. It is possible to do the same with other finishes of the wood, remembering to harmonize so that the composition is pleasing to the eyes.

Image 17 - The wooden panel was the keystone to give life to the installed shelves.

In addition to dividing the space between the stairs and the living room, the panel gave space to install shelves for books that no longer had room in the house.

Picture 18 - Small shelves also an important function.

These shelves are perfect for supporting the mini pots and kitchen cutlery. The more parts installed on the wall, the greater will be the effect of a vertical garden.

Picture 19 - These shelves offer flexibility for the resident.

This furniture is ideal for those who have little space in the house, since it offers several compartments to organize the objects. In addition to serving as a decorative panel, the furniture can turn into a bookcase with all the shelves open.

Picture 20 - Get out of the traditional models and opt for a bold design.


Picture 21 - This furniture creates the illusion that objects are floating.

Minimalism lovers will fall in love with this piece. In the side view we can see the designs that are formed to create these supports to support the objects, but seen from the front those openings are almost invisible forming a single plane where the decorative items seem to be floating.

Picture 22 - The shelves in word form is a great way to innovate in the decoration.


Picture 23 - Locked by wires, this shelf has height adjustment.


Picture 24 - To keep your books always organized.


Image 25 - MDF boards can form a different design on the wall.

It is important that the pieces are made with a color that contrasts to the background, as shown in the design above, where the background is a darker wood and the shelves are white. In this way install cross-shaped with some pieces in equal cutouts and different pieces to create a more beautiful effect.

Image 26 - A simple idea can be the differential in your decoration.


Picture 27 - This shelf has gained a different design, but maintains a discreet look in the decoration.


Image 28 - The design of the joinery gave an incredible effect to this kitchen.

The geometric cutouts formed in the joinery give visibility to these shelves installed inside the stand. It is a way to innovate in the design of your kitchen creating an original and modern effect for the decoration.

Image 29 - The metallic structure appears in a color version.


Picture 30 - Note that the plates arranged asymmetrically creates an incredible visual effect for the wall.

Rather, it takes a study to form the desired drawing of the dweller. So you have the shelves made according to the size of your wall to make a different and jovial look for your room. For the idea to be cool, the ideal is to use the entire wall space.

Picture 31 - In addition to being a decorative object, you can support some objects and books on the shelf.


Image 32 - Abuse of geometric shapes in the decoration.

The geometric shapes are super high in the decoration, even more so for a young and modern environment. These shelves follow a traditional pattern with a diamond-shaped metal structure, which takes all the differential to the piece.

Picture 33 - To make the room more inspiring!

Instead of pictures, wallpaper or traditional shelves, nature lovers can take inspiration from this room scene.

Image 34 - A single part model can form several designs on your wall.

There are several ready-made parts in the market where the configuration can be assembled according to your taste. The composition of the above project is formed by a single piece, placed in several positions to form this creative game on the wall.

Picture 35 - This shelf model is ideal for the lobby and hallways.

The narrower shelves are great for corridors as they do not take up space and still help decorate. It is interesting to compose with a spreading so that the place becomes more cozy.

Image 36 - Shelves made with skateboards.


Picture 37 - With the system of opening and closing, the shelf becomes versatile in use and decoration.


Picture 38 - When the niches are transformed into shelves, the furniture gains more functionality.

The hollow elements help to leave the look of the piece lighter and still serve as a support for hooks or hangers depending on the design of the furniture. In this case, the spaces formed by these niches are transformed into shelves of various sizes.

Picture 39 - Mix two materials on a traditional shelf and create this modern and contemporary effect for the environment.

The composition of the wood and metal leaves the environment balanced and with a modern decoration - they are noble and resistant materials.

Image 40 - Apparent pipes also appear in furniture.


Picture 41 - Here the same material of the wall gained space for the stool.


Picture 42 - This furniture molds according to the position of the pieces.


Picture 43 - The cool thing about this furniture is that you can change the position of the shelves.

The slat panel accommodates small supports to support the shelves. In this way the furniture can create several different distributions for each type of use.

Picture 44 - Metal plate, colored pencils and string form this creative shelf.


Image 45 - Ideal for those who like to read before bed.


Picture 46 - The round shelf also has its value in decoration.


Picture 47 - Shelf for roll of toilet paper.


Picture 48 - Create a versatile mobile for small apartment.

With a wall-mounted structure it is possible to change the place shelves according to the needs of the resident. That way you create a space for each function.

Image 49 - Shelf on the stair step.


Picture 50 - A model with differentiated design.


Picture 51 - The metallic furniture is resistant and gives a modern look to the environment.


Picture 52 - The shelves are fitted perfectly in this slatted panel.

For this idea to work, it is necessary that the parts are constructed perfectly so that the fit is accurate. A checkerboard is placed behind this slatted panel so that the shelves are seated.

Picture 53 - The meeting of the vertical and horizontal lines form the design of this shelf.

The horizontal strips can function as a support for hangers and hooks if needed.

Image 54 - Wooden cubes decorate the walls of the wall.


Screenshot 55 - The shelf supports the objects, as well as serving as a drawer and hooks to support reminders and photos.

This idea is ideal for home offices and corporate offices - the shelf functions as a versatile decoration furnishings and has functionality. It should be wall-mounted with the French hand and should have a thickness of at least 15 cm to give this finish with drawers.

Image 56 - A coppered detail to give a new look on the shelves.

Change the look with these copper structures that lean on each landing. They carry charm and stand out in the environment.

Image 57 - Shelf in triangular format.


Image 58 - Play with the shapes of the shelves and make a fun composition on the wall.


Image 59 - Decorate your hallway with suspended shelves.

They are lightweight for these small places and are fixed with the help of steel cables on the floor and ceiling.

Image 60 - How about this shelf with the perfect fit for the books?

With the apartments becoming smaller, we look for solutions that work and decorate each corner. Well designed and designed shelves can be a great device to install in your room.

How to Make Different and Creative Shelves Step by Step

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