Crochet Rug (Barbante) - 100+ Photos and Footsteps

To renovate the decoration of your house in a simple and functional way it is possible to use a classic technique used in typical Brazilian residences:Crochet rug. Crochet is a material that has beauty and delicacy due to its process of execution. There is no following rule to decorate with this model of rug, but we will suggest some tips to make any environment more charming with this item.

The finish of your rug can be done with open or closed stitches. And in the market there are endless options of material to use, being a thicker or thinner, white or colored string. It is only necessary to harmonize with the other elements that compose the environment. If in doubt, invest in neutral colors such as white and beige that look beautiful on any proposal and can be used with more versatility.

All residential environments can be enhanced with crochet pieces including bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, outdoor areas and among other rooms.

The crochet strap is the most used form in the residence, usually it is seen in corridors, because they help to transmit the sensation of amplitude. A narrow or dark hallway can be highlighted with this accessory in light color, as attention turns to the floor.

They are several options when the subject is that technique in the decoration. Hence, today's gallery are ideas and finishes of crocheted rugs. Check it:

Where to use the crochet rug

Crochet rug for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most chosen environments to house crochet or string rugs, its material is soft and comfortable. In the case of colors, the most chosen are neutral ones, such as white, beige or even dark shades.

Picture 1 - Crochet rug for kitchen

In this example, the kitchen has a large round crochet rug with black stripes, ashes and white dots.
Image (33)

Picture 2 - Crochet rug for kitchen

In this environment, the choice was made by the rectangular rug of crochet with shades of gray and dark blue.
Image (42)

Crochet rug for bathroom

The bathroom is also another strong candidate to house the carpets with this material. In this case there are also the crochet / string carpet kits which usually contain a carpet to put close to the vase, a crochet pot top and another rug to use on the bathroom floor near the sink.

Picture 3 - Bathroom with several rugs of crochet.


Picture 4 - Small carpet to use in toilets and toilets.


Picture 5 - Classic set of crochet rug for bathroom.


Crochet rug for living room

To choose the right crochet / string rug for the room, first check the space available. In general, rugs can be used to delimit spaces, so use this feature if the room has a large space without objects.

Picture 6 - Crochet rug for room in gray, blue and brown colors.

Image (16)

Picture 7 - A decoration item that made all the difference!


Picture 8 - Crochet rug in the living room

Image (6)

Picture 9 - Round and beige crochet rug for living room with armchair.

Image (14)

Image 10 - Black and white crochet rug for living room.

Image (4)

Image 11 - Modern and colorful crochet rug!


Picture 12 - Round carpet composing with the armchair.


Picture 13 - Large model of modern crochet rug for use in a living room.


Picture 14 - Large round crochet rug with finishes that combine with the environment.


Picture 15 - Modern crochet rug for vibrant rooms.

Image (48)

Crochet rug for bedroom

Here are some examples of using crochet / string rugs in double rooms and single rooms. You can use it by the bed or even use it to support your feet.

Image 16 - Crochet rug with diamond design.

Image (7)

Picture 17 - For a female room.


Picture 18 - Next to the bed is always welcome!


Image 19 - Crochet rug with colored balls.

Image (28)

Picture 20 - To change the look of the room!


Picture 21 - Crochet rug for double room with clean style

Image (50)

Picture 22 - To leave your room colorful


Crochet rug for baby and child bedroom

In addition to these environments, string and crochet rugs can convey a more youthful feel if used with colors and embroidery of the children's universe. Inspire yourself with the examples used in children's and babies' rooms:

Picture 23 - Crochet rug for nursery.

Image (5)

Picture 24 - Round crochet rug for girl's bedroom.

Image (2)

Image 25 - Crochet rug for baby room.

Image (18)

Picture 26 - The softer color leaves the environment more sophisticated.


Image 27 - In the near place the shoe rack is great for giving more safety.


Image 28 - How about overlaying the carpet floor?


Image 29 - Drawings always attract more attention!


Image 30 - Light pink crochet rug.

Image (41)

Picture 31 - Circular shaped edges gave originality to the carpet!


Picture 32 - Composes in a childlike environment as a social area.


Image 33 - Beautiful composition of colors.


Image 34 - Gray and pink for a girl's bedroom.


Image 35 - Crochet rug for children's room.

Image (45)

Image 36 - Narrow crochet rug.

Image (34)

Picture 37 - Beautiful baby room with soft green colors matching the crochet rug.


Picture 38 - Princess room with crochet rug.


Image 39 - Small green water crochet rug.


Picture 40 - Crochet round rug for girl's bedroom.


Image 41 - Black and white crochet rug for children's room.


Crochet rug formats

The formats of the rugs can be diverse, besides the traditional rectangular, square and round, it is possible to create customized formats according to your need. Check out the main formats in the examples below:

Oval crochet rug

Image 42 - Simple oval crochet rug for use in any environment.


Round crochet rug

Picture 43 - Small and simple crochet rug

Image (12)

Picture 44 - Crochet rug with black border

Image (23)

Picture 45 - Blue round crochet rug

Image (51)

Picture 46 - The edge in straw gave a different touch to the carpet


Picture 47 - Beautiful, energized and creative!


Image 48 - Crochet rug in shades of black, white and orange.

Image (30)

Image 49 - The edge detail made all the difference for this rug


Picture 50 - The thicker line makes the carpet more comfortable


Picture 51 - Set with puff and crochet basket


Picture 52 - Round gray crochet rug

Image (24)

Image 53 - Light pink crochet round rug.


Picture 54 - Round crochet rug in beige color.


Image 55 - Another round rug with two colors, combining with other elements of crochet.


Square and rectangular crochet rug

Image 56 - Rectangular cream carpet.

Image (10)

Image 57 - Classic crochet rug.

Image (40)

Image 58 - Crochet rug with colored stripes.

Image (37)

Image 59 - Rug with geometric design P & B.


Image 60 - Rectangular navy-style crochet rug.

Image (21)

Image 61 - Graphite crochet rug.

Image (44)

Image 62 - Crochet rugs in neutral tones.

Image (36)

Image 63 - Extensive tracks have shaped a pretty rectangular rug!


Image 64 - Crochet rug for bedroom.

Image (32)

Image 65 - Colorful crochet rug.

Image (39)

Image 66 - Rectangular crochet rug.

Image (38)

Image 67 - Black and white crochet rug.

Image (26)

Image 68 - Gray crocheted rug.

Image (13)

Picture 69 - Rectangular rug with colored stripes.


Image 70 - Square crochet rug with two colors and beautiful finishes.


Picture 71 - Rectangular crochet rug with three colors: green, white and gray.


Image 72 - Example of simple square crochet rug


Half moon or fan crochet rug

The half-moon shape or range of the mats can be used in corners of walls, doors, furniture or even in steps. See below:

Picture 73 - Single crocheted half moon mat


Picture 74 - Small crochet half moon blue rug


Picture 75 - Other half moon crochet rug


Picture 76 - Half-moon crochet colored crochet rug.


Other formats of crochet rug

The unique shapes give personality to the environment, use your creativity to compose with these models in the decoration. See below:

Image 77 - Bear-shaped crochet rug

Image (9)

Picture 78 - Crochet rug with butterfly shape

Image (27)

Picture 79 - Crochet rug in rounded shapes

Image (20)

Picture 80 - Crochet rug with triangular design

Image (52)

Picture 81 - This is an owl carpet model.


Picture 82 - Crochet rug with colored balls

Image (25)

Image 83 - Cake-shaped carpet


Picture 84 - Basketball themed mat


Picture 85 - Crochet rug with heart

Image (47)

Picture 86 - Style crosswalk with beautiful composition of colors


Picture 87 - Penguin-shaped carpet


Picture 88 - Crochet rug to cover armchair

Image (19)

Picture 89 - Rug with colored heart shape


Picture 90 - Pure charm for your room!


Picture 91 - With rounded finish


Picture 92 - Small crochet rug with jovial style

Image (29)

Colors, drawings and materials

Crochet rug with flowers

Picture 93 - Crochet rug with flowers

Image (3)

Picture 94-Lay out the picture on the rug


Image 95 - Brown crochet rug


Image 96 - Floral crochet rug


Image 97 - Flower-shaped!


Crochet rug with simple string

Image 98 - Crochet rug with raw color

Image (22)

Image 99 - Beige crochet rug

figure 8)

Picture 100 - Carpet neutral


Image 101 - Crochet rug with thick twine.


The step by step to make a crochet rug

Crochet rug with graphic

Image 102 - Graphic to make a geometric crochet rug.

graphic 1

Image 103 - Graphic to make a baroque crochet rug.


Videos of how to make crochet rugs - DIY

It is not enough just to have the graphics and access to references, for those who have never made a crochet rug, it is always good to watch the videos that teach every essential step of this beautiful work. In addition to being able to decorate their own environments, you can get extra income if you sell your crafts.

Check out the step by step to make a bicolor crochet rug with contrasting colors in the video made by the channel Mimo Mimarr:

Learn how to make an 84cm x 48cm half moon rug in this one hour long Luiza de Lugh channel:

Now you can learn the method to make crochet rugs known as Mile a Minute. Watch the channel video Learn Crochet: