Home Decoo https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/feed en-US Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:00:00 +0700 <![CDATA[Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/room-rack-60-models-and-ideas-to-decorate-your-room https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/room-rack-60-models-and-ideas-to-decorate-your-room There was a time when the room racks were furniture fit to support the televisions. However, with the arrival of flat-screen TVs and the possibility of installing them directly on the wall or in a panel, the racks almost lost their place in the decoration of the house.

Almost. But they survived and now integrate the living room to support books, picture frames, potted plants and other decorative objects. But for those who still prefer to use the rack for the TV, that's fine too. It still retains its traditional use.

There are a hundred models of rack for room for sale in stores. Low, tall, long, with door, only with shelves, glass, wood, with built-in panel, you can choose according to the characteristics of your room. Or, if you prefer, you can have one according to your preferences and that fits perfectly in the environment.

Small rooms combine best with low racks only with shelves, without much visual information or details. Larger rooms benefit from longer, taller or paneled racks. Other electronic devices such as DVDs and home theater are also usually accommodated in the mobile, so define the space you have available and the amount of items to be placed in the rack. That way, you can combine functionality and design into one piece.

And speaking of design, do not forget to take into account the style and color of the furniture. Nowadays there are many color options - from the most vibrant to the softest - that represent the style you want to print in the environment. Vibrant colors, like yellow and blue, refer to a more retro style. The pastel tones are more delicate and can add a touch of vintage romanticism to the room. Wooden or wood-framed racks bring a sense of comfort and warmth, while neutral colors, such as black and white, are great for representing modern, elegant or minimalist designs.

Another important detail: it is very common to texture or coat the wall where the rack is, if this is the case, evaluate if the furniture design will not"fight"with the wall. Lots of information in the same space leaves the environment visually tiresome and you can quickly get sick of the decor.

And, finally, remember that no one needs a piece of furniture that only serves to take up space. Planning before purchase is critical. Take these tips into consideration before closing deals so you can get the most cost-effective from your new mobile and of course leave your room beautiful.

Discover 60 different models of room racks

Want some inspirations to brighten up your ideas and make the right choice? So, check out the following, a selection of lovely photos from racks to room:

Picture 1 - A single furniture: cabinet, rack and desk to optimize the long room space.

Cabinet, rack for living room and writing desk together
Planned closets are great for the best use of space. In the case of this room, the rack was integrated to the other furniture in a continuous and harmonious line

Picture 2 - Rack for blue pastel room seats, in the best vintage style, TV set, DVD and sound.

Pastel blue room rack

Picture 3 - Two styles in one: rustic wooden doors contrast with the more modern contour of the rack to room.

Wooden door in the living room rack

Picture 4 - In the room full of books, the room rack gives that little hand in the time to put everything in order.

Rack for room to organize decorative objects

Picture 5 - Raw wood and differentiated design leave the rack in evidence in this room.

Room Rack with Distinctive Design

Picture 6 - More than a furniture, a decorative piece.

Rack for living room as decorative piece
This rack is much more than a simple piece of furniture in the room. The retro-styled feet, leather-strap pulls and the raw wood color make the rack an essential part of this room's décor.

Picture 7 - One thing or another? None of this! Rack and TV panel can coexist very well together, each in its function.

Rack and TV panel

Image 8 - Rack follows the black proposal of decoration, but also is responsible for breaking the predominance of color.

Black Rack in Room Decoration

Picture 9 - Small room asks for a rack in the same proportion.

Small room racks

Picture 10 - Solid wood rack makes a perfect match with the brick wall.

Solid Wood Rack

Image 11 - Gray is the color of neutrality.

Gray is the color of neutrality
If you want to invest in a clean, soft and neutral design bet on the gray color, especially on the furniture. They appear discreetly and allow other elements to gain prominence, as is the case of the blue carpet of this image

Picture 12 - Combination between rack and panel creates visual unit for decoration.

Rack and panel combination

Picture 13 - Suspended rack for room in a lighter and clean decoration.

Suspended Room Rack

Picture 14 - The shelves, in the same color as the rack, complement the decoration.

Shelves, in the same color as the rack, complement the décor

Image 15 - Rack and shelf accompanying the entire length of the wall.

Rack and shelf accompanying the entire length of the wall

Image 16 - Narrow room with rack.

Narrow room with rack
You may think that it does not work and that the environment can get cramped, but the truth is that it is possible to have a rack in a narrow room. This image is proof. To achieve this, however, invest in a shallow, low-lying furniture without many objects on display.

Picture 17 - White room racks in contrast to the sky blue of the wall.

White room racks

Picture 18 - Rack underneath, closet on top, but, in the end, everything turns out to be one.

Rack underneath, cupboard above

Image 19 - Rack for beautiful and functional living room.

Rack for beautiful and functional living room
Opting for a large rack, occupying the entire wall, can be more than a simply aesthetic choice. A larger piece of furniture is also very useful for keeping the environment organized, with each thing in its place. The doors help hide what you do not want to have in view

Picture 20 - Remember to leave a free space for circulation.

Room with rack
It is very important to have an environment where you can move freely. In the case of this image, the sofa, when open, occupies the entire free area. However, since it is retractable the problem is easily solved. But, keep in mind that the ideal is always to leave at least 60 centimeters for circulation

Picture 21 - Everything hidden: the rack is very useful to help hide the wiring of electronic devices.

Rack to hide the wiring in the room

Picture 22 - L-rack takes advantage of the entire wall of the room and even accommodates the kittens for a nap.

L Room Rack

Picture 23 - Blue rack enters the decoration to break the zigzag of the carpet.

Rack for blue room

Picture 24 - Raw wood and shades of gradient blue give vintage look to the rack.

Vintage Room Rack

Image 25 - Metal casting rack.

Metal Room Rack
What to wager on a different rack? This idea can inspire you. The metal rack is all open and leaked between the grids. The casters allow easy movement and without compromising the floor

Picture 26 - Wooden raft contributes with the classic and luxurious decoration of the room.

Wooden Rack Model

Picture 27 - Wall with 3D effect asks for a rack of sober style and of contrasting color.

Wall with 3D effect asks for a sober style rack

Picture 28 - In front of the light blue wall, the white rack with raw wood details leaves the environment even smoother.

The white rack with raw wood details leaves the environment even softer

Image 29 - Rack that becomes a shelf is a good option for those who have a lot to keep.

Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room

Picture 30 - Small details in the decoration.

Small details in the decoration
In the same tone of the rest of the decoration, the gray rack has a detail that makes it a very important part for the environment. This detail is in the vibrant colors of the niches. The blue and the red bring that pinch of color that can end the monotony without hurting anyone

Picture 31 - Small rack for room, discrete and suspended. This rack would pass quietly through a shelf if it were not for your drawers.

Small room racks

Picture 32 - Panel and rack in the same piece: each offering the best.

Dashboard and room rack in the same piece

Picture 33 - On the rack, the shelves frame the TV.

On the rack, the shelves frame the TV

Picture 34 - Lacquered gray rack is pure charm and style in the room decoration.

Rack model for lacquered gray room

Picture 35 - Rack for room: unique piece and original.

One-piece rack for single and original living room
The black counter follows a direct line between the living room and the kitchen, interconnecting the rooms. Under it the green rack fits and fits perfectly.

Image 36 - Rack and panel for living room joined by the same material.

Rack and panel for living room joined in the same material
For those who want the dual rack and TV panel in the room, but are afraid that the combination does not work, the tip is to bet on a single material for both. In the case of furniture in this room, the choice was for the woodwork, but you can choose the material that pleases you and combine it with the style of your decoration

Image 37 - Hang the TV on the wall and leave the furniture free for other objects.

TV on the living room wall

Picture 38 - The gray of the top of the rack in combination with the burnt cement of the wall.

Rack ash in combination with burnt cement

Image 39 - Create a highlighted area for the rack using a different color and contrasting with the main one.

Outlined area for the rack

Image 40 - Blue rack detail talks to the dining room chair.

Blue rack detail in dining room
Although they are visually separated, the use of the same color in specific items unites the environments and integrates them into the decoration. The result is a more harmonious and pleasant space

Picture 41 - This small room rack fills the space left by the niches and makes it easy to locate the TV.

Small room rack model

Image 42 - In doubt of how to decorate the rack? Books and plants look great on the furniture.

Books and Plants When Decorating the Rack

Picture 43 - Bet on the shelves if your living room does not have a large room rack.

Large Room Rack

Picture 44 - The white room rack is always a good option to leave the environment clean and smooth.

Rack for white room

Picture 45 - What if instead of using the wall, you support the pictures in the rack to room? A different idea.

Rack and mobile as frame support

Picture 46 - Add an extra color in your living room using a colored cover in the living room rack.

Rack for room with colorful time

Picture 47 - Space that could be killed in the room was availed with the rack to room in L.

L-shaped rack model

Image 48 - Small rooms are valued with light furniture, in the case of the image, the rack to white room.

Small room with light furniture

What if I have a window where the TV should be? Use a rack to support it and you're all set.

Rack to room near window

Picture 50 - Poured compartments create a dynamic, beautiful and functional furniture.

Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room

Picture 51 - Rack for room making the difference.

Room Rack Making the Difference
Imagine this room without the rack? It would be very empty and bland, would not it? He did not need to be there, but the presence of the furniture made all the difference to this room

Picture 52 - Room Rack: another creative and original idea to end the decorating sameness.

Plus a creative and original idea from room to room
Want something different and unusual, without making a big effort? So bet on that idea. It is very simple just to support the rack to room on a vase and make a vain for the plant to pass inside. Very cool!

Image 53 - Want a trick to make the room seemingly bigger? Hang the TV on the wall.

Wall mounted rack and TV

Picture 54 - In small spaces any corner is valued, in this case the puff is stored under the rack to room.

Puff in the room rack

Picture 55 - Rack for room of simple visual, but of marked effect in the decoration.

Rack for simple visual room

Image 56 - Room rack with differentiated design.

Room Rack with Distinctive Design
It is not very common to see racks with large knobs, like the one in the picture. But although different it puts itself in the decoration with firmness and originality

Picture 57 - The living room rack is the ideal furniture to test the decoration trends.

Rack used for decoration trends
Because it is a small and not very expensive furniture, the rack is great for creating new compositions and styles. In this case of the image, the rack follows in a romantic and retro style and carries with it objects of decoration that are tendencies like the vase of cacti and the picture of pineapple

Image 58 - Rack for personality room and strong style.

Rack with personality and striking style

Picture 59 - Although the color reminds one of a more retro decoration, the straight and marked lines of this room rack make it very modern.

Modern rack model

Image 60 - Stick toothpick on all furniture, including in the rack to room.

Rack model with toothpicks

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<![CDATA[Home Models: 100 Amazing Inspirations from Current Designs]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/home-models-100-amazing-inspirations-from-current-designs https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/home-models-100-amazing-inspirations-from-current-designs Planning the future home involves a lot of detail and a meticulous project. This is where all expectations are placed: the model of the house, the style it will carry, the material that will be used in its structure, among other important aspects. All these details interfere with the final model of the house and determine whether or not it will have its face. Learn more about home models:

It is very important to think about what your ideal home model is and the features that suit you the most, so the future home will be able to meet your needs and, above all, be the best place in the world for you. So, nothing better than drawing on models of houses that already exist so you can describe to the architect or engineer exactly what you want.

That's why this post was written to help you with this mission. Here you will find beautiful models of homes for all tastes and styles. Come with us and take a peek at these incredible houses:

Models of houses with 2 floors

Picture 1 - Model of houses: masonry sobrado with details in wood.

Model of masonry houses
The house of modern architecture was richly prized with the wooden details of the facade.

Picture 2 - Model of house of two floors with wooden facade movable.

Model of house of two floors
Modern in style, this two-story house has a distinctive opening and closing structure, similar to a window. In the end, a charming and stylish house

Picture 3 - Models of houses: roof and walls in the same color.

Models of houses: roof and walls in the same color
In this two-story house, what strikes you is the harmony between the neutral colors: neither more nor less. All in balance

Picture 4 - Model of house of two floors with plankton.

Model of two-story house with plankton
Plaque is widely used to"hide"the roof and give a more modern look to the construction

Picture 5 - Texture on wall enhances construction.

House model: wall texture highlights construction
In that floor, the upper floor was valued with the texture on the wall that gives volume and a touch of rusticity to the project

Models of houses with 3 floors

Picture 6 - Model of house of 3 floors with balconies.

3-story house model with balconies
The three-story building values ​​and enjoys the terrain of this house very well. The upper floors have balconies and a corner for plants

Picture 7 - House of three floors with wood lining.

House of three floors with wood lining
The wood lining is the highlight of this three story house. It imparts sensations of welcome and comfort, leaving the house even more beautiful

Picture 8 - A tree inside the house.

A tree inside the model of house
An ecological and sustainable proposal. Instead, to tear down the tree to build the house, this project integrated it into architecture. The leaked structure allows the tree to pass through, further valuing the house

Image 9 - House model with staircase.

Model of house with stairs
The architecture of this house resembles a staircase, where the width of each floor progressively increases

Image 10 - House model of straight and striking lines.

House model of straight and striking lines
This three-story house has a well-marked line of lines. The"square"appearance gains a touch of sophistication with the black color of the facade

Models of masonry houses

Image 11 - Models of masonry houses with large windows.

Models of masonry houses with large windows
Nothing like very large windows to make the whole house bright. It is worth (very) worth investing in this item at the time of construction

Picture 12 - House of masonry of two floors.

Two story masonry house
Of neutral color, this model of masonry house is very common in Brazilian constructions

Image 13 - Modern masonry house model.

Model of modern masonry house
Very modern and of vibrant colors, this house has on its upper floor a type of container that makes it even more contemporary

Image 14 - Model of masonry house clad in wood.

Model of masonry house clad in wood
The modern house gains rusticity with the wooden floor in combination with the brick

Image 15 - Glass and texture.

Glass and texture
To appreciate the facade of the house, the large glass windows and the rustic texture on the wall

Models of houses with metal structure

Picture 16 - Metal clamp around the house.

Metal clamp around the house
This house of metallic structure could not have a more modern look. The metal bar that surrounds it forms an imposing

Image 17 - Columns and metal beams.

Metal columns and beams
This house has columns and metal beams that highlight the wood, another element that integrates the project

Picture 18 - House with metallic structure in the middle of nature.

House with metallic structure in the middle of nature
In the midst of the trees, this metal house does not seem to have been made for this environment. However, the use of wood on the facade joined the site.

Image 19 - Metal house with glass walls.

Metal house with glass walls
The first floor of the house has all walls of glass. The contrast of the glass with the metal leaves the house with a more delicate appearance

Image 20 - Metal belt.

Metal belt
A metal belt between the floors of the house helps to form the structure and also guarantees the aesthetics of the facade. The stone wall complements the proposal

Concrete Houses Models

Picture 21 - Tearing of light in the facade.

Tear of the facade
The illumination coming out of the façade light highlights its beauty and modern structure. Highlight for the combination of concrete, wood and glass

Image 22 - Modern facade of concrete.

Modern facade of concrete

Image 23 - Concrete color.

House model with concrete color
The three-story house continues with the color of the concrete, the structure's own material. A very used color in the current home designs

Image 24 - Concrete in two colors.

House model with concrete in two colors
The blue and the woody tone were painted directly on the concrete. The result is a more rustic-looking house that maintains the imperfections of the material, without, however, leaving the modern architecture aside

Image 25 - Concrete house marked by straight lines and gray.

Concrete house model marked by straight lines and gray

Models of terraced houses

Image 26 - Models of semi-detached houses made of wood and metal.

Models wooden and metal terraced houses
The terraced houses are identical constructions that divide the same lot, structure and, often, even the same roof

Picture 27 - Models of semi-detached house of rustic and modern style.

Models of semi-detached house of rustic and modern style

Image 28 - Connected to each other in all respects.

Models of houses connected to each other in all aspects
In this project, the colors and even the garden on the sidewalk are identical. A perfect copy of each other

Picture 29 - Townhouses: different only in number.

Terraced houses: different only in number

Image 30 - Street of terraced houses.

Street of terraced houses

Models of simple houses

Picture 31 - Model of house simple, but of great taste.

Beautiful simple house model
A simple little house inhabits the imagination of many people. This type of construction is loaded with meanings such as comfort, warmth, peace and tranquility

Picture 32 - Simple house model well lit and ventilated.

Simple house model well lit
Ventilation and lighting are indispensable items for architectural designs of any style or size

Image 33 - Houses of simple architecture should value the details.

Simple architecture houses should value the details
A simple house can and should invest in details that make it more cozy and beautiful. In this case, the option was to use visible brick on the facade

Image 34 - Simple house stands out with modern wall and metallic structure.

Simple house stands out with modern wall and metallic structure

Picture 35 - And how about a pergola to make the difference in the facade?

And how about a pergola to make a difference in the facade

Models of modern houses

Image 36 - Modern house model with classic elements.

Modern look house model with classic elements
The wood that goes in the lining and the wood in the leaked panel gives a classic and somewhat retro look to the house of modern architecture

Image 37 - White and gray are the colors of modern buildings.

White and gray are the colors of modern buildings

Image 38 - The design of lighting technology is a differential of modern houses.

Model house with lighting design

Picture 39 - In the limit of the imagination.

In the limit of the imagination
The retreat to the second floor of the house seems to defy the laws of physics. A modern construction to impress who passes by the house

Image 40 - Model of houses full of clipping.

Model of houses full of clipping

Models of Small Houses

Image 41 - Models of rectangular houses.

Models of rectangular houses
The narrow front compressed between other houses leaves no other than a long, rectangular-shaped house

Image 42 - Models of houses glued to each other need special attention regarding lighting and ventilation.

Models of houses glued to each other

Picture 43 - Facade cast of wood.

Facade cast wood

Picture 44 - Modern and relaxed.

Modern and relaxed

Image 45 - Path of stones and garden to enhance the facade of the house.

Stone path and garden to enhance the facade of the house

Models of large houses

Image 46 - Models of large houses with valued external area.

Models of large houses with valued external area

Picture 47 - Three story house with bold architecture.

Model of three-storey houses

Image 48 - Stones to enhance the facade of the house.

Stones to value the facade of the house

Picture 49 - Light colors further extend the size of the house.

Light colors on house model

Image 50 - Glasses in place of walls.

Glasses instead of walls

Models of rustic houses

Picture 51 - A rustic touch.

A rustic touch on the model of home
Want to give just a rustic touch to your home? Bet on a wall made with raw wood trunks. Pure charm

Picture 52 - Stones are always present in houses of rustic style.

House model with stones
To create a rustic effect you can cover a wall, a strip or the wall of your house with stones. One of the most used is the canjiquinha stone

Image 53 - Facade with crude building stones.

Facade with bricks

Image 54 - Neutral and earthy colors for a house in the middle of nature.

Neutral and earthy colors

Picture 55 - Garden can not miss in a rustic style house.

Garden in the country house

Models of houses with contemporary style

Image 56 - Black is the color of elegance and contemporary designs.

House model with black coating

Image 57 - Modern structure amid the bucolic landscape.

Model of house with modern structure
The house of contemporary architecture stands out amid the country climate. The wood was used in the project so as not to escape the natural environment

Image 58 - Stuck and open.

Leaked and open house model
The modern style construction has several leaked spots and a structure that leaves the house exposed and open. An inviting and cozy home

Image 59 - Simple, but with striking features.

Simple house model with striking features

Image 60 - Contemporary construction lined with wood.

Contemporary construction

Models of town houses

Image 61 - House of glass.

Model of glass houses
For those who are not afraid or embarrassed to expose themselves, a house with a glass façade can be a good request

Picture 62 - All closed by the wall and gate, the house shows to passers by the second floor.

House model closed by wall and gate

Picture 63 - Typical village house: lavish sympathy with its strong and vibrant colors.

Model of typical village house

Image 64 - House style container.

Container house model

Picture 65 - Charming and cozy.

Charming and cozy house model

Models of houses type

Image 66 - Sobrado of rustic elements.

Sobrado of rustic elements
The rustic style stands out in the architecture of this house. The wood, the brick and the hedge are pure charm

Picture 67 - Sobrado without wall and without fence.

Model without a wall

Image 68 - Sobrado of straight and modern lines.

Two-story straight line

Picture 69 - Tiled roof of typical house.

Model of house with roof

Picture 70 - Townhouse of closed condominium.

Model of closed condominium

Models of beach houses

Picture 71 - Beach house with European chalet style.

Beach house with European chalet style

Picture 72 - Modern beach house model.

Modern Beach House Model
To escape the materials that mark the architecture of the beach houses, this house bet on the most modern forms and strong colors, such as black, impressing sophistication and elegance the construction

Image 73 - Beach house with wooden roof and glass walls.

Beach house with wooden roof

Image 74 - Beach house with clean architecture.

Model of beach house with clean architecture

Image 75 - Glasses reveal the interior of the house and the routine of the residents

Glasses reveal the interior of the house

Models of houses with pool

Picture 76 - Swimming pool next to the house seems to form a single structure.

House with swimming pool nearby

Picture 77 - This model of house extends to the pool with the roof leaked.

Text on the pool

Image 78 - Cast wood structure matching the pool deck.

Leaked wooden structure matching the pool deck

Image 79 - Going around the house.

Swimming pool around the building

Picture 80 - House with rectangular swimming pool with wooden pergola.

House with swimming pool rectangular

Models of houses for condominium

Picture 81 - Garden always flowery to adorn the front of the house in closed condominium.

Condo house with garden

Image 82 - Curved shapes bring beauty and originality to the architectural design.

Models of houses with curved shapes

Picture 83 - House in closed condominium of classic style.

Model of gated community house

Picture 84 - Characteristic of the houses of condominium closed: unique design.

Unique design in the gated community

Picture 85 - One of the advantages of gated communities is not having to worry about walls and fences.

Walls and fences in the gated community

Models of cheap houses

Image 86 - A vibrant color values ​​any design, even the simplest ones.

Models of cheap houses

Picture 87 - Twin houses are usually more affordable.

Model of terraced houses

Image 88 - Balcony and garden surrounding the house.

Home Models: 100 Amazing Inspirations from Current Designs

Image 89 - Wood ennobles the facade of the house.

Wood on the facade of house

Picture 90 - Container house: cheap and modern option for the current dwellings.

Container house model

Models of Houses with 2 bedrooms (Reproduction Archdaily )

Image 91A - Volumetry of the house: entrance valued by the lawn.

House model with valued entrance

Image 91B - Two-bedroom house plan.

Two story house plan

Image 92A - Volumetry of the house: yellow to enhance the facade.

Yellow to highlight the façade of the house model

Image 92B - House plan.

House plan

Image 93A - Volumetry of the house: rustic style and retro mark the facade.

Rustic and retro style on the facade of the house model

Image 93B - House plan.

House plan

Image 94A - Volumetry of the house: facade of contemporary style.

Contemporary house model

Image 94B - House plan of two rooms.

House plan with two bedrooms

Image 95A - Volumetry of the house: rectangular sobrado.

Rectangular Townhouse Model

Image 95B - House plan.

Floor plan of house

Models of Houses with 3 bedrooms (Reproduction Archdaily )

Image 96A - 3D design of house with 3 bedrooms.

3d design model of house with 3 bedrooms

Picture 96B - Facade of the house with 3 rooms.

Facade of house with 3 bedrooms

Image 96C - Design in 3D bedroom with suite.

3D design of bedroom with suite

Image 97A - Facade of the house with 3 bedrooms: burnt red with concrete color.

House with 3 bedrooms and concrete color flooring

Picture 97B - House plan with 3 bedrooms.

Floor plan with 3 bedrooms

Image 98A - Model of facade of house in wood and concrete.

Wood and concrete house model

Image 98B - House plan with wooden facade and concrete.

House plan with facade in concrete

Image 99A - Rosa gives a romantic and delicate style to the construction.

Pink paint on facade of house model

Image 99B - House plan of romantic and delicate style.

House plan with yard

Image 100A - Three bedroom townhouse.

Two Bedroom House

Picture 100B - Floor of the 3 bedroom townhouse.

Another floor plan with 3 bedrooms

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<![CDATA[Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/gypsum-reduction-learn-more-about-the-technique-and-see-projects https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/gypsum-reduction-learn-more-about-the-technique-and-see-projects Lowering the ceiling with plaster is an increasingly used trick. The lowering of plaster allows the room to be more cozy, cozy and aesthetically more beautiful.

The technique is also very useful in cases where the right foot is very high or, then, when there are beams or apparent pipes. In this case, lowering the ceiling helps to hide the imperfections and keep everything in order with a flawless look. The lowering of plaster is still useful for hiding curtain rods and blind.

However, one of the main advantages of the recessed ceiling is the variety of possible lighting projects. With the lowering of plaster, it is possible to incorporate points of indirect light through the crown molding, creating light traces and"wall wash"effects, which can be translated as"light bath on the wall". And, in fact, that's right. This type of installation allows the light to be directed along the entire length of the wall, bathing it in light and enhancing architectural details, textures and colors, as well as giving volume to the wall.

The plaster still gives a high esthetic value thanks to its smooth and homogeneous appearance, ideal to leave the most modern designs, cleans and elegant. In more modern designs, instead of the traditional frame, what is used today is the tabica, a finish for the lining that maintains a small distance between the ceiling and the wall.

However, if you prefer a more rustic, classic or retro footprint, the option is to leave the lines straight to the side and use frames and details in curves.

60 models of plaster retraction to inspire you

Here's an incredible selection of plaster demo pictures and lots of tips on how to apply the technique in your home:

Picture 1 - Recessed ceiling of plaster in the bathroom.

Recessed plaster ceiling in bathroom
The small bathroom was more cozy and intimate with the plaster ceiling lowered. The straight and well-marked lines reveal the modern style of the environment

Picture 2 - Kitchen with lowering of plaster.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects
This kitchen has a recessed ceiling with recessed lighting. The side spots leave the environment even more cozy

Picture 3 - Bathroom with recessed ceiling and tear of light on the mirror.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 1

Picture 4 - Lighting embedded in the recessed ceiling of plaster.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 2
The recessed lighting of this recessed ceiling reflects in the mirror stretching the room and making it brighter.

Picture 5 - Recessed ceiling of plaster with tabica

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 3

Picture 6 - Lowering of plaster: go between the ceiling and the wall confers modernity to the environment

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 4
In this project, the wider span reveals the rustic cement of the slab, but the environment does not leave elegance aside. On the contrary, the effect brought a touch of modernity to the place

Image 7 - Lowering plaster: recessed ceiling with pendant luminaire for the home office.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 5

Image 8 - Yellowish light and recessed ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 6
The double formed by yellowish light and recessed ceiling is perfect to give style and elegance to the environments

Picture 9 - Lowering of plaster: ample environments are even more valued with lowered ceiling.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 7

Picture 10 - Lowering plaster: recessed lighting for a cozy room.

Gypsum lowering: recessed lighting
The coolness of the burnt cement wall and the dark gray ceiling did not resist the cozy, intimate effect of the ceiling-mounted lighting. The yellow light also shows on the panel behind the bed

Image 11 - Modern kitchen with recess of plaster and traces of light.

Modern kitchen with plasterboard lowering

Picture 12 - Lowering of plaster with details in wood.

Gypsum lowering with wood details
The wood is always a good request for those who want to give a touch of comfort and rusticity to the environment. A harmonious and very pleasing combination visually

Picture 13 - Effect"wall wash"in the bathroom.

Wall wash effect in bathroom
To enhance the tile texture of this bathroom, the option was to use the"wall wash"effect installed on the recessed ceiling. To complement, the soft yellow light coming out of the side molding.

Image 14 - Plaster under plaster.

Gypsum plasterboard
The plaster ceiling of this kitchen was lowered only on the line following the sink. The narrow environment is appreciated with the presence of light traces in the same direction of the room

Picture 15 - Lowering of plaster: lengthening the lower ceiling of plaster.

Gypsum lowering: lengthening the recessed ceiling of plaster
The visual feel that this room provokes is very interesting. Note that there is a huge mirror on the wall behind the sofa that ends in a black border. This mirror is responsible for creating this effect of prolonging the entire environment, especially the lining that gained evidence with the use of the mirror

Image 16 - Kitchen with lowering of plaster and central feature.

Kitchen with recess of plaster and central feature

Picture 17 - End the white monotony of the ceiling by installing black spots.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects

Picture 18 - Lowering that begins in the room and ends in the kitchen.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 8
You can choose the height that will begin lowering the ceiling. In this project, the plaster boards come just below the main ceiling. But if you prefer they can come a little lower as well, it depends on the height of the right foot of the house and the style you want to give the environment

Image 19 - Lowered ceiling next to the structural beam.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 9
Whether or not to conceal the beam, one option is to let it show by softening its presence with the recessed ceiling

Image 20 - Cement and plaster on the ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 10

Picture 21 - Room with lowered ceiling is more cozy and intimate.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 11

Image 22 - Valuing the bathroom with recessed ceiling and recessed light.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 12
Notice how any bathroom decor is valued for the presence of light coming from the ceiling. Cozy, cozy and modern

Image 23 - Light ripping around the ceiling of the room.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 13

Picture 24 - Reversed Sanca lowers only the side of the ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 14

Picture 25 - For a very high right foot, the solution is a lowered ceiling.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 15

Image 26 - Recessed ceiling with wooden edges.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 16
To create a visual identity, the recessed ceiling of plaster gained a wooden edge

Image 27 - Lowered thematic ceiling.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 17
The shape of the goldfish on the ceiling made the children's room even funnier. One of the advantages of plaster is its versatility to create drawings and figures, which can be very useful in thematic and children's projects

Image 28 - Recessed gypsum ceiling enhances environments from the most classic to the most modern.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 18

Picture 29 - Recessed plaster ceiling leaves the kitchen even cleaner.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 19

Picture 30 - Vanity of the recessed ceiling receives the dividers that separate the living room from the kitchen.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 20

Picture 31 - Recessed ceiling is a great option for those who want to hide the curtain rod.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 21

Picture 32 - Recessed ceiling for a minimalist and industrial environment.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 22
This conjugated environment gained comfort and coziness with the lowered ceiling, a sensation not very common in houses with minimalist proposals or of industrial style

Image 33 - Accompanying the recessed ceiling, the plaster partition.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 23

Image 34 - Cutouts and shapes mark the structure of the recessed ceiling of plaster.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 24

Picture 35 - Column accommodated in the plaster ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 25

Picture 36 - Smaller environments are even more welcoming with the lowered ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 26

Image 37 - Differentiated lighting is one of the great advantages of this type of ceiling.

Gypsum lowering: learn more about the technique and see projects 27

Image 38 - Fixtures in the recessed ceiling of plaster.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 28
The recessed ceiling has the same characteristics as a conventional gypsum lining. That is, supports the same amount of weight, so do not overdo the size of chandeliers and lamps

Image 39 - Recessed ceiling made of plaster and wood.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects 29

Picture 40 - Classic: recessed plaster ceiling with curved details.

Gypsum lowering with curved details

Image 41 - Part of the ceiling that has not been lowered serves to fix the pendant luminaires.

Part of the ceiling that has not been lowered serves to fix the pendant luminaires

Picture 42 - Neutral and sober room valued by the lowering of plaster.

Neutral and sober room appreciated by the lowering of plaster

Image 43 - Composition with different materials.

Composition with different materials
In this room the recessed plaster ceiling divides space with the walls covered with wood and the granite structure that surrounds the window. Even among different materials, the plaster ceiling does not lose its aesthetic and functional importance

Picture 44 - To leave the environment more harmonious, try to leave the light rip in the same visual direction of the room.

Gypsum lowering: tear of light in the same visual direction of the room.

Picture 45 - Special space for bed.

Special space for bed.
The recessed plaster ceiling follows the wall and forms a panel behind the bed. The effect enhances the space dedicated to the bed and enhances all the room décor

Image 46 - Recessed ceiling with central molding.

Recessed ceiling with central molding

Image 47 - Aesthetically perfect, the plaster confers uniformity to the environments.

Gypsum reduction: learn more about the technique and see projects

Picture 48 - Sancas confer elegance and charm in the environment.

Gypsum lowering: Sancas confer elegance and charm in the environment

Picture 49 - Three times lowered.

Three times lowered

Image 50 - Lowering of plaster ceiling with mirror.

Gypsum ceiling recess with mirror
Want to make the environment even more elegant and sophisticated? So you can be inspired by this idea and put the part of the ceiling that has not been lowered into mirrors.

Image 51 - Indirect lighting enhances the texture of the gray ceiling.

Indirect lighting enhances the texture of the gray ceiling

Picture 52 - Recessed ceiling of plaster in contrast to the rustic wall of brick.

Recessed plaster ceiling in contrast to the rustic brick wall

Picture 53 - Light colors to match the lowering of plaster.

Light colors to match the plasterboard lowering
If the right foot of your house is not too tall, but even then you want to lower the ceiling, then the way you paint the walls in white. In this way, the environment does not look"flat"

Image 54 - Bet on relegation to create a clean and lighted effect.

Bet on relegation to create a clean and lighted effect

Image 55 - High Ceiling plus Plaster: Perfect Match for Creative Minds

High Ceiling plus Plaster: Perfect Match for Creative Minds
The versatility of combined plaster to a high right foot allows you to create incredible shapes and designs on the ceiling, just imagine!

Image 56 - Lowering plaster: recessed ceiling dividing brand between environments.

Recessed ceiling dividing mark between the environments

Image 57 - Recessed ceiling with slightly grayish plaster.

Recessed ceiling of slightly grayish plaster

Image 58 - The lowering of plaster highlights the wood.

The lowering of plaster highlights wood

Image 59 - Blinds can also be concealed inside the ceiling with lowering.

Blinds can also be concealed inside the ceiling with relegation

Image 60 - Lowering of plaster of dark color.

Lowering of dark-colored plaster
The dark and sober colors are in every room, including the ceiling. Plaster accepts very well different types of colors, leaving the paint homogeneous. Currently, it is possible to find paints suitable for plaster

Ella Ortiz Mon, 23 Apr 2018 08:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/baby-chairs-how-to-organize-and-60-decorating-tips https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/baby-chairs-how-to-organize-and-60-decorating-tips The arrival of a baby is always a reason to celebrate! In this mix of emotions and anxiety waiting for the big day, it's not just Mom and Dad who get sentimental, who closely follows the gestation of a baby certainly has very similar feelings!

And to celebrate the construction of a corner for the new family member, it is very common for family and friends to join their parents in the construction of the layette. That's why baby shower parties are so commonplace and beloved among papal parents, especially first-time parents!
In today's post, we'll talk about how to organize a baby shower, with its variations, the ideal time to make and other decorating and planning ideas that will make your party even more enjoyable!

The different types of parties to celebrate the baby

We have heard about various types of pregnancy parties made to celebrate the next step of the family that has been formed and waiting for the arrival of the baby. In many cases, the names of the parties change but the format, a small gathering of family and friends around the future mother, with much exchange of gifts, food and joy. Let's talk about the different types of party and the characteristics that distinguish them.

Baby tea

Assembling baby's outfit can be a not only laborious but very costly task, since there is an extensive list of essential products. Between cribs, wardrobes or dresser, changing table, bedding, clothes, hygiene products, diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers... the list seems to have no end and having a help to complete it is essential. This is why parents often offer a party to their family and close friends in exchange for help in smaller items such as diapers, clothing and accessories.

It is an extremely traditional party in Brazil and is usually performed during the last months of pregnancy, especially during the 7th, after the 30th week of gestation.

Baby shower

In the same mold of baby shower, this style of party concentrates on the item of greater use among the babies: the diapers. It is another way to save on the arrival of the baby, since diaper packs are often expensive and, in diapers, it is possible to form a good reserve.

Revelation Tea

Revealing tea is a party that is gaining more and more prominence and importance and in many cases ends up replacing or being merged with the baby shower.
It usually occurs after the 20th week of gestation, when doctors can already affirm with 90% guarantee the sex of the baby. The party, organized to reveal whether it is a boy or a girl for family and friends, often brings together a lot of pranks that leave the mystery in the air and the guests even more anxious. In some cases, the secret is also hidden from the parents, who rely on a close friend to make the great revelation during the party.

How to organize your baby shower

On the issue of organization, it is important for parents to plan what needs to be done so as not to have any last minute rush. Checklists are more than welcome at the moment! To help you, let's give some tips on what to do to organize the party from the beginning:

Choosing the date: The ideal for a baby shower is between the 7th and 8th month of gestation, which already shows the advanced pregnancy of the mother with the proximity of the arrival of the baby. In addition, during this period, the pregnant woman does not have as much discomfort as swelling and nausea, allowing her to enjoy the celebration without problems.

The ideal timetable: Since baby showers have such a childrens party, they are usually held during the afternoon, along with lunch or brunch, and end with an afternoon coffee in the early evening.

The place: For these celebrations, it is always important to remember two things: a) it does not have many guests and b) it is not meant to be an extremely expensive party. Therefore, the idea of ​​a home party is ideal, and may even be in the house of future grandmothers, but with care for space well behave all the guests comfortably.

Who call for this party?: Relatives and close friends are key, after all, are they who will share the joy of the arrival of the baby are the fundamentals. It is not a rule and you can call people more distant, but the idea is to maintain an intimacy in that most delicate moment.

Invitations: You can choose from a variety of physical, virtual, or even invitations (if your guest list is small), make an invitation over the phone. To do this, make a basic list with the important information: date, time and place (with map, in the case of invitations printed or virtual). In addition, many invitations already come with a list of gifts that the guest can take or the address of the website or physical store where you assembled a list of gifts.

Snacks: As parties are usually made during the afternoon, you can choose for a full lunch or brunch with snacks, but snacks and snacks are essential, as well as sweets like cupcakes, homemade cookies and, of course, a cake to close the celebration .

The perfect style: You can choose themes to use in your baby shower! Besides the traditional decoration inspired by the delicacy of babies, with carts, cribs, pacifiers and bottles, there are several other themes that can be used in the decoration of your party, such as safari, dancer, country, etc. Do not forget that, once you have chosen the theme, it is interesting that all the details of the party, from the invitation to the food, are thought of in this theme.

Games and activities to animate: To bring more fun to the party, it is common to bring jokes and various gifts for the guests to play. One of the most engaging activities is asking all guests to bring personal photos of when they were babies or children and who to play should guess who is who, if you make a mistake, pay a gift!

Take a look at our gallery for more decorating ideas and organization to assemble your baby shower!

Picture 1 - Table of sweets with metallic balloons special for the occasion.

Baby Shower: Metallic balloon sweets table

Picture 2 - Easel with message and many leaves and flowers to announce the feast at the entrance door.

Easel with message and lots of leaves and flowers

Picture 3 - Butterscotch biscuits specially decorated for this event!

Decorated buttery biscuits

Picture 4 - Activities to entertain even more guests: guessing games with photos of friends and family in their early years.

Activities to further entertain guests at the baby shower

Picture 5 - Tidy table for tea of ​​revelation!

Tidy tea table for revelation tea

Picture 6 - Throne special for mom and baby for the time to open the presents.

Special Throne for Mom and Baby

Picture 7 - Souvenir of baby shower in celebration of life: plant for everyone to take home, take care and see grow.

Remembrance of baby shower in celebration of life

Picture 8 - Decoration of cake with American binder celebrating the arrival of the stork with the long awaited baby.

Baby tea Cake decoration with American paste

Picture 9 - Use the sweetest clothes you have ever bought as a decoration for your party!

Baby shower

Image 10 - Party table with festive decoration on paper.

Baby shower table

Picture 11 - The paper circles and the themed garlands of the party are super simple and cheap, saving time and money in the preparation of the party.

Simple and Cheap Baby Shower Decoration

Picture 12 - Party table of candy: ask your guests to complete a list with the best wishes for the baby.

Table of party candy

Picture 13 - Baby shower decoration with wall of colored bladders: choose several models and finishes in one palette.

Baby shower decoration with wall of colored bladders

Picture 14 - Cupcakes decorated with American paste in the theme babies.

Cupcakes decorated with American paste in the theme babies

Picture 15 - Canudos rosinhas to announce that"It is a girl!"

Canudos rosinhas to announce that"It's a girl!"

Picture 16 - Decorate your gifts for photos with a touch of nature on leaves and flowers.

Decorate your gifts for photos with a touch of nature on leaves and flowers

Picture 17 - Special souvenir of baby shower: bottle of champagne for your guests to celebrate the arrival of the baby.

Special remembrance of baby shower

Picture 18 - Decoration of special baby shower with wreath for the future mother's chair.

Special baby shower decoration with wreath

Image 19 - Cake decorated with American pasta and a super sweet lamb topper of biscuit.

Cake Decorated with American Pasta

Picture 20 - Baby shower invitation in light tones and with a super special clasp.

Baby shower invitation

Picture 21 - Different diaper: Instead of a baby-inspired decoration, think of decorating with Mom's style.

Different diaper

Picture 22 - Picture corner! Think of a special mural or themed signs for the guests to enter the mood.

Photo corner

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Picture 23 - Baby shower menu in a presentation printed on table decoration.

Baby Shower Menu

Picture 24 - Summer diapers: fresh fruit snacks to refresh the climate in the form of pacifiers.

Summer Baby Shower

Image 25 - Baby shower decoration inspired by spring: birth idea by all symbols.

Spring-inspired baby shower decor

Picture 26 - Plaquinha with letters type of bar for you to write messages for the guests.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Picture 27 - Pingentin of the queen bee that protects all her puppies: a treat for the invited ones to use always

Queen bee ping-pong that protects all her puppies

Image 28 - Another decór inspired in the favorites of the mother.

Another story inspired by Mom's favorites

Picture 29 - Decoration of simple diaper inspired by nature: table and wall arrangements with leaves of tropical plants for a touch of green in the environment.

Simple Nature-inspired Baby Shower Decoration

Picture 30 - Stork Pinata - another way to have fun with the guests to remove the candy from within the structure based on the theme maternity.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Picture 31 - Cake table with slate panel to draw and write a special message about this moment.

Cake table with slab panel

Picture 32 - Baby Shower Bingo! Another type of game you can propose to play with your guests.

Baby Shower Bingo

Picture 33 - Mini baby stroller as the most beloved and delicate souvenir of diapers.

Mini baby stroller as the most cherished keepsake

Picture 34 - Sweets to delight during and after the party: cookies and cupcakes decorated with the baby theme in pink and blue.

Sweets to delight during and after the party

Picture 35 - Search about drinks and non-alcoholic drinks so everyone can have fun at the party!

Baby Shower Drinks

Picture 36 - Souvenir bag - a great way to pack small souvenirs, as in the pack of the stork,

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Image 37 - Topper for cupcakes and sweets"Oh, Baby".

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips 1

Picture 38 - Personalized topper with little flags to celebrate the arrival of the baby.

Custom topper with flags

Picture 39 - Simple diaper with few guests: think about a brunch or special lunch.

Simple diaper tea with few guests

Picture 40 -"Coming Soon"- can with the baby shower theme and a reminder of the approach of the great day.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Picture 41 - The length of Mom's belly - another idea of ​​play to do with your guests.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 2

Picture 42 - Candy table with many colors to celebrate with joy the arrival of the baby.

Baby Cha: Tips on how to organize and 60 decorating photos 3

Picture 43 - Baby carriages of wire with sweets - a perfect souvenir to distribute to the guests.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 4

Picture 44 - Table decoration full of cuteness - teddy bears make a super special arrangement for this type of celebration.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Photos of Decor 5

Picture 45 - Another decoration with baby clothes - Bodies on the clothesline.

Baby Cha: Tips on how to organize and 60 decorating photos 6

Picture 46 - Biscuits confectioned with souvenirs - in these here, besides the decoration of icing, rice paper stamped with an illustration.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 7

Picture 47 - A detail of the decoration - staircase with flowers, clothes and baby bottle.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 8

Image 48 - Another floral inspiration - Arrangement on the cake table and giant paper flowers to decorate the wall.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 9

Picture 49 - baby shower - decoration with balloons complete the ambiance of the space.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 10

Image 50 - Revelation Tea - Keep the mystery and curiosity of the guests until the great moment of the revelation of the baby's sex.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 11

Picture 51 - In this mood of mystery, collect the guesses of the guests - boy or girl?

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 12

Image 52 - Baby sex independent and chosen color - jellyfish in pink and blue to keep the mystery.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 13

Picture 53 - Wall decoration with garland of flowers - symbol of luck and protection also matches this moment.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 14

Picture 54 - Table set with a special message of the future papal for your guests.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 15

Picture 55 - For the revelation teas - baby dads to help you at the time of the much anticipated news.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 16

Picture 56 - Cups for your guests as souvenirs of your tea!

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 17

Image 57 - Illustration of the family expecting the baby - a decoration that is sure to get everyone's attention and will stay for the family albums.

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Photos 18

Image 58 - Rosie in the flowers and sweethearts for a baby shower for a little girl!

Rosinha in the flowers and sweet for a baby shower for a little girl!

Image 59 - Decoration with balloons for the main table of sweets in a baby shower with many guests

Decoration with balloons for the table

Baby Chairs: How to Organize and 60 Decorating Tips

Image 60 - Get inspired by nature's moms when it comes to basing your decor and invitations for baby shower.

Get inspired by nature's moms when it comes to basing your decor and baby shower invitations.

Image 61 - A special calendar for a countdown until the baby's birth day.

m special calendar for a countdown

Picture 62 - Tropical Baby Shower: Coconut water as a special and refreshing drink.

Tropical Baby Shower

Picture 63 - For more practicality, the stores of articles for celebrations have special sections for baby showers with disposable and diverse decorations.

Store decorative items

Screenshot 64 - Quiz with your guests! Another fun activity with lots of funny and creative situations with maternity theme.

Quiz for the guests

Image 65 - Thematic table! The main candy table straight into the baby cart

Thematic table

Marion Bell Mon, 23 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Female children's room: 65 inspirations and decoration projects]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/female-children-s-room-65-inspirations-and-decoration-projects https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/female-children-s-room-65-inspirations-and-decoration-projects There are few rooms that change as much as a child's room! The growth of children, the strengthening and change of their tastes and personality, and, of course, their physical growth, make their environment need to be constantly transformed to adapt to them!

In the female children's room, everything must have to do with the personality and the tastes of the little ones, creating an environment adapted to your needs and with the possibility of being in constant change!

In the case of girls, there are several possibilities for choosing style, from characters and stories, even completely different ideas that they have! Pink is no longer a key feature, giving room for several other colors that can go from the most colorful shades like yellow, orange, green and blue, even gray and black!

In today's post we're going to talk about girls' rooms, with quick planning tips and a gallery of selected pictures to inspire you when it comes to setting up your bedroom.

In Search of the Perfect Female Kids Room

To help you assemble the room with all the details, we've separated some tips for you to take into consideration before starting the project!

At the time of planning, dispense the surprise and include your daughter in the creation of the project: this is because, even though the room decor can be very fun to make, a female child's room should have the child's face and not the parents, it is there that children usually spend most of their time, whether they are sleeping or playing, and therefore need to feel comfortable in the environment.

Do not forget to take the measurements of everything before you start to buy! This item is of great importance and there are recurring cases of people who buy more things than fit the environment or who miss the size of the furniture. But this stress can easily be avoided by taking measurements of the environment and furniture.

Think about decorating the environment with planned furniture: whether the cabinets, bed or even all the furniture of the environment, the planned stores give you the opportunity to think from the format, the suitability in space, finishes and coatings to create the environment that did you imagine
Arrange the room to leave a central clearance: this makes it easier to move around the room and creates an environment where children can play (in this case, it is always good to include a comfortable rug in that area).

Bet a simple decor and give more style and personality to the room: at this point, try to give preference to easy items that can be easily sanitized. Comics on the wall are the favorites in the decor, but the garlands are coming with everything, especially those made in fabrics, which can be removed, washed and put back.

Now that you know some basic planning tips for the children's room, take a look at our gallery for more inspirations!

Picture 1 - Children's room in contrast of light and dark shades: gray graphite x white, beige, pink and blue.

Picture 2 - Bet on a wall cover with pattern to lift the astral from the room and escape from the smooth flat.

Picture 3 - In the work of joinery, the beds with house structure are making the greatest success.

Picture 4 - White and gray for a room in a neutral style in the furniture and walls.

Picture 5 - Bet on wall or ceiling decor with comics, garlands and lamps.

Picture 6 - Twin female children's room with planned in white, blue and yellow.

Picture 7 - Children's room with play area and a bicolor painting of shades of pink by the wall and ceiling.

Picture 8 - One more decoration of female children's room in gray and white and a curtain to bed for an enchanted climate.

Picture 9 - Give a special touch to the bed area with comics and other wall decorations.

Picture 10 - To use the wallpaper in a small area of ​​the room, choose a model with the same background color as the rest of the walls so as not to lose the decoration unit!

Picture 11 - Colored on gray: To finish off the cold climate of the gray wall, bet on touches of vibrant colors for the environment.

Picture 12 - Super colorful, contemporary and tropical environment for this double female room.

Picture 13 - Study area in demolition wood and rose, besides many small plants to contrast and give a fresher air to the environment.

Picture 14 - A reading area full of comfort and imagination!

Picture 15 - Another double room with wooden bunk shaped dollhouse.

Picture 16 - For the decoration of wall, prefer to lower the height of the objects not to be so far from the height of the children.

Picture 17 - Girls Room in Rosa Millennial: super clarinho to transmit relaxation and tranquility at bedtime.

Picture 18 - Kids' room in a boho chic style.

Picture 19 - Red and dark pink in the female infant room to prove that even the darkest colors can be used in this environment.

Image 20 - Candy colors giving an extra touch of cuteness and delicacy to the environment.

Picture 21 - Lots of color, delicacy and personality in a wooden children's room.

Image 22 - White, black and gray as a base and small touches of color to brighten the environment.

Picture 23 - Wallpaper with white background and animal outlines in black line for those who do not want to lose the light and light color of the background.

Picture 24 - For small children's rooms, it is worth changing the silent servants by dressers and optimize the space with shelves to store toys and stuffed animals.

Picture 25 - Bed-niche rustic: access the environment through a wooden window and a stool!

Image 26 - Turquoise and coral as colorful contrast to gray.

Picture 27 - Beige, several pink tones and wood in a perfect combination for a female double room.

Picture 28 - Dream room for twins with highlights for plush clouds and paper hives fixed to the ceiling and with hanging stars.

Picture 29 - Designed for children's room with study area and for rest or reading beyond the main area.

Picture 30 - Kids room based on the circus: white and red accessories and a different ceiling imitating the stripes of the main tent.

Picture 31 - Many prints and colors in a mix full of personality.

Picture 32 - White wall and dark floor and a multitude of colors between the two.

Picture 33 - Another charm for the decoration of the room: sign with phrase and outline with flasher lights.

Image 34 - Mint green and mustard yellow: colorful, refreshing and fun combination for a clear and cozy environment.

Picture 35 - Special area to store the costumes: choose clothes racks to be fixed on the wall and enjoy the color of the costumes for the room's decoration.

Picture 36 - Children's room in a more serious tone in gray, white and some touches of rose.

Picture 37 - Planned bed with closet, niche décor and up dresser style dressing room!

Picture 38 - Decoration of white children's room and various textures for the environment.

Picture 39 - White, gray and yellow in a simple and minimalist decoration.

Image 40 - Decorating idea for women's bedroom in the fall of roof.

Picture 41 - Children's room, female and double in shades of pink with special detail for the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Picture 42 - Children's room in light shades of gray and pink, in an environment that values ​​elegance.

Picture 43 - The dressers are great surfaces to insert decorations that need to be supported.

Picture 44 - Room for women in white with a sectorized organization.

Picture 45 - Another wooden bed shaped houses to charm everyone.

Picture 46 - Another room in the Boho Chic style for those who are fans of many prints, colors and handmade decoration.

Picture 47 - Children's room with black as the main color: darker environment and with some points of light in contrast with the light colors.

Picture 48 - Children's room in candy colors and highlight the nest suspended in the ceiling for a rest and reading area.

Picture 49 - For those who have little space the shelves in their diverse depths, styles and heights are wild items in the decoration.

Picture 50 - Simple female children's room with cheap and super interesting decoration: colored wall painting with areas delimited for each color.

Picture 51 - Female children's room with super comfy low bed with lots of pillows.

Picture 52 - A different bedside for the bed in a room full of color.

Picture 53 - Gray, rosy and golden: combination of the trends of the last years creates a charming atmosphere and dreamy style.

Picture 54 - Girls Room welcome to the jungle: decor inspired by the animals of the forest and a panel drawn on the main wall.

Picture 55 - Female children's room with a simple decoration and full of style.

Picture 56 - Décor of a children's room that is worthy of the princesses: bed with a well-decorated silver headboard in a powerful presence in the room.

Image 57 - Aerial decoration with golden tsurus to make at home and bring lots of luck and prosperity to the environment.

Image 58 - Another room with curtain for bed in the style fairy tale.

Image 59 - Simple and inexpensive feminine children's room decoration: garland of colorful fabric flags and honeycomb paper-like balloons to give more personality and color to the room.

Picture 60 - Female children's room with half wall as head of the bed and a super playful wallpaper.

Image 61 - Bed with wooden headboard with shelves for books and stuffed animals.

Picture 62 - Super comfortable children's room with many cushions and puffs.

Picture 63 - For smaller children, it is worth putting a small table of activities in the environment.

Picture 64 - Female children's room with suspended wooden house: another environment inside the room for children to play and have fun.

Picture 65 - Many colorful elements to lift the astral from the environment with dark wall.

Jared Harper Fri, 20 Apr 2018 19:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Vertical vegetable garden: learn how to assemble and decorate with 60 images]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/vertical-vegetable-garden-learn-how-to-assemble-and-decorate-with-60-images https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/vertical-vegetable-garden-learn-how-to-assemble-and-decorate-with-60-images Nothing better than picking fresh spices to enhance the taste of food, or else always have an herb handy to treat a cold, nausea, or insomnia. These small miracles can be obtained simply with a vegetable garden at home, or rather a vertical garden.

But then you may think,"I have no room for that." So stop moaning because today we are going to teach you how to plan and prepare a vertical garden. You will see that it is possible to cultivate herbs, spices and other vegetables in the comfort of your home. In addition to consuming a food that is pure and free of harmful substances such as pesticides, you will still have the opportunity to relax by stirring on the ground and on the little plants. Betting on a vertical garden is undoubtedly a holy remedy!

Understand what a vertical garden garden is and how it works

The concept of vertical garden has been spreading much in recent years. In part because of the growing search for a healthier and more natural lifestyle. On the other hand, the vertical gardens have gained space for being ideal for houses and apartments that does not have enough space for another type of cultivation.

In this way, the vertical garden is nothing more than cultivating, leaning on the wall, herbs, spices, vegetables and even some varieties of vegetables.

Vessels may be placed on shelves, niches or supports appropriate for this purpose. Another way to grow a vertical garden is to recycle recyclable materials, such as bins, pet bottles and pvc pipes, so your garden still gains in sustainability.

How to Build a Vertical Garden

To make a vertical garden, one must pay attention to some details. It is not enough to just randomly plant and expect nature to account for everything. In that case, the only thing you'll get is a tremendous disappointment for not seeing your little plants grow the way you hoped.

Remember that the vertical garden must be above all functional. Of course it also plays an aesthetic and decorative role, but this is the gift you receive by taking care of it.

So take note of the following tips to make your vertical garden look beautiful and well cared for:

Light or shadow?

The first step in planning your vertical garden is to define where it will stay. Most plants grown in gardens require at least three hours of direct exposure to the sun. Therefore, it is important that the garden is in a place that receives sunlight. If possible, the ideal is that it receives the morning sun, because the radiation is smoother. Already in the afternoon the heat can suffocate and even burn the plant.

Places with shade may have a vertical garden, but in that case plant only herbs and spices indicated for this situation.


The watering of a vertical garden is usually daily by the type of plants that are cultivated in it. However, always observe if the soil is wet or dry before watering, and only soak if the soil is dry, otherwise the plant may rot with excess water.

One tip to make smarter use of your garden is to leave the plants that require less watering on top and those that need more water underneath. This can be considered a simple irrigation system. The arrangement also facilitates the care, because you organize the plants according to the need of irrigation.


There is no standard for the vessel sizes that will make up the vertical garden. They can be small or large, everything will depend on the type of plant that will be in there.

For example, pots made from pet bottles or pvc pipes can not carry deep-rooted plants because they do not support the plant's natural growth.

Combination of plants

This is an important detail that makes all the difference to the success of your garden. Look for matching plants that have similar caring characteristics. For example, do not place plants that need sunshine with plants that can only live in the shade. One of them will end up dying.

And in the case of gardens in gardeners, reinforce the care. Herbs such as basil and mint, for example, should not be planted with other herbs, as they tend to disrupt and prevent the growth of partners.

Types of vessel

The pots for your vertical garden can be ceramic, plastic, coconut fiber or made from recycled materials, such as pet bottles or pvc pipes. Depends on the face you want to give the garden.

It is only worth mentioning that ceramic vessels, for example, steal water from the plant and can leave it dehydrated. In that case, the option is to waterproof the pot before planting.

Pet bottles and pvc pipes, as stated above, only accept short-stemmed plants.


Always remember to fertilize your vertical garden. You can opt for an organic fertilizer or buy specific prepared products for that purpose.

One tip, if you have room for it, is to assemble a composter. That way you produce the fertilizer you need for the vegetable garden and help reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the environment every day.

Analyze your needs

Finally, assess your needs and what you want from your garden. What is most important to you: a tea, a seasoning or a vegetable? Want to get away from pesticides? Yes? Then, invest in a tomato or chili.

Plant what you enjoy, so it will be much more enjoyable to take care of the garden. Enjoy and call the children in the house to help care, they will be delighted with the whole process.

Lastly, define the time of dedication that your garden can offer. Remember that she will be able to reciprocate well all the time invested in her.

What to plant in a vertical garden?

Check below some suggestions of herbs, spices, vegetables and even vegetables that can be planted in a vertical garden

• Mint;
• Parsley;
• Chive;
• Coriander;
• Basil;
• Rosemary;
• Salvia;
• Lavender;
• Lavender;
• Boldo;
• Myrrh;
• Mint;
• Oregano;
• Thyme;
• Marjoram;
• Melissa;
• Holy grass;
• Chamomile;
• Fennel;
• Aloe Vera;
• Lettuce;
• Cherry tomato;
• Cabbage;
• Almeirão;
• Pepper;
• Some varieties of pepper;

Inspirations for the vertical garden

A little bit of inspiration always helps before putting your hand in the dough and going for action, does not it? So we separated some pictures to leave you wanting a very vertical vegetable garden at home

Picture 1 - Vertical vegetable garden in the white wire.

Picture 2 - Simple and original idea: reused pots fixed on hand painted wooden panel.

Picture 3 - Rustic and very natural, this garden made in cans was suspended by a tree trunk inside the kitchen.

Picture 4 - Enjoying the wall of the house... Why not?

Picture 5 - Vases in half moon receive well cared for seedlings.

Picture 6 - Mini shelves calmly accommodate the delicate pattern vases.

Picture 7 - For a more sophisticated look, bet on black holders or vases.

Figure 8 - Leaked copper structure holds the pottery vessels.

Picture 9 - Simple, this vertical mini vegetable garden leaves the kitchen rustic and more charming.

Picture 10 - The ladder that lost the functionality turned support for the vertical vegetable garden mounted in aluminum cans.

Image 11 - Vertical vegetable garden made of cloth, similar to a shoe rack.

Picture 12 - Easy to do: open circles on wooden slats and hang them by a metal wire.

Picture 13 - Multifunctional ladder.

Picture 14 - Balconies are the preferred places for the vertical gardens; This one was made out of crates.

Picture 15 - Decentralize your garden and spread the pots around the house.

Image 16 - Hooks on the wall hold the glass pots with herbs.

Picture 17 - Small in size, this mini vegetable garden decorates the corridor leading to the kitchen.

Picture 18 - Garden and vegetable garden vertical together.

Image 19 - Over the sink, the vertical garden receives all the light that enters through the window.

Picture 20 - This garden, mounted inside the structure of stainless steel, leaves the seasonings at hand when it comes to cooking.

Picture 21 - The leather belts wrap and help to hold the pieces of wood of the vegetable garden.

Picture 22 - Each herb in a pot to give no problem.

Picture 23 - Trio of bibs.

Picture 24 - The metal screen, used in construction, did not even have to be fixed to the wall.

Image 25 - Vases of different sizes and shapes make up this vertical vegetable garden.

Picture 26 - Creativity is everything!

Image 27 - Vertical vegetable garden on pallet.

Image 28 - Vertical vegetable garden dividing space with kitchen utensils.

Picture 29 - A niche and some herbs and you can already say that it has a vertical garden.

Image 30 - Minimalist concept for vertical garden.

Picture 31 - Discreet, the glass vases hardly even appear in the middle of the black panel.

Image 32 - Vertical vegetable garden can also serve to hide undesirable things; in this case the pipe.

Image 33 - Vertical vegetable garden in hexagon format.

Picture 34 - For a more modern garden, boxes of metal punches instead of wooden crates.

Picture 35 - Write the name of each herb in the pot: a practical idea, functional and very beautiful.

Image 36 - Wooden slats that support the kitchen garden combine with the kitchen cabinet.

Picture 37 - How about a garden with the head?

Image 38 - 3D glasses for the vertical garden.

Picture 39 - A little of everything in this garden.

Image 40 - Fresh and dry seasonings in the same space, a good idea!

Image 41 - Vertical vegetable garden of pet bottles with own irrigation system.

Image 42 - The good thing about vertical gardens is that they carry the do-it-yourself concept with them.

Picture 43 - When setting up your garden, choose the seasonings that you like best.

Image 44 - Lots of light to leave the vertical garden always beautiful.

Image 45 - Artificial lighting.

Picture 46 - In the rack, the herbs dry to be even more aromatic.

Picture 47 - The delicate white vases contrast the strong blue of the wall.

Picture 48 - Take the vegetable garden wherever you want.

Image 49 - Vertical vegetable garden on blackboard.

Picture 50 - Organized and very stylish.

Image 51 - Vertical vegetable garden in colorful comics.

Picture 52 - You can always innovate.

Picture 53 - Simple vertical garden, delicate and very functional.

Picture 54 - Taking advantage of the bottom of the vertical garden, a little painting.

Image 55 - Vertical vegetable garden in the yard.

Image 56 - Inside the cloth bag.

Image 57 - Dead corner of the house can turn into a beautiful vertical garden.

Image 58 - Lettuces of all kinds in the vertical garden.

Image 59 - Inside the wooden structure, even the peppers blossomed.

Image 60 - Shelves for the vertical garden.

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<![CDATA[Pink Room: 60 projects to inspire you today]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/pink-room-60-projects-to-inspire-you-today https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/pink-room-60-projects-to-inspire-you-today The pink bedroom has long been synonymous with a children's room and exclusive for girls, but today we can find decorating ideas that work very well this color in environments for all ages.

In the decoration of a house the room is an environment where one must be very careful in the choices of style and also colors, after all it is in this room that we will have moments of rest and relaxation to recover the energies spent during the day. The color pink is associated with romanticism, youth and the psychology of colors is related to the sensations of care, protection and sensitivity, so it can be a great choice for the room to give a sense of coziness to this environment.

In today's post we'll talk a little bit about the different styles and tones that a pink room can have, with their combinations in a gallery full of images and full of inspirations.

Tones of rose for all styles and occasions

Since 2016, when Rose Quartz was chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, a reference in color cataloging for the industry, the various shades of rose have come back as a trend in interior decoration, whether as a wall cover, furniture and accessories of all kinds.

That's why pink has become no longer a color for children's rooms inspired by dolls or fairy tales, but a different color for contemporary environments as a basic color that can be used with a differentiated palette. For this, lighter shades such as"rose quartz","millennial rose"and the more closed shades of pink work so as not to leave the environment with a childlike climate and combine with colors considered more serious like gray, navy blue and help create a more sophisticated environment for adults.

Already more vibrant shades like pink, bring a more youthful and refreshing air to the room, with them turquoise blue, lime green or green flag, canary yellow, orange and red create a tropical and cheerful effect on the decor.

Gallery: 60 pink rooms in different styles

Picture 1 - Room in several shades of pink: from the wall to the bed linen in a successful combination.

Picture 2 - The pastel pink in an environment that follows the contemporary tendencies.

Picture 3 - Pink and white in a super organic marbled effect on the wall: experiment with wallpaper or a work in paints.

Picture 4 - Rosinha well erased for baby room: delicate and quiet environment to guarantee the comfort.

Picture 5 - For a touch of daring in the pink room: pink wall in textured wallpaper.

Picture 6 - Quarto Rosa Millennial: the color that is the trend of the last years and its interactions with green, gold and blue.

Picture 7 - Room pink for children: wallpaper with rose off-white as background for a geometric pattern.

Picture 8 - Pink and white room: idea of ​​a room in minimal style with low bed and a super interesting striped wall painting.

Picture 9 - Room rosinha for who wants to attract much light to a super charming, delicate interior and full of small plants.

Picture 10 - Old rose, white and golden for a contemporary decoration in boho chic style

Picture 11 - Match the rose with other warm colors to a room full of attitude and personality

Picture 12 - Pink and white pink room for children and young people: decoration based on the world of Barbie dolls

Picture 13 - Shades of light pink in the room to distribute the light in an environment with low natural light and a ceiling decorated with a special wallpaper

Picture 14 - Pink wallpaper to apply also on the doors of your wardrobe!

Picture 15 - Contemporary light pink bedroom: Rose Millennial composition with rose gold!

Picture 16 - Pink and gray bedroom for baby: in addition to white, gray works very well as base and neutral color to be combined with colorful tones

Picture 17 - Room with wooden wall panel with antique rose finish.

Picture 18 - Pink in its light and earthy tones as a perfect complement to a darker and full of personality

Picture 19 - Pink and Blue Room: Turn these colors often considered opposite in a perfect combination for a quiet and super comfortable environment.

Picture 20 - To bring a more tropical mood to the room, the rose is a perfect choice of warm and clear color to serve as background or base for your composition.

Picture 21 - Pink rose bedroom and other vibrant colors: if you choose a stronger color to serve as background on the walls, keep the pattern of colors strong also in the composition of accessories and furniture.

Picture 22 - Children's room in soft colors: pink, lilac and red leave the environment delicate as in fairy tales.

Image 23 - Choose lighter shades for a more classic decor based on princesses' castles.

Picture 24 - White and pink wall painting with geometric jigs brings a more relaxed and fun mood to the room

Picture 25 - On a neutral background, go inserting elements in shades of pink in the decoration and even in the color of the furniture of support.

Picture 26 - Light pink as a basic color to match with very colorful in yellow, blue, green and red in various shades for a young room full of personality and fun.

Image 27 - Light pink in an ambiance with light blue: bet on the combination of decorative elements and accessories.

Image 28 - Room based on the technique of patchwork : Choose flowery prints in various colors with pink flowers to maintain the compositional drive.

Picture 29 - The baby pink works not only with light colors, but also with darker shades, like wood.

Picture 30 - Pink and Red: In the same color palette, these tones commonly used to symbolize love create a stylish ambience with a gray and white background.

Picture 31 - Pink and violet for those who want a darker style without giving up the delicacy in the room.

Picture 32 - Pink room in a contemporary style and two-color wall.

Picture 33 - Pink pink room: use this color on the wall and accessories to create a decorative unit in the room.

Image 34 - Rosé peach to give a youthful look and cool in this room of minimalist trends.

Picture 35 - Clean style with off-white rose and gray in a tone of ice to leave the monotony of the white.

Image 36 - Room with bathtub in earthy tones.

Image 37 - Vibrant pink gives another mood to the room.

Picture 38 - Use other colors in light tones to match the delicacy of the rosé in the children's room.

Image 39 - Inserting plants or leafy arrangements in a predominantly pink environment creates a tropical contrast.

Picture 40 - In addition to white, you can combine the pink color of the walls in the baby room with the woody tones.

Image 41 - Pink bedroom in a young mood with neon lamp.

Picture 42 - In children's room, you can insert the rose in the accessories or auxiliary decoration like the bed linen.

Picture 43 - Pink panel on the bed wall calling all colors.

Image 44 - Colorful bedside blending with the millennial pink color of the wall.

Picture 45 - Pink room with prints on the wallpaper, ceiling and floor.

Picture 46 - You can create an environment in the mood of the fairy tales with a delicate rose shade on the walls and ceiling.

Picture 47 - Create a romantic mood for your room in a blend of light tones and other beige tones.

Picture 48 - Give depth to a room with white paint inserting a darker shade on the background wall.

Picture 49 - Pink floral wallpapers (especially those inspired by the Japanese cherry trees) work very well in rooms for young people.

Image 50 - Environment conjugated with unit of color: use several shades of pink in furniture, accessories and finishes.

Picture 51 - Choosing two shades of the same color as the protagonists of the room helps to create an interesting effect between the background and the accessories.

Picture 52 - Children's room designed doll house type with pink as the main color.

Picture 53 - Striped tie-dye style wall in warm and vibrant tones to raise the astral of the room.

Picture 54 - Bedroom with a very light pink paint that can almost be mistaken for beige.

Picture 55 - Room light pink and dark blue in a contrast of colors.

Image 56 - Pink bedroom in boho chic style with vibrant colors and many patterns.

Picture 57 - For the retro style a very light pink tone, like the raw tones, can be a good option to maintain the neutrality of the environment.

Picture 58 - In the nursery these raw tones, in addition to neutrality, can also be used to create a calm climate.

Image 59 - Pink and blue bedroom in vibrant tones in a relaxed and fun combination.

Picture 60 - Another boho chic style room with combination in shades of pink and blue and various graphic patterns.

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<![CDATA[Fern: 60 inspirations to plant the plant in decoration]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/fern-60-inspirations-to-plant-the-plant-in-decoration https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/fern-60-inspirations-to-plant-the-plant-in-decoration I do not know if you noticed, but it has tended to rescue decorative items from our grandparents' times. It was the turn of the clay filter, the enameled dishes, and now the one who came back to stay was the fern, that big, deep green plant.

The reason for all this may be the need to rescue a simpler lifestyle, where the days pass slowly and nature once again occupies a prominent place in everyday life. Anyway, it costs nothing to embark on this wave and enjoy what she has the best.

So, go there and separate a pretty pot because we will teach you, in this post, how to plant a fern, take care of it properly and introduce you to different species in wonderful photos.

Of course, it will also bring you many memories.

How to Care for Ferns

In nature, ferns are usually found near streams and waterfalls. Do you know why? This plant loves humid environments and needs to be watered whenever the potting soil is dry. Another thing you should do for your fern is to spray water on its leaves, especially on very dry days. She returns the affection by always being green and lush.

Create an intimate relationship with your fern. She will demand it from you. In addition to frequent watering, it is necessary to fertilize the fern once a month. Ready-made fertilizers specially developed for this type of plant are on sale. However, you can make the fertilizer yourself by mixing equal parts of ground egg shell, bone meal and castor oil cake. Spread a spoonful of that mixture in the pot. It is worth mentioning that the fertilization should only be done after six months of planting.

Other important information : the ferns do not like direct sunlight. Therefore, leave it in a bright place, but do not beat the sun. The sun's rays can burn the plant. Protect it from the cold too, the fern is a tropical plant accustomed to higher temperatures.

Get used to observing if the plant has dry or diseased branches or leaves. If you notice a yellowish or the tips of the burned leaves, remove them. The ferns are also often attacked by pests such as mites, scales and caterpillars.

Check regularly for these insects, especially if the leaves are falling, yellowing or missing pieces. In this case, it is best to remove the pests one by one, or think about using pesticides in the fern. A smoke leaf preparation can help combat and protect the plant from aphids and mites.

And, after so much care, it is inevitable that your fern will grow and develop. Therefore, when you realize that the vessel is small for it, transplant it to a larger one. This usually happens every two or three years.

How to Plant a Fern

Learn to follow the step by step to plant the fern properly.

1. Choose the right pot

The most recommended pot for the ferns are those that do not remove the moisture from the roots. Previously, the most used were those of xaxim, but they were forbidden with the imminent risk of extinction of the plant (which is also a fern). As an alternative to the xaxim, the coconut fiber vessels appeared. But you can also use ceramic vases, however, it is important to waterproof the vase on the inside so that it does not absorb water from the plant.

2. Prepare the earth

As the ferns are very fond of moisture, the tip is to use a"Class A"type soil conditioner, as well as organic, this product retains a lot of water, favoring plant cultivation.

3. Time to plant

First drain the vase by placing an approximately five centimeters layer of pebbles, pebbles, expanded clay or charcoal. Then complete the pot with the soil conditioner until near the edge. Make a hole about the size of the clump of the roots of the fern. Plant the seedling, tightening it around so that it is firmly in the pot. After planting, do not forget to water the pot and, if necessary, complete with a little more soil conditioner.

Check out now a selection of different species of ferns decorating environments. You will fall in love:

Samambaia Amazonas

Despite its name, Samambaia Amazonas is of Australian origin, but it is also possible to find it in South America. Its main characteristic is the arched leaves that can reach a meter in length, being ideal to be placed on tall or hanging furniture in the wall. Care with this species is the same as mentioned above.

Picture 1 - Of wide leaves and with well defined cuts, this fern marks presence in the decoration.

Picture 2 - The Amazon fern combines very well with other species.

Picture 3 - Perfect place for the cultivation of ferns: indirect light and adequate ventilation.

Picture 4 - On the whole white balcony, the fern panel is perfect.

Picture 5 - To cultivate the amazon fern within the house do not forget that it occupies a considerable space.

Picture 6 - Above, the fern reveals all its beauty.

Image 7 - Ceramic vases compete with the plant in the absorption of water, so always check the soil moisture.

Picture 8 - Make a corner only for the plants, in this case the chosen ones were the fern and the ivy.

Picture 9 - In smaller pots, the fern can decorate with much charm the desk of the office.

Image 10 - Suspended, the fern reigns quietly.

Picture 11 - Discreet under the table, this fern gives a green touch to the room.

Image 12 - The highlight of the amazon fern is in the differentiated cut of its leaves.

American fry

Present in almost every continent of the planet, the American fern is the most traditional and found most often in the decoration of houses. Its leaves are narrow, but the plant is very voluminous, especially the older ones. The care is the same as those mentioned above.

Picture 13 - Suspended in the middle of the room, this fern is breathtakingly beautiful!

Image 14 - The ferns also look very nice on furniture of medium height.

Picture 15 - The ferns brighten the corner of the house made to relax.

Image 16 - And how about working in such an environment? At the very least, inspiring.

Image 17 - Mini-ferns decorating the party. They are also trend in birthdays and weddings.

Image 18 - The porch is a great place to hang your fern.

Image 19 - Between a book and another, a fern. They fit (literally) anywhere.

Picture 20 - Make a smaller vase and decorate your kitchen with it too.

Picture 21 - Instead of hanging, these ferns decorate in a different way than we are accustomed to.

Image 22 - Brackets that do not touch the wall give more freedom for the fern to develop on all sides.

Picture 23 - American ferns are easily recognized by their narrow leaves.

Picture 24 - At the top of the niches, the dark green fern integrates the decoration.

Image 25 - Fern Arranger gives a tropical touch to the table.

French fern

Also known as French lace, this species of fern has fine and delicate leaves. Contact with the sun is fatal to the plant. The French Fern calls for more water than most ferns and should be watered every other day, with a liter of water more or less.

Image 26 - The French fern can reach up to one meter in length.

Image 27 - Delicate appearance of the French fern is great for decorating soft or romantic style environments.

Picture 28 - Green and relaxed touch to the living room.

Image 29 - French fondue appreciated the soft decoration in shades of blue.

Picture 30 - Next to the bromeliads, the fern helps to create a tropical climate for the kitchen.

Picture 31 - Own holders for pots are practical and contribute to the decoration.

Picture 32 - Well cared for, the fern floods the living environment.

Subway fern

Brasileirinha, this fern draws attention to the size it can reach: up to two meters in length, it is not for nothing that it is called Metro Fern. Spray water on your leaves to always leave it beautiful and maintain its long look.

Image 33 - Choose to leave the subway fern in a large and tall place, so that your branches fall without hindrance.

Picture 34 - While still small, this fern does not interfere with the use of the sink.

Image 35 - Green wall of ferns to decorate the bathroom.

Picture 36 - Ferns in the outside of the house look beautiful, but be careful that they do not suffer from the cold and the wind.

Image 37 - Ferns value environments with rustic appearance.

Image 38 - Perfect corner for this subway fern.

Image 39 - Many ferns and the result is a cozy and very"yummy"atmosphere.

Image 40 - Ferns doing the division of environments.

Image 41 - Brick and fern wall: a wonderful combination.

Picture 42 - Green frame.

Picture 43 - Plants value environments, from the most sophisticated to the most simple and relaxed.

Picture 44 - In the corner of the dining room, ferns and other plants decorate with charm and joy.

Samambaia Paulista

Samambaia Paulista is a type that grows erect, unlike the others of the species that are outstanding. They reach about 40 centimeters in height and are great for walling, but can also be used in vases and bibs. It is widely used in flower bouquets.

Picture 45 - Paulistinha composing the vertical garden.

Image 46 - Because they do not grow much, they are great for being placed in pots.

Picture 47 - The romantic-style room combined very well with the fern pot.

Picture 48 - In a little corner, but showing presence.

Picture 49 - To counteract the blue, the fun ferns light green.

Picture 50 - A tropical garden on the wall of the room.

Picture 51 - In the tight space of the niche, the fern is very comfortable.

Image 52 - Contrast of brick wall with fern green.

Picture 53 - No idea how to insert the ferns in the decoration? How about that? A long shelf and nothing else.

Image 54 - A fern vase to keep company.

Picture 55 - It does not go unnoticed, nor with so many varieties together.

Picture 56 - To contrast the pink of the sofa only a very voluminous green vase like that.

Image 57 - Plant lovers can not be without a fern dish.

Image 58 - Even in the most modern projects she is present.

Image 59 - Ferns value proposal of decoration clean.

Do you know that empty and bland corner? Fill with ferns.

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<![CDATA[Plaster lining: know the main types, advantages and disadvantages]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/plaster-lining-know-the-main-types-advantages-and-disadvantages https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/plaster-lining-know-the-main-types-advantages-and-disadvantages The plaster ceilings are beautiful, high in the decor and give an elegant look to the house. Not to mention that they hide imperfections, they disguise beams and allow to enclose a special illumination. The material still allows the passage of pipes of air, water, electricity and air conditioning.

These are some of the advantages of plaster lining. However, before deciding to install this type of lining in your home, it is important to know more thoroughly the material, the types of plaster available in the market and the advantages and disadvantages.

Follow the people in this post that we will clarify all your doubts and also present you lovely designs of plaster linings.

Types of Gypsum Lining

There are two types of gypsum ceilings used in residential projects: the plating and the drywall. And make no mistake about thinking that plaster is all the same. Quite the contrary, the two types are very different from each other and have a big price difference as well.

Check out each one below and see which one fits best in your project:


Plating is best known, yet it takes more time for installation and makes more dirt than drywall to be placed. However, one of its advantages is that it is usually up to 50% cheaper than drywall.

This type of lining is formed by gypsum plates embedded in each other. For perfect alignment, it is important to hire skilled labor.

The plating gives a more beautiful and smooth finish than drywall, but it is not suitable for homes that suffer from constant changes in temperature or oscillations in the structure, as they tend to crack and crack due to the inherent dilation of the material.

Heavier than drywall, but on the other hand does not support much weight. Another disadvantage of this type of liner is that it may have mildew marks or yellowish marks over time.

Drywall liner

The drywall liner is more expensive, this has no doubt. But if you evaluate the cost-benefit of this type of liner you will see that it may be the best option.

The drywall liner is made up of large gypsum boards coated with a cardboard paper. By its thin thickness, the drywall liner allows you to gain floor space in the environments.

One of the great advantages of drywall liner is its quick installation. The placement of this liner is simpler, easier and does not generate as much dirt. The drywall, unlike the plating, does not suffer from the effects of expansion, and can be installed in any type of environment.

Another advantage is that drywall gives better temperature control and good sound insulation. The electrical and hydraulic installations adapt better in this type of lining.

The tip is: if you have a small space and want to spend little, the board liner is probably the best option. However, if the area to be covered by the liner is large and you are looking for agility and functionality, opt for the drywall, even if it weighs more in your pocket.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gypsum Lining


  • The plaster lining has a quick and easy assembly;
  • The lining has the characteristic of conferring symmetry and linearity to the environments, valuing the architectural design;
  • With the plaster lining it is possible to create moldings that value the aesthetics of the lining;
  • The lighting project is greatly benefited by the use of plaster lining, because with it it is possible to create very interesting light effects;
  • Maintenance of the plasterboard liner is easy and, if necessary, it is possible to cut a part of the liner and to re-trim it without damage to the finish;
  • The liner can be placed under slabs or under tiles;
  • The thin thickness of the liner allows a gain in the useful area of ​​the environment. It is estimated that for every 100m² there is a gain of 5 m²;


  • One of the main disadvantages of plaster lining is its low water resistance. The minimum contact is already capable of damaging the board. For this reason, it should not be used outdoors or in humid environments (except in cases where drywall boards are resistant to moisture). Gutters on the roof can also damage the liner;
  • The plaster lining is more brittle when compared to other materials, such as wood. There is a maximum weight limit that the lining can withstand per square meter. Therefore, ceiling fans may not be a good idea in this type of lining, for example;
  • The plaster lining may yellow or mold over time, especially the plating liner.

Check out some amazing designs with plaster liners:

Picture 1 - A sanca reversed allows you to embed the lighting and the curtain.

Inverted Sanca

Picture 2 - Plaster linings allow to create an intimate and cozy light effect.

Plaster liners allow you to create an intimate light effect

Picture 3 - Spots of led are very used in plaster linings.

LED Spots are widely used in plaster linings

Picture 4 - Irregular and rough plaster texture gives rusticity to the environment.

Irregular and rough plaster texture gives rusticity to the environment

Picture 5 - Wood panel was appreciated by the illumination of the inverted crown molding.

Wood panel was appreciated by the illumination of the inverted crown molding

Picture 6 - Plaster lining in contrast to wood: two very different materials, but that together bring elegance to the house.

Plaster lining in contrast to wood

Picture 7 - At the entrance of the house, the indirect lighting of the lining receives residents and visitors.

At the entrance of the house, the indirect lighting of the lining receives residents and visitors

Picture 8 - In this project, the ceiling is on the ceiling and the walls.

In this project, the ceiling is on the ceiling and walls

Image 9 - The curtain rails are hidden inside the plasterboard.

The curtain rails are hidden inside the plasterboard

Image 10 - Plaster lining in the bathroom? Yes, it is possible, just use a moisture resistant board.

Plaster lining in bathroom

Picture 11 - Wooden lining in the kitchen and plaster lining in the room: two materials for different decoration styles.

Wood lining in kitchen and plaster lining in living room

Picture 12 - Sanca de gesso received a black frame for the lighting matching the decoration of the environment.

Sanca de gesso received a black frame for lighting

Figure 13 - Notice how the plaster liner visually lengthened this corridor.

plaster lining visually lengthened this corridor

Image 14 - Special lighting in bathroom plasterboard.

Special lighting in bathroom plaster molding

Picture 15 - Besides the lining, the plaster also forms the niche where the TV is embedded.

the plaster also forms the niche where the TV is embedded

Image 16 - Want a better place than the bedroom to invest in a special lighting?

Want a better place than the bedroom to invest in a special lighting

Image 17 - Kitchen benefits much indirect lighting, as it values ​​the dishes.

Kitchen benefits much from indirect lighting, as it values ​​the dishes

Picture 18 - Going through the entire side of the room, the crown molding adds an extra charm in the room.

Going around the side of the room, the crown molding adds an extra charm in the environment

Picture 19 - Modern environments combine very well with plaster lining.

Modern environments combine very well with plaster lining

Image 20 - The smooth and homogeneous finish of the plasterboards falls perfectly into a cleaner proposal.

smooth and homogeneous finish of plasterboard

Picture 21 - Lighting in the plaster moldings are also great for closets.

Lighting in plaster moldings are also great for closets

Image 22 - The tear in the ceiling to receive the spots left the room more modern.

The tear in the ceiling to receive the spots left the room more modern

Image 23 - Projector installed in the ceiling of plaster does not present risks to the structure of the ceiling because it is a light object.

Projector installed in the ceiling of plaster

Picture 24 - Recessed ceiling, possible effect with the plaster lining, leaves the room more cozy

Recessed ceiling, possible effect with plasterboard

Image 25 - Plaster lining allows you to create numerous lighting effects.

Plaster lining allows you to create numerous lighting effects

Image 26 - Tubular luminaire running through the ceiling extension of plaster.

Tubular luminaire spanning the ceiling extension of plaster

Image 27 - Plaster lining does not always have to be white, it is possible to paint it in various colors.

Plaster lining does not always have to be white, it is possible to paint it in various colors

Image 28 - Wood detail enhances the plaster lining.

Wood detail enhances the plaster lining

Picture 29 - Lowered only on the sides.

Lowered only on the sides

Picture 30 - Ceiling accompanies the decoration full of cutouts.

Ceiling accompanies the decoration full of cutouts

Picture 31 - White walls and white lining leave the rooms wider and brighter.

White walls and white lining leave the rooms wider and brighter

Picture 32 - Black frieze around the plaster reinforces the decoration of two colors.

Black frieze around the plaster reinforces the two-color decoration

Image 33 - Lamps and chandeliers can be installed in plaster linings, provided they are not too heavy.

Gypsum ceiling with chandeliers

Image 34 - Tears of light create asymmetrical effect.

Asymmetrical effect with traces of light

Image 35 - White gesso enhances and illuminates the decoration of dark tones.

Plaster white value and illuminates the decoration of dark tones

Picture 36 - Wooden panel"fits"in the lining: effect obtained thanks to the versatility of the plaster.

Wood panel"fits"into liner

Image 37 - Lining in only a few parts highlights the industrial style of the environment.

Lining in only a few parts highlights the industrial style of the environment

Image 38 - Minimalist projects benefit from the plaster because it is a uniform, smooth and homogeneous material.

Plaster lining in minimalist design

Picture 39 - Lowering the liner helps to separate the living room from the home office.

Lowering in the home office room

Picture 40 - Ripped light on the wall next to the mirror gave a striking look to the room.

Ripped light on the wall next to the mirror

Image 41 - Companies and trades that wish to offer a cozy climate can bet on the lining of plaster and its varied illuminations.

gesso lining and in its varied lightings

Picture 42 - Indirect lighting in the molding leaves the children's bedrooms warm.

Indirect lighting in the molding

Picture 43 - Recessed ceiling on the kitchen counter further enhances lighting.

Recessed ceiling on the kitchen counter

Image 44 - Remember that for wide environments the most suitable is the drywall liner.

Drywall lining for large rooms

Picture 45 - Comfort and elegance guaranteed with the combination of the wood lining and the plaster lining.

Wood lining and plaster lining

Picture 46 - Air conditioning can be installed in the plaster lining.

Air conditioning in the plasterboard

Picture 47 - Recessed plaster ceiling hides the air conditioning.

Recessed plaster ceiling hides the air conditioner

Picture 48 - Frame of uneven sides made with plaster breaks the sobriety of the environment.

Frame of uneven sides made of plaster

Picture 49 - For a classic and elegant environment a plaster lining without much interference.

Plaster lining: know the main types, advantages and disadvantages

Picture 50 - Sancas open in all the environments are integrated to the decoration.

Sancas open in all environments in integrated environments

Image 51 - The plaster lining allows you to create different designs and shapes on the ceiling.

The plaster lining allows you to create different designs and shapes on the ceiling

Picture 52 - The plaster lining can be placed in only a few rooms of the house.

Plaster lining can be applied in just a few comfortable

Image 53 - Wooden liner installed inside the open crown molding.

Wood lining in open crown molding

Image 54 - In this case, the direct illumination is due to the spots on the plaster tears.

Spots on the plasterboard lining ensure lighting

Image 55 - Special lighting for the kitchen area.

Special lighting for kitchen area

Image 56 - Modernity and style translate the role of this lining in the decoration.

Modernity and style in the lining

Image 57 - Granite from the TV wall ends inside the inverted crown molding.

Granite from the TV wall ends inside the inverted crown molding

Image 58 - Sanca illuminating all the outline of the room.

Sanca lighting all around the room

Image 59 - Air conditioning installed along with the spots of light.

Air conditioning installed along with light spots

Image 60 - Moisture resistant gypsum boards guarantee this type of lining in wet and wet areas.

Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

Audrey Thomas Wed, 18 Apr 2018 14:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[How to Care for Lilies: Discover Tips for Growing Lilies in the Garden]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/how-to-care-for-lilies-discover-tips-for-growing-lilies-in-the-garden https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/how-to-care-for-lilies-discover-tips-for-growing-lilies-in-the-garden Lilies are beautiful flowers, much appreciated by florists, gardeners and anyone who enjoys the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

It is a plant native to Europe, Asia and North America, but there are some species native to the tropics, especially high and cooler regions. More than half of the species are found in China and Japan.

They are bulb plants and provide only one bulb per bulb from which flowers and leaves come out. They are small and medium sized and the cultivation is relatively easy. You find the bulbs ready for planting and we recommend that you plant them in the fall or early winter so that the flowers appear in the spring.

How to Care for Lilies: Know the Three Varieties

Lilies Flowers

The three main varieties of lilies are:


These are the plants that present large flowers and with a strong, incomparable perfume.


The Asian lilies have smaller flowers, almost without perfume, but they have very varied and strong colors.


Lilies of the longuiflorum variety only bloom in cream and white colors and they also have large flowers, ideal for arrangements.

How to care for and plant lilies

Lily flower

Lilies need a lot of sunlight and a well-drained substrate. If you are going to plant them directly on the ground, look at the area of ​​your garden that usually dries faster after the rain. This will be the ideal place.

The planting site must receive sunlight at least half the day. Lilies planted in the shade tend to grow crooked as the plant begins to drift towards the sunniest areas.

As we said earlier, you will get bulbs ready for planting and they should go to land immediately after buying them to ensure a good flowering. If you can not do this right away, leave them in the refrigerator to prevent them from sprouting.

Make holes in the ground about 10 to 15 cm deep and with a space of 15 cm between the two. Throw some bone meal into the bottom of the hole and the bulbs on top. Shower immediately to encourage bulb growth.

The ideal soil is light and with high level of fertilizer. Prepare the soil by adding a good amount of coarse sand and organic fertilizer so that it is well drained and enriched with nutrients.


Lilies Flowers

Lilies are plants that do not need constant watering, you should water them only when it is really necessary, as the bulb will rot easily if the soil is constantly moist.

In drier times, water 2 to 3 times a week, and in wetter times, once a week is enough.

Adding plant cover to the soil after planting prevents the bulbs from drying out or watering more than necessary. Vegetable cover is easily found in specialized gardening stores, is rich in organic matter and usually sold in sacks.


Lilies 1 flowers

The pruning of lilies is important, especially during the flowering period to keep the plant strong and healthy for years to come. Cut the wilted and dead flowers by keeping at least two-thirds of the stem intact.

You can leave the cut pieces directly on the ground, so the plants will absorb the nutrients.

If you plan to remove the flowers to use in arrangements and pots, cut only a third of the stem, along with the flower, of course, and leave the stem stuck to the ground to ensure good flowering next year.

Sun exposure

Lilies need good lighting, but should not be exposed directly to the sun during the hottest periods of the day. The substrate can not dry completely or the plant will dehydrate, so it is good to grow them in places of half shade.

These plants resist cold climates well, they usually fall into dormancy, lose part of their leaves, but hardly die. After hibernation, the plant wakes up and produces leaves and flowers again.

The important thing during this period is to increase fertilization, giving preference to fertilizers used in growing potatoes.

How to Care for Lilies in Vases

Care with lilies planted in pots is very similar to the care of lilies planted directly on the ground. The vase should be in a well-lit place, however avoiding the hours of strongest sun and the substrate must have a good drainage.

It is more difficult for your lily to flower again if kept in a pot, but there is always the possibility of success if you follow the steps below:

  1. Continue watering the lily for about 3 months after the flowers wither and die;
  2. Stop pouring water and wait for the stems to dry completely;
  3. When you notice that the leaves and stems are dry, remove the bulb from the ground, place it in a punched plastic bag and leave it inside the refrigerator in the cooler part, such as the vegetable drawer;
  4. It needs to be kept in the refrigerator for about 4 months without bulb clash with other materials to cause no damage;
  5. After 4 months, remove the bulbs from the refrigerator and plant them in the pot again. In the first 10 days they should stay in a cool and airy place;
  6. After 10 days, move the pot to a well-lit place and water whenever the soil is dry;
  7. If all goes well, your lilies grow back and give flowers within 2 to 3 months;

You must be wondering why the process of cooling the bulb before planting it again. This is necessary for the plant to"understand"that winter has arrived and that it can already prepare for a new life cycle by giving flowers again.

The lilies come from regions of very cold climate and leave them in the refrigerator causes it to fall into numbness, process necessary for the flowers to appear beautiful again.

Curiosities about the lily

Lily flowers in vase in kitchen decoration

  • The lily is seen as a symbol of purity and is one of the oldest plants in the world. There are records of lilies in Ancient Greece, where they were dedicated to the goddess Hera;
  • As this flower is a symbol of purity, in general it is very associated with the Virgin Mary and much used in bouquets of brides and religious ceremonies;
  • In ancient times, it was believed that lilies helped to reconcile lovers. A piece of the lily bulb could reconcile boyfriends who broke relationships;
  • Lilies are also considered magical plants with protective powers of homes against negative energies. Many people planted lilies in their gardens so they would protect the house against harm;
  • This plant was also considered a medicinal plant capable of accelerating the healing of ulcers, wounds and burns;
  • If you have pets like dogs and cats, be very careful when growing lilies at home. All parts of this plant are highly toxic, their ingestion can cause oral and mucosal irritations, eye irritation, difficulty swallowing and even respiratory problems;
  • When preparing an arrangement with lilies in pots with water, remove the pistils from the flowers with scissors. So you avoid the spread of pollen grains in the air decreasing allergy risks and staining on clothing. The flowers will also last longer.

Lilies are well-known flowers in many parts of the world, perhaps they are not more famous than roses, and now that you know how to grow yours, you are ready to beautify your garden.

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<![CDATA[How to Care for Sunflower: Essential Tips for Growing the Flower]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/how-to-care-for-sunflower-essential-tips-for-growing-the-flower https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/how-to-care-for-sunflower-essential-tips-for-growing-the-flower The sunflower is a very beautiful flower that can be grown both in the house (in pot) and outside (in the garden).

However, just like growing other plants, the sunflower also requires specific care to stay always healthy.

In most cases, it is not necessary to prune the sunflowers often, unless you are growing several in the same space and can then serve to prevent the flowers from stealing the space of each other.

Thinking about planting sunflowers and have doubts about how you can take care of these flowers? Find out in this article what to do to take care of a sunflower:

Main characteristics of sunflowers

Sunflower flower

Among the most common characteristics of sunflowers are:

  • Plants that reach from 1m to 4m in height;
  • They represent fame, success, happiness and even luck;
  • Sunflower oil is made from its seeds;
  • It is a flower that likes higher temperatures;
  • Must receive direct sunlight for at least a few hours of the day;
  • Likes soil more moist;
  • It can be planted in pots, but it is recommended to bet on smaller species;
  • They are used for the production of biodiesel;
  • His flowers are big and flashy;
  • They attract insects that contribute to the pollination of the garden, such as bees;

What is the best place to plant a sunflower?

Plant Sunflower

You have two options when planting sunflowers, pots and the garden itself, but each requires different care:

1. In the vessel

If the idea is to grow the sunflower inside the house or apartment, the pot is the best option. In this case you must choose a large vase and invest in dwarf or smaller plants.

Sunflowers do not cope well with relocation, so plant directly in the pot where you want the flowers to stay.

It is also important that you leave the vase in a place that receives direct sunlight, because the flowers need this to develop.

2 In the garden

In the garden already possible to invest in sunflower species that reach higher heights. Besides that you can plant more than one. Always taking care that they are not too close to each other.

Prepare the earth (this flower likes neutral pH, although it is quite tolerant of variations) and dig a hole two to four inches deep. Plant the seeds and water.

When sunflowers are born it will be necessary to prune them, if they are very close to each other. You should also keep the land always moist, but never soaked.

Time of planting and flowering

Sunflower planting

Sunflowers can be planted all year round, there are no restrictions as to the planting season. However, if you opt for warmer periods such as spring and summer you will see the flowering period arrive faster.

The flowers usually appear between spring and summer, however, depending on the season in which they were planted and the temperature, may appear at other times of the year. The main one is that the temperature varies between the eighteen and thirty degrees, considered ideal for the flowering.

Sun exposure and ideal temperature

As you may have heard, sunflowers accompany the movement of the sun. Which means they like to be exposed to sunlight.

If they are being grown in the garden they will certainly be exposed to the sun, now if you are taking care of the flowers indoors or apartment, make sure they receive direct sunlight at least six hours a day.

As for temperature, these flowers prefer the warmer climates, so much that they are able to withstand heat very close to 40 degrees. So the ideal is to take care not to be exposed to the cold, especially if you live in icy regions.

Sunflowers do not survive temperatures below five degrees and it is recommended that they be exposed to a minimum of ten degrees and not less so to ensure that they grow healthy.

How Irrigation Works

Sunflower Rules

These flowers do not like very dry or extremely soggy soil. Therefore, it is interesting to observe how the land is and do the watering to keep it moist.

Adult plants can cope with periods of drought, but too much watering will kill the sunflowers. If the flower stays in the garden and it has rained frequently, it may not be necessary to water.

Now if you stay indoors in a vase, check daily how the earth is. If it is damp, avoid watering, if it is starting to dry it is necessary to water the plant.

Ideal solo

Ground with soil

Sunflowers do not have much prejudice about the soil. They may even survive pH variations (more acidic or more basic). Still, the ideal is to plant them in soil of neutral pH and with several nutrients.

Fertilizing the soil is not recommended unless the idea is to get very tall flowers. And in this case, the recommended fertilizers are those based on nitrogen.

Another important aspect in relation to the soil is the humidity. It should be a space that absorbs water without accumulating and also does not reek so easily.

The soil should also be soft, loose and light, to facilitate planting.

Pruning of sunflowers

Pruning of sunflowers

Most of the time you do not need to prune the sunflowers, unless your goal is to harvest them. That's because they are plants that bloom only once a year.

Pruning is recommended only for those with many flowers planted together and growing in groups. In this case, pruning is ideal to prevent one sunflower from knocking down the other.

If you need to prune it is recommended to do this only twice a year, usually in late spring or early summer.

Another interesting tip in relation to pruning, also recommended to those who are growing various flowers is to remove those that have become smaller and weaker. This should be done when the plant reaches approximately 8 cm in height.

So you increase the space between the sunflowers and ensure that only those who will remain strong and beautiful remain planted. This space created by the removal of weaker plants also helps prevent one sunflower from knocking down the other.

Protection against pests

Sunflower and bee

To protect your sunflowers from pest attack it is interesting that:

1. Remove pests

Sunflowers planted in the garden are more exposed to this situation. The plant is quite resistant to pests, but is usually the victim of a moth, which lays its eggs in the middle of the flower.

If this happens it will be necessary to remove the eggs one by one.

2. Apply fungicide

Another common situation is the appearance of mold and rust, caused by fungi. To prevent, just apply a little fungicide.

3. Put screens on the sunflowers

Birds also like these plants very much, even feeding on them. If you want to prevent this from happening you can protect the flowers by putting screens on them.

Still, this is only recommended if you notice the appearance of many birds attacking the flowers. Otherwise, you do not need to use the screen.

Now you already know how to grow and care for sunflowers. As you can see, they are plants that do not require great care and survive well in various environments.

The main thing is to ensure that they are exposed to the sun and take care of the watering, since the plant does not like very wet soil.

Eric Lane Tue, 17 Apr 2018 09:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/wood-parchment-see-inspirations-and-learn-how-to-make https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/wood-parchment-see-inspirations-and-learn-how-to-make Want a cool, well-lit space to relax on those lazy afternoons? Then invest in a pergola for your home. a percolated it is nothing more than a structure of columns and exposed beams and supported between them with the leaked ceiling. The preferred location for building a pergola is outside the house, such as gardens, balconies, backyards, corridors, swimming pools and even garages.

The spans between the ceiling beams, characteristic number one of the pergolas, make the perfect combination between shade and ventilation. For this reason, it is very common to use furniture such as chairs, armchairs and sofas to take advantage of the benefits that pergola offers in the best possible way.

Pergolas can be made of various materials, however the most traditional type is wood. The only care with regard to wood is to treat it properly to avoid wear caused by the sun, rain and insects, such as termites. Wood is a very durable material and can last for many years when well cared for.

With it it is possible to construct pergolas that go from the most classic models to the most daring. For a modern look bet on a glass cover, already for rustic designs, the climbing plants are ideal.

Even fruit plants such as vines or passion fruit feet are great options for the wooden pergola, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the place still present to the locals with fresh fruit. By the way, the pergolas, of Italian origin, were used in the past precisely for the support and cultivation of grapes. Only times later did they come to be included in decoration projects.

Bamboos are also an alternative for building pergolas. The cool thing about this type of material is that it gives the project a beach climate, vacation and relaxation. Bamboo is also very sturdy, as well as being a sustainable material.

Step-by-step to build a wooden pergola

How to Make Wood Punch

In theory, building a wooden pergola is not so complex. Basically, the structure is formed by columns and beams arranged in parallel.

Among the most used types of wood for the construction of pergolas are eucalyptus, pinus, peroba, jatobá, demolition wood and bamboo.

Check below the step by step to make yourself a beautiful wooden pergola:

  1. First, buy the most suitable wood for your project. Do not forget to check if it has been treated to withstand rain, sun and possible pests. If not, arrange for it. Another important thing to note is whether the wood is bent or warped;
  2. Then take the measurements from where the pergola will be built. Ensure that the vertical bases are at least 8 cm² by 3 meters in length. The side bars (columns) should be 15 by 5 centimeters;
  3. Use string to mark the spot. The columns of the pergola should be placed on concrete shoes, buried preferably 60 centimeters deep. This will ensure that the pergola structure is firm and secure;
  4. The beams should be joined by a transverse strip. Repeat the process with all columns.
  5. Use thick bolts and a bubble level to ensure a 90 degree angle;
  6. Roof beams should be spaced 20 to 40 centimeters apart;
  7. All done, your pergola will be ready!

Picture 1 - Pergolado of wood with glass cover and soft illumination.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make

Picture 2 - Wood in the pergolado and the covering.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 1
In this project, the wood pergola received a centralized coverage also of wood. The wicker chairs highlighted the rustic and cozy look of the balcony

Picture 3 - Glass coating the pergola of wood.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 2
For this garden, the proposal was to make a pergola of covered wood and covered on the sides by glass. The spring plant did not resist the structure and clung to the glass. The combination of the materials left the slightly sophisticated rustic environment

Picture 4 - Good place for a bath.

Wood Parchment: see inspirations and know how to make 3
Under the wooden pergola, the tub. On the sides, glass doors. And is not it a great place for a relaxing bath?

Picture 5 - Corridor under the wooden pergola: structure gives access to the internal area.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 4

Picture 6 - Children playing in the shade of the wooden pergola.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 5

Picture 7 - Wooden pergolado with minimum distance between slats.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 6
The beams of this wooden pergola were positioned so as to leave as little distance between them as possible. The result was harmonious and gave a more modern face to the area leading to the garden. To make it even more charming, the pergola comes down the side

Picture 8 - Wood particleboard with well spaced beams and glass cover.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 7

Picture 9 - Pergolado of wood to enlarge the internal area.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 8
In this project, the wooden pergola had the function of enlarging the internal area of ​​the house, joining it to the external area. The glass cover protects from rain and allows the passage of light

Image 10 - Wooden bench in combination with pergola.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 9

Image 11 - Side curtains guarantee the privacy of the inner space of the pergola.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make 10

Picture 12 - Wooden deck in the same tone of the pergolado: unit between the floor and the ceiling.

Wooden deck in the same tone of the pergola

Picture 13 - Pergolado de pinus: a structure for any moment of the day.

Pergolado of pinus
This pergola of wood allows the contemplation of the garden by day and night. For those who prefer the nightlife, the center of the pergola offers a bonfire

Picture 14 - For a modern environment, a pergola of wood with differentiated design.

pergola of wood with differentiated design

Picture 15 - Wood parchment creating a perfect shade for warm days.

Pergolado of wood creating a perfect shade for warm days

Image 16 - Meals under the wooden pergola.

Meals under the wooden pergola
Imagine dine under such a pergola? Glass cover guarantees good times, rain or shine

Picture 17 - Facade of the house with wooden pergola.

House facade with wooden pergola

Picture 18 - Between the bathroom and the garden, a wooden pergola.

Pergolado of wood between the bathroom and the garden

Picture 19 - Set the decoration by matching the color of the furniture with the tone of the pergola wood.

Match the décor by combining the color of the furniture

Image 20 - Wooden pergola at the entrance of the house.

Pergolado of wood at the entrance of the house

Picture 21 - Wood lining inside the house ends in a pergola in the hallway.

Wood lining inside the house ends in a pergola in the hallway

Image 22 - Charming room with wooden pergola.

Charming room with wooden pergola
The wooden pergola covers the outside and welcomes you in a cozy room. The brick wall, the wicker couch and the vertical garden wall leave this rustic and chic environment

Picture 23 - With beams only at the ends, this pergolado leaves the environment more clean.

Beams only at the tips

Picture 24 - Modern facade with wooden pergola.

Modern facade with wooden pergola

Picture 25 - Of fine and unequal beams, this pergola of wood contributes with the relaxed aspect of the environment.

pergola of wood contributes to the relaxed appearance of the environment

Picture 26 - With a whole house of wood, the pergolado could not be different.

Pergolado in wooden house

Image 27 - Wood perch is an option for traditional concrete slabs.

Pergolado of wood is option for the traditional slabs of concrete

Image 28 - Pergolado of wood used in a traditional way.

Pergolado of wood used of little traditional way
Instead of composing the area under the house, this project innovated when using the wooden pergola in the upper part of the house. The result was a bold, modern and very beautiful look.

Picture 29 - Covering only the bench, this pergola one helps to compose the decoration in a discreet way.

this pergola helps to make the decoration discreetly

Picture 30 - Pergolado of wood is a great demand for areas near the pool.

Pergolado of wood is a great request

Picture 31 - Deforested wood perch for a modern style house.

Deforested wood perch

Image 32 - Corridor with wooden pergola gives continuity to the vertical garden proposal on the wall.

Corridor with wooden pergola

Image 33 - Wooden pergola with checkered structure.

Wooden pergola with checkered structure

Image 34 - Corridor in pergola of wood accompanies who enters and leaves the house.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make

Image 35 - Wooden pergolado with different lighting.

Pergolado of wood with different lighting

Picture 36 - Pergolado built with metal columns and wooden beams.

Pergolado built with metal columns and wooden beams

Image 37 - A good way to use pergolas is to use them to house cars.

A good way to use pergolas is to use them to house cars

Picture 38 - Na gourmet balcony , a light wood pergola with glass cover.

pergola on the gourmet balcony

Picture 39 - At the edge of the pool, the wooden pergola protects from the sun.

Pergolado of wood that protects the sun

Picture 40 - Without the columns, this pergola of wood only has the beams supported in the structure of the house.

Beams supported in the structure

Picture 41 - Wooden pergola designed for moments of play and relaxation.

Pergolated for moments of relaxation

Picture 42 - Climbing plants covering the leaked pergolado ceiling: great way to create a fresh shadow.

Climbing plants in pergola

Picture 43 - For each square, a position for the slats.

Shingles for each square

Image 44 - Green roof received a pergola structure similar to a gable roof.

Pergola structure on the green roof

Picture 45 - At the seashore, the pergolado of wood of drawn strips bring the necessary shade to enjoy the landscape.

Wooden perch on the seashore

Picture 46 - Giant voile curtains bring elegance to the wooden pergola: without doubt the environment impacts by size and sophistication.

Voil curtains in the wooden pergola

Picture 47 - Simple but necessary: ​​the wooden pergola is functional and of great aesthetic value to this project.

the pergola of wood is functional and of great aesthetic value to this project

Picture 48 - Wooden pergolado makes the transition between the internal and the external environment.

Pergolado of wood makes the transition between the internal and external environment

Image 49 - Wooden pergolado in combination with other materials: stones, metal and concrete.

Pergolado of wood with other materials

Picture 50 - The external box that forms the pergolado is of concrete, inside slats of wood.

Wooden slats in pergola

Picture 51 - Wooden pergolado constructed with beams vertically and horizontally.

Pergolado of wood with vertical and horizontal beams

Picture 52 - Without pillars, this pergola of wood impresses by the boldness.

Wooden pillar without columns

Picture 53 - Wooden pergolado creates a comfortable and light outdoor area.

Pergolado wood creates a comfortable and light-filled outdoor area

Picture 54 - Wooden parchment with central opening.

Wooden pillar with central opening

Image 55 - Thick beams and columns leave this pergola with a strong and striking appearance.

Thick beams and columns leave this pergola with a strong and striking appearance

Image 56 - Hanging plants change the look of the wooden pergola.

Pending plants change the look of the wooden pergola

Image 57 - External area all in wood: floor, walls and ceiling.

Outside area all wood

Image 58 - Wooden pergola with a dash of glass.

Wooden perch with a dash of glass

Image 59 - Wooden pergolado brings sophistication to the area of ​​modern style.

Wood Parchment: See Inspirations and Learn How to Make

Image 60 - Futons are great options to decorate the area under the wooden pergola

Futons are great options for decorating the area

Maurice Palmer Tue, 17 Apr 2018 08:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Prefabricated houses: know the advantages and how they are made]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/prefabricated-houses-know-the-advantages-and-how-they-are-made https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/prefabricated-houses-know-the-advantages-and-how-they-are-made Prefabricated houses are common in Europe and the United States, a type of construction not yet widely used in Brazil. However, the benefits and technology has pleased many professionals in the civil area, bringing an increase in the number of buildings. With this trend taking over the market, it is interesting to learn what the advantages are and how a prefab house works.

What is prefabricated house?

As the name says, the prefabricated house is a method of construction produced industrially before the work begins.

Each project has its particularity in question of the architectural form, materials and specifications of the terrain. And with this technique it is possible to adopt any type of desired style, from a container house even the most traditional ones. After this initial information collection, the production of the components that result in modules to compose a building begins.

Picture of prefabricated houses

These precast pieces can be made of wood, steel, bricks, concrete or with a blend of all these materials.

7 advantages of prefabricated houses

1. Lower time than a conventional construction

As the parts are manufactured previously, the work time is shorter for the assembly. A reduction of 40% of the time is an advantage for those who have a short schedule.

2. Customization of project

The needs of the owner comes first. Therefore, the layout, materials and operation of the house are elaborated according to the routine of who lives in the residence.

In addition, the flexibility to reform, without the need to break structures and walls, allowing the addition of a dormitory in a much more practical.

3. Fixed budget

By having a construction standard, its value is stable until the end of the work. The change is due to the final finishes that can be included in the choice of suppliers and materials.

4. Agile approval in the city hall

The standard of construction is the same for most homes, so the construction model is similar to the preparation of documentation in the city hall, which reduces time and money in the end.

5. Sustainable construction

Since the assembly is done cleanly, waste of water and energy is much less than a traditional method. Another advantage is the small amount of waste produced, which favors the choice of this type of construction.

6. Excellent quality

By having a standardized method, its quality is superior, so that the parts do not fall into production. Factory-produced models help keep a clean work without the final product spoiling due to weather conditions.

7. Zero Waste

Without debris at the end of the work, the amount of leftover material is reusable for other constructions. Since the pieces are custom made, their use is total for the construction.

How to Build a Prefab House?

In any type of construction is necessary to hire a professional team, and in the prefabricated is no different. The supervision of a civil engineer and architect, as well as specialized professionals to provide prefabricated parts is fundamental.

All this reinforcement also assists in the approval of the construction in the city hall, as well as the licensing of the regional organs.

After this process, it is necessary to check the movement of the transported parts to the ground. As well as checking a good space for the equipment to enter safely in place!

60 designs of prefabricated houses with their own style

With a range of users of this type of construction, it is possible to have a variety of final results, so we separate a gallery with 60 designs of prefabricated houses that lavish beauty and style:

Picture 1 - Model in container modernized.

Modernized container model
Container construction is no longer new to many people. Using this model for a more architectural side can result in beautiful constructions for the dwelling.

Picture 2 - Module in wood with concrete structure.

Wooden module with concrete structure
The wooden box was framed with a concrete structure that lets you play with the shapes and highlight the materials for the facade.

Picture 3 - The meeting of the modules in an architectural composition.

The meeting of the modules in an architectural composition
To leave the house with a more contemporary look, try to compose the modules in a functional way and accompany the interior layout.

Picture 4 - Prefabricated house with roof two waters.

Prefabricated house with two-storey roof
The construction of the roof is also important for the prefabricated model, after all, its entire structure was previously thought for the production in the factory. The traditional roof conveys more warmth to the residence and is ideal for those who seek the traditional style of a house.

Picture 5 - Metal structure is the trend of the moment!

Metal structure is the trend of the moment
The combination of the metal structure and the glass is the perfect pair! While the sober of the metal structures the construction, the glass allows a lightness and functionality for the interior. This junction forms the balance for precast architecture.

Picture 6 - Prefabricated one-story house with traditional roof.

Prefab house with traditional roof
The design with traditional architecture in apparent roof and glass vents, results in a common construction. The natural lighting for the environments and the contrast of finishes are the highlight of this proposal.

Figure 7 - Straight lines demonstrate the appearance of a prefabricated construction.

Straight lines demonstrate the appearance of a prefabricated building
Its appearance is easy to identify, however, its versatility of finishes allows it to apply something different such as a paint, ceramic, automated systems, plaster linings and even panels for thermal and acoustic comfort.

Figure 8 - The traditional model in the prefabricated method.

The traditional model in the prefabricated method
Precast houses can receive almost the same finishes and materials as masonry. It is not necessary to maintain the modular structure that comes from the factory, unless the residents wish this architectural proposal. In the above project, we can see the pre-fabricated model with a masonry house treatment.

Picture 9 - Small prefabricated house.

Small prefabricated house
Stylish and modern in style, the small prefabricated house has coatings that enhance the decor of the design, as well as the pergola cover that takes warmth and sophistication.

Image 10 - Contemporary architecture is your forte!

Contemporary architecture is its strong point
Because the modules are made in cubic format, usually their result is a lighter look. The personal touch is due to the materials, which most of the time, wins the wood as the highlight of the work.

Image 11 - Prefabricated house with several materials.

Prefabricated house with several materials

Image 12 - With conceptual volumetry.

With conceptual volumetry

Image 13 - Facade with white paint.

Facade with white paint

Figure 14 - Plan a rooftop porch.

Plan a rooftop porch

Picture 15 - Simple prefabricated house.

Simple Prefabricated House

Image 16 - Prefabricated house with brick.

Prefabricated house with brick

Image 17 - Wooden details enhance the façade.

Wood details enhance the facade

Picture 18 - Prefabricated house with traditional style.

Prefabricated house with traditional style

Image 19 - The openings in glass give lightness to the final construction.

The glass openings give lightness to the final construction

Image 20 - The perfect model for a single-family residence.

The perfect model for a single family residence

Image 21 - Customize your facade with different materials.

Customize your facade with different materials

Image 22 - A large balcony to enjoy the outdoor landscape.

A large balcony to enjoy the outdoor landscape

Picture 23 - The rustic style also takes care!

The rustic style also takes care of

Picture 24 - Prefabricated house of wood.

Prefabricated wooden house

Image 25 - Create a unique architecture that best suits your terrain.

Create a unique architecture that best suits your terrain

Image 26 - Prefabricated house in container.

Prefabricated house in container

Image 27 - Prefabricated house with large and integrated environments.

Prefabricated house with large and integrated environments

Image 28 - With young and current architecture!

With young and current architecture

Picture 29 - Prefabricated house in masonry.

Prefabricated masonry house

Picture 30 - The plankton allows a clean and modern look for the construction.

The plankton allows a cleaner and more modern look for the construction

Picture 31 - Prefabricated sobrado.

Prefabricated house

Image 32 - Elegance and sophistication in this construction.

Elegance and sophistication in this building

Picture 33 - Prefabricated house in straight and modern lines.

Prefabricated house in straight lines and modern

Image 34 - How about a building inspired by the lofts?

How about a building inspired by the lofts

Image 35 - Mixing of finishes and coatings for a custom home.

Mixing Finishes and Coatings for a Custom House

Image 36 - The high ceiling is the highlight of the facade.

The high ceiling is the highlight of the facade

Image 37 - Prefabricated house with balcony in the bedroom.

Prefabricated houses: know the advantages and how they are made

Image 38 - Stone, wood and glass in a pre-fabricated design.

Stone, wood and glass in a pre-fabricated design

Picture 39 - Dancers to decorate your façade!

Dressing gowns for your facade

Image 40 - Prefabricated compact house.

Compact Prefabricated House

Image 41 - Prefabricated house on wide ground.

Prefabricated house on extensive grounds

Image 42 - With striking and modern architecture.

With striking and modern architecture

Picture 43 - Prefabricated house with black facade.

Prefabricated house with black facade

Image 44 - Minimalism also has its place here!

Minimalism also has its place here

Image 45 - Using other sustainable devices.

Using other sustainable devices

Image 46 - White facade with highlights for the finishes.

White facade with highlights for the finishes

Picture 47 - Puxadinho residential with prefabricated method.

Residential pudding with prefabricated method

Image 48 - Country house made with prefabricated method.

Country house made with prefabricated method

Image 49 - Construction is only part of the end result.

Construction is only a part of the end result

Picture 50 - Prefabricated house with contemporary style.

Prefabricated house with contemporary style

Picture 51 - Prefabricated house with modern style.

Prefabricated house with modern style

Image 52 - Shingles to highlight the facade.

Shingles to highlight the facade

Picture 53 - Prefabricated house in metallic structure and finishes in wood and glass.

Prefabricated house in metal structure and finishes in wood and glass

Picture 54 - With central opening for circulation.

With central opening for circulation

Image 55 - Module on another module.

Module on another module

Image 56 - One part in concrete and another in metal.

One part in concrete and another in metal

Image 57 - Modern as a traditional building.

Modern as a traditional construction

Image 58 - Small and well planned house.

Small and well planned villa

Image 59 - Prefabricated house with two floors.

Prefabricated house with two floors

Image 60 - Modern and cozy!

Modern and cozy prefabricated house

Price of a prefabricated house: how much does it cost?

The value of a prefabricated house can vary depending on the characteristics of the work, such as: the location and size of the land, chosen materials and contracted professionals. If you wish to acquire this type of construction, search in your city for the final value, which varies from R $ 00 to R $ 00 per square meter.

Marion Bell Tue, 17 Apr 2018 07:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Barbecue Decoration: 50 Ideas to Organize and Decorate]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/barbecue-decoration-50-ideas-to-organize-and-decorate https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/barbecue-decoration-50-ideas-to-organize-and-decorate One of the most popular family gatherings or friends in Brazil is a special barbecue at home. It can be done in celebrations of important dates, birthdays and even as a simple way to gather family or friends for a pleasant and fun afternoon in the garden, backyard or even in the pool. The important thing is that the barbecue, organized around the barbecue or grill, has this more relaxed look, made to enjoy the day, the food and the company.

And to help make your barbecue even more lively and festive, we've brought you a special post with only ideas of organization and decoration, tables and snacks and, of course, several images for you to use as reference when setting up yours!

How to organize your barbecue at home

Barbecue at home

Even being a small relaxed party, does not mean that you should not cherish by the organization and even by a special decoration for the occasion. Therefore, the table decoration, the accompaniments and the meats can contain some care to make everything even more pleasant. Let's go to the organization tips:

Divide the environment into sections

The sectorization of the environment facilitates movement and organization among the guests (especially if the meeting becomes a real party with many people circling the environment!). So it is a good idea to divide the categories by themes, for example: salads and sauces, meat area, accompaniment area, desserts area. This can even be placed on a single table, but it is important to group and maintain some sort of separation between the different dishes.

All barbecue grill items and fixtures

In addition to the tables for the food to be served, the meat-making area, the center of the whole barbecue, should be thought of in all its details! It is always good to separate all the utensils that will be used and even utensils reserves if you have, as well as a good disposition of already seasoned meats and vegetables that can also go to the grill. The idea is to leave everything at hand and facilitate the work of those who are in charge of the barbecue, in addition to the production, the person can also enjoy the party.

Always frozen drinks

Drinks on the barbecue

Regardless of the drinks chosen to be part of your barbecue, it is imperative that they are always cold! That way, to save the refrigerator or freezer from a constant open and close, a good option is to invest in coolers or improvise one easily. For this, a bucket serves, but if it is made of metal it is even more indicated as it helps at the time of cooling. Choose, of course, a bucket that has a size that allows at least half of it to be filled with ice and can still accommodate all your drinks. That way, you can position this cooler closer to your guests and let them serve with the assurance that the drinks will not heat up. Perfect for hot days! Just do not forget to leave it away from the heat of the barbecue.

Gallery: 50 decorating ideas for barbecue at home with family and friends

Now that you already know some tips to organize your barbecue, take a look at our gallery for inspirations and even more tips!

Picture 1 - A space in the climate of living room in the external area: chairs and central wooden table with cushions and drinks to refresh the afternoon.

A space in the living room climate in the outdoor area

Picture 2 - Table put with artisanal bread for each guest to delight in the meal.

Table set with homemade bread

Picture 3 - Barbecue also as a good birthday party setting, even for children.

Barbecue also as a good birthday party setting

Picture 4 - Expand the range of options of grilled: from meat to tomatoes and corn can pass through the grill.

Expand the grid of grilling options

Image 5 - Salad Stand: Bet on a separate and smaller table that can be moved to serve salad and sauces for all the guests.

Salad stand on barbecue decoration

Picture 6 - A guide to the perfect barbecue: Plaquinha of reference not to err in the point of the meat.

A Perfect Barbecue Guide

Picture 7 - The barbecue table also needs a glitzy decoration: flowers in colored glass vases to brighten up the atmosphere even more.

Flamboyant decoration for the barbecue table

Image 8 - Keep drinks always chilled! Buckets with plenty of ice are best suited not to have to run to the refrigerator.

Always frozen drinks

Picture 9 - Barbecue of make of account: Fun decoration for your table.

Make Barbecue!

Image 10 - Inspired in the snack bars, sauces, seasonings and napkins by hand in a simple and practical way.

Snack-inspired barbecue decor

Image 11 - Buttery biscuits decorated with the barbecue theme!

Buttery biscuits decorated with the theme barbecue

Picture 12 - Table put inside the house for who does not have an outside space for an outdoor meal.

Table set inside the house for those who do not have an outside space for an outdoor meal

Barbecue Decoration: 50 Ideas to Organize and Decorate

Picture 13 - Do not have a natural lawn? Use a synthetic!

Synthetic lawn to decorate the barbecue

Image 14 - To further improve the layout of ingredients and foods, it is worth creating a menu and labels or labels for each item.

Menu with plaquinha

Picture 15 - Barbecue with a spring mood: super colorful floral decoration as centerpiece.

Barbecue with spring climate

Picture 16 - Special apron for the barbecue (or for the barbecue apprentice)!

Special apron for the barbecue

Picture 17 - Barbecue to celebrate engagement! On special occasions not so formal, you can opt for an outdoor gathering and with freshly grilled food to celebrate the great moments.

Barbecue to celebrate engagement

Picture 18 - Do not forget the dessert: Special chocolate cupcakes for barbecues!

Cupcakes like bbq dessert

Picture 19 - Rest room after lunch: mat, mattresses, sofas and hammocks are very welcome to help renew the energies.

Space to rest after lunch

Picture 20 - Rustic and creative barbecue decoration: metal drainer as support for the basket of cutlery.

Rustic and creative BBQ decoration

Image 21 - Plate for those in love for a good barbecue afternoon with friends.

Plate for the lovers

Picture 22 - Decoration for barbecue area: for those who have many guests, a long table guarantees a place for everyone in the biggest picnic style!

Decoration for barbecue area

Picture 23 - Toasted bacon with barbecue sauce in individual portions: let your guests' serving portions that can be eaten quickly.

Individual portions of bacon

Picture 24 - BBQ souvenirs: barbecue sauce, and themed jelly beans for everyone to remember this afternoon.

Barbecue sauce as a souvenir for the barbecue

Image 25 - For the parties with the highest budget: themed logo printed on napkins.

Party logo

Picture 26 - Keep all the items you will need near the barbecue in trolleys, benches or tables to make your job easier.

Items near the barbecue

Image 27 - Barbecue requests a fresh and light drink: cut berries to make caipirinhas and other drinks to enjoy the time.

Fresh and light drink for the barbecue

Picture 28 - Simple and rustic barbecue decoration: inspiration in nature for super delicate table settings.

Simple and rustic BBQ decoration

Picture 29 - Cake inspired pops on the elements of the barbecue to amuse the children.

Cake pops for bbq

Picture 30 - Ideas for a barbecue barbecue invitation: inspiration in the blackboards of menus and picnic tablecloths.

Ideas for a Backyard BBQ Invitation

Picture 31 - Atmosphere for barbecue in the outside area of ​​deck prepared to receive the family and friends.

BBQ environment for outside deck area

Image 32 - Aromatic plants and herbs to decorate the table and season the food.

Aromatic plants and herbs in barbecue decoration

Picture 33 - Birthday barbecue decoration: for the little ones who love this type of meeting, a cake based on the grill, the hot dogs and the aprons.

Birthday BBQ Decoration

Picture 34 - Barbecue with few guests in the biggest style: a table for four people with arrangement, glasses for beer and lots of conversation.

Barbecue with few guests in the largest boteco style

Picture 35 - In addition to the grilled meat, it is worth inserting different vegetables on the grill as a vegetarian option for this type of party.

Vegetables on the grill

Image 36 - Rustic BBQ decoration: inspiration from the country side with lots of plaid and table cloth in raw colors.

Rustic BBQ Decoration

Picture 37 - Black comic with the menu of the day: let your guests know what will leave the grill in advance to create even more expectation.

Black comic with the menu of the day

Picture 38 - Another corner of the rest for the barbecue: living area to relax and have a chat.

Another corner of the barbecue rest

Picture 39 - Flower arrangement in pot of pineapple peel: reuse and use of surfaces for a creative barbecue decoration.

Arrangement of flowers in a vase of pineapple

Picture 40 - For the empty bottles, it is worth to separate boxes from the fair and keep in a strategic corner for the guests to go putting when the drink is over.

Empty Bottle Boxes

Image 41 - Roasted corn on the cob and various ways to eat: ensure a good pack of sauces and accompaniments for each type of food.

Roasted corn on the cob and various forms of eating

Picture 42 - Creative and functional barbecue decoration: meat boards always at hand for those who need them.

Creative and functional BBQ decoration

Picture 43 - BBQ decoration on site: If you have a larger space and a larger list of guests, bet on traditional picnic tables to accommodate everyone.

BBQ decoration on site

Image 44 - More vases of plants in the center decoration of the buffet table.

More plant vases in the center decoration of the buffet table

Picture 45 - For a zero waste party: cutlery made of reinforced and reusable plastic, glass jars like cups and tissue napkins in place of paper.

For a zero waste waste party

Image 46 - Special paper napkins with barbecue theme.

Special paper napkins with barbecue theme

Picture 47 - Cupcakes as dessert inside the theme: colored paper toppers in the form of a grill and steak.

Cupcakes as dessert inside the theme

Image 48 - The buckets with ice keeps the drinks always cold and gives autonomy for each guest to choose yours and if they serve.

Ice buckets keep drinks cool

Picture 49 - BBQ decoration in gourmet balcony : option of grill or wood oven and single table with side dishes and cutlery.

BBQ decoration on gourmet balcony

Picture 50 - Vintage little plaques with the barbecue theme to decorate your party!

Vintage Plaque with Barbecue Theme

Eric Lane Mon, 16 Apr 2018 03:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/decorated-kitchen-100-models-that-we-love-most-in-the-decoration https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/decorated-kitchen-100-models-that-we-love-most-in-the-decoration What is the decoration of a decorated kitchen made of? Furniture and appliances contribute to the decor, but a few other elements put here and there give the touch of personality and style that every kitchen needs. We can say that the charm of the decoration lives in the details.

Pay attention to those kitchens you find on the internet, so beautifully decorated. Always have one object or another to capture attention and stand out in the environment.

This extra touch in kitchen décor can be achieved by choosing stronger, vibrant colors, distinctively designed furniture or the traditional, creatively and originally displayed kitchen appliances. Vases of spices, pots with groceries, niches and even books are great decorating options as well.

One tip to facilitate kitchen decorating is to choose a color - usually neutral such as white, black or gray - from base to walls, furniture and electros and play a touch of vibrant color on the other elements. For example, red blends very well with the black base and the blue one falls well on the white background. Yellow is also widely used to break down the monochromatic tones.

Vibrant colors can come in the utensils, in the details of chairs and tables, in the cookware displayed on stands or on the stove and where more creativity allows.

100 kitchens decorated for those who love decoration

How about a little inspiration from the tips and the gallery of images that we selected and give a refresher in your kitchen today?

Picture 1 - Metal niches decorating the kitchen with pots and other objects

Metal niches decorating the kitchen

Picture 2 - Lamps of differentiated design to decorate the kitchen of modern style.

Differential design lamps to decorate the kitchen

Picture 3 - The touch of personality of this kitchen is due to the objects of retro style.

retro style objects in the kitchen

Picture 4 - Details in yellow to claim the kitchen.

Details in yellow to claim the kitchen

Picture 5 - The clean kitchen became more sophisticated with the mirrored door of the cabinet of the sink.

The clean kitchen became more sophisticated with the mirrored door of the sink cabinet

Picture 6 - Pots in sight: option to decorate kitchens with more relaxed style.

Cookware in the kitchen

Picture 7 - Panel of Eucatex left the kitchen with face of workshop, only that instead of tools the idea was to use cooking utensils

Panel of Eucatex left the kitchen with face of workshop

Image 8 - Seasonings, groceries and utensils: all the hand when it comes to cooking.

Seasonings, groceries and utensils

Image 9 - Details in red to contrast with black; Superman's frame relaxed the environment.

Details in red to contrast with black

Picture 10 - Bright inserts to give a touch of luxury to the kitchen.

Shiny inserts to give the kitchen a touch of luxury

Image 11 - Slate Adhesive serves to decorate and mark important things throughout the day.

Slate sticker serves to decorate and mark important things throughout the day

Picture 12 - To match the floor, a closet in the same color; the dots in red break the predominance of blue.

Decorated kitchen

Picture 13 - Carpets are great for decorating and yet help keep the kitchen without splashing water.

Carpets are great for decorating a kitchen

Picture 14 - Contemporary kitchen stainless steel with wood niche.

Modern stainless steel kitchen with wood niche

Picture 15 - Black and white floor enhances the turquoise blue of cabinets.

Black and White Floor Enhances Cabinets Blue Turquoise

Picture 16 - Gray kitchen decorated with some (few) colored elements.

Gray kitchen decorated with some (few) colored elements

Picture 17 - Cabinet in pastel yellow ensures color to the environment without drawing much attention.

Pastel yellow closet ensures color to the environment

Picture 18 - A small gall in the vase gives the decorative touch of this clean and pastel-colored kitchen.

A gallon in the vase gives the decorative touch of this clean kitchen

Picture 19 - In this kitchen, the table is highlighted by size and message.

In this kitchen, the table is highlighted by size and message

Image 20 - To brighten up the black kitchen, a touch of yellow.

To brighten up the black kitchen, a touch of yellow

Picture 21 - Gilded hood brings sophistication to the kitchen; set of table and chairs completes the decor.

Gilded hood brings sophistication to the kitchen

Picture 22 - Whole brown kitchen prioritized indirect lighting to enhance the environment.

Whole brown kitchen

Image 23 - Decoration of minimalist kitchens is due to the design of furniture and eletros.

Decoration of minimalist kitchens

Picture 24 - Creative option to illuminate the sink bench: suspended lanterns.

Creative option to light the sink countertop

Picture 25 - Movable opening hinged leaves the kitchen practical and functional.

Hinged opening cabinet leaves the kitchen practical and functional

Picture 26 - Decorated kitchen: clothes hangers decorate and facilitate the organization of integrated spaces.

racks decorate and facilitate the organization of integrated spaces

Picture 27 - Beautiful and stylish decorated kitchen, this kitchen has glass doors to separate it from the rest of the rooms.

Beautiful decorated kitchen

Image 28 - Niches can receive varied decoration, in this example the old cans make up the retro look of the kitchen.

Varied decoration in the niches of the decorated kitchen

Picture 29 - Kitchen decorated between the modern and the vintage: yellow refrigerator contrasts styles and tones.

Kitchen decorated between the modern and the vintage

Picture 30 - Decorated kitchen: electros with retro proposal contribute in the decoration of the kitchen.

Kitchen decorated: eletros with retro proposal

Image 31 - Fern and pepper pots bring nature into the kitchen.

Kitchen decorated with fern pots

Picture 32 - Soft blue of the chairs in combination with the light wood of the closet.

Soft blue of the chairs in combination with the light wood of the closet

Image 33 - If you do not know where to place the microwave, bet on the idea of ​​leaving it under the counter.

Kitchen decorated with microwave on the balcony

Image 34 - Red, in small doses, always makes a harmonious combination with black.

Red in the decorated kitchen

Picture 35 - Decorated kitchen: original design stools valued the relaxed decoration of the kitchen.

Kitchen decorated: original design stools

Image 36 - Crockery displayed on shelves are decorating trend.

Crockery displayed on shelves in the decorated kitchen

Picture 37 - Elegant black kitchen with copper details.

Elegant black kitchen with copper details

Picture 38 - Cabinet in pink gradient; the black coating strips the kitchen of the obvious romanticism.

Pink gradient cabinet in the decorated kitchen

Image 39 - Kitchen decorated with traffic sign.

Kitchen decorated with plate of transit

Image 40 - Pots and bowls to decorate the niche on the counter.

Pots and bowls to decorate the niche on the counter

Picture 41 - Kitchen all pink: black details break the unique tone.

All pink kitchen

Image 42 - Kitchen full of decorative objects.

Kitchen full of decorative objects

Picture 43 - Natural light is important for projects of dark and sober tones.

Natural light is important for dark and sober tonal designs

Picture 44 - Setinha that indicates the place of the kitchen comes accompanied by gloves of fornão.

Setinha that indicates the place of the kitchen comes accompanied by gloves of fornão

Picture 45 - Decoration with supports in the decorated kitchen: hang knives, spices, cutlery, pots of herbs and whatever else you want.

Decoration with stands in the decorated kitchen

Image 46 - Fruteira is a traditional item in the decorations of decorated kitchens; differentiate the part by design.

Fruit bowl in the decorated kitchen

Picture 47 - Trio of pictures decorates and amuses the environment.

Trio of pictures in the decorated kitchen

Picture 48 - In the white kitchen, the black led luminaires make the difference in the decoration.

In the white kitchen

Image 49 - Instead of knobs, only the spans. Detail has brought a unique charm to the kitchen.

Cabinets without handles in the decorated kitchen

Image 50 - Shelf holds oven and microwave in place of traditional niches.

Shelf in the decorated kitchen

Image 51 - Retro objects on top of the shelf harmonize with the red color of the counter.

Retro objects on top of the shelf

Picture 52 - Stools with backrest cast in the decorated kitchen complement the decoration of industrial style.

Backlit stools in the decorated kitchen

Image 53 - Mirrored cabinet reflects the decor on the opposite side of the kitchen.

Mirrored cabinet reflects the decor on the opposite side of the kitchen

Picture 54 - Decorated kitchen: retro floor combines in color and style with the closet.

Decorated kitchen: retro floor combines in color and style with the closet

Image 55 - Metal cart makes the union of the retro with the modern, following the same mix of style present in the rest of the kitchen.

Metal stand makes union of the retro with the modern

Picture 56 - Decorated kitchen: utensils exposed in the kitchen are always allied with the decoration.

Kitchen decorated: utensils exposed in the kitchen are always allied with the decoration

Image 57 - Copper buff and pot shades leave the kitchen even more romantic.

Copper chandelier and pot shades leave the kitchen even more romantic

Image 58 - Kitchen Decoration with pastel tones and retro objects.

Kitchen decoration with pastels and retro objects

Image 59 - Decorated kitchen: complementary, blue and red make a strong and striking combination.

Kitchen decorated: complementary, blue and red make a strong and striking combination

Image 60 - Decorated kitchen: blue countertop coating contrasts with the white kitchen decor.

Decorated kitchen: blue countertop coating contrasts with the white kitchen decor

Picture 61 - Decorated kitchen: yellow brings feelings of warmth and hospitality to the kitchen decoration.

Decorated kitchen: yellow brings warmth and welcoming feelings to the kitchen decor

Image 62 - Pots on the shelves combine with the tone and style of the cabinets.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Picture 63 - Brightness is the proposal for this kitchen, it is in the tablets, the sign, the benches and the pots on the table.

Brightness is the proposal for this kitchen, it is in the tablets, the sign, the benches and the pots on the table

Picture 64 - Decorated kitchen: orange refrigerator to give life to the gray kitchen.

Kitchen decorated: orange refrigerator to give life to gray kitchen

Picture 65 - Decorated kitchen: yellow is the color of the highlight and details.

Kitchen decorated: yellow is the color of the highlight and details

Picture 66 - Romantic style kitchen decorated with a vintage touch.

Romantic style kitchen decorated with a vintage touch

Image 67 - Bottle and book niches decorate at the same time as they organize.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Image 68 - Kitchen decorated with niches of varied sizes.

Kitchen decorated with niches of varied sizes

Image 69 - Clean kitchen with a touch of blue.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Picture 70 - Floor to imitate a carpet; detail that enriches the decoration.

Floor to imitate a rug;  detail that enriches the decoration

Picture 71 - Objects in the same tone of the cabinets help to decorate without escaping the clean style of the environment.

Cabinets in the same tone help to decorate without leaving the clean style of the environment

Picture 72 - Wall stickers with inspirational or fun phrases give life to your kitchen decor.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Picture 73 - A beautiful kettle with a bold design falls super well in the decoration.

A beautiful kettle with a bold design falls super fine in the decoration

Picture 74 - The mix of styles does not overload the decoration since the objects follow within the same palette of colors.

The mix of styles does not overload the decoration since the objects follow within the same color palette

Picture 75 - Decorated kitchen: comics hanging on the counter give the final touch to the decoration; highlight for the corner mirror.

Decorated kitchen: comics hanging on the counter give the finishing touch to the decor

Picture 76 - Luxurious decorated kitchen finished in granite and gilded metals.

Luxury Decorated Kitchen

Picture 77 - Without many decorative objects, this kitchen stands out for the furniture.

Without many decorative objects, this kitchen stands out for the furniture

Picture 78 - Kitchen decorated without distinction of genres: the pink side reveals a bar and the blue side with knives of cheerful colors waits for the cook.

Kitchen decorated without distinction of genres

Image 79 - Green of the little plants to contrast the gray of the cabinets.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Image 80 - Hooks for hanging kitchen items and decorative objects.

Hooks for Hanging Kitchen Items and Decorative Objects

Picture 81 - Deccored kitchen: plants on the bench and in the upper niches value the minimalist style of the kitchen.

Deccored kitchen: plants on the countertop and in the upper niches value the minimalist style of the kitchen

Picture 82 - Kitchen decorated with original elements full of personality: giant fork, transparent benches and lilac acrylic dividers.

Kitchen decorated with original elements and full of personality

Image 83 - Green Avocado Cabinets leaves the kitchen soft and delicate.

Green avocado cabinets leaves the kitchen soft and delicate

Picture 84 - Shades of gray decorate the kitchen and the living room.

Shades of gray decorate the kitchen and living room

Picture 85 - Leather straps and inverted vase handle decorate the kitchen with personality.

Leather and vase strap handles decorate the kitchen with personality

Picture 86 - Gray curtain in combination with the upholstery of the chairs; Copper luminaire brings sophistication and modernity to the kitchen.

Gray curtain in combination with chair upholstery;  copper luminaire brings sophistication and modernity to the kitchen

Picture 87 - Kitchen decorated with moss green cabinet that breaks the monotony white kitchen.

Kitchen decorated with moss green cabinet

Picture 88 - Black shelves give the touch of sophistication to the environment.

Black shelves give the touch of sophistication to the environment

Picture 89 - Cupboards with glass doors bring the retro soul to the kitchen decoration.

Cabinets with glass doors bring the retro soul to the kitchen decor

Picture 90 - The decorated kitchen utensils themselves can make up the decoration; Bet on the colors that most match with the decor.

The kitchen utensils themselves can be decorated

Picture 91 - Colorful faucet is decoration trend in the decorated kitchen.

Colorful faucet is decoration trend in the decorated kitchen

Picture 92 - Everything hidden: in this decorated kitchen, the planned cabinets give account of organizing all the mess.

Everything hidden in the decorated kitchen

Image 93 - Yellow and white flooring decorates the kitchen next to the blue cabinet.

Yellow and white flooring decorates the kitchen next to the blue cabinet

Picture 94 - Large table accommodates objects of decoration; be careful not to entangle the furniture.

Large table seats decorative objects

Image 95 - Demolition bricks counter gave rusticity without regret in the environment.

Demolition bricks counter gave rusticity without regret in the environment

Image 96 - Pots with groceries decorate the kitchen; Bet on similar and transparent glasses.

Pots with groceries decorate the kitchen

Image 97 - Kitchen utensils are the view inside the niches.

Decorated kitchen: 100 models that we love most in the decoration

Image 98 - Original design hood decorates the kitchen with sophistication.

Original design hood decorates the kitchen with sophistication

Image 99 - To take advantage of the window light, a low bench.

To take advantage of the window light, a low bench

Picture 100 - For a jovial kitchen, invest in retro style and strong colors.

For a jovial cuisine, invest in retro-style and strong-colored

Ella Ortiz Fri, 13 Apr 2018 06:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Living room with fireplace: how to choose and tips to decorate]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/living-room-with-fireplace-how-to-choose-and-tips-to-decorate https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/living-room-with-fireplace-how-to-choose-and-tips-to-decorate As autumn and winter begin to approach, we need to get the cold clothes out of the closet and prepare for the cold temperatures as best we can. Surely all we wanted in winter was to enjoy the chill near a warm fireplace, sipping hot chocolate or roasting marshmallows, would not it? Learn more about rooms with fireplace

For those who still have the dream of having a fireplace at home, to relax in front of a warm and pleasant flame, in the cottage style or even in a more modern and technological footprint, this post will show a little about the advantages, the disadvantages and the various ways of composing a living room with a fireplace!

Types of fireplace to install in the room

Types of Living Room Fireplace

There are several types of fireplace and various indications for each type of environment. Although beautiful and cozy, they all have advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when choosing the right type and model for your room. They are:

Fireplace : the most common and certainly the one most people fall in love with and remember when we talk about the fireplace. They are usually embedded in the wall and made of masonry (the finish can vary in bricks, stones and even marble), or iron, which has a more rustic look by keeping its original dark color. It is indicated for houses, because it needs a chimney to release the smoke, not being indicated for who lives in apartments.

Of this type, besides populating the dreams of almost all fire-worshipers with their natural flame and the wood chips being burned, it is worth remembering that a space in the separate environment only to put wood and facilitate the replacement of the wood in the fire. A disadvantage is that the fire can be a bit tricky to ignite and for those who have no practice, it can take some time. Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is the constant maintenance of not only the flame while it is lit but also the cleaning when it is off.

On safety, it is imperative to care for children and pets when the flame is on!

Electric fireplace : A synonym for practicality and safety in the matter of fireplaces, after all, with a push of a button the flames (in 3D, imitating the real flames) are lit and the heat begins to fill the space. Ideal for those who have children and for those who need an easy maintenance, because the absence of flames and firewood does not create smoke or soot, so it also does not need a chimney.

The advantages are still the easy installation, without the need for a big break in the house and the modernity of its design (for the more conservative, many models even imitate the appearance of the wood burning fireplace!). In the disadvantages, the energy consumption, depending on the use and the power of the heating, can generate a good discharge in the accounts.

Gas fireplace : A heating option without the use of firewood, but with a live flame very close to that generated by the wood burning fireplace. A gas fireplace is another option for those who need a quick maintenance for apartments or houses. It still needs to be built into the wall and attached to a gas point (which can be either a kitchen can or a piped natural gas), so it can cause a slight overhaul inside the house, even if it does not require a chimney.

In the case of gas flames, they may have bluish colors (such as stove flames) because it is a burning of fuel. It also has an easy ligament, but you have to be alert to children and animals by the flames.

Ecological fireplace : this fireplace receives the ecological name because it works through alcohol or ethanol, renewable and less polluting fuels. A mix between the advantages of the wood burning fireplace, the electric fireplace and the gas fireplace, this one has real flames coming from the burning of the fuel, but dispenses firewood and, as a result, does not produce smoke and soot, making cleaning easier. In addition, it also does not have the disadvantage of large consumption of electricity and does not need much to be installed indoors. It is currently gaining more popularity among the different types of fireplace.

The flame, like the gas fireplace, may have bluish parts from burning fuel.

In addition to these traditional types, there are still other types of fireplace, such as virtual or digital fireplaces that produce a 3D flame and may be able to heat the environment (but perform much less than the fireplaces above).

Now that you know a little more about choosing the ideal fireplace for your home, take a look at our selection of pictures with super cozy and warm rooms!

Picture 1 - Living room with fireplace in the center covered with pebbles.

Living room with fireplace in the center covered with pebbles

Picture 2 - Room with rustic fireplace of apparent bricks.

Living room with rustic brick brick fireplace

Picture 3 - Living room with fireplace: sophisticated environment, warm and cozy.

Living room with fireplace

Picture 4 - Living room fireplace in a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

Living room fireplace in a contemporary climate

Picture 5 - TV room with fireplace to enjoy your favorite programs in a pleasant climate.

TV room with fireplace

Picture 6 - Environment with fireplace in covered with natural stone.

Environment with fireplace in natural stone

Picture 7 - TV room with fireplace made with candles.

TV room with fireplace made with candles

Picture 8 - Large and modern living room with fireplace.

Large, modern living room with fireplace

Picture 9 - Contemporary atmosphere with a rustic style with fireplace to enjoy the moments of rest and warmth.

Contemporary ambience with a rustic style with fireplace

Picture 10 - Living room with fireplace in a reduced space of TV and reading.

Living room with fireplace in a reduced space of TV and reading

Picture 11 - Contemporary atmosphere in pastel colors and a dark fireplace highlighted.

dark fireplace in room highlight

Picture 12 - Ample coverage with double height ceiling and a fireplace with classic design reignified in the modern decoration.

fireplace with classic design

Picture 13 - Environment prepared for the colder days: fireplace in the room with niches to store firewood and feed the flames.

fireplace in living room with niches

Picture 14 - Super colorful contemporary environment with ecological fireplace embedded in the wall.

Super colorful contemporary setting

Picture 15 - Room with rustic iron fireplace in a contemporary re-reading in B & B.

Living room with rustic iron fireplace

Picture 16 - Living room with modern fireplace and another niche to accommodate wood in the structure.

Living room with modern fireplace

Picture 17 - Fireplace in the room on a wall covered with gold inserts for a touch of glamor to the environment.

Fireplace in living room on a wall coated with pellets

Picture 18 - Built-in fireplace in the planned furniture of entire wall to room: use of space and style.

Built-in fireplace in planned furniture

Picture 19 - Living room with fireplace on stone wall: antique style and contemporary decor.

Living room with fireplace in stone wall

Picture 20 - Living room with vertical ecological fireplace: a more daring style for those who want a decoration with personality.

Living room with vertical ecological fireplace

Picture 21 - Living room with iron fireplace in a design in straight shapes and rustic inspiration.

Living room with iron fireplace

Picture 22 - Large fireplace in the living room for places where the cold is more rigorous.

Large fireplace in living room

Picture 23 - Living room with fireplace of more classic design with a new touch of color!

Room with fireplace of more classic design

Picture 24 - Modern environment with glass walls and a fireplace to keep the room warm and supported.

Modern ambiance with glass walls

Picture 25 - Contemporary and super stylish room with fireplace.

Contemporary and super stylish living room with fireplace

Picture 26 - Living room with Boho Chic inspired decor and a little used fireplace.

Living room with Boho Chic inspired decor

Picture 27 - Ample environment with fireplace to receive several guests.

Ample environment with fireplace to receive several guests

Picture 28 - Living room with ecological fireplace and a clean decorative style.

Living room with ecological fireplace

Picture 29 - Planned environment with rustic stone fireplace and metal hood to carry ashes and smoke out of space.

Planned environment with rustic stone fireplace and metal hood

Picture 30 - Apparent brick fireplace and external finish with marble in a mix of two decorative styles.

Apparent brick fireplace and external cladding with marble

Picture 31 - Room in an industrial style with exposed brick and fireplace with metal structure of the mountains.

Room in an industrial style with exposed brick and fireplace with metal structure

Picture 32 - Apartment room with relaxed and contemporary decoration with fireplace.

Apartment room with a relaxed decoration

Picture 33 - Living room with fireplace in vibrant colors and a style that blends contemporary with classic sophistication.

Living room with fireplace in vibrant colors

Picture 34 - Fireplace with marble external finish in a plate that takes full height of the wall.

Fireplace with external marble finish

Picture 35 - Ecological fireplace with space for niche decoration: books organized by color gives a fluffy and delicate touch to the heavy stone structure.

Ecological fireplace with space for niche decoration

Picture 36 - Dark stone fireplace embedded in the planned wooden cabinet on the entire wall.

Dark stone fireplace built into the planned closet

Picture 37 - Minimal style room in B & B with fireplace to add a warmer element to the environment.

Minimal style room in B & B with fireplace

Picture 38 - Living room with double foyer and a fireplace to warm the colder days.

Living room with double foyer and a fireplace to warm the colder days

Picture 39 - Fireplace in living room and decoration with potted plants.

Fireplace in living room and decoration with potted plants

Picture 40 - Living room with a corner fireplace and a position of furniture that does not focus on the heating system.

Living room with corner fireplace

Picture 41 - Contemporary large living room with long ecological fireplace in a wall niche.

Contemporary large living room with ecological fireplace

Picture 42 - Fireplace with metal frame for an air more industrial for the environment.

Fireplace with metal frame

Picture 43 - Living room with fireplace, wooden towers and paraphernalia to keep the fire alive.

Living room with fireplace, wood tops and parapets

Picture 44 - Fireplace embedded in the wood-covered wall and a more colorful and vibrant paint for the cladding bricks.

Fireplace built into the wall covered with firewood

Picture 45 - Living room with fireplace in a fashion kitsch style: mirrored fireplace, many colors and decorative elements.

Living room with fireplace in a fashion kitsch style

Picture 46 - Sophisticated ambiance in black and wood: fireplace keeps the room warm and air even more serious.

Sophisticated black and wood ambience

Image 47 - Large living room with stone fireplace and TV on the wall.

Large living room with stone fireplace

Picture 48 - Room with symbolic fireplace: frame of fireplace, firewood and a bright little fire to give more style to the environment.

Room with a symbolic fireplace

Picture 49 - Living room with fireplace in a Scandinavian style with strong green tones.

Living room with fireplace in a Scandinavian style

Picture 50 - Living room with fireplace with a concrete bench to approach the fire and heat up.

Living room with fireplace with a concrete bench

Picture 51 - Living room with central fireplace: a perfect environment to center a large abstract picture or contemporary photography.

Living room with central fireplace

Picture 52 - Yellowish environment with an ecological fireplace in a height superior to the seats.

Yellowish ambience with an ecological fireplace

Picture 53 - Living room with fireplace and TV to watch your favorite shows in a cozy atmosphere.

Living room with fireplace and TV

Picture 54 - Fireplace embedded in a stone panel and large TV to watch novels and games.

Fireplace built-in stone panel

Picture 55 - In a Scandinavian style, atmosphere in B & B with iron fireplace.

Living room with Scandinavian style fireplace

Picture 56 - Fireplace with classic white frame and a more contemporary and relaxed way of decorating.

Fireplace with Classic White Frame

Image 57 - A work supported on the top of the fireplace helps to give personality to the environment.

A work supported on the top of the fireplace helps to give personality to the environment

Image 58 - Straight concrete fireplace and lots of decoration above it.

Straight concrete fireplace and lots of decoration above it

Image 59 - Brick fireplace in a rustic finish and white paint for a cleaner climate.

Brick fireplace in a rustic finish

Image 60 - The great works above the fireplace work even better in a double-legged environment.

The large works above the fireplace work even better in double-legged environment

Jeremiah Pearson Fri, 13 Apr 2018 03:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Mini wedding: learn how to organize and decorate the intimate ceremony]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/mini-wedding-learn-how-to-organize-and-decorate-the-intimate-ceremony https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/mini-wedding-learn-how-to-organize-and-decorate-the-intimate-ceremony Mini weddings are getting more and more popular in Brazil. Whether for financial reasons or a stylistic choice, mini wedding is a type of wedding with ceremony and more intimate party, generally held in cozy surroundings that serve a maximum of 100 people. The European influence, with its ceremonies more closed and discreet.

With this new trend in the market, many doubts can arise from the decoration that can be used in space. In this post, we will talk a little about the organization and decoration of this ceremony that has everything to be super special.

How to organize your mini wedding

A smaller wedding can be the ideal format for those who want to lower their budget and save money without losing the style of a perfect wedding, but can also be used as a way to invest even more in quality in party services and celebrate with the family alone and the closest friends. Whatever your choice, take a look at these tips on how to organize and decorate a ceremony and mini wedding party:

Invited : getting the list of guests for a wedding can be relentless, after all, there is always someone from the family or friend of work to include and with that, the list does not stop growing! In mini wedding the idea is to call only the fundamental people to accompany you on this important day.

Therefore, those cousins ​​that you do not have much contact or the colleagues you only see at work should not be called. Difficult as it may seem, try to think only of the people you most want to be together with you. To be considered a mini wedding, the list should not exceed 100 people between guests and companions, but ideally it should remain in the 70's. For those who want an even more intimate ceremony, the micro wedding serves up to 40 people.

Place of ceremony or party : As the guest list is reduced, you can dispense with the grand salons and think of more welcoming surroundings such as restaurants, country houses or even the beach! Everything will depend on your dream wedding style, be it rustic, traditional or even super modern. But for those who want even more affectionate memories, weddings in the backyard, in that mood of various American comedies, work very well and already relieve the payment of space!

Ideal time : For mini weddings, the most common is for the ceremony to take place during the afternoon and the party to last until the evening. Of course it is not a rule, but there is a certain magic in the ceremonies that accompany the sunset, especially in the more intimate outdoors.

Personalized decoration and intimate atmosphere : For those who are organizing their wedding, every detail of decoration counts, and if the proposal is to do something more intimate, some types of items are wild!

An example of this is the lights in garlands or even blinkers, which can be used to create a special and low illumination on the walls and even on the ceiling. In that case, opt for the yellow lights, they leave the atmosphere cozier! Another example is the rustic furniture or even the family silverware. If your mother, grandparents, aunts have any special items that will make all the difference in the decoration of the party, it is time to borrow, after all, no one says no to the bride and groom!

Another detail are custom or handmade items : For those who are trying to save money, it's worth organizing some of your family and friends to help you make some items handy. Godmothers and godparents are always at your service!

To complete the intimate decor, think about the layout of the tables at the time of the party and the meal you offer. For a list with fewer guests, worth thinking about a single table to behave everyone, so you keep everyone together and celebrating together with the bride and groom. If the guest list does not include a single table, divide the cores into separate tables, but in a small number to improve circulation and for whom the couple can get through, paying attention to everyone.

Food, drinks, cake and sweets : At the idea of ​​reducing costs with the size of the salon, the part that can most benefit from this is that of food and drinks. Investing in the quality of meals (lunch or dinner), snacks, drinks and even candy can transform your celebration and create more incredible memories. Here is the time to look for a special buffet or even a chef to create your menu with the quantity you prefer of dishes. In those cases, one might think of a lunch or dinner complete with starter, main course and dessert for everyone to eat together.

Music for a special climate : The economy in other aspects of marriage can also give you a greater range of options when choosing other important details like music. In that case, hiring a DJ or a band to play live can make the mood even more special, regardless of the type of music you choose.

60 inspirations from miniweddings that you will fall in love with

With these tips, take a look at our inspirations in mini weddings in the complete gallery we've separated!

Picture 1 - Mini wedding with the right decoration with natural leaves and candles on the path of the bride.

Mini wedding with the right decoration with natural leaves

Picture 2 - Mini rustic wedding in beachy and super organized climate: map of seats already at the entrance of the hall.

Rustic mini wedding in beach climate

Picture 3 - Unique table for the grooms and guests and a lush floral decoration!

Single table for the bride and groom

Picture 4 - Cake table in a minimal tone and inspired by nature.

Cake table in a minimal tone

Picture 5 - Minibar in a climate self service for the guests to enjoy and celebrate the event!

Minibar in a self-service climate

Picture 6 - Buttery biscuits with cover of American paste marbled to serve to the guests like souvenir.

Buttered biscuits with American paste cover

Picture 7 - Outdoor mini wedding: corner for photos inside a super prepared van.

Mini wedding outdoor

Picture 8 - Wedding for a few guests with a simple and super delicate decoration.

Wedding for a few guests

Picture 9 - For those who want to celebrate the wedding at home, it is worth giving a special touch to the existing decoration of the room with a sign in the dressing room style.

Mini wedding sign in dressing room style

Picture 10 - Another souvenir for the guests full of affection: flowers to bring more delicacy to the life of all.

flowers to bring more delicacy to the life of all

Picture 11 - Cake table in a simple style: small table and floral decoration ideal for Mini wedding.

Cake table in a simple style

Picture 12 - Well set table in white and gold with menu and a treat for the end of the dinner.

Well set table in white and gold

Picture 13 - Shared Adventures: besides a book of signatures for the guests, how about asking directions for places to visit and sightseeing?

Mini wedding: how about asking directions for places to visit and sightseeing

Picture 14 - Perfect mini Wedding on the beach: platform as altar for the bride and groom, many light fabrics and flowers to leave the environment even more perfect.

Perfect Mini Wedding on the Beach

Picture 15 - Mini wedding restaurant with single table: organic design to improve the placement of conversations between the guests.

Mini wedding restaurant with single table

Picture 16 - Individual portions and simple snacks with a touch more: for less guests, capriche in the choice of food.

Single portions and simple snacks with a touch of more

Picture 17 - Cake table with a natural and super special flowery panel: choose your favorite flowers and colors to decorate the wall simply and cheaply.

Cake table with a natural and super special flowery panel

Picture 18 - Wall decorations with words and phrases in MDF: a simple decoration full of meanings.

Wall decorations with words and phrases on MDF

Picture 19 - A detail in the bride and groom's dining chair: another way of demarcating places at the tables.

A detail in the bride and groom dining chair

Picture 20 - Memory panel with two: printed photos are increasingly rare, so make them an even more special element for your decoration.

Two-way memory panel

Picture 21 - Demarque the way of the bride in different ways: worth the rose petals, rugs and even a strip of fabric of your choice.

Demarcate the way of the bride in different ways

Picture 22 - Easy sweets to take home: chocolate droplets, confectionery, even little jellybeans as wedding souvenirs.

Easy sweets to take home

Picture 23 - Special theme for the wedding: drawing with chalk on the wall with blackboard paint done by an artist leaves the environment and the day even more special.

Special theme for wedding mini wedding

Picture 24 - Wall decoration with flasher : another idea of cheap decoration and simple for a mini wedding.

Mini wedding with flasher

Picture 25 - For the parties in the late afternoon, the candles work to create an even more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Mini wedding in the late afternoon

Image 26 - Chocolates full of love to accompany a coffee at the end of the party.

Chocolates at the end of the mini wedding party

Image 27 - You can also display your photos in more elaborate frames in a mix of shapes, colors and textures.

You can also display your photos in more elaborate frames in a mix of shapes, colors and textures

Image 28 - Nature as the great honoree of the ceremony: path of rose petals and green wall to formalize the wedding vows.

Nature as the great ceremony honored mini wedding

Picture 29 - In a more sophisticated tone, it is worth betting on the great fabrics like cover of table and wall panel.

Large fabrics in mini wedding decoration

Picture 30 - Graceful in every detail: from the flowers in glass cups to the colored letters forming the name of the bride and groom.

Grace in decoration mini wedding

Picture 31 - Another creative and unusual way to advertise the menu: work on lettering on brown paper type bread bag.

Lettering on paper in mini wedding

Picture 32 - For a wedding on the beach, a table of tropical food: bet on the super colorful and refreshing fruits to eat or turn into drinks.

Mini wedding for beach wedding

Image 33 - Cheap, home-made and full of delicacy and charm mini: bow with flowers, leaves and voil curtain to make the marriage official.

Mini cheap homemade wedding

Image 34 - Wall light: to highlight the cake table and sweets, a wall full of flashing lights.

Mini wedding with light wall

Picture 35 - Have an entire wall shelf? Decorate it with many little plants and candles to turn the space into the perfect wedding background.

Little plants and candles in mini wedding

Image 36 - Another idea of ​​long table decoration with flower arrangements.

Long table decoration in mini wedding

Picture 37 - In the pot ready to be eaten: homemade edible souvenir for your guests.

Edible remembrance at mini wedding

Picture 38 - Another way to form sentences on the wall: organization type examination of sight for the most attentive!

Organization type eye exam

Picture 39 - Board with skewers to be delighted: create options of portions for a self-service style.

Board with skewers

Image 40 - Mirrored bar with flower arrangement and tower of bowls: sophisticated decor ready for the great toast.

Mirrored bar in mini wedding

Image 41 - Another surprise snack: colorful white chocolate and with phrase for the lovers.

White chocolate on mini wedding

Picture 42 - You can also separate the guest area and the altar path with large pots of your favorite plant.

Vases on the path of the altar of mini wedding

Picture 43 - Celebration lunch in the largest style fairy tales: long table for all the guests in the greatest Provencal romantic climate.

Lunch in mini wedding fairy tale style

Image 44 - Garden signage plate for no guest to get lost.

Garden signage board for mini wedding

Image 45 - Turkish Eye Pendant in well-married wrapping to protect the bride and groom from any evil eye.

Turkish Eye Pendant

Picture 46 - Garlands of flowers and metallic balloons for a mini wedding decoration homemade and super romantic.

Garlands of flowers in mini wedding

Picture 47 - Central table of the party with food self-service buffet typical of the region of origin of the newlyweds.

Self-service buffet in mini wedding

Image 48 - Mini wedding with decoration in industrial style with contrast between wood and metal.

Mini wedding with industrial style decoration

Picture 49 - One more thing to inspire yourself: on wooden boards, organize small portions of fruits, vegetables and other easy, light and refreshing ingredients.

Petite for mini wedding

Image 50 - Special balloons for the newlyweds: a super cheap celebration of the new formed family.

Special balloons for the bride and groom

Picture 51 - Message from the bride and groom to the guests on the wall in a decorated and perfumed space.

Message from the bride and groom to the guests on the wall

Image 52 - Champagne for everyone! Individual bottles for all guests toast together the happiness of the bride and groom.

Champagne for everyone

Picture 53 - Suspended cake table in a swing style with ribbons for a surprise element in the decoration.

Suspension table in a swing style with ribbons

Picture 54 - For mini weddings held in the open at night, it is worth investing in a uniform and strong illumination in current.

Mini wedding in the open air at night

Image 55 - Mini wedding with coastal decoration inspired by the California region: very sea and well colored flowers.

Mini wedding with coastal decoration

Image 56 - Engagements everywhere: decoration even drawn in chocolate.

Engines in all places of decoration

Picture 57 - Curtain of tsurus: simple decoration, colorful and full of symbology for your party.

Tsurus curtain

Image 58 - Use your shelves to accommodate more flowers and candles in the complete romantic-style décor.

Use your shelves to accommodate more flowers and candles

Image 59 - Personalized topper for cake: catch with bride and groom photos.

Personalized topper for cake

Image 60 - Watercolor panel with a wedding theme art to complete the personalized decoration.

Watercolor panel with a wedding theme art

Eric Lane Thu, 12 Apr 2018 05:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Dining Room Decor: 60 Ideas to Enchant]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/dining-room-decor-60-ideas-to-enchant https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/dining-room-decor-60-ideas-to-enchant Making family meals is a great opportunity to share moments together, especially in the midst of the day-to-day running. And the dining room serves just that: to create moments watered by good food and good company.

So that these moments are harnessed in the best possible way, the decoration counts a lot. And with it you will determine the most suitable furniture and the ideal lighting, for example.

And speaking of furniture, the dining room does not require much. We can summarize a space of this with three items: tables, chairs and a sideboard or buffet, the latter being optional. The great trick to making a perfect dining room is to get right in choosing the furniture and the decor.

This is what you will learn here: how to decorate your dining room. Keep following this post, because we will give you great tips and surprise you with lovely designs.

Dining room decoration: dining table

Let's start with it: the dining table. The right choice of furniture will make all the difference in the comfort and aesthetics of your dining room.

The dining table is the largest furniture in the environment and, it is up to her, to determine the area of ​​circulation of the place. To plan your dining room take into account that it is necessary to leave a minimum area for circulation, which is usually 90 centimeters, but ideally it should be between 120 centimeters to 150 centimeters (provided that the chairs are already occupied and away from the table ).

The round and square tables are beautiful, but in small dining rooms the rectangular tables, which take up less space, are ideal.

The material for your dining table can be glass, wood or metal. Whatever you prefer, as long as it fits the design of the décor, especially in cases where the dining room is integrated with other environments, such as the kitchen and the living room. So yes, it is preferable to standardize the decoration style to create identity and continuity between environments.

Dining room furniture: chairs

The chairs are the table pair and are as important as it. The choice of chairs will depend on the type of table and the tip, in this case, is to pay attention to the dimensions of the table.

A large, spacious table holds armchair-style chairs, with arms, high back and cushions. Small tables should have armless chairs and a low backrest.

It is not necessary to combine all the chairs. They can be different, as long as they have something in common, such as the same material, color or finish. The same idea applies to the combination of tables and chairs, they do not have to be a perfect match, but they must have something in common.
To get away from the obvious, switch two chairs over a long bench, that's a good hint for small rooms. When the seat is not being used, just push it down the table, freeing up space for movement. Sofas and benches fixed in the corner of the wall can create a German corner.

Dining room decor: sideboards and buffets

Let's start by explaining the difference between dresser and buffet. The sideboards are poured furniture and serve for (guess what?) Trim objects! But the buffets have doors and drawers and are ideal for storing those crockery or cutlery that you only use on special occasions.

In the dining room, both furniture breaks a bunch at the time of serving the meal, since you can use them to accommodate the dishes or serve the food over them.

Puffs or small benches can be stored under the dresser, in case some extra guest arrives he does not stand up.

Other Dining Room Decoration Items

There are also three important elements worth mentioning here. The first one is the rug. You can use a rug in the dining room as long as it has a low texture for easy cleaning and does not accumulate dirt. Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is that the carpet should have a spare after the chairs to avoid accidents and all the chairs should stand on the carpet.
The second element is the chandelier or lamp. This item is very common in dining rooms and highly value the space. So if you can, invest in one. The chandeliers are usually centered on the table, but nothing prevents you from having some indirect points of light distributed throughout the room.

And finally, the mirror. This is a great darling of dining room decor. And you should already know why. It visually widens the space and adds elegance to the environment. It pays to bet on one.

60 Amazing Dining Room Decor Ideas to Enchant

Want to see how all this works in practice? Then check out the pictures of the decorated dining rooms we have selected:

Picture 1 - Decoration of dining room with indirect light: almost a restaurant.

Indirect light dining room

Picture 2 - Dining room with modern german singing .

Dining room with modern German corner

Picture 3 - Dining room decoration with rustic dining table with bold design chairs.

rustic dining table

Picture 4 - Integrated environments need a decoration in common, in this case the chandeliers.

Integrated environments with chandeliers

Picture 5 - German corner with round table.

German Corner with round table

Picture 6 - vertical garden and pendant lights reinforced the height of the right foot.

Dining Room Decoration with Vertical Garden

Picture 7 - Decoration of dining room with wide table and base marked.

Dining room decoration with wide table and striking base

Picture 8 - Yellow chairs to brighten the dining room.

Yellow chairs to brighten the dining room

Picture 9 - Decoration of dining room with table of 4 seats that accommodates two puffs to receive more guests.

Dining room decoration with 4 seater table

Image 10 - Mirror at desk height enlarges the size of the room.

Mirror at desk height

Picture 11 - Different chairs, but in the same style.

Different chairs, but in the same style

Picture 12 - Dining room with German corner in black and white.

Dining room with German corner

Picture 13 - Pillows to make the German corner more comfortable.

Pillows to make the German corner more comfortable

Picture 14 - Round wooden dining table with white top.

Round wooden dining table with white top

Picture 15 - Luxury German corner: highlight for the mirror and indirect lighting.

German luxury corner

Image 16 - Union of materials: elegance of glass with the rusticity of wood.

Union of materials

Picture 17 - Dining table with oval top of white granite .

Dining table with oval top

Picture 18 - Wood and black: a sophisticated combination for the dining room.

Wood and black

Picture 19 - Puffers instead of chairs.

Puffs instead of chairs

Picture 20 - Chandelier with several pendants to decorate the dining room.

Chandelier with various pendants to decorate the dining room

Picture 21 - Buffet and sideboard in the same mobile.

Buffet and sideboard on the same piece of furniture

Picture 22 - Low chairs and round table for a relaxed dining room.

Low chairs and round table for a relaxed dining area

Picture 23 - Dining table with different chairs, but in the same color.

Dining table with different chairs

Picture 24 - Colored chairs for a fun dining room.

Colored chairs for a fun dining room

Image 25 - Mirror extends and enlarges the dining table.

Mirror extends and enlarges the dining table

Picture 26 - Rustic and sophisticated dining room at the same time.

Rustic Dining Room

Picture 27 - Tables and chairs white to contrast with the wall wine.

White tables and chairs

Image 28 - Wide table allows use of bulky chairs; fixtures follow the same style of chairs.

Wide table allows use of bulky chairs

Picture 29 - Decoration of dining room with young and relaxed look and with the chairs of different formats.

Dining room decoration with young and relaxed look

Picture 30 - To save space, touch the table to the wall.

To save space, touch the desk to the wall.

Picture 31 - Romantic style, the dining room uses sofa and transparent chairs to decorate.

Decorated dining room

Picture 32 - Bench with chairs: modern and functional combination.

Dining room decoration with bench and chairs

Image 33 - Striking blue to break the monotony white and gray.

Striking blue to break the monotony white and gray

Picture 34 - Table of easels with chairs and bench: perfect combination between the rustic and the romantic.

Easel table with chairs and bench

Picture 35 - Striped rug under the chairs of modern design; fiber chandeliers complement the look.

Striped rug under the chairs of modern design

Image 36 - Granite table with wooden chairs and wicker.

Granite table with wooden chairs and wicker

Picture 37 - Dining room clean and with all the necessary elements.

Dining room clean and with all the necessary elements

Image 38 - Dining room decoration with pictures.

Dining room decoration with pictures

Picture 39 - Table with glass top: elegance for the dining room.

Glass top table: elegance for the dining room

Image 40 - Fixed luminaires in the center of the table.

Fixtures in the center of the table

Picture 41 - Dining table under the glass ceiling.

Dining table under glass ceiling

Image 42 - Grandma's time tablecloth in modern dining room: contrast of generations.

Grandma's Time Tablecloth in Modern Dining Room

Picture 43 - Dining room decoration: low sideboard supports the cactus vase.

Dining Room Decoration: Low Sideboard Holds Up Cactus Vase

Picture 44 - Dining table couch leaning against the counter that divides the rooms.

Dining table couch leaning on the counter that divides the environments

Image 45 - Dining room with elements in shades of black and white.

Dining room with elements in shades of black and white

Picture 46 - Antique buffet in contrast to the modern set of table and chairs.

Antique buffet in contrast to the modern set of table and chairs

Picture 47 - Dining room with clean and soft decoration.

Dining room with clean and soft decor

Image 48 - Dining room decorated with niches.

Dining room decorated with niches

Picture 49 - Copper and wood to contrast the white decoration of the dining room.

Copper and wood to contrast the white decor of the dining room

Picture 50 - Dining room decoration: Rectangular table with bench makes better use of small spaces.

Dining Room Decoration with Rectangular Table

Picture 51 - Black dining room: sophistication even in the windows.

Black dining room: sophistication even in the windows

Picture 52 - Dining table with eight seats: a luxury in times of small houses.

Dining table with eight seats

Picture 53 - Dining room that invites for a good chat.

Dining room invites for a good chat

Picture 54 - Small dining room with round table: even space, only for circulation.

Small dining room with round table

Picture 55 - Dining room with comfortable chairs.

Dining room with comfortable chairs

Picture 56 - A stylish and full of personality for the dining table.

A stylish and full of personality for the dining table

Image 57 - Darker shades leave the dining room intimate.

Darker shades leave the dining room intimate

Image 58 - Wallpaper to enhance the dining room.

Wallpaper to enhance the dining room

Image 59 - A hidden bar in the dining room.

Dining Room Decor: 60 Ideas to Enchant

Image 60 - Minimalist dining room.

Minimalist dining room

Jared Harper Thu, 12 Apr 2018 02:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[White room: 60 ideas and projects that can inspire you]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/white-room-60-ideas-and-projects-that-can-inspire-you https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/white-room-60-ideas-and-projects-that-can-inspire-you There are those who say that the white room is too basic or even devoid of personality, but this color that is the biggest joker in the decor can indeed create incredible environments that involve a lot of style, personality and design!

The predominant white room, besides indicating neutrality, can be the ideal color to leave your environment in a clean or minimal style, with a more relaxing and quiet tone to ensure perfect nights of sleep and a pleasant environment during the day.

And to speak of this color that is even more valued today as the main decoration in single, double, children and youth, we have brought a complete post on how to use this color in your decoration! Let's talk a little bit about the meaning, how to use it, the combinations and styles it brings, and our gallery of images with several ideas for you to do at home!

The White on the Decore

White wall

In color psychology, white is always associated with light, peace, purity and innocence, always being associated with the positive. In addition, it also refers to hygiene, safety and neutrality.

For these aspects, white is an extremely important color for interior decoration: it helps the light to spread as evenly as possible in the environment, it is also the perfect balance for the darker or vibrant tones when combined with other colors, besides being the ideal color for the rooms that need greater asepsis, like the kitchen and the bathroom.

In the rooms, they guarantee a quiet and sober atmosphere, even when combined with darker and more colorful colors. They can create a peaceful, peaceful atmosphere and inspire calm and relaxation, the perfect sensations for this room!

White and its numerous combination possibilities

For those who want to apply a little color in the environment, the fact that white is considered the neutral in the color chart of the decoration only has points in your favor! You can use any color and tone to match this background but there are some colors that work like real jokers depending on the style you will be inspired to set up the bedroom.

For example, pink can give a more romantic and youthful air, especially if working with the tones that are on the rise as the Rose Millennial. The green, already calling a fresh nature climate works in the lighter tones for a more elegant and sophisticated tone, while darker tones inspire a more urban and industrial decoration.

Navy blue is also a favorite when it comes to giving a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to the space, as well as light blue to enter the nautical style! Yellow comes in to bring the sun and brighter lighting when combined with white and even gray, breaking the feeling of coldness in space.

In addition to these colors, another trend of the moment is the so-called"raw colors", in woody tones like ivory, yellow, pink and brown in very clear tones that do not distant so much from the white. It's great for creating a sense of calm and tranquility in space.
In short, white is an empty canvas that you can paint with the style and colors you want, adapting to suit all tastes!

Black and white: basic and full of style!

Perhaps the most obvious combination with white is with its opposite: black. But far from being an obvious and basic combination, especially in decor, the famous P & B is the perfect blend for anyone who wants environments ranging from the modern, upscale to the luxurious.

Working with contrasting colors can help give more emphasis to decorative elements: in the environment with white furniture, vases, shelves, benches, cushions, and even darker shades of gray and black help to give more life and personality to the room, depending on the tastes of the host.

Also, since black is also often considered a neutral color, you can choose to work with monochrome (the grayscale ranging from lightest - white - to darkest - black) or auxiliary color to give even more highlighted above.
Just be careful when making the proportions between white and black, so as not to darken the environment too much the ideal is to use the darker color in punctual items. After all, in the white room the light must prevail!

Enter the Minimal Wave

Minimalism like lifestyle and decoration is there to show that it does not take much to get fantastic results. The secret is in the right bet! In decor, this style works great, especially for those who want a lighter, more practical environment and with no excess of visual information on objects and furniture.

That's why white is the color that is most associated with this style that is winning more fans every day! The idea is always to assemble the entire main decoration (with bed, walls and closet) in white and go"coloring"the environment with colored items such as bedding, cushions and other decorative objects.

60 ideas and white room designs to inspire

Take a look at our gallery for more white room decorating tips and inspirations!

Picture 1 - White room double in the minimal style: only the necessary one.

Double white bedroom in minimal style

Picture 2 - Room white couple with some details of color discreet, but that give a rise in the astral of the environment.

White couple bedroom with some color details

Picture 3 - The minimalism of the white room up to the closet in B & B.

The minimalism from the white room to the closet

Picture 4 - The black contrasts very well with the white and maintains the neutrality of the room.

Black contrasts very well with white

Picture 5 - White room with touches of blue and pink by all the corners.

White room with touches of blue

Picture 6 - White room in a sophisticated contemporary style: a little bit of beige, navy blue and gold in the decorative elements.

White room in a sophisticated contemporary style

Picture 7 - White double room planned: choice of white finish for the wardrobe and wall.

White double room planned

Picture 8 - White room for children: furniture, toys and decorative objects in the palette of white and gray.

Childish white room

Picture 9 - A touch of life in green: a little plant on the side table of the bed breaks the feeling of coldness of the white room.

A touch of life in green

Image 10 - Gray, silver and beige as combinations for the white room keeping the palette clear and neutral.

Gray, silver and beige

Picture 11 - Colors of the off-white palette to bring a different color to the contemporary white bedroom.

Colors of the off-white palette

Picture 12 - To gain an interesting contrast in the room with white base, bet on functional decorative elements in darker shades.

White room with functional decorative elements

Picture 13 - Single white room in a young and minimalist style.

Single white room

Picture 14 - White and neutral base also to reconcile the tastes of a double infantile room.

White and neutral base

Picture 15 - Monochrome: white, gray and black room in full color scale!

White, gray and black bedroom

Picture 16 - Another monochrome idea: White room based on shades of gray.

White room with shades of gray

Picture 17 - White to open the room, especially in loft or conjugated environments.

White to open the environment

Picture 18 - Combine white with shades of rose like the Rose Quartz, trend of the last years, to create a fluffy and stylish environment.

Match the white with shades of pink

Image 19 - Another super right mix and currently popular is white with raw tones.

White with raw tones

Picture 20 - White, black and several shades of light pink: perfect for balancing light and color in the room.

White, black and various shades of light pink

Picture 21 - Totally white double room to explore neutrality and simplicity.

Totally white double room

Image 22 - In addition to gray and black, the more brownish colors and an aged gold tone deserve attention in the secondary objects of the decor.

Tones of brown in the white room

Picture 23 - For those who want to leave the pink or blue cliché for the baby's room, a white room solves the problems and still brings an additional tranquility to the environment.

Baby white room

Picture 24 - For a contemporary bedroom with white as a base, bring a touch more with design pieces in stronger colors.

Room with white as a base

Picture 25 - White room with blue and wood: nautical style perfect for your beach house or city.

White room with blue and wood

Picture 26 - White room for those who love the minimal lifestyle: low bed and table of books.

White room for those who love the minimal lifestyle

Image 27 - White helps expand environments and create more subtle divisions!

White helps expand environments

Image 28 - Another color that goes very well with white in its coldest aspect is yellow: practically a sunny touch in the colorless environment!

White room with yellow

Picture 29 - White room in two environments: suspended bed and a super cozy reading space.

White room in two environments

Picture 30 - White and Green Room: For those who love the Urban Jungle style, the vibrant shades of leaves can help you color your room.

White and green room

Picture 31 - White room symmetrical couple and textured in bed linen and vertical panel.

White symmetrical double room

Picture 32 - White and black room in a modern and relaxed style: use of basic furniture in metal in an industrial style that combines much with the minimal climate.

White and black bedroom

Picture 33 - To balance the colder climate of white and gray, the woody tones in frames and the side table create a perfect harmony.

To balance the colder weather of white and gray

Picture 34 - Children's room in white, blue and gray also in a minimal style with low bed.

Children's room in white, blue and gray

Picture 35 - White room also for those who like a more glamorous decoration: many dressing room lights and a wall"in ruins"with brick apparent.

White room also for those who like a more glamorous decoration

Image 36 - Simple white room with black decorative elements.

Single white room

Picture 37 - White from ceiling to floor: ambient in a single tone ideal for relaxing and having good dreams.

White from ceiling to floor

Picture 38 - All white room to match any bed linen you choose.

All white room to match any bed linen

Picture 39 - To break some of the total white, wager on decorative objects like blankets and cushions to bring colors to the environment.

To break some of the total white

Picture 40 - White room with some elements in black to give an interesting contrast in the decór.

White room with some elements in black

Picture 41 - White room super young and relaxed with little plants: elements with more colors in the room can raise the mood of the environment.

Super white room young

Picture 42 - Minimal white room with apparent macaw for who is also connected in the idea of ​​the capsule wardrobe.

Minimal white room

Picture 43 - Children's room in black and white with planned joinery to optimize the space.

Children's room in black and white

Picture 44 - White double bedroom with off-white colors to bring a delicate touch to the bed.

White double room

Picture 45 - Explore the prints that can be used in B & W to give more life and texture to your bed

Explore the prints that can be used in B & W

Image 46 - White neutralizes the presence of the apparent bricks on the wall without hiding its texture.

White neutralizes the presence of the apparent bricks

Picture 47 - Give more personality to your white walls with more colorful pictures and sculptures, full of style.

Give more personality to your white walls

Picture 48 - In the minimalist climate, replacing wardrobes and dressers with hanging cabinets and shelves can help you decorate the walls with their decorative and functional objects.

In the minimalist climate

Picture 49 - Another simple white room with a combination of gray and brown.

One more single white room

Picture 50 - White couple bedroom planned with many niches and shelves to bring color to the environment through the books and decorative objects you have.

White double room planned

Picture 51 - White room with wooden floor: an ink layer to standardize the color of the room without taking away the style of the cue.

White room with wooden floors

Picture 52 - Baby room with white, gray and off-white tones: delicacy, comfort and tranquility in the environment.

Baby room with white

Picture 53 - Vibrant shades to lift the room astral and give more personality!

Vibrant tones to lift the room astral

Picture 54 - White double room with planned furniture and enamelled finish.

White double room

Picture 55 - Breaking the white room with natural elements: small plants in hangers and a small table.

Breaking Room White with Natural Elements

Picture 56 - Bring the color along with the items that define your personality: use colorful book covers, small plants and handmade rugs to set your style in the white room.

Colorful details in the white room

Image 57 - Young, stylish and minimal trend: black and white bedroom.

Young, stylish and minimal trend: black and white bedroom

Image 58 - For conjugated environments or lofts, it is worth using the white as a base for the whole environment and apply some colors in punctual elements.

For conjugated environments or lofts

Picture 59 - In the photographs and pictures on the wall, betting on a large blank border helps to maintain the minimal style of the room.

In photographs and pictures on the wall

Image 60 - White room in the industrial style: brickwork apparent on the main wall with a white layer that enhances their texture.

Industrial style white room

Editorial Wed, 11 Apr 2018 07:00:00 +0700
<![CDATA[Bathroom mirror: tips for choosing the ideal model]]> https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/bathroom-mirror-tips-for-choosing-the-ideal-model https://www.homedecoo.net/index.php/bathroom-mirror-tips-for-choosing-the-ideal-model Let's talk about mirrors for the bathroom today. Yes, this classic and indispensable item in the decoration. Companion of all hours, the mirror gives us good morning and accompanies us in the daily care routine, filling our life with self-esteem.

Undoubtedly, mirrors are great friends of man. To get an idea, the artifact has been present in the history of humanity since 3000 BC.

And of course, you will not leave that object out of your bathroom decor. Be it small or large, there will always be a wall space to hang a copy. And has for all tastes (and pockets). The versatility is so great that it allows the choice of shape, size and style.

Another important feature that makes the mirrors fundamental in the decoration is the ability of them to amplify the environment. Smaller spaces are even more benefited by them. Mirrors also help illuminate the space, as they reflect all the light received.

When decorating your bathroom with mirrors, analyze the style you want to give the environment and choose the model that best fits the proposal. The frames (or the absence of them) help to tone the decor.

60 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Bathroom Mirror

To have no mistake when choosing the ideal bathroom mirror, check out the tips and images below:

Picture 1 - Half to half.

Half to half
The half-way mirror broke the symmetry of the bathroom decor. The gold of the frame converses with the gold of the metals. It is undeniable that the mirror appreciated the environment.

Picture 2 - Mirror for vertical bathroom.

Vertical Bathroom Mirror
In this bathroom, the mirror comes upright, on top of the counter. A different idea, since most of the times the bench mirrors are positioned horizontally. Note that in this mirror there are no frames, leaving the environment lighter and cleaner

Picture 3 - Duo of mirrors for bathroom.

Duo of mirrors for bathroom
To differentiate a little, how about betting on a duo of mirrors, like that one of the image? The result is beautiful and harmonious. The thick wooden frame combines with the other elements of the bathroom

Picture 4 - Mirror for bathroom of great proportion.

Large Bathroom Mirror
While some are small and discreet, this mirror captures all the attention. It fills the entire wall and still causes an interesting effect. At first glance, this mirror looks round, but in fact, the mirror covers the entire space. The false impression is caused by the frame on the larger mirror

Picture 5 - Mirror for bathroom.

Mirror for bathroom
Joined one by one, these mirrors line the entire wall above the sink and toilet bowl. The lights below them help to give more depth to the environment

Picture 6 - Bathroom with round mirror.

Bathroom with round mirror
Simple and hanging on the towel holder, this mirror fulfills all its functions.

Picture 7 - Mirror for bathroom trimmed.

Bathroom mirror trimmed
In this white bathroom, the mirror follows the design of the square tiles. Cropped on the same line of mirror, it causes a distinctive and beautiful effect to the decoration

Picture 8 - Corner mirror for bathroom.

Corner mirror for bathroom
In that bathroom, the mirror was positioned to occupy the corner of the wall. See how you can escape the traditional way of using mirrors in the bathroom?

Image 9 - Square mirror hanging on the bench.

Square mirror hanging on the countertop
The smooth mirror, without frames, enhances and enhances the bathroom. Notice that it almost reaches the ceiling

Picture 10 - Bathroom mirror with gold frame.

Bathroom mirror with gold frame
Of striking visual, this gold-framed mirror contributes (and a lot) to the decor of this romantic-style bathroom. Placed horizontally, it occupies the entire extension of the bench.

Image 11 - Bathroom mirror with rounded corners.

Bathroom mirror with rounded corners
The modern-style bathroom became even more beautiful with the rounded detail of the mirror corners

Picture 12 - Mirror with luxurious detail.

Mirror with luxurious detail
The retro-influenced bathroom has gained in sophistication with the glass pendants that fall on it

Picture 13 - Cabinet with built-in mirror.

Cabinet with built-in mirror
The built-in mirror in the closet is very common to be seen in bathrooms, yet in this model it has become more elegant due to its larger size

Image 14 - Sophistication of the mirror with the rustic of the wood.

Sophistication of the mirror with the rustic of the wood
In this bathroom, the mirror comes to give sophistication and balance the rustic effect of wood

Picture 15 - Mirror to keep in the pocket.

Mirror to keep in your pocket
This mirror reminds those models to close and to keep in the pocket. The metal chain reinforces the suggestion that the mirrors can be removed and stored at any time

Picture 16 - Functional double.

Functional mirror double for bathroom
Beautiful and functional, this set of mirrors are a great choice to decorate the bathroom and take care of the hygiene and the visual

Image 17 - Articulated mobile mirror.

Articulated mobile mirror
Another interesting idea. In this bathroom, the mirror is movable and articulated. You can move it wherever you want and take advantage of it in the best possible way

Image 18 - Ceiling pendant mirror.

Ceiling Pendant Mirror
In this industrial style bathroom, the mirror comes from the ceiling fixed on the pipe

Image 19 - Mirror following the height of the coating.

Mirror following coating height
To create a single harmonic line, this mirror accompanies the coating boundary

Image 20 - Mirror of shapes.

Shape Mirror
The simple and romantic bathroom decor uses a mirror with a fan-like shape. Simple, beautiful and functional

Picture 21 - Mirror with vintage frame.

Vintage Frame Mirror
The vintage frame of this mirror set the tone for the decor. The bathroom was charming, classic and sophisticated

Image 22 - Mirrors looking like windows.

Mirrors that look like windows in the bathroom
The shape of these mirrors refers to the design of windows. When positioned in the bathroom they cause the sensation of being in front of an external view.

Picture 23 - Mirrors of black frame.

Bathroom mirror with black frame
The black mirror frame follows the B & W line of this bathroom. The option of just supporting them on the countertop, rather than hanging them, is another alternative to using mirrors.

Picture 24 - Rounded mirror.

Rounded Mirror
The rounded shape of the mirror softens the environment and helps to check out the romantic mood of that bathroom

Image 25 - Curved bathroom mirror.

Curved Bathroom Mirror
The curve shape of the mirror, similar to a dialogue balloon, is responsible for all the decor of this bathroom. Imagine the environment without it.

Image 26 - Mirror with cast frame.

Bathroom mirror with cast frame
The blue frame is larger than the mirror and thus creates an interesting leaked effect. The blue tone of the frame also serves to create a dot of color in the predominantly gray and white bathroom

Image 27 - Mirror for running bathroom.

Sliding Bathroom Mirror
Another creative idea for using mirrors in the bathroom. In this image, the mirror moves along a rail, so it is possible to leave it where it thinks best

Image 28 - Rectangular bathroom mirror.

Rectangular Bathroom Mirror
The bathroom's mirror covers the entire length of the countertop and helps to enhance the bathroom's sense of space. Highlight for the black frame that talks very well with the other decorative elements

Picture 29 - Set of round mirrors.

Round Bathroom Mirror
The three round mirrors, of different sizes, decorate with grace and charm the modern style bathroom

Image 30 - One-piece mirror on the bench.

One-piece bench mirror
To enlarge the bathroom, the solution was to bet on a large and tall mirror. In addition to enhancing the environment, it still illuminates it by reflecting light.

Picture 31 - Small but present.

Mirror for tiny bathroom
No matter the size, as long as the mirror is present. This is what happens in this bathroom. Even small and discreet, the mirror can fulfill its practical and aesthetic functions

Picture 32 - Mirror with worked edge.

Bathroom Mirror with Crafted Edge
The romantic bathroom got a lot nicer with this crafted edge mirror. The effect was light and delicate, as the project requires

Image 33 - Split in the middle.

Bathroom mirror divided in half
The impression is that this mirror was spread out in the middle. But in fact, the mirrors were purposely positioned to leave the cabinet on the wall in plain sight

Image 34 - Bathroom mirror with wooden frame.

Bathroom mirror with wooden frame
The medium-sized mirror has a wooden frame to integrate it with the environment. At the back of the mirror comes down the hydraulic pipe where the taps were installed

Image 35 - Vintage style crafted edge mirror.

Vintage style crafted edge mirror
The vintage style of this bathroom is even in the shape of the mirror. Nowadays, it is possible to find an immense variety of mirrors with worked border

Image 36 - Skid effect on the mirror frame.

Skid effect on the mirror frame
To match the blue furniture, the mirror frame was also finished in skating

Image 37 - Mirror with retro look.

Mirror with retro look
The frame and the retro shape of this mirror serve to enhance the style of the entire bathroom. Detail for the light and soft tone of the wood of the bezel matching with the stone of the bench of the sink

Picture 38 - Double of mirrors for makeup.

Double makeup mirrors
The mirrors above the counter help at the time of doing the makeup, especially the magnifying mirror

Image 39 - Mirror between the sinks.

Bathroom mirror between sinks
This distinctive shape mirror is the charm of this bathroom. He separates the sinks with style. Highlight the towel holder format that follows the same mirror model

Picture 40 - Vintage frame.

Bathroom mirror with vintage frame
To match the rustic style of the bathroom, the option was to use a vintage wooden frame. Was it a charm or not?

Image 41 - Mirror for bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Floor-to-ceiling bathroom mirror
The mirror of this bathroom covers the wall range from floor to ceiling and helps to enhance the modern design of the sink

Picture 42 - Bathroom mirror in the shape of a diamond.

Bathroom mirror in diamond shape
The geometric shape of this mirror makes the bathroom even more modern. Note that the absence of the frame does not affect the decor at all.

Picture 43 - Mirror following the drawing of the wall.

Mirror following the wall drawing
In this bathroom, the mirror accompanies the bevelled shape of the wall. The idea is interesting, because this way, the mirror captures and reflects the natural light of the window for the rest of the environment

Image 44 - Symmetrical mirrors.

Symmetrical mirrors
The symmetry of this bathroom reaches the mirrors, where one side seems to reflect the other, such a resemblance between the sides

Picture 45 - Equal mirrors in the double bathroom.

Equal mirrors in double bathroom
In this bathroom, each one has its mirror and, in the background, an ordinary mirror reflects both. No fight to get ready

Image 46 - Copper mirrors.

Bathroom mirror: tips for choosing the ideal model Copper is a trend in decoration, and in this bathroom it even appears in the mirrors. To match, the tap follows the tone

Picture 47 - Mirrors on red background.

Mirrors on red background
The striking red décor valued the mirrors on the wall. The frames in black color combine with the rest of the environment

Image 48 - Triangular mirror.

Triangular mirror
Another geometric shape widely used in mirrors. In this bathroom it was combined with the rest of the romantic decor

Image 49 - Mirror protruding from the wall.

Mirror protruding wall
In this bathroom of industrial influence, the mirror was fixed in a wooden box seeming to protrude from inside the wall. Did you like the effect?

Image 50 - Bathroom mirror with lamps.

Bathroom Mirror with Lamps
The gold-framed mirror has bulbs attached all along its side. The metals combine with the frame

Image 51 - Rectangular mirror on the bench.

Rectangular bench mirror
The rectangular mirror covers the entire range concerning the bathroom sink. The discreet black frieze integrates the mirror to the rest of the environment

Picture 52 - Mirror with metallic frame.

Mirror with metal frame
The bathroom full of details bet on a mirror with green metallic bezel. The choice went well, even with the flashy wallpaper on the back

Picture 53 - White bathroom with simple mirror.

White bathroom with simple mirror
This bathroom is an inspiration for those who are afraid to bet on a bolder decoration with mirrors. Simple, basic and functional. Impossible to go wrong.

Image 54 - Mirror with wings.

Bathroom mirror with wings
Common in older homes, this kind of mirror may be the ideal choice for those who want a more retro decor

Image 55 - Mirror with shelf.

Mirror with shelf
The frame of this mirror works like a small shelf. In addition to accommodating the mirror, it still serves to organize small objects. Good choice for small spaces that need to be optimized

Image 56 - Mirrors with individual lamps.

Bathroom mirror with individual lamps
In order not to get confused at the time of getting ready, these mirrors each have an independent lamp. So no one gets in the way of anyone

Image 57 - Round and illuminated.

Round and Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
The mirror in this bathroom looks like a sun, round and lighted. Impossible not to notice his presence. The simple presence of indirect light valued a simple and ordinary piece.

Image 58 - Mirror with indirect lighting.

Bathroom mirror with indirect lighting
The light behind the mirror helps to bring depth to the mirror. The fine, delicate copper frame harmonizes with the other elements of the tone

Image 59 - Mirror in hexagon format.

Mirror in hexagon format
Geometric figures are always a joker when decorating with mirrors. They are modern and stand out in the environment. The black frame matches the rest of the decor

Image 60 - Trio of suspended mirrors.

Trio of suspended mirrors
In this collective bathroom, the mirrors occupy the center of the environment fixed in metal bars. The cast effect contributes to a cleaner decoration.

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