Gamer Room: 60 Great Ideas and Tips for Decorating

Are you always connected to online gaming servers? Do you like MMROPG, Battlefield, Warcraft, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, GTA, Minecraft, FIFA? Or are you a fan of a number of films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek? The fourth gamer is adapted to the universe of those who are fans of games, movies, cartoons and comic books, their decoration can be inspired by several different series at the same time.

The vast majority can make the décor in the room itself, some manage to have a separate place in the residence just to set up a complete play space. The Action figures And character dolls are preferred in the decor, followed by movie posters, custom wall stickers, colorful bedding and cushions, and so on.

The use of multiple monitors

The dream of every gamer on the PC is the Setup Of multiple monitors with simultaneous images of the games. Eyefinity HD3D technology came to solve this problem and has some games developed for the platform, as well as alternatives to use non-compatible games. The most common configuration is with 3 monitors horizontally, but they can be arranged vertically as well. You will need a powerful accelerator board to support all this processing. Either way, using more than one monitor or even using your TV can completely change the gaming experience.

Chairs and accessories

The room is not complete without the special accessories for those who play online, especially for those who use the PC - there are plenty of options in the market such as joysticks, steering wheels, pedals, multifunction keyboards, speakers and cool headsets. Another recent item that has been successful are the chairs for gamers, they are much more comfortable, adjustable and are made with materials and noble finishes.

60 decoration pictures for gamer rooms

For easy viewing, we separate great decorating ideas into several game-themed rooms. Keep navigating and inspire yourself:

Picture 1 - Inspire yourself in the diversity of the games, betting on several details.


Picture 2 - Fourth Star gamer with Stormtrooper cushion.

Investing in a versatile décor is a great option to make a modern environment that has game references in every corner! In addition, it offers a change over time in a practical way.

Picture 3 - Quarto gamer of Super Mario Bros.

If you're passionate about a number of games, get inspired in this project and use lots of visual references from the game.

Picture 4 - The seasons help define the space of each player.


Picture 5 - The accessories draw attention in a room, so, bet on items that have the gamer themed.

Referring to Fig.
For those who like to gather friends at home to play, use the bed as a sofa with cushions to accommodate them.

Picture 6 - Playing online for hours in a row requires comfort, so invest in a gamer chair.

A great idea is to bet on the large and comfortable chairs so you can play without major problems. There are specific models for this need.

Picture 7 - A colorful room makes all the difference.


Picture 8 - Space gamer with modern style.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 9 - Room of games with projector.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 10 - Get inspired on a more urban wall with art in graffiti.


Picture 11 - For small rooms, focus on details.

A small room has the advantage of being easy to decorate. Therefore, with few objects and everything in its proper place it is possible to have a beautiful and cozy place.

Image 12 - Fourth gamer of dreams.


Screenshot 13 - Shared gamer room.


Picture 14 - Get inspired in thematic furniture.

Stylish furniture helps make up the space and makes for the perfect gamer room. In the market it is already possible to find these fun concepts that give an extra charm in the decoration.

Picture 15 - Large gamer room with Star Wars scenario wall sticker, Yoda master puppets and other characters from the series.


Image 16 - Wall stickers are a great choice to change the face of the room.

In decoration, the wallpaper is a versatile item, it can cover an entire wall or just a part of the place. It is an economical option with easy installation. In this project, the chosen sticker was the Mario character with pixelated effect.

Picture 17 - This glass showcase is perfect to accommodate and protect your Action figures .

This idea is perfect for those who love dolls! Try to keep them in a high sheltered place, if covered it is even better, this avoids having to clean and remove dust frequently.

Picture 18 - Assemble a shelf to support the Action figures . This example still uses posters from favorite movies.


Figure 19 - To get more space, install the monitors on the wall with a specialized stand.


Image 20 - How about hiding this space to give more privacy?


Picture 21 - Girls can also have a special decoration!


Picture 22 - A simple desk with lighting detail.


Picture 23 - The lighting can be a highlight in the decoration of the room.

Lighting is an important part of the decor. Because it is a modern theme, do not be afraid to choose different colors.

It is also possible to choose a minimalist and discreet decoration for a gamer room. Investing in P & B decor is a wildcard option as it is possible to create a modern, stylish and cool atmosphere with this combination.

Picture 25 - To decorate, make a custom neon lamp.

The wall is a place that can show your whole personality. For being a thematic room, look for investing in pictures, target game and lamp on the wall. These fixtures are the latest trend in decoration and can still be customized with regard to color, sentence and size.

Image 26 - This one won until a corner of the bar!

To leave the most cozy space to gather friends and family, nothing better than a games room with bar.

Picture 27 - This wall sticker besides fun has a low cost.


Image 28 - Room with posters and personalized gamer chair.


Picture 29 - Room gamer with futuristic decoration.


Picture 30 - The niches help to leave the corner organized.


Picture 31 - The black wall with the items in the same color leaves the decoration more modern.


Image 32 - Space gamer with clean decoration.


Image 33 - Space gamer with game for cars.


Picture 34 - In the fourth gamer, the custom wallpaper is an indispensable item.

The game Pac Man Is very famous and has won thousands of fans worldwide. The traces of the little monsters attract attention and stand out on the wall.

Picture 35 - Room gamer with decoration B & B.


Picture 36 - Room gamer with simple decoration.


Picture 37 - A simple room with abstract picture in the decoration.


Picture 38 - Room gamer with industrial style.


Picture 39 - Corner of games for a group or clan of friends.

Invite your group of friends to play your Multiplayer favorite.

Image 40 - Furniture can also have a creative design.


Image 41 - To avoid leaving the gamer room with just a specific game look, invest in a neutral decoration.


Picture 42 - Room gamer with simple furniture.


Picture 43 - Use the bottom of the bunk to mount the game space.

The modern bunk is one that can accommodate two functions in one place. This idea is perfect for those who love to play! In addition, the desk can extend along the wall, giving continuity to the workbench.

Image 44 - Fourth adult gamer.

In this proposal, the choice of neutral colors and high quality appliances is paramount! Enhance the ambience with some pictures and a comfortable chair.

Image 45 - Inspired by a specific game is an alternative to a fourth gamer.

To have the fourth dream gamer you have to dare on creativity! It is worth noting that it is not necessary to invest in handsets to keep the look beautiful. You can put together a nice room that goes far beyond a conventional ambience daring in colors, figures and images.

Image 46 - Invest in led tapes in the environment.


Picture 47 - Room gamer with cockpit equipment, ideal for who plays Gran Turismo and other games of race.


Picture 48 - Room for games with special chairs.


Image 49 - Fourth Star Gamer.


Picture 50 - Custom shelves leave the environment more themed.

A set of shelves inspired by a game style may be the solution for storing your collection of games and consoles.

Picture 51 - Room gamer with clean decoration.


Screenshot 52 - Every gamer loves having the console inspired by their favorite game.

Many consider Super Nintendo the best video game ever developed. So how about watching TV on a thematic panel? The creation is ideal to highlight the decoration in the environment!

Picture 53 - Room gamer with decoration Pacman.


Picture 54 - Beyond the main chair place comfortable armchairs in the room.


Image 55 - Light in neon colored is a strong feature in the proposal.


Screenshot 56 - You can use the TV as the game monitor.


Image 57 - Spread action figures down the shelf.

For game lovers, dolls are indispensable items in the decoration! To avoid leaving the heavy look, position them on a shelf or shelf. This composition with books became creative and modern!

Picture 58 - Make a balance of colors in the room.


Screenshot 59 - Space gamer to gather friends.


Picture 60 - The dolls carry charm to the environment and define the personality of the user.