Gourmet area: 70 spaces decorated to inspire you

The gourmet areas and spaces are the dream of consumption for those who are going to buy a new apartment and for those who plan the construction or expansion of a residence. These spaces have become popular in the last years, mainly for having an appeal of integration and coexistence of the residents with friends, family and guests.

These spaces receive elegant and modern equipment, such as refrigerators, ovens, grills, cellars and other appliances. Armchairs, comfortable sofas and a dining table are the furniture most chosen to compose in this type of environment.

The gourmet spaces also reinforce the coexistence and provide greater comfort, with a large number of guests, due to its larger space.

In addition to Balconies with gourmet proposal In apartments and residences, this type of space can be planned on terraces and edicts in residences.

Advantages of having a gourmet area at home


Are you in doubt if this space is the ideal option for your project? Check out the main advantages of having a gourmet area at home:

  1. Bring friends together : Living in a residence with a gourmet area allows meeting with friends and family with a greater regularity. The gourmet balcony is ideal for those who lived in a house and now misses an outdoor area for living.
  2. Far from the neighbors : Most modern condominiums already have their own gourmet area, such as a ballroom. The advantage of having the space itself is that you stay away from neighbors, avoid specific rules, fees for use and have more privacy.
  3. An extra space : The gourmet area is a complementary space and does not eliminate the role of the kitchen used for day to day, although often have appliances, countertops and sinks.

60 areas and gourmet spaces decorated to inspire

There are many ways to plan and decorate a gourmet area - it really depends on the size of the space, the personal taste of the residents and the budget available. To help with visualization, we separate beautiful projects with these spaces to inspire you:

Picture 1 - Mount your gourmet area on the balcony.

The balcony with gourmet area is a trend in decoration, since it is a large and pleasant space for this proposal. Try to set up a cozy and cheerful corner with colorful plants and accessories.

Picture 2 - Gourmet area with barbecue.

The barbecue is present in most of the gourmet area proposals - complete the decoration with tables, chairs, benches and other objects.

Picture 3 - Bet on a rustic and cozy gourmet space.

For a more rustic look, bet on exposed bricks, demolished wood furniture and copper elements.

Picture 4 - Exit of the traditional with the curvilinear bench.

Referring to Fig.
The workbench is the most important piece for this space. It is functional, decorates the environment in a simple way, helps in the interaction with the guests and also in the preparation of the dishes.

Picture 5 - Add a dining table to your central counter.

Tables and chairs can not be missing, so choose for comfortable furniture and that help in the integration of people.

Picture 6 - The American kitchen is ideal for this space of integration.

The American kitchen is one that has the high bench, dividing the environment. Bet on this trend to create a lightweight look and add color with the high stools.

Image 7 - Mount a small L-shaped island in your space.

Referring to Fig.
The walls can also be part of the decoration - pictures and plaques decorate and leave the environment more themed. On the shelves, place cookbooks to help in preparing and decorating your space.

Picture 8 - Gourmet area with simple decoration.

Referring to Fig.
For simple decor, use the colors on the walls. Instead of expensive coatings, try painting with a color of your choice. Transform your old refrigerator with the stickers on contact paper.

Picture 9 - To give the modern air, invest in a beautiful lining in the environment!


Picture 10 - Add color to your gourmet area.

In this project, the balcony has turned into a gourmet kitchen. The L-shaped benches are a great alternative for those who have the rectangular drawing on the balcony.

Figure 11 - For an outside gourmet area, insert a glass cover.

The glass covers are great, they protect from rain, dirt and even allow light to enter the space.

Image 12 - Get inspired in a theme for decoration.

For a living space, choosing a theme is a great way out. Because it is a gourmet area, what about turning it into a full bar?

Picture 13 - Gourmet space with swimming pool.

When integrating leisure areas with the gourmet space, try to think about circulation and practicality. After all, the ideal is to keep the living area from getting wet.

Picture 14 - Gourmet area with games room.


Image 15 - Tiles bring joy and personality to this proposal.

Colored tiles are welcome in space! They add to the proposal and turn the monotonous environment into a more joyful and vibrant place.

Picture 16 - Use an extensive table.

For those who have limited space, extensive tables are the best option. It can accommodate many people and still optimize in circulation.

Picture 17 - The cool thing is to have a workbench to cook and integrate with the guests.

Cooktops have become a trend in the kitchen because of their practicality and the little space they occupy. There are two models: the electric ones and the ones with induction system.

Picture 18 - Ediculous with gourmet space.

A farther away from home is a good choice for those who like to gather friends and family, another advantage is to keep the noise from reaching the most intimate areas.

Image 19 - Party room with gourmet area.

For residential developments, the alternative is to leave the barbecue on the outside and a more equipped kitchen inside the lounge.

Image 20 - The composition of colored chairs is welcome in the proposal.


Picture 21 - The mural is essential to make the environment fun.


Image 22 - Gourmet space with clean decoration.


Picture 23 - Near the green areas, the space becomes more cozy.

Choose practical floors to clean, such as ceramic or porcelain tile, since cooking is an activity that can soil the floor. In the same proposal, invest in lighting suitable for evening events, such as dinners.

Picture 24 - Simple gourmet area with hydraulic tiles.


Image 25 - Reuse the crates for the decoration.

The fair boxes are versatile pieces in the decoration. In this project, they were arranged as niches of support for the utensils. Do not forget to do a treatment on the part, sanding and applying a paint to give finish and protection.

Picture 26 - Use vibrant colors in the decoration.

When highlighting a color in the environment, try to balance with a more neutral tone in the rest of the composition.

Image 27 - How about choosing colored refrigerators?

The use of various refrigerators is a way of decorating and organizing food. You also have the option of coating traditional refrigerators with different adhesives.

Image 28 - Bamboo cover is an option for outdoor area.

For a more tropical climate, bet on the bamboo pergola and replace the traditional oven with a wood, a consistent option for this style of decoration.

Picture 29 - House with internal gourmet area.


Picture 30 - Small gourmet space.

This is an ideal proposal for the balcony, as it has the stools that can be used as a seat or support. The large bench accommodates more people and the bottom of the bench can be used freely to store utensils.

Picture 31 - Gourmet area with rustic decoration.


Picture 32 - The lighting pendants leave the environment much more charming.


Image 33 - Colorful gourmet area.


Image 34 - Balcony with gourmet area.

The use of sofas, poufs and armchairs makes this space much more cozy.

Picture 35 - Modern gourmet area.


Picture 36 - The U-shaped bench facilitates group work in the kitchen.


Image 37 - To break the monotony of the environment, look for a prominent furniture.

For those who want a quick upgrade in their gourmet space, invest in a beautiful dining table!

Image 38 - Long benches draw more attention.


Image 39 - To maintain the integrated environments, choose by leveling the floor between the balcony and the living room.


In an apartment, the kitchen can be integrated into the balcony to form a large living space.

Image 40 - Gourmet area with glass cover.


Picture 41 - Bet on furniture with casters.

They are practical and fit the space according to your need.

Image 42 - Gourmet area with high ceilings.


Picture 43 - The colorful minibar makes the environment more colorful and cheerful.


Picture 44 - The colorful carpentry is a great bet for the gourmet space.


Picture 45 - Bet on a gourmet kitchen to welcome the guests.


Picture 46 - Gourmet area with garden.


Image 47 - Landscaping values ​​the design of the gourmet space.


Image 48 - Gourmet space on the roof.

Choose a suitable hood for your stove, this prevents the accumulation of fats and helps in the circulation of air in the environment. The model should also harmonize with the decorating style of the environment.

Picture 49 - Gourmet space with deck.


Picture 50 - Gourmet area with black and gray decoration.


Image 51 - Bet also on neon lighting.


Image 52 - The vertical garden is welcome in the proposal.


Picture 53 - Gourmet area with swimming pool.

When it is an outside space, choose a location that easily integrates with the kitchen to help with the sharing of utensils and food. In addition, it is essential to protect the site with some type of rain cover.

Image 54 - The tile makes a background for this space.


Picture 55 - Garden type apartment with gourmet area.

If space is limited, replace equipment and furniture with small versions. Like the refrigerator by a fridge and the stove by a cooktop, adapting these items to your needs.

Picture 56 - Bet on the potted plants and the mix of chairs on the balconies.


Image 57 - Garden seat in space.

O Garden seat Is another versatile piece in the decoration. In this project it serves as a seat and can be moved to any corner of space.

Image 58 - Paint the frame with another color to enhance the look.


Image 59 - Gourmet area with electric barbecue.


Image 60 - Gourmet space with chairs and armchairs.


Image 61 - You can use a small workbench even in a restricted space.


Picture 62 - Gated area closed with barbecue and hood.


Image 63 - External area with mini bar and refrigerators.


This gourmet space has a specific corner for beverages, including specific coolers for beers and other beverages.

Image 64 - External area with table and grill.


Image 65 - Gourmet area on the balcony of the apartment.


Image 66 - External area with table and bench with chairs.


Picture 67 - An enclosed gourmet space with wine cellar.


Image 68 - Gourmet space to gather around the pool.


Picture 69 - With the rustic proposal, this enclosed space is cozy and comfortable.


Image 70 - External area of ​​the residence focused on coexistence.