Houses with American style: projects inside and out

The concept of American house follows a different model of Brazilian constructions, but some aspects can be applied in Brazil, be it in the aesthetic or functional question. We can observe that the Brazilian houses have the increasingly smaller area of ​​construction, in this way, optimizing the internal space and opting for a more sustainable architecture is one of the strong points that we can adopt in the construction.

Most American homes are made with wood frame and drywall partitions. In this way, masonry can be replaced with plaster partitions. In addition to offering a higher speed of work, they save more space and have a lower cost compared to traditional masonry.

In relation to urban design, it is inspired by cardinal points such as north-south, east-west. The streets are orthogonal and the buildings follow on these parallel axes with divided lots with similar sizes. Because security in cities is greater, projects do not need walls or gates. This type of architecture also takes into account the integration with the other residences in the environment.

The houses feature some traditional features in appearance, such as sloping roofs at different levels, covered by tiles Shingle . Another strong feature on the façade are the horizontal lines marked with spacing of 30cm between them, which has the function of imitating the wooden boards. The frames around the doors and windows complement the sturdy air of an American home, just as the columns at the entrance denote its elegance.

The American style does not have a clearly defined line, after all, this can also change according to the region of the country.

65 projects of American style houses inside and out

To facilitate your visualization, we separate some architecture and decoration projects to better understand this type of construction and to know how you can apply this style in your house:


Picture 1 - Sustainability is a strong point used in constructions with this style.

The facings used on this facade are modern and sustainable, such as certified wood, stucco panels and carbon fiber cement. The glass windows provide the entrance to natural light without compromising the purpose of the facade which is to integrate the indoor areas with the wooded exterior.

Picture 2 - American classical architecture has personality.

We can see three outstanding features in the above design: the plank flooring, the front porch and the staircase to access the main door.

Picture 3 - When the subject is modern architecture, they dare in form, materials and finishes.


Picture 4 - Modern house with American style.

Here the design retains the traditional straight lines, but some more current methods, such as the mixing of finishes and more intense tones.

Picture 5 - American house in the mountain.

Referring to Fig.
As there are many cities that are far from the urban climate, this proposal of residence is very common in the United States. The rectangular form of the residence is inserted in the mountainous landscape, resulting in a complement of the surroundings with the trees and the rest of the nature.

Picture 6 - Most of the times the house has a large frontal recoil.

Because of this huge space, many Americans are fond of landscaping with lawns and the design of accesses done in concrete. Leaving the house without a wall or fence is a popular feature of this style, only the garages have gates.

Picture 7 - American house with rustic touch.

This sobrado follows the line of Provencal architecture where the use of stones in the facade and the windows in arches are characteristic of this style.

Image 8 - Link modern architecture with classic style in construction.

Referring to Fig.
For those looking for a modern façade without leaving aside the American style - get inspired with this idea with the open garage and columns that give support and elegance at the entrance of the residence.

Picture 9 - American luxury house.

Referring to Fig.

Image 10 - Wooden house painted in light tones.

Painting the boards in gray and the finishes in white are popular choices. In addition, inserting a low wall gives a margin of safety and separates the sidewalk from the terrain, without hiding the architecture of the house.

Image 11 - Architecture of house in Miami.


Image 12 - The stones are great coatings.


Picture 13 - House with pool and pilotis.


Picture 14 - American corner house.

The side garage, the roof levels and the front lawn are striking features of a house design with the American style.

Picture 15 - American house with swimming pool.


Image 16 - The version with pool in Los Angeles.


Picture 17 - The American house always provides this view to the outside.

These windows are very traditional in the construction, they can still be associated with balconies as the project shows. The roof with shingle shingles and pediments that try to imitate the neoclassical style are also one of the essences of American architecture.


Image 18 - American house plan with ladder.

We can see that the distribution of the main environments of an American house is equal to Brazilian. The social area is on the lower floor and the dormitories just above, bringing more privacy to the residents wanting more intimacy.

Image 19 - Drywall is the almost prerequisite for dividing environments.

Almost all the structure of the houses is in wood and drywall. In this model of house, the walls in the project are thinner and occupy less space in the plant.

Image 20 - The closet is one of the rooms present in the master bedroom.

It is very common to have a closet in American homes, especially when it comes to the master suite.

Picture 21 - American house wide.

The garage of an American home is built on the side or the front.

Image 22 - Design with floor differentiation in environments.

The floors of social areas and dormitories are usually different. In kitchens and integrated rooms, the tendency is to maintain the same material. Some designs opt for a different material just in the kitchen.

Image 23 - Layout of the lower deck of an American house.


Image 24 - Irregular walls are very common in construction.

We can notice the bevelled planes that form with the orthogonal walls. Rather than being a problem, they see it as a way to better integrate and optimize the spaces of the house.

Picture 25 - Basements are an extra room in the needs program of the American house.

Basements are usually located on the lower floor, where you will find the entire heater installation part and often the laundry room. Some projects choose to create a living space or home office at this location.

Image 26 - Open concept in the social area.

Most American homes have a large kitchen where friends and family get together.

Picture 27 - American house with first and second floor.


Note on the floor as it is common to have a wardrobe in the entrance to hang coats during the winter, this facilitates when the residents and guests leave or come home. A way to leave the house organized without scattered coats.


Image 28 - The fireplace is one of the most used items in residential projects.

Due to the low temperatures in some regions, the use of the fireplace is unavoidable. So she forms the perfect setting in the decor to gather the locals around her.

Picture 29 - The finishes in plaster are a characteristic present in the decoration.

The most classic essence of an American room is the plaster ceiling, window frames, white skirting boards and fireplace.

Picture 30 - They usually use the symmetrical method in the living room.

There is no better assembly of a living room than the symmetrical shape, since it helps to make no mistakes when distributing the furniture. The result is a balanced, sophisticated environment with mirrored appearance where distances follow the same pattern.

Figure 31 - Integrated environments are a classic layout layout.


Image 32 - Gray and light blue emphasize neutrality in a clean design.

In the decoration of Americans, the color gray is usually the basis of the projects, but also worth mixing light shades like blue. This mix forms almost a tone on tone, leaving the room with a clean look without needing white.

Picture 33 - Few walls to have a broad social space.

Using the integrated concept is a strong point in the design of the rooms.

Picture 34 - The touches of color are due to the accessories.

Note that in the above design the use of shades of green was used to increase the neutral base of the room. The prints appear on the cushions and the round mirror is striking.

Image 35 - Use of Mix and match In the decorative accessories.


Image 36 - Use of intense wood.

Wood is usually cozy for places with low temperatures. Therefore, combining the rustic with modern and colorful elements guarantee style and personality.

Image 37 - Living room in dark shades.


Picture 38 - The colors and prints form a cheerful and vibrant composition in the room.

The American decor is generous in this respect, be it in the composition with armchairs, sofas, rugs, benches and others. The important thing is to enjoy every space to leave the cozy atmosphere.


Picture 39 - The stove is located in the central area of ​​the bench.

Because it is the main item of the kitchen, the centralized stove leaves the use of the bench more practical to support the utensils at the time of cooking. It is also very common to use the famous subway tiles, which is trend in Brazil as well.

Image 40 - The concept of the central island originates there.

The central countertop works as a complement to the kitchen with stove, sink or a space for small meals.

Picture 41 - The cabinets stand out in the kitchen decoration.

They are usually the strong point in the room, many have finishes and knobs that stand out in the visual.

Picture 42 - Modern kitchen with American style.


Picture 43 - Kitchen with wooden floor.

The floors of kitchens are usually made of wood or vinyl. The only downside is the greater difficulty to clean the kitchen.

Picture 44 - Gold details demonstrate elegance and sophistication in decoration.


Image 45 - A space reserved for small meals.


Picture 46 - High chairs for the central bench

Since the central countertops are important to them, the banks must match the same need in the decoration. They may be the color point that the kitchen needs.

Picture 47 - Kitchen with integrated dining room.

As we said before, the kitchens and living rooms are fully integrated. Here, the dining table is long and has upholstered chairs. An important detail is the presence of the mirror on the wall, very common in the decoration.


Image 48 - The fireplace can also be present in the room.


Picture 49 - Again the symmetry appears.

The double bedroom is the hardest place to get away from symmetry. But it has a personal touch of each resident bringing more personality to the room.

Picture 50 - The mix of rustic and modern.


Picture 51 - The upper room can be transformed into a dormitory.

It is very common to have rooms with the apparent roof structure. Despite its slope, comfort is the same as a uniform right foot.

Picture 52 - The neoclassical style is the most seen in the decoration of the rooms.

The finishes of the furnishings with light colors balance the look of the room. The bed in capitonê, the golden details and the fancy chandelier contrast with the softer tones, forming a perfect balance.

Picture 53 - Baby room with the delicacy of the balloons and the wallpaper.

The prints can be inserted into bedding, rugs and curtains. Wallcovering is a common item in this decorating proposal.

Picture 54 - The recamier is an item that complements the bed.

It is positioned at the end of the bed and is used to put on shoes, support clothes, as well as serving as an armchair. Generally your design should accompany the style of the room. If the proposal is a male room, the interesting thing is to use the bags with vintage style.

Image 55 - The finishes in plaster decorate the walls.

Generally the work of plaster contours the edges of the room forming a frame in the ceiling and the walls receive the famous boiseries, taking all the charm to the bedside.

Picture 56 - The four poster bed takes all the warmth to the couple

Also note the famous round mirrors attached to the wall.

Picture 57 - This bed has its patterned structure



Image 58 - Most of the traditional bathrooms have wooden floors.

Only the box is covered by the tiled floor to prevent infiltration.

Image 59 - Neutral colors are preferred to decorate bathrooms.


Picture 60 - The bathtub is a key piece!

Some larger, newer homes have glass stalls in the bathroom separate from the tub.

Image 61 - Furniture with a more rustic design are common in bathrooms.


Image 62 - Large and airy bathroom.


Picture 63 - The woodwork is remarkable with a proposal similar to that of the kitchen.


Image 64 - Many bathrooms have individual sinks.


Image 65 - Bath with shower.

As you can not miss a bath, this bathroom used the same space to insert the shower. You can put curtains or glass doors to share this bathroom space.