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To create a modern and natural environment in harmony with the surroundings nothing better than using the wooden deck floor in space. It is formed by a board of 10 cm of width with finishes of the sides to avoid accident. They are used most often in outdoor areas, mainly in the leisure area on floors around pools, grills, balconies, mezzanines and panels. Maintenance is necessary since mold and moisture can result in dirt degrading the material. Despite this disadvantage, it maintains a pleasant temperature even when exposed to the sun. Decks are great too for those who do not   […]

Preparing a party or dinner at home for friends and family requires a lot of work. The small details, which do not waste much time and money, are what make the difference and make this event more pleasant to the guests. The first step is to decide the environment in which it will happen and also what kind of party will give - theme, to friends, to family, formal or informal. With this there will be a number of elements to leave an inviting table and ambience, ranging from the towel and the napkins to some decorative touches that will   […]

Reusing materials is increasingly common in the architecture business, so pallets gain a foothold in the decorating market. The difference is that it can be worked by anyone, not needing to be a professional in the joinery. It is possible to transform the pallet into various items into the room, either in the room as a table center, in the bedroom as a bed base, in the kitchen as a panel, in the outside area as a sofa and among other objects. There are several ways of finishing you perform it. If you want something rustic leave the wood with   […]

Although luminaires have greater emphasis on projects when applied in living rooms or dining rooms, they can also be applied gracefully in the kitchen. With the right balance of elements, colors and materials, it is possible to create elegant arrangements to completely differentiate your kitchen. The shapes of kitchen lamps are varied, so we believe that there is always a suitable option for any environment. It is worth remembering that you should consider the electrical installations and the plaster lining, as well as the necessary support, depending on the size of the accessory. See below our selection of photos of   […]

To have a roommate, you must first make a great organization and not leave the room messy. In the decoration, it is possible to create an elegant room only by changing bedding, pictures, desk and other simpler objects like curtains, vases, shelves, mirrors and etc. If your budget is higher, you can put colorful and patterned wallpapers, change the bed, chandeliers, carpets and others. Important is always to have a rose shade somewhere in the room, the amount of rose and the tonality depends on personal taste. For those who like jewelry and jewelry, it is important to have a   […]

To have a kitchen with bright colors, it is not always necessary that the furniture and coatings have a strong color. In neutral environments, just use the refrigerator and other appliances with colors, as well as decorative items such as stools, bins, bottles, jars, jars, dishes, vases, chairs and etc. The right combination between them can impact the impact of your environment sufficiently, making it more fun and charming. The colors of refrigerators are diverse, and if there is no refrigerator in the color you want, you can coat it with a special paint. There are also the printed stickers   […]