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Many people do not need a pool at home, even if it is small. AtSwimming pools in residencesAre becoming more common or owning one has become a tempting new resource. They come in many shapes, materials, styles and sizes. More modern ones may be more classic, but all allow for a moment of leisure and relaxation. To design it is essential to see the free space available and the study of the sunshine you wish to have at certain times. As they are permanent choose a design that functionality and aesthetics are appropriate. If you are thinking about building or   […]

Building a tree houseIs no longer a child's dream, today adults are acquiring this type of construction to have a space of leisure and relaxation. They can be found in many ways, both the simplest and the widest with a residence structure. For those who think of owning one, the ideal is to hire professionals to carry out this type of construction as biologists, architects and forest engineers. At the beginning it is necessary to know the species of the tree, as well as the age, to verify if it has a voluminous canopy and if the trunk is resistant.   […]

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