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The GreyIs one of the most modern and versatile colors in architecture and decoration. The greyish color shows an urban air in space and because it is a neutral base it is interesting to choose furniture and accessories with bright colors to be part of their environment. The burnt cement is a floor with the mixture of cement, sand and water. What burns the mortar is the contact with the powder of the cement, hence the origin of the name. Called monolithic because it has no grout which makes the environment visually larger. Burnt cement is a mass application with   […]

The loft comes from American origin that means deposit or attic, that were the industrial warehouses of the headquarters of companies located in decaying regions. This had a cool architecture, with a great price and a great space for housing. The loft is known today as a type of housing that offers an open space with few partitions and walls. With this decoration and planning in the distribution of furniture become more complicated than traditional dwellings. Living in a loft is ideal for young singles or couples without children, who prioritize practicality without giving up comfort. This villa is identified   […]

OOriental styleGains more and more space in homes, whether inside or some feature for the facade of your home. For oriental decoration it is interesting to convey the sense of tranquility in space, so harmony has to be present in the composition of furniture and colors. The Japanese decoration seeks balance and minimalism, values ​​space and maintains only the essential without exaggeration in architecture. Opt for pieces that are really needed in the furniture, better yet if the furniture is multifunctional. We must avoid overloading the environment, use accessories the minimums and the freest walls possible. The environment is kept   […]

Preparing a party or dinner at home for friends and family requires a lot of work. The small details, which do not waste much time and money, are what make the difference and make this event more pleasant to the guests. The first step is to decide the environment in which it will happen and also what kind of party will give - theme, to friends, to family, formal or informal. With this there will be a number of elements to leave an inviting table and ambience, ranging from the towel and the napkins to some decorative touches that will   […]

The dressing table is an indispensable piece of furniture for people who like makeup. Be it improvised or purchased is a beautiful item that can leave your environment with a special decoration. For this you do not need to invest so much a tip is to repaginate a dresser or small table that you already own and transform it into your beauty corner. For those who prefer can hire a good joinery project to harmonize with the environment in which it will be inserted, either in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Be the style of the dressing table The   […]

The curtain is the element that has a very important function in the decoration and protection against the luminosity in the environment. In addition to bringing the aesthetic, it offers the warmth to the residents, composing with the environments and bringing exclusivity to the spaces. When designing your curtain there is a lot of information that requires some care, analyzing the finish, fabrics, models and measurements. All this set should compose with the decoration of the space, so it is one of the last items of the decoration. To help you here are some important tips so you do not   […]

Gathering friends and family at home is increasingly common with the appearance of gourmet spaces in the residence. For this to have an organized place to dispose of bottles and utensils is a great option to increase the decoration. The ideal space for the bars is a place where the hosts are usually welcomed. So that is in the social area, being in the dining / living room or even on balconies. If the area of ​​the site is small, avoid restricting the bars with benches and even the sideboard can be transformed into a bar, so that the measures   […]

Graphite is a very common art on the street and currently they are entering the residential walls for those who want to creatively decorate with a touch of exclusive modernity. For those who want to innovate and transform the environment is a great option, as it has the advantage of being removable if you want to remove it from the wall. The designs will depend on the style of the resident, ranging from organic figures to children's character drawings for children's bedrooms. The environments also vary according to the intention and the proposal of the project, can be part of   […]

The curtains are very important in the decoration of environments because they harmonize with the other colors and block the lighting and protect the view from outside the residence. Although made in a variety of materials, most people choose fabric curtains or blinds to decorate their environments. We select different models of curtains with different colors, shapes, finishes, textures and prints used in living rooms to inspire you. Image 01 - Dark Gray Room Curtain Image 02 - Stamped curtain for living room Image 03 - Room dividing curtain Image 04 - Curtain with pink trim Image 05 - Different   […]