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Currently the kitchen is not only seen as a space for a meal but rather as a place to gather friends and family. With that, this environment should be cheerful and have personality. The coatings on the walls can create a more contemporary look and give a more striking look. They can be found in many options, the most used are tiling, mosaics, glass tablets, marble, porcelain, wood, burnt cement, ceramics, tiles and stones. It is ideal to place the coating behind the stove and the sink, to protect from water and dirt. Being a small area is a great   […]

Decorating a small kitchen is a daunting task for many people living in homes that do not have much space. But remember that small kitchens can become cozy rooms and are equipped with much coziness. The biggest difficulty comes from the high cost of the planned furniture or because the market found in department stores do not fit into space. Here are some tips to help you organize and design this small room in your home: - Use the shelves, because it gives a bigger sensation of space, for not leaving the loaded atmosphere. The ideal is to take out   […]

A modern kitchen design should be done with great care and care, after all, it will last for years at your residence. We recommend that you do a lot of research to decide what style and what suits your home. Even with small spaces it is possible to execute a kitchen project without losing the elegance, of course, with a larger space can have a considerable impact. The minimalist style of cooking is on the rise, even if it seems a little too cold and hygienic, you can break the tone with colors, decorative objects, colored chairs and so on.   […]

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