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In the corporate office it is important to decorate the spaces with some care, with a greater attention to the workstations so that the quality and the style of the place are present. Because this environment is where people spend most of their time, so the furniture should collaborate with the income of who to use. Ergonomics at work is an important point in this regard, since it defines the choice of furniture. Here are some tips to help organize the corporate space: For people to work comfortably, prefer the arm chair, which is both swivel and upholstered.The table needs   […]

Research has been confirming for years that the number of people who work at home should only grow in the future, therefore, those who work or intend to work at home should invest in a reserved space, calm and cozy to carry out their tasks. A home office can be installed in virtually any environment, even if you do not have much space available. The basics: a desk, a chair and shelves. Do not forget to surround yourself with what is most important to your work, such as reminders, reference books and materials needed to perform your tasks, then focus   […]