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The barbecue is one of the indispensable places for those who like to gather friends and family. It can be seen both inside the house and in the outside area of ​​the residence, integrated into the balcony or even in the backyard. If your barbecue is outdoors the ideal is that it has a cover to avoid direct natural lighting, so invest in pergola, awnings or metal roofs. The first step is to choose where it will be installed. Look for a location near the sink with an easy-access countertop for handling food and cleaning utensils. It is important to   […]

To create a modern and natural environment in harmony with the surroundings nothing better than using the wooden deck floor in space. It is formed by a board of 10 cm of width with finishes of the sides to avoid accident. They are used most often in outdoor areas, mainly in the leisure area on floors around pools, grills, balconies, mezzanines and panels. Maintenance is necessary since mold and moisture can result in dirt degrading the material. Despite this disadvantage, it maintains a pleasant temperature even when exposed to the sun. Decks are great too for those who do not   […]

The use of glass in residential projects has gained momentum in recent decades and has come to stay. The glass helps to integrate the exterior with the internal environments of the house, besides allowing a more pleasant and fluid appearance for those who see from outside. Glasses can be used only in parts such as specific environments, windows, doors or cover a large part of the facade ensuring a modern and sophisticated look. In relation to cost, common masonry walls are more expensive than the use of glass because of the amount of materials involved. As for privacy, it is   […]

Hanging or upright gardens are a great alternative for those who have little space to set up a conventional garden. Can be used in small apartments on balconies, corridors and walls in residences. With creative solutions, it is possible to create a unique space to make your environment closer in nature. The costs of setting up such a garden are low, which usually involve the purchase of: wooden panel or shelf, pots and plants. The most economical and ecological option is the use of pet bottles or packaging used as pots of wafers, sugar and the like. We separate 49   […]

The first impression for those who pass through a residence is the facade, so it is important to invest in the external treatment of the house. It can appear in different styles from the simplest, such as the minimalist and even with more exquisite models with mixed materials. The wall is an option to bring security to the residents of the house, but today there are several models of walls that make the façade more beautiful and stylish. The cool thing is to invest in plants and gardens in the wall for those who want to make her look cheerful.   […]

The facade is considered an important factor for a work in the commercial sector. It is they who come into first contact with the customer and together with the composition of the showcase collaborate to highlight the attention of the public. It is ideal that it transmits the identity of the store and the product so it is essential that you have a good professional in the area to choose materials for the facade. The identification of the trade is fast and for a successful store it is necessary to obey a set of factors, among them is the appearance   […]

The construction of a house has been the preference for those who intend to have a single family home, as it is a quick construction, with space saving of the land and consequently more economical. This type of dwelling has always been seen with a simple architecture, but currently it can be seen in a modern style and with different models. In the left the social part and the intimate part are separated, with rooms in the inferior part and dormitories in the superior one. With this logic of distribution many people with single storey house have been expanding their   […]

The residential sidewalk is an important item that must be worked along with the facade of the house. Usually modern houses have sidewalks that have direct connection with the residence because there is no wall and gate. That is why landscaping as the bed of trees, plants, vases, flowers are easily accessible to anyone who passes. So one care you must take is safety and what this sidewalk will compose. With this, it is good to take greater care in this area. For starters it is essential to invest in a beautiful residential sidewalk floor. It is ideal to match   […]