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OOriental styleGains more and more space in homes, whether inside or some feature for the facade of your home. For oriental decoration it is interesting to convey the sense of tranquility in space, so harmony has to be present in the composition of furniture and colors. The Japanese decoration seeks balance and minimalism, values ​​space and maintains only the essential without exaggeration in architecture. Opt for pieces that are really needed in the furniture, better yet if the furniture is multifunctional. We must avoid overloading the environment, use accessories the minimums and the freest walls possible. The environment is kept   […]

Preparing a party or dinner at home for friends and family requires a lot of work. The small details, which do not waste much time and money, are what make the difference and make this event more pleasant to the guests. The first step is to decide the environment in which it will happen and also what kind of party will give - theme, to friends, to family, formal or informal. With this there will be a number of elements to leave an inviting table and ambience, ranging from the towel and the napkins to some decorative touches that will   […]

It is common to decorate dinner tables when we receive friends and family or when making a more sophisticated dinner at home. The decorating options are diverse, the most important items are: towels, American set, cutlery, glasses, jars, pots with flowers, pots, candles and other decorative items. To get it right, also consider the colors of the environment and the table itself, then combine the accessories so that they have balance and harmony when arranged together. So you can make your dinner much more pleasurable and cozy. Enjoy! Check out our selection of 53 pictures of decorated dining tables: Image   […]

The baby shower is a celebration that requires a preparation very carefully, as receiving family and friends for the arrival of the baby will always be remembered for future mother. The details is what makes this party special and leave the atmosphere pleasant to receive the guests. For those who are organizing the party, one of the first things to be chosen is the invitation. For this there are thousands of graphs and invitations ready that can help solve this problem. The theme of the party may depend on the style of the invitation, but if you are not already   […]