Christmas ornaments with PET bottle: 50 ideas to use in the decoration

At pet bottles, short version for Polyethylene Terephthalate, are so common in our daily lives that we hardly remember the time when soft drinks came in glass bottles or that we could not buy a bottle of water on our walks. But this type of plastic was created in the 1940s by two British chemists and began, over the decades, to be incorporated into more and more products of our day-to-day. It is the main material we remember when it comes to doing recycling and what else appears when we research about sustainable crafts. Today we are going to talk about the Christmas ornaments with PET bottle

Not to leave the Christmas spirit that is getting stronger with the proximity of the date, we did a post with only Christmas decoration items with this material! Enjoy to get inspired, start recycling and decorate your home!

You will find in this post:

  • Many garland ideas : Garlands are traditional elements of the Christmas celebrations and almost everyone ends up hanging one at the front door of the house. They signify the cycle of life and the year and, depending on the symbols that are incorporated into the assembly, gain more meaning. Here are some ideas on how to make garlands with this material in a versatile and simple way.
  • Super colorful flowers inside the pet bottles : There are several ways to create flowers with pet, using both the top, the mouth and lid, when the underside of the soda bottles. Give various shapes by modeling with scissors and even with fire and different colors with paints, sprays and pens!
  • Custom decoration for the simplest blinkers : The fashion of decorating the blinkers has come in recent times to stay, and the more different and creative you leave your lights, the more chances to enchant everyone you have.
  • Moments to Raise with Children : In this time where children are already on vacation, it is important to create activities and also think of traditions that can be made with the meaning of Christmas. Show how craftsmanship and recycling can be fun things done together!

50 ideas of Christmas ornaments with PET bottles to use at the end of the year

See the best ideas for Christmas ornaments with PET bottles for use this holiday season. If you want, see more ideas from Christmas ornaments

Picture 1 - Colored lights: use pet bottles for a different decoration in your blinker.

Colored lights with pet bottle
An easy and super cheap idea to decorate with these little lights! To fit the flasher, do the following: With a drill or hot iron, drill a hole in the bottle cap wide enough for the flasher lamp to go through.

Picture 2 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: snowflake with pet bottle background.

Snowflake Ornament
The bottom of a pet bottle can be a great base for you to draw a picture of a snowflake or a mandala to decorate your snow. Make a hole in the top and pass a line or tape to hang.

Picture 3 - Sustainable tree with used pet bottles.

Sustainable tree with used pet bottles
In cities or for those who have more space, trees made with several layers of pet bottles are quite common and bring a different way of seeing these common items in our day.

Picture 4 - Garland with pet bottles, ribbons and coffee capsules.

Garland with pet bottles
In a completely sustainable wave, think of ornaments that do not use only pet bottles, but also other items, such as these famous coffee capsules, which are discarded after use and can gain another shape with a little creativity.

Picture 5 - Bottle pet, wool and buttons turn into a Santa Claus for your shelf.

Pet bottle, wool and buttons
The most fun of working with common materials in our daily lives is to subvert its use and turn it into a completely different functional or decorative object, even if it has the same basic shape.

Picture 6 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: creative and recycled sconces.

Creative and recycled candlesticks
These candlesticks are super easy and practical to make and will definitely serve to leave your table with a more traditional face. To hide the material, paint with the paint of your choice. And do not miss this tutorial!

Christmas ornaments with PET bottle: 50 ideas to use in the decoration

Image 7 - Another idea for lights and blinkers: pet flowers.

Another idea for lights and blinkers
It is not only the interior of the house that can be decorated and for those who have a yard with grass, this idea of ​​lighting is incredible, as in the photo. To support on the ground, use a thin metal stake or even a wooden rod.

Picture 8 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: mobile with transparent bottles.

Mobile with transparent bottles
Lights work very well with materials that reflect them, like pet plastic. And in a transparent version the effect is even more interesting.

Picture 9 - Use recycling to create stories and characters.

Recycling to create stories and characters
A good example of working the craft on sustainable materials with children or even to amuse and complete their play. Help create stories and characters exactly as they imagined!

Image 10 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle for large trees.

great tree ornament
This ornament works well for those who have trees at home. Putting together four bottles with nylon thread or universal glue, a whole new decoration comes into your house!

Image 11 - All kind of plastic bottle can be used when decorating.

with all kinds of plastic bottle
Although soda bottles are most commonly used in crafts, the other bottles, especially those that are not as transparent as bottles of fabric softener or other cleaning products, give a super cool and different style to your work.

Image 12 - Bottle Nebula: galaxies also in plastic bottles.

Bottle Nebula
A few years ago bottle nebula or bottled galaxies became super famous for their simplicity and effect on the decoration of those connected to the cosmos. They can be made not only with glass bottles but also plastic ones! Take a look at this tutorial and unravel the mystery of the universe!

Image 13 - Lonely tree with plastic bottles.

Tree only with plastic bottles
Another example, on a smaller scale, of a Christmas tree made with only pet bottles.

Picture 14 - Another idea of ​​garland to your door.

Another idea of ​​garland for the door
This time only with the bottom of the bottles.

Picture 15 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: garland with pet floral style.

Garland with pet floral style
The pet bottles can be transformed into the most different forms of flowers, with various shapes and colors.

Image 16 - A sustainable artificial flower.

Sustainable artificial flower.
Cut the petals on the top of the bottle and keep the lid as crumbly.

Image 17 - Snowman that does not melt in Brazilian Christmas!

Snowman that does not melt in Brazilian Christmas
These here are super fun and still play with our tendency to adopt decorative elements of the northern hemisphere ice creams. the cotton in the bottle gives the right texture and the cap makes a perfect cap!

Picture 18 - Gift wrapping with pet bottle base and colored wool coat.

Gift Bracelets as PET Bottle Base
An alternative way of souvenir for loved ones, but very creative and cheap! If the bottle is too wide for your wrist, cut into the width portion and adjust with glue or even a stapler. The wool coat hides both the plastic and the settings.

Picture 19 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: gather several materials and people to make a communal decoration.

Bring together multiple people to decorate the community
Also very common in neighborhoods of the cities, the community action creates completely different ornaments different, forming a diverse and collective Christmas.

Image 20 - Garland with twigs, string and pet bottle.

Garland with twigs, string and pet bottle

Picture 21 - To do with children: little angels in the style of recycling.

Little angels in recycling style

Figure 22 - Chandelier cover with pet strips and a different effect.

Buffing liner with PET strips
On a round base, glue the pet strips with hot glue or universal glue to complete the vial and obtain the desired effect. Then just hold it around the point of light.

Picture 23 - For large trees: sustainable star at the top.

Sustainable top star
An alternative and super bright star to the top of the tree.

Picture 24 - Christmas ornament with PET bottle: vases to fill your house with flowers for the holidays.

Vases to fill your house with flowers

Image 25 - Small garlands to create a composition on the wall.

Small garlands to put on the wall

Image 26 - Table decoration with colored bottles.

Christmas ornaments with PET bottle: 50 ideas to use in the decoration
Pet bottles are great materials to create decorations for both Christmas and any other time of year! To get a different style, try modeling the bottle to get the effect you want with fire! Here is one image tutorial for this

Image 27 - Protection for snow man does not melt in the heat.

Protection for snow man does not melt in the heat
Another way for the snowman to survive the Brazilian Christmas is to create a protection ring. It's magic, of course!

Image 28 - Another idea to put in the little lights.

Another idea to put in the little lights

Picture 29 - Decoration to stay hydrated.

Decoration to stay hydrated
Especially for children, it's fun to do something different with everyday objects, or even make a décor that draws their attention to necessary activities like drinking water every time!

Picture 30 - Christmas ornaments with PET bottle: pet pompoms to decorate the tree.

Pet pompoms to decorate the tree

To decorate your tree
Both bottles and plastic cups can be cut into strips for a pompom effect!

Picture 31 - Mobile with the sense of the holidays of end of year.

Mobile with the sense of year-end parties

Image 32 - Dome for small ornaments.

Dome for small ornaments
Like the dome for the snowmen, this dome holds a small atmosphere inside it.

Image 33 - Garland with plastic flowers made at home.

Wreath with plastic flowers
A garland super interesting, colorful and beautiful! Look for different ways of making flowers with pet bottles and join them together in a wreath-shaped composition.

Image 34 - Transparent mobile to renew the daily decoration.

Mobile transparent
Another mobile with transparent plastic. The cool thing is that it always receives light, either direct with the luminaire or indirectly, with the natural light of the sun in the environment.

Picture 35 - Pet snowman.

Christmas ornaments with PET bottle: 50 ideas to use in the decoration
Another idea to get the kids together! Snowman, Santa Claus, Reindeers, Penguins.... All the famous Christmas characters can emerge from these bottles! Take a look at this step-by-step:
Christmas Ornaments with PET Bottle: 50 Ideas to Use in Decoration 1

Image 36 - Ornaments for tree with balls and pet bottles.

Tree ornaments with beads
Using a metallic spray paint of the same color as the industrialized ornaments, the pet bottles with their flower shape are neither recognized in the middle of the decoration.

Picture 37 - More flowers to decorate the Christmas lights.

More flowers to decorate the Christmas lights

Picture 38 - Pet strips forming an angel.

PET strips forming an angel
Use hot glue or stapler to attach the strips together and maintain the desired shape.

Picture 39 - Super colorful flowers to decorate your home.

Super colorful flowers for your home
The pet flowers serve to decorate your house all year long, including to give a little more color at Christmas! Use paint or coloring pictures to color your favorite colors!

Image 40 - Super colorful and festive garland.

Super colorful and festive garland
With bottles that have more plastic, look for a serpentine effect and put many colors with paints and sprays.

Image 41 - Snowflakes to decorate your home.

Snowflakes to decorate your home
The snowflakes on the bottom of the bottle can be made with acrylic paints and even with glitter glue. At the end, hang on your tree or make a curtain or a garland to decorate.

Image 42 - Innovate in forms to make mobiles or garlands.

Innovate in ways to make garlands

Picture 43 - Lamp in the bottle with flasher.

Flush-mounted bottle lamp
On Christmas Eve the effect of this simple lamp is fantastic, like a pot full of fireflies. Make a hole in the bottom to pass the wire that is plugged in.

Image 44 - Glitter-filled flowers for colorful trees.

Flowers full of glitter
Take the colors of your flowers to the tree as well and leave the traditional palette of green, gold, silver and red.

Image 45 - More flowers gracing the spot of light.

More flowers gracing the spot of light

Picture 46 - Giant bottle puppet!

Giant bottle puppet

Picture 47 - Flower garland.

Flower garland
Here you can use both a wire and a string to give structure to the garland. But do not forget to glue the mouths of the bottles with hot glue to keep your shape.

Image 48 - Transparent flowers with colored lights effect.

Transparent flowers with colorful lights
Changing the meaning of the previous examples, this time who colors the flowers are the colored lights of the blinkers.

Image 49 - Coat the pet base with other materials to give texture to your decorations.

Coat the PET base with other materials

Picture 50 - Pet base for an ornament with ribbons and beads.

Pet bottle base for an ornament with beads
Use other craft materials to help compose your work. Think of papers, ribbons, beads, lines and strings to make your items more complete and full of creativity.