Crochet toilet paper holder: how to do step-by-step and 59 ideas

Some crafts are only decorative, others have important functionality for the room. And this is the case with the crochet toilet paper holder. No matter the type, you're sure to need one in your bathroom. The suggestion we bring in today's post are the crochet toilet paper holder.

This versatile technique used for so long and applied in the most diverse environments of the house, can decorate the bathroom too. For those who do not have the practice of accurate crochet, you can choose to buy a toilet paper holder from someone you know or from the internet. On websites like Elo7 or Free Market, the price of a toilet paper holder ranges from $ 30 to $ 70. If you prefer, you can choose to purchase the entire bathroom set that includes vase rug, sink rug, vase cover and of course the toilet paper holder, from $ 90.

But if you like and know how to crochet, you can make your own door toilet paper. Do not know how to crochet? Do not get discouraged, enjoy the tips of this post and learn the technique today and, of breaking, still decorate your bathroom. This can also be a great opportunity to earn extra bucks at the end of the month. What do you think? Want to learn? Then follow the step-by-step below how to make a door easy and beautiful crochet toilet paper:

Step by step how to do crochet toilet paper door

Take note of the materials below and start making your crochet toilet paper door. The tutorial was posted by the Arte Brasil program:

Necessary materials

  • Barbet 4/4 in colors: lilac and green avocado;
  • 3.5mm aluminum crochet hook;
  • Tapestry needle # 18;
  • Plastic hoop 5 cm in diameter;

1. Front part

Use the string in lilac and 3.5mm crochet hook, start the motif by making the magic ring, turn the motif to the wrong side and start the 1st carr.: 1st petal follows 3 strokes, 3 pa, rises with 3 strokes ., turn the subject to the right 3 pa, follow with a 3-string, * turn the subject to the reverse 2 nd petal 4 pa, turn the subject to the right 3-up, 3-prong, follow with a drawstring of 3 corr. *, rep. from * to * to the top of the eight petals, close the carton with 1 inch. From 2nd to 6th grade, continue to follow the size of the piece.

In the 2nd row, use the string in green avocado, in the others use the string in lilac. To make the front part of the piece, it will take three blocks, joined together with p.b.. Use the ag., Tapestry nÂș 18, to make the strings of the wires at the time of the color changes. Reserve the piece.

2. Part behind

Use the string in lilac and 3.5mm crochet hook, start the piece with a string of 31 strokes, 1st stroke: 4 strokes, * 1 strokes, 1 strokes *, rep., From * to * for a further thirteen times, 1 pa. From the 2nd to the 36th car, continue following the diagram. Reserve the piece.


Bottom - use the string in lilac and a 3.5mm crochet hook, wrap the ring with a carton of db, then follow the size of the piece from 1st to 6th. Use Tapestry # 18 needle and the string in lilac color and join the front and back at the top and bottom at p. of basting.

Finishing nozzle

Videos explaining the step-by-step to making crocheted toilet paper

Check out the step-by-step described above in the following video. So there's no question of how to make the crochet toilet paper door:

Want to see more models? Then check out the tutorial videos below. They also bring the step by step how to do door crochet toilet paper. Follow:

Crochet Toilet Paper Holder - Step by step with teacher Simone

How to Make Owl Crochet Toilet Paper Holder

Step by Step to Make Crochet Toilet Paper Holder with Camellia Flower

59 passionate models of crochet toilet paper for you to be inspired by

See now more inspirations to make and decorate with crochet toilet paper holder. There are 60 images to delight your eyes. And if you want, see more ideas of crochet rugs , crochet sousplat , bathroom game , kitchen game and many others on the site.

Picture 1 - Toilet paper crochet crock in the raw color; the detail is due to the delicate satin ribbon between the rollers.

Picture 2 - Toilet paper crochet toilet in two colors for three rollers.

Picture 3 - A toilet paper holder to match the rug.

Picture 4 - Toilet paper crochet hook for a roll.

Picture 5 - Crochet bathroom set with toilet paper holder.

Picture 6 - In the colors of the rainbow: this toilet paper holder is also a support for the roll that is in use.

Picture 7 - Crochet toilet paper in the color with lilac flowers.

Picture 8 - For just one roll, but it's there!

Picture 9 - Toilet paper holder of white crochet with blue flowers.

Picture 10 - The owls are on all sides; here, it is a toilet paper holder.

Picture 11 - A luxury that door pink toilet paper with flower application.

Picture 12 - Sleepy owls on the crochet toilet paper holder.

Picture 13 - One holder for each crochet toilet paper holder.

Image 14 - Toilet paper crochet floor and lid.

Image 15 - Toilet paper holder mixed in white, brown and green.

Picture 16 - Support and toilet paper holder in the same piece.

Picture 17 - For fans of soft pink, the inspiration is that crochet toilet paper holder.

Image 18 - Apply delicate flowers on the toilet paper holder.

Image 19 - One square inside the other forms this crochet toilet paper holder.

Image 20 - Toilet paper crochet toilet paper for three rolls in beige and yellow colors.

Picture 21 - Butterflies!

Picture 22 - To give a contrast in the white bathroom, a door crochet purple toilet paper.

Picture 23 - Simple crochet toilet paper in soft green tone.

Picture 24 - Maxi crochet for a"maxi"roll.

Picture 25 - Arrange several rolls of toilet paper at one time with this model.

Image 26 - Crochet butterflies applied on the toilet paper holder.

Image 27 - Toilet paper crochet made with CD.

Picture 28 - Black crochet net wraps that door toilet paper for four rollers.

Picture 29 - Crochet toilet paper made in raw string for more rustic proposals.

Picture 30 - Toilet paper holder made with maxi crochet technique is beautiful and modern.

Picture 31 - Mini red roses applied on the door crochet toilet paper.

Picture 32 - Toilet paper maxi crochet with CD cover.

Picture 33 - Toilet paper holder in a delicate rose shade for a more romantic bathroom.

Image 34 - Toilet paper holder with blue crochet hook with white.

Image 35 - Flowers, always present in the toilet paper holder, guarantee an extra charm for the piece.

Image 36 - Instead of the crochet flowers, you can choose the artificial flowers to decorate the toilet paper holder.

Image 37 - Curious and funny little eyes on each toilet paper door.

Picture 38 - And for those who have more experience with the technique, you can try a more elaborate toilet paper holder, like the one in the picture.

Image 39 - The touch of color of this piece was due to the edges in yellow and orange.

Picture 40 - To escape from the traditional format this crochet toilet paper holder for three rolls bet on the hexagonal shape.

Image 41 - Toilet paper crochet hook with red and yellow camellia flowers.

Picture 42 - Crochet toilet paper holder made with raw string and colored edges.

Picture 43 - Black crochet toilet holder and holder decorated with a majestic yellow camellia.

Image 44 - Crochet toilet paper holder for two rolls with camellia flowers.

Picture 45 - Blue camellia flowers decorate the door brown toilet paper.

Image 46 - The flower chosen for this crochet toilet paper was the tulip.

Image 47 - Square crochet toilet paper holder with paper holder in use.

Picture 48 - A soft and harmonic colored shape this crochet toilet paper holder.

Picture 49 - On the green toilet paper holder a white crochet application.

Picture 50 - Whenever possible, combine the pieces of the bathroom set.

Image 51 - The details that make the difference: in this toilet paper the crochet flower won a delicate pearl

Picture 52 - Always by hand: double colored toilet paper holder made with maxi crochet technique.

Picture 53 - A kitten of toilet paper dressed crochet.

Picture 54 - And how about a yellow octopus to decorate your bathroom and still store the toilet paper?.

Picture 55 - All the elegance of gray borrowed for this toilet paper holder with CD cover.

Image 56 - Another model for the gallery of toilet paper inspired by animals.

Image 57 - A purse or toilet paper crochet hook?

Image 58 - Crochet toilet paper holder for three rollers can be used on the attached box.

Image 59 - Crochet toilet paper in moss green color.