Ediculous: See tips and 60 amazing designs with photos to inspire

In the dictionary, the word edicula is defined as a small house built on the back of a plot of land and usually only has one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. However, with the passage of time and with the new resources of construction and architecture, the edicts were modernized and they won surprising projects, capable of valuing the property even more. Learn more about the edicts:

Nowadays it is very common to see edicts that serve as leisure area and have barbecue, bathroom and even swimming pool. Other edicts were planned to include the service area as well, freeing up space in the main house.

The fact is that the edicts continue to exist, either to live or to create an area of ​​social coexistence. And you can take advantage of the space you have left there in your land to build one, from the simplest and cheapest to the most sophisticated and modern. It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

60 ideas and designs for you to inspire yourself

In today's post you will check out many ideas and suggestions to get inspired and start planning yours as well. Check out the photos below:

Picture 1 - Edículas: total use of the space with the left edicule.

If you have a spare space why not invest in something even bigger and build a maisonette? That's what they did in this proposal. The lower part includes the gourmet balcony while the upper landing houses a seating area overlooking the pool.

Picture 2 - Edicle with mezzanine is isolated from the main house and the access is made by the lateral staircase.

Picture 3 - Sophisticated edicule to comfortably house who is enjoying the pool area.

Picture 4 - Modern edict of curved shapes and glass walls was built next to the pool area.

Picture 5 - Ediculous planned for all seasons: in the summer, the pool and in the winter, the fireplace next to the sofa.

Picture 6 - Edicula following the same standard of finish of the main house.

It is not a rule, but you can choose to use the same finish of the main house in the building. In the case of the image, the wooden flooring used on the facade of the house also served to coat the small building.

Image 7 - Edicts: waterfall and game of lights to value the edicula at night.

Image 8 - Ediculous small, simple and very easy to be built.

In spite of the simplicity, this edicule surprises by the good taste in the decoration. Unlike most, this building was not designed to house a leisure area, on the contrary, it houses a home office. Alias, this is a great idea to create an isolated and quiet space to work with.

Picture 9 - Ediculous with face of gourmet balcony and pergolado of wood with glass cover.

Picture 10 - This simple model of masonry is actually just masonry cover to ensure that the barbecue happens, rain or shine.

Image 11 - Edicule with service area with access to the upper deck.

Image 12 - Edicula with gourmet space equipped with appliances and a small bathroom; the building is completely independent from the house.

Picture 13 - Leisure and fun guaranteed with the gourmet 'integrated' building in the pool area.

Anyone who has a pool in the backyard needs to ensure a covered space to make the space more complete and enjoyable. And in this case, the best option is to build a housing that meets the needs of the residents for these moments.

Picture 14 - Ediculous open with Japanese style roof, following the same pattern of the main house.

Picture 15 - One way of accommodating residents and guests without exposing the main house is by building a small house as an area for small parties and events.

Picture 16 - Large room with living room and fully equipped kitchen.

Picture 17 - To leave the sameness of the day to day you can organize a lunch or dinner in the edicule.

Image 18 - Small edicule built in wood.

This small wooden building is the perfect place to accommodate the home office. There, the two-seater sofa and work bench fit perfectly. To complete, the sliding glass door leaves the most modern and elegant space.

Picture 19 - Edicule of wood in format of house, but with frontal opening.

Image 20 - And what do you think of an entire glass building? This one of the image is like that and, still, it was attached to the main house.

Picture 21 - Spacious Edicus makes a mix of styles between modern and rustic.

Image 22 - Ediculous: if the terrain is small, the best solution is to bet on a model of an edicule in L.

Image 23 - Especially lit edicula brings a bar and a small clothing for those who leave the pool.

Picture 24 - In the same pattern of the house, the edicule can easily be confused with the main house.

Image 25 - Ediculous: as mother and daughter.

This building was built following the same pattern of architecture and finish of the main house, the difference between them is in size. The edicule looks like a miniature of the larger house and the detail: they are connected by a door at the bottom of the building.

Image 26 - Small editio with sliding glass door; in the interior, a gourmet space and a living room.

Image 27 - Edicho by the pool brings more comfort and functionality to the outdoor area.

Image 28 - Ediculous: the charm of this building is the counter that connects the internal area to the external area of ​​the building.

Image 29 - Edic in L bet on a wall lined with stones.

Picture 30 - Edicts: charming, elegant and spacious in the right measure.

The area of ​​the building is determined from the space available on the ground. Therefore, there is no ideal measure, the important thing is that it can shelter what is needed by the residents. Before building, determine what the functionality of the building will be and whether the available space will accommodate the planned.

Image 31 - A covered area on the ground can also be considered an ediction, provided it exercises a function.

Picture 32 - In the house or the edicule: no matter what point of the terrain you observe, the standard spaces become part of a single project.

Image 33 - Small wood-covered edicule has space for a whirlpool.

Image 34 - Edicula ensures that meals are served right there by the pool.

Picture 35 - Corner Edict with a proposal a little out of the conventional, but full of charm and style.

Image 36 - Edicts: beach climate in the house.

An interesting thing about the edicts is the possibility of daring and experimenting with different materials, first because it is a smaller construction and secondly because it does not necessarily have to follow the pattern of the main house. In the case of the image building, the roof was made of natural fiber, bringing a relaxed and coastal climate into the terrain.

Image 37 - Edicts: modern construction to take away the stigma that houses are just simplistic houses.

Picture 38 - Ah, a green roof! Great idea that combines beauty and sustainability.

Picture 39 - Simple, this small cellar works as a small dwelling on the lower floor and in the upper part it is used as a leisure and rest area.

Image 40 - Ediculas: apparent brick gives rusticity and coziness to the gourmet '

Image 41 - Remember the classic definition of edicula? Here it appears, but in a way more modernized and very well decorated.

Image 42 - Ediculous: all charm of an edicule in the middle of nature.

The space deep in the ground was valued by the presence of the building. The black paint highlighted the cottage in the green of the yard. The translucent roof guarantees optimal luminosity for the space.

Picture 43 - Editors: want to guarantee privacy to the edicule? So you can take advantage of this idea and use a type of curtain to close the entire length of the building.

Image 44 - Edicts of wood with sliding glass doors; the blend of materials helps to make the area more elegant and sophisticated.

Picture 45 - Ediculous square, wooden and ideal to relax in a different place of the house.

Picture 46 - This spacious building has an external area with table and chairs and another internal, separated by a glass door.

Picture 47 - Simple model of edicula with bathroom, table and refrigerator.

Image 48 - Edicts: floating on the water of the pool and overlooking the sea: this building is pure charm.

Picture 49 - A more luxurious and sophisticated version of edicule;

Light colors, sliding glass door and modern design furniture. This is a good inspiration for anyone looking for something more luxurious and sophisticated, but without taking away the striking features of backyard construction.

Image 50 - Wooden deck gives access to the edicule; the sliding glass door finishes the construction proposal with a lot of class.

Image 51 - Edicts: wooden floor and lining, wicker furniture and glass tablets: the right recipe for a comfortable and cozy building.

Picture 52 - To connect the edicule to the main construction, a pergola of wood .

Picture 53 - A little of everything: edicule of elongated format houses a bathroom, work bench and external kitchen.

Picture 54 - This simple edicule was valued by the presence of classic and sober furniture.

Image 55 - Ediculous: a perfect"cottage"of backyard background.

Small it is, but simplistic has nothing. On the contrary, the edicultural architecture valued the construction and brought much charm and beauty to the little house. Even the space for the dog was thought out.

Image 56 - Ediculous in front of the pool is rest and leisure folded and guaranteed.

Image 57 - External area became cleaner with the presence of the glass building.

Image 58 - White edicule all contoured by glass walls.

Picture 59 - Full of light, this cellar accommodates with plenty of space a kitchen and living room for leisure time.

Image 60 - Ediculous: gray color brought more modernity to this building with loungers and a bar with balcony.