Facades of houses with stones: incredible models and how to choose the ideal stone

Stones are synonymous with strength, endurance and permanence. And when they are used to compose the facade of houses, the stones lend these same characteristics to the construction, in addition to aesthetically valuing the architectural design. Find out more about the facades of stone houses:

There are several types of stones that can be used for the facade cladding of houses. The most common are the facades with stone Miracema, canjiquinha, são tomé, stone iron and Portuguese stone.

And these stones, which vary in color, shape and size, can be combined with other materials, such as wood, glass and metal, depending on the style you want to print on the front of the house. The more rustic you can choose a combination of stone and wood, while modern buildings harmonize well with the combination of stone and glass or stone and metal.

The stones can also cover the entire facade of the house or only a part, creating a distinctive and prominent area.

Check out 60 amazing pictures of houses with stones

Amidst so many possibilities it can be difficult to define which rock to use or how to use it. To help you with this mission, we have selected 60 facade images of stone houses to inspire and delight you. Check out:

Picture 1 - In this house, the stones line the walls and were combined to glass and wood.

The use of the stone guarantees a slight rustic and interior air for this house. The presence, however small, of nature contributes even more to this proposal.

Picture 2 - Facades of houses with stones: house of modern architecture won a shelter for car everything made in stones, they go even in the floor, instead of the floor.

Picture 3 - The facade of house with big stone was divided between stones and wood; the modernity of the building was guaranteed by the black color of the frames and the large glass windows.

Picture 4 - Crude stones form a frame around this house sobrado.

Picture 5 - Facade of house with stone: already this house bet in the use of stones dark gray.

The facade of this house was covered with dark gray stones of the Miracema type. On the sidewalk, the stones are also present. The beds in front of the house form a very beautiful contrast of natural elements.

Picture 6 - This facade of house with stone was made with a combination between stones and apparent concrete.

Image 7 - One option is to coat only half a wall with the stones and on the remaining wall use another type of coating or just paint.

Picture 8 - In this house, the stones help to create volume in the construction, besides offering color for facade of house with stone.

Picture 9 - The only solid strip of the construction was covered by stones of irregular sizes.

Image 10 - A house facade with stone to be observed.

The facade of this house looks like a work of art. Impossible to walk past her without contemplating her. The mix of materials, among them stone, coupled with the modern and sophisticated design are pure charm for the eyes.

Image 11 - The facades of houses can be lined with filleted stones, crude or cut into specific formats.

Picture 12 - House with pool opted for a stone façade to ensure a more natural and uncluttered look.

Picture 13 - House of modern and differentiated design bet on the facade of house with stone.

Image 14 - House facade with stone: the light grout emphasizes the natural shape of the brown stones.

Image 15 - The highlight of this facade is the stones and the roof.

The house was neither so big nor so small, it was valued by the presence of the stones on the wall. The roof and small garden at the entrance highlight the house even more.

Image 16 - Stones of varied tones lining the whole facade of house with stone.

Picture 17 - In this house of modern architecture, the stones line the structural pillars of the construction.

Picture 18 - Facade of house with stone: in this house, the stones appear in a more discreet way and resemble structural blocks.

Picture 19 - The grayish tone of the stones continues in the metals and in the painting of the facade of that house.

Image 20 - For each part of the house a house facade with different stone.

It can be said that this house with pool has two facades. An all in iron stone, characterized by rusty brown tone, while the other part of the house has a wooden facade.

Picture 21 - Stone iron was used in this facade of house with stone to cover the wall.

Picture 22 - A very different facade: in this house, the gabions of stone stand out, a metallic structure similar to a cage full of stone.

Picture 23 - When the brown is not in the stones, it comes in the color of the gate and in the painting of the walls in the facade of house with stone.

Picture 24 - The most vertical part of the house was all covered with stones, standing out even more in the construction.

Picture 25 - Discreet, but present in the facade of house with stone.

The stones enter the facade of this house discreetly on only one wall. But even so it is already capable of producing a differentiated effect, bringing a special touch of welcome and comfort.

Image 26 - In the front, glasses, already on the sides, the miracema type stones stand out.

Image 27 - Facade of house with stone: the stones in the lower part of the house create the feeling of sustaining the construction.

Image 28 - Small house with stone facade: only the first floor of the house was covered with stones, the upper part received painting.

Picture 29 - In the midst of nature, the option was for a facade of house with stone that mixes stones and wood.

Picture 30 - Gray stones create a beautiful combination with the white of the ceiling on the facade of house with stone.

The crude and rustic stones in a single shade of gray create an imposing and striking façade. Inside the house, the wall that extends above the roof also received stones.

Image 31 - The beams of this house were lined with stones in light tone, similar to the color of the floor used in the external area.

Picture 32 - The white, four-stone stones create texture and volume for the exterior walls of the house.

Picture 33 - A cozy and refined house at the same time: the stones pass this sensation to those who see the facade of house with stone.

Image 34 - One of the most common stones used in Brazilian buildings, the canjiquinha, was chosen for the facade of this house.

Picture 35 - Gabions of iron stone decorate all this huge facade of house with stone.

The stone gabions, in addition to being very aesthetic, still help to structure the house and are generally very used in constructions of retaining walls. That is, with a single material it is possible to obtain more than one result.

Picture 36 - The stones of the small canjiquinha type enter only a small part of the facade of house with stone.

Image 37 - An architectural design of these deserves the best coatings to make it even more beautiful.

Picture 38 - Here, the stones enter only under the house, helping to decorate the garage.

Image 39 - White stones bring lightness to the whole of this facade, which counts on glass as the main element.

Image 40 - The way of placement of the stones also interferes in the final result of the house facade with stone.

Picture 41 - Next to the swimming pool and the garden, the stones reinforce the natural elements present in the facade of the house with stone.

The light stones bring lightness and contribute to a cleaner and smoother facade. However, cleaning and maintenance should be more frequent in order to avoid patches and visible marks on the stones.

Picture 42 - In this house, the stones line the wall and form the retaining wall .

Picture 43 - A wall half-way: Do you want to save and use stones at the same time? So invest in that idea and use stones only in the middle of the wall.

Picture 44 - Gabions of white stone in the upper part of the facade of house with stone. Like the idea?

Picture 45 - The large corner house uses several materials to compose the facade of house with stone; the stones were used only on the wall.

Picture 46 - Facade of house with stone: a little house of fairy tales.

The style and materials used in the facade cladding make it look like a fairytale house: delicate, warm and welcoming. And you can not fail to mention the beauty of the pine tree right at the entrance. Anyway, a combination of elements to form a home entrance to the world of imagination.

Picture 47 - Facade of house with stone: stone, wood and a facade to leave anybody open-mouthed.

Image 48 - House facade with stone: Filled pebbles lining only the back wall next to the pool.

Picture 49 - This type of house facade with stone is very common in the European houses.

Picture 50 - A facade of house with stone a little modern, a little rustic, but very charming.

Picture 51 - Facade of house with stone: metallic beams harmoniously divide the space with the stones fillets in the wall.

Image 52 - A house facade with simple and cozy stone.

To create a naturally warm environment write down this recipe: stones, wood and lots of nature. This is what happened on the façade of this house, a perfect combination of natural elements.

Picture 53 - If the idea is to use stones to make only one detail of the facade of house with stone, do not be intimidated! Bet on that idea.

Picture 54 - Sobrado with facade of apparent concrete and stones.

Image 55 - Facade of house with stone: small house with facade of white stones; highlight to the large glass windows.

Picture 56 - The stones are resistant, durable and athermic, therefore they can be even used as floor, especially in wet areas, near swimming pools.

Image 57 - Rustic wooden facade placed on the stones to cover the side walls.

Image 58 - How about combining different stones in the same facade of house with stone? You can do something like this picture house.

Image 59 - Façades of houses with stones: elegance of white stones helps to compose the clean facade of this house.

Image 60 - Facade of house with stone: in this facade of the country house, the vertical structures gained coating of stones in fillet format in shades similar to the one used in the frames and on the roof.