Farm Entrance: see 69 ideas of farm inputs to fall in love with

"The first impression is the one that stays,"says the old popular saying. And in the case of rural properties such as farms and farms, the first impression is made at the entrance, at the gateway that receives the residents and visitors. Find out more about the landings:

So investing in a beautiful entrance can make all the difference to the place, especially if the idea is to rent the property for events and parties. In this case, the more valued, the better.

The materials most used and that most combine with the entrance of farms and sites are the rustic and natural style like stones, solid wood and brick.

See 69 ideas of farmhouse and farm gateways for you who want to put together a perfect

And if you're looking for tips and ideas on farms, you've come to the right place. This post is full of inspirations to help you have a beautiful and functional farmhouse entrance. Check out the selection of photos below and delight yourself with all the possibilities, from the simplest to the most luxurious:

Picture 1 - Wooden gate with iron lances; to complete the look of the entrance of this farmhouse the brick.

Wooden gate with iron lances; to complete the look of the entrance of this farmhouse the brick

Picture 2 - Wooden gate with rounded and low design; the mall was covered by pebbles valuing the use of natural elements at the entrance.

Picture 3 - Massive wood, iron and stones give to this entry of farmhouse a medieval style.

Picture 4 - One way to value the entrance gate of the farm is to choose to work the wood in visual patterns outside the conventional.

Picture 5 - In this entrance the initials of the owner welcome the one who arrives.

The beginning of the name of the owner of the farm is well marked by the crown of leaves around. The tall trees that follow along the mall contribute to make the entrance even more imposing.

Picture 6 - Simple wooden gate painted white was fixed to stone columns.

Picture 7 - Already this entrance took advantage of the beauty of the wood to compose the wide gate, while the luminaires in the wall guarantee a rustically sophisticated facade

Image 8 - The simple wooden gate follows the beaten path.

Picture 9 - The entrance of this chateau counts on a high iron gate supported by two leafy columns of stone in circular format.

Image 10 - Building and maintaining the entrance to the farm is fundamental.

Do not just create a beautiful entrance to your farm. It is of the utmost importance that it receives due care periodically, especially materials that may degrade over time, such as wood.

Image 11 - White gate accompanies the shape and height of the fence around the farm.

Picture 12 - To combine with the cobblestone mall, a wooden gate and iron.

Picture 13 - Galvanized steel also goes well at the entrance of farms and sites, just like the one in the photo.

Image 14 - Classic gate design shows the style of the property right at the entrance.

Picture 15 - Rustic country entrance.

Natural logs of unfinished timber were the only materials used for the construction of the entrance of this farm. The result is a rustic and uncomplicated entry.

Image 16 - The gate in the shape of an arch has the hollow design of a horse; a good request for the entrance of a rural property.

Picture 17 - Entry of farmhouse with wooden gate; note that uneven boards bring a distinctive look to the site.

Picture 18 - The beauty of this wooden gate is undeniable, but what would that entrance be without the trees that accompany it?

Image 19 - High structure for the entrance of this farm received a small gate; however, the highlight will even be for the initials of the owner of the property.

Picture 20 - Entrance of country house with asphalt mall and wooden gate.

This chateau mixes a bit from rural to urban, thanks to the presence of rustic and cosmopolitan elements right at the entrance, among them the asphalt on the ground and the apparent electricity wires a little higher up.

Picture 21 - Iron gate with arabesques, to guarantee privacy inside the farm, a solid wood top.

Image 22 - It is always possible to innovate a little and get away from the ordinary, in this case, the stars bring a touch of originality without leaving the simplicity.

Picture 23 - Entrance of farmhouse with gate of white iron.

Picture 24 - A small cover on the entrance of the farm allows the visitor to view the name of the property more easily.

Image 25 - An entrance to impress who arrives.

The union between wood and iron brings sophistication, robustness and elegance for the entrance of the farm, already preparing who arrives for what will be glimpsed inside the property.

Image 26 - The small gate and the rooster carved in wood on the pergola make the honors for the visitors who arrive on foot.

Image 27 - The small statue of iron welcomes those who arrive in this farm; the entry in the shape of a little house is another highlight.

Image 28 - An intercom was installed in the entrance of this farm to better receive who arrives.

Picture 29 - And how about putting the number of the farmhouse in the gate, in its own structure?

Picture 30 - For those who like and prefer a more classic style, you can bet on iron gate like the one in the photo.

Picture 31 - A modern and sophisticated entrance to a ranch; however, note that traditional materials have not been left aside, wood and stone are present, but in a different way.

Image 32 - For single-sided farm gateways it is important to reinforce the structure so that it can be opened and closed with ease.

Image 33 - The arid vegetation was the inspirational muse of this gate of different and original design.

Image 34 - Do not forget to take good care of the lane that leads to the interior of the property, it is also an integral part of the entrance of the farm.

Picture 35 - A farmhouse that looks more like a medieval fortress made of stones and brick.

Image 36 - The concrete wall fixes this wooden gate at the entrance of the farm.

Picture 37 - Luxurious farmhouse entrance with right up to a mini cascade.

Picture 38 - For those who like, you can receive the guests with a bullock head placed just at the entrance gate.

Picture 39 - Rustic and massive wood is always a good bet to value the entrance of farms.

Picture 40 - At the end of the low wooden box, an iron gate fixed by two columns of stone.

Image 41 - Simple farmhouse won an entrance with gate and wooden fencing.

Picture 42 - The floor with drawings in stone and the curved gate are only a detail in front of the exuberance of the green.

Image 43 - Low gate marks only the entrance of the property, without major concern with security issues.

Picture 44 - Two horses in a position of reverence stand out at the entrance of this farm.

Image 45 - If you are looking for a barn that brings security and privacy you can be inspired by this model.

Picture 46 - Entrance of farmhouse with sliding gate.

Picture 47 - White fence and light blue gate form a charming entrance and very charming.

Picture 48 - The luminaires guarantee a beautiful entrance both during the day and at night.

Image 49 - Spears and arabesques form the design of this iron gate at the entrance to the farm.

Image 50 - The stones bring a striking look to this entrance.

Image 51 - Simple wooden door fixed on props.

Image 52 - How about being inspired by an international entry model? This one in the photo is a good reference.

Picture 53 - A large property asks for a monumental entrance, like this one of the image.

Picture 54 - Simple entrance of farmhouse with steel gate and wooden columns.

Picture 55 - Entrance of farmhouse with gate of wood casting.

Image 56 - Flower bed helps to compose the entrance of this farm, next to the wooden and iron gate and the stone columns.

Image 57 - Color of the gate follows the color of the farmyard fence; columns were lined with ceramic that imitates brick.

Image 58 - White wooden gate leaves the entrance of the farm more delicate and romantic.

Picture 59 - Entrance of farmhouse with gate designed of wood and details in iron.

Image 60 - Branch gate with wire mesh following the green color of the fence.

Image 61 - Wreath of flowers helps to decorate the iron gate of this entrance.

Image 62 - Metal screen behind the wooden gate prevents animals from entering the property.

Picture 63 - In this farm, the small wooden gate welcomes those who arrive by car or on foot.

Image 64 - Stars and a stylized S personalize this gate at the entrance of the farm.

Picture 65 - Portaria condominium of farms with fountain and mini cascade.

Image 66 - Structure elevated above the gate takes the name of the farm.

Image 67 - Already in this farm, information on the property was placed on the stone wall.

Picture 68 - Column of concrete bricks and wooden gate: a simple entrance, but still beautiful and functional.

Picture 69 - And to close this selection, a farmhouse entrance to leave anyone's mouth open.