Gourmet space: 60 decorating ideas from gourmet spaces to be inspired

Cooking and receiving people. If these are the things that you most enjoy doing in life, then you need a gourmet space in your home. This is the perfect environment to bring these two pleasures together.

But before you begin to plan your space, it is important to understand the concept of the term"gourmet", the French word that has been so successful. The term refers to a style of cooking more elaborate, refined and that meets more accurate tastes in relation to the quality of the ingredients and the visual presentation of the dishes.

"Gourmet"is also associated with the judicious and artistic way of preparing food and drinks and also the pleasure of cooking and enjoying a meal with loved ones. But how can all this interfere with the setting up and decoration of an environment? If you want to create a gourmet space you need to privilege this concept in the choice of equipment, furniture and decoration.

One common mistake is to believe that kitchen and gourmet space are one and the same. They are not. The main difference between them is the setting up of the environment that should be planned so that it is possible to cook, receive and interact with people in one place. What is not always possible in a traditional kitchen.

By now you should be thinking that creating a gourmet space is very expensive. Ledo mistake. The gourmets spaces have nothing to do with daring projects and out of reality. They can and should adapt to every kind of taste and budget.

The gourmets spaces can be external, with barbecues, stove and oven wood or internal, often integrated to the own kitchen. Or, if you have a spacious kitchen, you can turn it into a gourmet space. The style of the decoration of the gourmets spaces is also to the taste of the owner. It can be modern, rustic, sophisticated, clean. As you wish.

Gourmet space: 60 environments for you to have as reference before assembling your

Check out the following inspiring photos and tips for you to build the gourmet space of your dreams:

Picture 1 - Table attached to the counter.

Table attached to the counter in the gourmet space
In this gourmet space of modern style, the table was attached to the counter with a cooktop allowing guests to watch the chef in action. Note that in this apartment the kitchen was planned as a gourmet space, take this into consideration when planning your own, so you do not need to create another space.

Picture 2 - Simple gourmet space of apartment; the balcony was integrated into the internal environment.

Simple gourmet apartment space

Picture 3 - Gourmet indoor space with barbecue.

Gourmet indoor space with barbecue

Picture 4 - Valorize the preparation of the meals.

Value the preparation of meals with a gourmet space
Leave the cooktop on the desk access bench, so you kitchen can interact with the guests waiting at the table. Another tip is to leave utensils and accessories always nearby to facilitate the preparation of meals.

Picture 5 - Instead of table, use a workbench; so you create a more informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Countertop in gourmet space

Picture 6 - Gourmet space ample and integrated to the external area.

Large and integrated gourmet outdoor area

Picture 7 - Gourmet space young and relaxed.

Gourmet space young and relaxed
The colorful environment creates a young and relaxed atmosphere for this gourmet space. Highlight the use of shelves and niches instead of cabinets, creating a lighter and airy look. The use of furniture, which traditionally are not kitchen, also enhance the informality of the space and bring comfort and extra warmth.

Picture 8 - This gourmet space is internal, but the glass roof brings nature closer.

Gourmet indoor space with glass roof

Picture 9 - A space to receive with luxury and comfort.

A space to receive with luxury and comfort

Picture 10 - Modern gourmet space with barbecue.

Modern gourmet space with barbecue
To make the gourmet space even more modern, delete the table and use a high bench instead, strengthening the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of this type of environment.

Image 11 - The hood is a good request for internal gourmets; she prevents her guests from leaving the meal by smelling fat.

The hood is a good request for internal gourmets

Image 12 - White and blue gourmet space; in place of banquettes, the comfortable puffs at the height of the bench.

Gourmet white and blue space;  in place of stools, the comfortable stools at the height of the bench

Picture 13 - Gourmet space with paper slate.

Gourmet space with paper slate
The use of paper slate in the gourmets spaces is very common, it contributes to the decoration in an unpretentious way. In it, you can enter the menu, some recipe or inspirational phrases. The paper slate is very simple and easy to apply and can be the great outlet for that half-fair wall. To complete the decoration, abuse the wood and indirect lights.

Picture 14 - Complete meals can be served directly in the gourmet space.

Full meals can be served directly in the gourmet space

Picture 15 - Gourmet space for many guests; the chef stands out.

Gourmet space for many guests

Image 16 - Gourmet space with vertical garden.

Gourmet space with vertical garden
The vertical gardens are high, as are the gourmets spaces. Why not join the two then? This is what was done in this project. The foliage brings freshness and lightness to the environment. Instead, it could have been planted spices and herbs, the result would be equally enthralling.

Picture 17 - In the style of a bar, this gourmet space accommodates several guests with great refinement.

Gourmet space that accommodates multiple guests

Image 18 - Gourmet space yellow and gray; guests are close to the chef.

Gourmet space yellow and gray

Image 19 - Brown, beyond wood.

Brown and wood
This gourmet space bet on the color brown, going well beyond the characteristic tone of the wood. The color is present in the wall covering, the stools and the bench stone. An option for outstanding environments, sober and refined.

Image 20 - The balcony of this apartment has turned into a gourmet space.

Gourmet space with wooden balcony

Picture 21 - Large external gourmet space with capacity to accommodate several people.

Large outdoor gourmet space

Image 22 - Integrated environments.

Environments integrated in the gourmet space
The balcony of this apartment has been integrated into the gourmet space creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. The junction of the spaces also contributes to a greater comfort of the guests that can circulate in a greater area of ​​coexistence.

Picture 23 - Rustic and modern gourmet space with access to the outside area of ​​the house

Rustic and modern gourmet space

Picture 24 - Side balcony of the gourmet space allows good potatoes watered good food and drink.

Side balcony of the gourmet space allows good potatoes watered good food and drink

Picture 25 - Worthy of a great chef.

Gourmet space worthy of a great chef
Such a space asks for a chef to match. All the details of this gourmet space were designed to provide the best experience for both cooks and for those who enjoy the dishes. Highlight for the lighting that guarantees the warm and intimate atmosphere of the place.

Image 26 - Luxury gourmet space, with bar.

Luxurious gourmet space with bar

Image 27 - Gray granite and brick flooring stand out in the proposal of this gourmet space.

Gray granite and brick flooring in gourmet space

Image 28 - Gourmet space with square table.

Gourmet space with square table
Large environments, such as this one, allow the use of square tables. For smaller spaces, rectangular tables occupy a smaller area and can accommodate the same amount of people, depending on the length.

Picture 29 - Gourmet space with marble countertops.

Gourmet space with marble countertops

Picture 30 - If the option is for an internal gourmet space, you can integrate all the environments, allowing a greater coexistence and interaction between the people.

Inner gourmet space

Image 31 - Small gourmet space in the outdoor area.

Small gourmet space in the outdoor area
When creating a gourmet space in the outdoor area you need to take into account the need to equip it with utensils and appliances, which does not happen when choosing an internal space. In this case, to save money and avoid having to equip another environment, you can choose to use a fridge rather than a refrigerator and a two-burner cooktop.

Picture 32 - All the warmth of the yellow to decorate this gourmet space.

All the warmth of the yellow to decorate this gourmet space

Picture 33 - Gourmet space with decoration of classic and rustic influence.

Gourmet space with decoration of classic and rustic influence

Image 34 - Less is more.

Less is more in the gourmet space
In outdoor gourmets you can opt for a simpler decoration with less elements. One suggestion is to use shelves and niches rather than heavy and large cabinets. With this, you gain a cleaner and smoother space.

Picture 35 - Have in your gourmet space beautiful and good quality crockery and cutlery; remember that"gourmet"goes far beyond the taste of the dish, the appearance is also very important.

Have in your gourmet space beautiful and good quality crockery and cutlery

Image 36 - External gourmet space with swimming pool; one more way to brighten the day.

Outside gourmet space with pool

Image 37 - Small gourmet space with barbecue.

Small gourmet space with barbecue
It's not because the space is small that it can not be gourmet, in contrast. If it is mounted on a porch or in the outdoor area, be sure to secure the space of the barbecue. To make it even more cozy, opt for the use of wood, apparent brick and plants in the decoration.

Picture 38 - Worth a screen to unwind while the meal is not served.

Screen in the gourmet space

Picture 39 - Want to bet on an elegant and sophisticated gourmet space? Then use and abuse the combination of shades of gray, white and wood.

Elegant and sophisticated gourmet space

Image 40 - Gourmet space to contemplate the view.

Gourmet space to contemplate the view
Gourmets balconies are indispensable in today's apartment projects and can determine the time of purchase. So when choosing a property make sure it comes with a gourmet balcony or if you can build one later. Remembering that any intervention in apartments requires authorization and the approval of an engineer.

Image 41 - Exquisite and classy gourmet space; the relaxation is due to the painting on the wall.

Exquisite gourmet space and full of class

Picture 42 - This gourmet space bet in the shades of blue and yellow and in the straight lines to compose a modern atmosphere and full of style.

This gourmet space bets on the shades of blue and yellow

Picture 43 - Gourmet space with two tables.

Gourmet space with two tables
The amount of tables and accents your gourmet space will have is directly related to the number of people you plan to receive in your home. So there is no rule for this. It is perfectly possible to create a gourmet space with only a few stools, as it is possible to set up a space with several tables and chairs.

Image 44 - Black granite in a harmonious contrast with white furniture.

Black granite in a harmonious contrast with the white furnishings

Picture 45 - Gourmet space should be planned to be used at any time of the day and in the most diverse climates, especially if it stays in the external area of ​​the house.

Gourmet space should be planned to be used at any time of day

Image 46 - Gourmet space to impress the guests.

Gourmet space to impress guests
Because this space is designed to accommodate people, it is natural for the host to be concerned about the appearance of the furniture, china, and appliances that will be part of the project. In the picture model, the carved wooden table catches the eye and contrasts with the furniture of modern design.

Image 47 - Cooktop on the countertop allows the boss to interact with everyone in the room.

Gourmet space with cooktop

Picture 48 - Pool and barbecue: the preferred combination of Brazilians present in this gourmet space project.

Gourmet space with pool and barbecue

Picture 49 - Classic and retro.

Classic and retro gourmet space
This gourmet space was planned with influence in classic and retro joinery. This effect was obtained both by the colors - white and blue - and by the model of furniture and handles. The result is a clean, warm and very comfortable environment.

Picture 50 - Simple gourmet space: only with sink and barbecue.

Simple gourmet space

Picture 51 - You can use in the decoration of your gourmet space pots of herbs, as well as beautiful, they still perfume and flavor the dishes.

Herbal vases in gourmet space decoration

Picture 52 - For each style, a corresponding gourmet space.

For each style, a corresponding gourmet space
Do not worry if you are classic, modern, rustic or retro type, there will always be a gourmet space design that fits your taste. The model of the image was designed for a modern person who enjoys living with loved ones. The large table does not leave anyone out and the lighting directed gives an intimate touch at the time of the meal.

Picture 53 - Gourmet space integrated to the living room.

Gourmet space integrated to the living room

Image 54 - Black and orange are the colors chosen to compose this gourmet space project.

Black and orange are the colors chosen to compose this gourmet space design

Image 55 - Touch of color to the environment.

Touch of color to the environment
The gourmet space of neutral and light colors gained a touch of life and joy with the wall painted with a tone of blue-green. In addition to the tables, the space also has a bench where guests can sit and stay closer to the chef.

Image 56 - Prioritize the comfort of your gourmet space.

Comfort in gourmet space

Image 57 - Gourmet space with access to the outdoor area.

Gourmet space with access to the outside area

Image 58 - Gourmet space to lose sight of.

Gourmet space to lose sight of
The high ceiling of this gourmet space makes it much bigger than it really is. Indirect and yellow lighting was used to ensure a touch of comfort and warmth. The panes that accompany the height of the place allow a privileged view of the external space.

Image 59 - Wall and column flooring forms, practically, all the decoration of that gourmet space.

Column and wall lining in gourmet space decoration

Picture 60 - Poufs, sofa, chairs and armchair: everywhere you are, you will be well accommodated in the gourmet space.

Puffs, sofa, chairs and armchair in gourmet space