How to make environmental scent: see recipes, essences and tips

Want to leave your home always smelling and provide a pleasant environment for locals and visitors? Bet on flavorings for your home. But how to make environment scent?

Well, if your intention is to save money with this product, you can do it from the comfort of your home. For this, you will need some items that are already in your dispensing, without having to have a high cost.

Know that the aromatizer helps attract good energies to your home, leaves the atmosphere more cheerful, facilitates communication and can relax. So be sure to invest in good flavorings.

For those who want to do at home, we separate in this post some information essential for you to know which essences are indicated for each room of your home.

In addition, we explain how you can make various types of fragrances, from the simplest to the most creative. Check out now how to make environmentally friendly flavorings and make your home even more fragrant.

What are the main types of essences for environmentally friendly flavorings?

The ideal is to create some flavorings with varied fragrances. But first you need to understand what the functionality of each essence is. So, check out the main aromas we have chosen for you.

Essence of Cinnamon

Cinnamon essence for environment flavoring

The cinnamon has a very warm aroma and its origin is one of the oldest. If you are interested in using it, know that the fragrance helps to awaken, stimulates the senses, opens the appetite and provides a mild climate.

Essence of Sandalwood

Essence of sandalwood for environment flavoring

The sandalwood has a cozy, yet at the same time very enveloping scent. But in addition, the essence has medicinal qualities. Therefore, it is indicated if you want to provide a quieter, more peaceful environment.

Lemongrass Essence

Lemongrass essence for environment flavoring

Lemongrass is one of the most beloved when choosing a flavoring. This is because its aroma is something pleasant that provides a sense of well-being. Therefore, it is essential to use it when you want to improve concentration.

Essence of Eucalyptus

Essence of eucalyptus for environment flavoring

Those who suffer from respiratory problems can use fragrances with eucalyptus essences, since the fragrance helps in functional breathing and is decongestant. In addition, eucalyptus strengthens the body.

Essence of Lavender

Essence of lavender for environment flavoring

Lavender is another essence that provides a sense of well-being and helps to create a defense mechanism for the body. What's more, fragrance helps fight stress and anxiety.

Attar of roses

Essence of roses for environment flavoring

The rose scent provides a soothing scent, but also tones the immune system and helps fight symptoms of stress, tension, fear and even depression.

Essence of Patchouli

Essence of patchouli for environment flavoring

Patchouli has an aphrodisiac reputation for being a warm and intense aroma. Its sweet and balsamic scent helps to relax and soothe. It is a fragrance widely used in temples of meditation.

How to make an environment scent for your home?

Home Aromatizer

There are many flavorings on the market, but they are expensive. A good idea is to make your own flavoring using accessible materials. That way, you can make one for each room in your home. Check out.

Aromatizing environment with orange peels

What will you need:

  • Water
  • Cloves of India
  • Peel of orange or tangerine

How to prepare:

  1. Take all the elements and place in a pan;
  2. Then wait until it's time to boil;
  3. The pleasant smell will be unavoidable at this time;
  4. When this happens, turn off the heat;
  5. Now you should put the mixture in a bowl, spray or even in a glass;
  6. Prefer to use colored items to provide more joy;
  7. To leave a nice smell in the room of your house, leave in a place reserved for him.

Aromatizer with lemon and rosemary

What will you need:

  • 1/4 thinly sliced ​​apple
  • 1 small lemon cut into slices
  • 1 small twig of rosemary that is fresh
  • Water
  • 1 glass jar of your choice, the most suitable is the jelly
  • 1 ceramic fondue set

How to prepare:

  1. Initially, you need to put the rosemary, lemon and apple into the pot;
  2. Boil the water and pour over the items inside the pot;
  3. At this point, you need to light the candle on your fondue set;
  4. Put the pot on top, but be very careful not to break;
  5. The heat of the fire will help release the flavoring;
  6. Do this only when you are at home because you need to control the fire;
  7. When you do not want to, extinguish the candle fire.

Gel environment scrubber

What will you need:

  • 2 glasses of water
  • 4 packets of gelatin without flavor
  • 15g to 20g of essence of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • Food coloring
  • Glass jar

How to prepare:

  1. Take a glass of water, put in a saucepan and heat;
  2. Then place the essence and color you chose;
  3. When you notice the mixture is boiling, turn off the heat;
  4. Then pour the unflavored gelatin into the mixture;
  5. Just after putting the salt and let it dissolve well;
  6. Now you will get the second glass of cold water and pour it into the mixture;
  7. Mix very carefully;
  8. Then place all the contents in a few pots. Prefer to use glass pots;
  9. Leave it reserved somewhere and hope to harden;
  10. If you want it to harden faster, put it in the refrigerator;
  11. Finally, distribute it in several rooms of your house.

Aromatizador in flor

What do you need:

  • 1 glass container
  • Coarse salt
  • Some oranges
  • Clove of India

How to prepare:

  1. Peel the orange, but be careful to make a single strip;
  2. Take the bark and roll it up like a flower;
  3. Do this two or three more times;
  4. Take the glass jar;
  5. Inside it place a few fingers of coarse salt;
  6. Put the orange flowers on top, but leave well tidy;
  7. To decorate, use the Indian cloves;
  8. If you want to increase, you can use flowers and dry leaves;
  9. Leave in the environment you want to aromatize.

Ambient Aromatizer in Bulb

What will you need:

  • 1 bulb
  • 1 small piece of cotton
  • Use an essence of your choice

How to prepare:

  1. Wait for the lamp to cool to uninstall it;
  2. Take a piece of cotton a little bit of the essence from the outside of the lamp;
  3. Reserve to dry and only pick up again when dry;
  4. Install the lamp again;
  5. Turn on the lamp;
  6. Expect that the heat of the light will let the scent of the essence exhale into the environment.

Aromatizador of environment with sticks

What will you need:

  • 200 to 250 ml of cereal alcohol
  • 50 ml of water
  • 50 ml of essence
  • 10 ml of fixative
  • Coloring to taste
  • Barbecue sticks, but leave the tips all cut
  • 1 pot, prefer a bottle of liquid soap that is empty

How to prepare:

  1. Take a bowl and put all the ingredients inside;
  2. Mix well;
  3. Put the mixture in the freezer;
  4. Leave there for 5 days to macerate;
  5. If you can not put it inside the freezer, you can leave it inside a closed and capped package, but put it in a dark place and let it soak for 10 days;
  6. After 5 days, put all the product inside the bottle;
  7. Put the barbecue sticks inside;
  8. For the circular aroma, you need to turn the sticks once in a while.

What is the ideal flavoring for each environment?

Aromatizador para ambiente

Before preparing the flavoring it is important to understand which fragrance is ideal for each environment of your home. Essences have the power to change the mood of an environment. Therefore, you need to choose the fragrance according to the need of each room.

See the fragrance ideal for each environment:

Living Room Aromatiser

The living room is the environment of the house that most people circulate, since it is the room that people receive their friends, relatives and visitors. So it is the place that needs harmony, joy and lots of positive energy.

For those who want to have a more vibrant climate, you should use fragrances such as bamboo, leaves, lemon balm and lemongrass. But if you are a person who does not receive many guests at home and wants to prioritize a more intimate atmosphere, bet on floral aromas with a more intense essence.

Bathroom Aromatiser

The fragrance in the bathroom provides a feeling of cleanliness, hygiene, a good smell and freshness. However, the main goal is to help eliminate the bacteria that proliferate in the environment.

Therefore, the ideal is to use fragrances such as bergamot, lemon and rosemary. The flower essences like palmarosa, geranium and lavender are also great for providing a cleaner feeling of environment.

Kitchen Aromatiser

The kitchen is an environment in which the smells mix. At the same time that you can smell good food, the fat in your food can bother you. Therefore, the ideal is to use something that neutralizes strong odors and softens the aromas of food.

Citrus essences like tangerine, lemon and orange are great choices. But you can also use fragrances such as anise, thyme, basil and fennel that highlight the aroma of food and open the appetite.

Room Aromatiser

To choose the best essence to use in the bedroom, it depends on your style. If you just want to sleep peacefully, use aromas such as lavender, chamomile, melissa, marjoram, and mandarin. They are fragrances that provides a well-being and makes you sleep faster.

However, if the goal is to create a more romantic and even sexier mood, use essences like rose, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, cardamom, among others. That way, the room will be ready to receive the couple.

Office environment scrubber

The office is a more serious environment, where more bureaucratic and financial issues are resolved. While the room needs to provide concentration and focus, it should attract good vibes.

So use cinnamon and other spices to attract prosperity, money and success in your business. In moments when you need concentration use the orange blossom that is an invigorating essence.

To use the aromatizador in house is to provide a cleaner and pleasant environment, besides leaving a sense of well-being, for the one who is at home as well as for the visits. So if you do not want to buy, use our tips to make yours.

So now it's up to you. Separate the essences that you like best or those that we indicate and understand how to make environment scented. Use all your creativity and create the best flavors for your home.