Planned Kitchen Cabinet: Guide with Directions and Tips to Follow

A common question when setting up a kitchen is the choice of a joinery project or planned furniture. The two have their advantages and disadvantages, however, the second option is best for those who do not rely on the help of a professional in the field of architecture or interior design. After all, many companies in the area of ​​planned furniture offer in their final price the help of a designer to perform all the steps of the project.

Get to know the essential tips we've selected for you to keep in mind before requesting a planned kitchen cabinet

Types of Finishes for Planned Kitchen Cabinets

Planned Kitchen Cabinet: Guide with Directions and Tips to Follow

1. MDP or MDF

MDF is a uniform, flat and dense material due to its composition of wood fibers, which allows a more elaborate design. Therefore, in the external details (those that appear in the cabinets) the MDF is applied. The MDP is perfect for simpler projects with straight lines.

However, the level of MDF paint absorption is better, allowing the paint to be more homogeneous and uneven on the surface.

2. Glass

Responsible for leaving the kitchen more modern, its variety of colors pleases very much the lovers of this material so practical and beautiful! It is widely used in doors and drawers because it is easy to clean and bring a special highlight to the kitchen.

3. Low pressure laminate

Due to its low resistance, this material is rarely used in countertops and kitchen cabinets. However, its main function is to structure these places, making the case of these furniture.

4. High pressure laminate

It is more resistant than the laminate of BP, due to the resin that gives greater protection to the humidity. In addition, it is stronger to abrasion and impacts, so it is very suitable for the kitchen.

5. Methacrylate

It is a visual mixture between glass and lacquer, what differs are the components of this type of material. It has advantages such as: practicality in cleaning, resistance to stains, diversity of colors and high durability.

Layout of planned kitchen cabinets

1. Tamponamento

Planned Kitchen Cabinet: Guide with Directions and Tips to Follow 1
Reproduction: Joinery Brazil

This detail makes all the difference in the look of the closet! Nothing is more than the extra edge of the furniture, leaving it much more robust and striking. In it, an inner box with smaller thickness is made and on the outside is coated with another wood of greater thickness to give this edge effect.

Usually the choice of the internal part is white (more economical) and the external one with a more refined finish, like the glass, mirror or a wood with stronger color to evidence the tamponamento.

2. Measures

Cabinets below the counter should be 20 cm away from the floor for easy cleaning. If you want to close this span, the option is to make a masonry base and to cover with the same stone of the bench, for example. Already in the upper cabinet should be installed with distance between 60 and 70cm of the bench, facilitating the opening of the doors and following the ergonomics. Remembering that these should be shallower, with 40 cm not to affect the use of the bench, and the lower can reach 65 cm deep.

60 inspirations from kitchen cabinets planned for you to have as a reference

Picture 1 - Work the contrast of colors in the cabinets.

Work color contrast in cabinets
At the time of the project, try to choose the colors of your closet correctly. You can play with different colors at each point. In the design above, the drawers get a white finish and the rest take the traditional black, which leaves the look very elegant. This game makes all the difference in the final look!

Picture 2 - Different materials can compose a beautiful kitchen planned.

Kitchen with different types of materials
The mixture of the finishes should be harmonious with the style and with each other. Make a mural by putting these materials side by side to better observe the combination.

Picture 3 - Lower and upper cupboard with different finishes.

Kitchen with upper and lower cupboard with different finishes
This solution is perfect for anyone who has a beautiful kitchen without many requirements. Working linearity is one of the fundamental principles for a modern look in the kitchen.

Picture 4 - Small planned kitchen cabinet.

Cabinet for a small planned kitchen

Picture 5 - Cabinet of kitchen planned in L.

Kitchen cabinet planned in L

Picture 6 - How to organize the partitions of the central island.

Organization of divisions in central island
Enjoy all the space available in your kitchen. If you opt for a central island, insert partitions according to your need, also place drawers and hooks to help organize the household utensils.

Image 7 - Finishes that make the difference!

Finishes that make the difference

Picture 8 - When the closet has a different finish.

Cabinet with differentiated finishing

Picture 9 - Sausages tailored.

Sausages made to measure
Appliances must be chosen before planning the cabinets, to have the niches adjusted to the correct size.

Picture 10 - Discreet handles highlight the color of the cabinet even more.

Discreet handles highlight the color of the cabinet even more

Image 11 - Kitchen cabinet planned with colored glass.

Kitchen cabinet with colored glass

Picture 12 - In this closet, the tamponamento occurs around the niche.

Closet with tamponamento around the niche
In this kitchen, the gray niche gets a special highlight with the rest of the environment. This detail can be made in the cabinets or to mark some point of the joinery, as in the case above.

Picture 13 - Color to brighten up your kitchen!

Cabinet with vibrant blue for a cheerful kitchen

Image 14 - Debugger: the item that should not be missing!

Debugger: The item that can not be missing in a kitchen
The scrubber helps protect your closet and also prevents steam and smell in the kitchen. In the market there are several sizes and models that fit for each type of kitchen design.

Image 15 - White profile in closet.

White Profile in the Closet

Image 16 - Planned kitchen with black cabinet.

Planned black kitchen cabinet

Figure 17 - Opening system of planned cabinets.

Cupboard with opening system
There are several options for pullers and openings for planned cabinets. In the kitchen above, the top cabinet wins the lock-touch system, which leaves the look more clean and discreet. At the bottom, the bronze profile runs through the entire length of the cabinet, maintaining a harmonic look, as it plays with tone on tone.

Picture 18 - Highlight some detail in your closet.

Highlight some detail in your closet

Picture 19 - The frosted glass carries a bold touch to the kitchen.

Frosted glass cabinet

Image 20 - Notice the depth of the cabinets.

Pay attention to the depth of the cabinets
The upper cabinet should be smaller for better viewing of the bench, since the insertion of brightness decreases with the play of light and shade. If desired, attach a led strip to illuminate the cooking location.

Picture 21 - Planned kitchen with white cabinet.

Planned kitchen with white cupboard

Image 22 - The upper part gains a functional layout.

Cabinet with functional layout at the top
Place partitions that have functionality in your kitchen. In the above project, the bottle niches make the environment more beautiful and organized.

Image 23 - Planned American kitchen cabinet.

Planned American Kitchen Cabinet

Picture 24 - For a minimalist and discreet design.

Planned closet with minimalist and discreet design

Picture 25 - Sophisticated in every detail.

Sophistication in every detail

Picture 26 - The metal profile is one of the most popular in the cabinets.

Planned cabinet with metal profile
They are cheaper, practical and have a great function in cabinets.

Image 27 - For those who want a simple and cheap cabinet.

An idea for anyone looking for a simple and cheap planned closet

Image 28 - Cabinets in gray color are neutral as the white color.

Gray color is neutral, as is white

Picture 29 - Planned kitchen with methacrylate.

Cabinet planned with methacrylate
Sophistication is the main feature of this kitchen. The value of a methacrylate project is superior to the rest of the materials, but the result is unparalleled!

Picture 30 - The bronze finish is one of the darlings in the kitchen decoration!

Cabinet with all the charm of the bronze finish
The bronze glass is ideal for kitchens that have filing cabinets in color because the combination is modern and leave any sophisticated kitchen! For those who do not want to err, invest in these choices: fendi and bronze!

Learn how to organize your groceries with the partitions in planned kitchen cabinets

Picture 31 - Shelves and drawers are always welcome!

Cabinet with shelves and drawers
If you have not yet defined the location of each item, insert these two items into some cabinet space. After all, they are practical and there is always a function for the shelves and drawers.

Picture 32 - The cabinet can be hidden with doors, following the style of the rest of the furniture.

Hidden closet with doors
If you want to hide, it's better! This way you can make the look more clean and organized.

Picture 33 - Interior partitions for each item of your kitchen.

Bet on internal partitions for each item in your kitchen
Plan partitions that are functional in your kitchen. In the above project, the locals are lovers of wines and cheeses, the place that could not miss was a little corner to organize items such as cups, boards, knives and so on.

Image 34 - Metal and glass drawers help with cleaning and are ideal for storing food.

Cabinets with metal and glass drawers
Choose glass drawers if you want to store food and spices, as the wood stains and absorbs more liquids.

Picture 35 - Name each drawer for each type of food.

Drawers with names for each type of food
This closet is the dream of many locals! Optimize all the internal space of your closet, taking advantage of the place of the doors, the aerial part and the crumb.

Picture 36 - Put a cellar in your planned closet.

Put a cellar in your planned closet
If you are a wine lover, prioritize a site dedicated to them. Nothing more elegant than a cellar built into the kitchen cupboard.

Image 37 - To keep your closet always organized.

Drawers to keep your closet always organized

Image 38 - Special corner for bowls.

Special Cup Corner

Picture 39 - Drawers with adequate height.

Drawers of adequate height
The height of each drawer is essential at the time of design. Depending on what you put in, the partitions should be larger so you can support bottles, pots, canning and so on.

Image 40 - Vegetable compartment.

Vegetable compartment
A (tall and spacious) drawer with plastic buckets are enough to have your weekly fair organized!

Image 41 - Planned closet with bin.

Planned closet with bin
Many people are afraid to put the bin into the planned closet. Here's a tip: opt for bins with lids. So the smell does not spill into the closet and neither is it apparent in the middle of the kitchen.

Image 42 - Arrange pots and lids separately.

Arrange pots and lids separately

Picture 43 - Trays and platters with this infallible system!

Trays and crosspieces with infallible system
The wood panels, in the system above, are flexible and can be assembled according to the space you want. It's a great idea for your kitchen!

Picture 44 - Nothing more practical than having everything at hand and easy to access.

Have everything in hand with this drawer for spices

Picture 45 - The steel side reinforces the drawers system.

The steel side reinforces the drawer system
The steel reinforces any stronger beating or thrust of the drawers. Try to observe what material the store offers so there will be no future losses in your kitchen!

Image 46 - Port spices in narrow space.

Door spices in narrow space
Enjoy the narrow space to insert a place to organize your seasonings. This is the perfect solution for those who own a small kitchen.

Picture 47 - If you want to opt for a door knives.

Choose for a door knives

Figure 48 - To optimize the internal space of the drawers.

To optimize the internal space of the drawers

Picture 49 - Partition for cutlery.

Cutlery partition

Image 50 - There are still custom partitions.

Custom Drawer Partitions
Although they leave the project more expensive, they are a charm in the decoration.

Picture 51 - How about the model with the built-in board?

Model with built-in board

Picture 52 - Round corners gain a distinctive design.

Round corners that gain a distinct prominence

Picture 53 - The organized counter is synonymous with beautiful kitchen.

The workbench is synonymous with beautiful kitchen

Image 54 - The types of organizers influence the values ​​of the project.

Kitchen drawer with organizers
Metal partitions are best suited for organizing cutlery and knives. If you want something simpler, look for PVC or acrylic partitions, they decrease the final value of the project.

Image 55 - Occupy all the drawer space.

All drawer space used

Image 56 - Partitions for dishes.


Image 57 - Drawer dedicated to the pots.

Dedicated pan drawer

Figure 58 - Try to separate the drawers according to what you put.

Separate the drawers according to the objects
If smaller things are placed in the drawers, try to divide the gap further. Leave space for items that take up space, such as pots and pans.

Image 59 - Drawer with drawers.

Gavette with drawers

Image 60 - Choose the internal partitions that fit your needs.

Design partitions that fit your needs

Planned Kitchen Cabinet Price

The value of a planned kitchen cabinet can range from R000 to R000, depending on the information quoted above.

Items that change the project value

1. Store specializing in planned furniture

The brand interferes a lot in the market and the competition. The renowned stores consequently have the highest value, however the finishing is always the most important in the choice. Ask for at least 3 budgets in different stores and choose the one that most pleases and meets your needs.

2. Finishing

This is the key point that interferes with the final budget! Slides, materials, handles and door locks can greatly increase the price.

3. Add-ons

Door partitions such as spices, drawers, pans compartment and dishes go up the value of the project.

4. Size

The larger the kitchen, the greater the amount of material used, raising the final price of the project.

5. Region

The value can change from city to city, due to the legislation of the m² and also from the factory transport to the region.