Treehouse: See tips to build and 55 photo templates

You do not have to be a child to surrender to the charms of a tree house, the kind you see in the movies. No matter the age, the little houses on the tree are a dream in the children's imagination and a desire kept in the hearts of many adults out there. And maybe this is the time to make it come true, ensuring the joy and fun of everyone.

The tree houses are usually built of wood and have a simple structure, cheapening the final cost. However, the total price of a tree-house will depend even on the project and how it will be built.

And building a tree house is nothing too complicated, nor from another world. It's actually something even simple, but if you can not or not long enough to get involved in such a project, know that it is now possible to outsource this work. There are many companies specializing in building tree houses, from project design to final finishing.

Tips for building a tree house

But regardless of who will make the cottage in the tree it is important to look for some important details that will ensure the safe and appropriate use of the place. Check out the tips:

  • The first thing to do is choose the tree and then draw the design of the house according to the species chosen. It is recommended that you always look for those that have deep roots, strong trunks, resistant and without any signs of disease or parasites. The main trunk of the tree must be at least 30 centimeters in diameter;
  • If you do not have many trees to choose from, then the ideal is to do the planning of the house respecting the characteristics of the species of tree that will be used;
  • The most suitable species for building houses are oak, pine and apple trees;
  • Trees with trunks that form a V are the most recommended for building houses, as they allow a better fixation of the structure;
  • The house should be built between 1.8 and 2.4 meters high to ensure the safety of children and stability of the work;
  • Try to know the rate of growth of the chosen species and keep a distance around the trunk so that it has room to continue developing;
  • The best way to support the little house in the tree is by using the poles method that consists of piling wooden trunks around the trunk to support the little house. Attaching the structure directly to the trunks can weaken the tree and lead to rotting;
  • Another important detail is deciding how to access the small house in the tree. Usually this access is made by a standard wooden staircase. But you can also use a rope ladder, a sailor's ladder or a conventional handrail staircase. To get out of the house, consider the - fun - way of installing a slide;
  • A railing around the house is also important to avoid falls. The most common model is made of wood with a height of 90 centimeters and spacing of 10 centimeters between each ruler;
  • The lighter the treehouse structure the better. Avoid overloading with furniture and objects and, if you choose a roof, use lightweight tiles.

55 amazing treehouse ideas to inspire you

After all the proper care taken and recorded, comes the best part: a cute and passionate selection of tree houses to inspire and build yours. Then it's just fun, play, enjoy and what else can do in this space. Check out each one and celebrate the child who lives in you!

Picture 1 - At a small distance from the ground, this little house in the tree has gained a special illumination with the blinking lights.

Picture 2 - Tree house: the tree of sturdy trunks was chosen to house this house with slide, rocking and climbing wall.

Picture 3 - A luxurious tree house: the complete model with ceiling, glazed windows and electric lighting can even serve as a dwelling.

Picture 4 - The differentiated model of this house in the tree resembles a house of birds; note that in this case the whole structure was fixed directly on the tree.

Picture 5 - Enjoy the underside of the tree house to set up a playground.

Picture 6 - To live or to play? The complete decoration of this tree house impresses and casts doubt on the air.

Picture 7 - How many floors do you need? You can tell that the owner of this tree house is already very grown up.

Picture 8 - A model of a tree house very similar to a real house; the staircase with handrail and the parapet give security to the space.

Picture 9 - Simple wooden tree house with glass roof: ideal for enjoying nature.

Picture 10 - Why only one, if you can have two tree houses?

Picture 11 - A house design on the inverted tree: the house is on the ground and the playground is on top.

Picture 12 - Tree house with balcony and even shower for bathing.

Picture 13 - Among the cherry trees, a tree house of fairy tales.

Picture 14 - The tree in this backyard was very well taken advantage of with a delicately decorated white wooden house.

Picture 15 - For the most modern, a tree house with bold and different design.

Image 16 - The large and well branched tree allowed the construction of a house in the same proportion.

Picture 17 - Not quite a tree house, but the structure around the tree guarantees good moments of fun.

Image 18 - If the idea is to invest in a tree house, then let it be flawless.

Image 19 - With two decks, this tree house has a unique stairway that skirts the main trunk.

Image 20 - Tree house with a touch of modern architecture.

Picture 21 - What child would not love this tree house? Despite the simplicity, it is playful and charming.

Image 22 - To make the treehouse experience more fun and radical, build a wooden bridge and rope.

Picture 23 - Tree house: the tree of wide trunk houses perfectly this small house in spiral format.

Picture 24 - A simple idea of ​​tree house, but that surely will bring much joy and fun for the children.

Image 25 - The dream tree house.

Image 26 - An igloo tree house seized on the trunk of the tree; the circular staircase provides access to the building.

Image 27 - To build a whole house leaning on the tree and I need to make sure the tree is healthy and strong.

Image 28 - Can not build the tree house? All right, get her on the side.

Picture 29 - In this tree house, the trunks of another tree guarantee the sustentation and the support.

Picture 30 - Tree house: When a child's dream is realized in the adult phase, it changes a little bit of form, but in essence it stays the same.

Picture 31 - In the tree, not in the forest! This large and extensive house occupies a large area within the woods, but to be built it did not have to remove a tree at all.

Picture 32 - A treehouse full of style: gray paint and mirrored glass.

Picture 33 - Climbing wall and firefighter slide leaves the treehouse more fun and radical.

Image 34 - Glass tree house; a screen protects the trunk and ensures tree growth.

Image 35 - The tree house can start in a simple way and gradually gaining form and robustness.

Image 36 - Already for this project, the proposal was to create a tree house in round format.

Image 37 - And for those who live in big cities and do not have the opportunity to have a tree in the backyard, the solution is to take the little house into the room.

Picture 38 - Make it cold or hot, the tree house resists and the joke does not stop.

Picture 39 - With varying levels of height, this tree house explores all the possibilities of outdoor construction.

Picture 40 - A small treehouse, simple but very fun.

Image 41 - This treehouse was designed to challenge and test occupant balance and coordination skills.

Image 42 - Bright and cheerful colors are the face of tree houses; use and abuse them.

Image 43 - Minimalist and conceptual design of tree house.

Image 44 - Large tree house has access by mobile wooden bridge and rope.

Picture 45 - Another original idea and very different from tree house for you to be inspired.

Picture 46 - Remember: the larger and wider the tree, the more possibilities of structure are possible to make.

Picture 47 - Built with wooden logs, this cassa in the tree has round format and access by wooden bridge and ropes.

Image 48 - Special decoration for the rustic tree house.

Picture 49 - The romantic and well designed house has access by a rope ladder.

Picture 50 - Cottage under the tree: here the idea was to make a cover and enjoy the space created under the tree with a suspended bed and lamp poles.

Image 51 - A simple and easy to make tree-house model; do not forget the tire swing, it is important for the proper operation of the site.

Image 52 - Tree house with indigenous inspiration: hollow shaped and natural fiber roof.

Picture 53 - For the design fans, this tree house is a great inspiration, besides of course being a lot of fun.

Picture 54 - Rustic tree house, cozy and very welcoming.

Picture 55 - This little house was built taking advantage of the two trees of the place, with that it was possible to extend the area and make a mini deck with exit by the slider.