Laundry Models and Decorated Service Areas

The laundry or laundry area has a very important function in the house, but it does not always have a guaranteed decoration. It should follow the style of the other environments, so to enjoy the space and leave organized is essential to leave the items in order with a fun decoration.

For small apartments, the tenant must invest in functional and space-saving solutions. One has to think of a space to wash clothes, put to dry, store the products and pass. Different from what happens in homes where you have a balcony or yard to hang clothes.

With that in mind we separate some solutions of how to decorate laundries so that it does not lose the beauty, functionality and practicality. These tips also apply to anyone who owns a laundromat with little space at home.

  • The laundry can receive charming pictures, with different phrases and colors.
  • Betting on practical and stylish accessories such as vases with flowers is an interesting idea when valuing the decoration of the environment.
  • Strong colors in the wall paint or machine color are welcome in the environment
  • Install cabinets to store appliances, squeegee and broom.
  • A good tip is to put shelves and cabinets near the tank or washing machine so that the objects are easily accessible at the time of cleaning.
  • Get circulation space by leaning against cabinets, a dryer and a washing machine on the wall.
  • Install a clothes hanger next to the ironing board to prevent wrinkling of clothing.
  • Baskets for clothes are essential; owning two is the most common. Use one basket for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes.
  • The hooks are great in any laundry, especially for small ones. The record of water on the wall is an example of this, being able to hang clothes or even a decorative object suspended in it.

Choices of cabinets, colors, details make all the difference. With this in mind, we separate 90 models of laundromats that show how to decorate yours and leave it with a special touch this little corner of cleaning.

Picture 1 - Laundry practice with washing machines hidden in the closet

Image (1)

Picture 2 - Laundry organized

Image (2)

Picture 3 - Laundry with elevator of dirty clothes

Image (3)

Picture 4 - Lavanderia for house of beach

Image (4)

Picture 5 - Laundry clean in white color

Image (5)

Picture 6 - Laundry with door style shrimp

Image (6)

Image 7 - Full laundry with built-in ironing board

Image (7)

Image 8 - Laundry with wallpaper

Figure 8)

Picture 9 - Sophisticated laundry with red washing machine

Image (9)

Image 10 - Laundry with wall in glass tablets

Image (10)

Image 11 - Laundry on the side of the stairs

Image (11)

Picture 12 - Modern laundry room with wood cabinets and sink

Image (12)

Picture 13 - Small laundry

Image (13)

Image 14 - Laundry in shades of blue and yellow

Image (14)

Picture 15 - Laundry with mirror

Image (15)

Picture 16 - Red Laundry

Image (16)

Picture 17 - Laundry with central bench

Image (17)

Picture 18 - Laundry with industrial style

Image (18)

Image 19 - Simple and organized laundry

Image (19)

Image 20 - Ideal laundry for the corridor

Image (20)

Picture 21 - Laundry for small apartments

Image (21)

Image 22 - Laundry with four washing machines

Image (22)

Image 23 - Laundry with colored tablet

Image (23)

Picture 24 - Common laundry in neutral tones

Image (24)

Image 25 - Laundry next to the staircase closed by sliding door

Image (25)

Image 26 - Black and white laundry

Image (26)

Image 27 - Laundry in gray and light blue

Image (27)

Image 28 - Laundry black

Image (28)

Picture 29 - Laundry in white and yellow tone

Image (29)

Picture 30 - Laundry with green shelves

Image (30)

Picture 31 - Laundry ideal for small residences

Image (31)

Image 32 - Minimal laundry

Image (32)

Image 33 - Laundry with two machines superimposed on top of one another

Image (33)

Image 34 - Laundry with rustic touch

Image (34)

Image 35 - Mountain home laundry

Image (35)

Image 36 - Laundry along with toilet

Image (36)

Image 37 - Laundry with modulable wood top

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Picture 38 - Laundry with two steel washing machines

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Image 39 - Laundry along with the pantry

Image (39)

Image 40 - Laundry with cabinets and shelves

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Image 41 - Laundry with washing machines and white cabinets in white wood

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Picture 42 - Laundry with bench in white marble

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Picture 43 - Laundry with central table

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Picture 44 - Laundry with home Office

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Image 45 - Laundry with two black machines

Image (45)

Picture 46 - Small laundry with baskets and clothes rack

Image (46)

Image 47 - Laundry in earthy tones

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Image 48 - Simple Laundry for Home

Image Image Image Image

Picture 49 - Laundry with modern sink

Image (49)

Image 50 - Laundry with modules that holds towels and baskets

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Image 51 - Laundry with wooden floor and closet

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Image 52 - Laundry with two machines and shelves

Image (52)

Image 53 - Laundry with white furniture and colored baskets

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Picture 54 - Laundry with sofa and office

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Picture 55 - Laundry with cabinets and refrigerator

Image (55)

Image 56 - Laundry with black marble countertop

Image (56)

Image 57 - Coated laundry with wood top

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Image 58 - Laundry in Tone Fendi

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Image 59 - Colored laundry

Image (59)

Image 60 - Laundry with pink detail

Image (60)

Image 61 - Laundry with stainless steel tank and baskets on the shelf to send the space in order.

Image (61)

Image 62 - Laundry with clothesline suspended in the ceiling

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Picture 63 - Laundry with cabinets in ivory wood

Image (63)

Image 64 - Small Laundry

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Picture 65 - White laundry with machines in stainless steel

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Image 66 - Nude Laundry

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Picture 67 - Laundry with atelier

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Image 68 - Laundry with four washing machines built on top of the other

Image (68)

Image 69 - Laundry with a washing machine and dryer

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Picture 70 - Laundry for houses

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Image 71 - Laundry with clothesline hanging on the wall

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Picture 72 - Laundry room with cellar

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Image 73 - Laundry with sliding door

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Image 74 - Laundry with white furniture and wood top

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Image 75 - Laundry with hidden door

Image (75)

Picture 76 - Laundry with black cabinets

Image (76)

Image 77 - Laundry with clothes rack

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Image 78 - Laundry with washing machines raised from the floor

Image (78)

Image 79 - Organized laundry with niches and organizer boxes

Image (79)

Image 80 - Laundry with half-built sink

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Image 81- Wide Laundry with Window

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Picture 82 - Laundry with two small sinks

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Picture 83 - Laundry with functional cabinets

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Image 84 - Laundry with blue joinery

Image (84)

Image 85 - Laundry with bar to accommodate old clothes

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Image 86 - Laundry with gray cabinet and stone countertop

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Image 87 - Laundry with mirror inserts

Image (87)

Picture 88 - Laundry with blue cabinets

Image (88)

Image 89 - Laundry with trolleys

Image (89)

Image 90 - Laundry with pink wallpaper and chandelier

Image (90)