Low bed or bed on the floor: 60 projects to inspire

Have you ever thought about having a low bed or a ridge on the floor? Today we will talk about this proposal in the decoration that refers to the style of oriental culture. For those who are fans of the minimalist style, this can be a great idea to apply in the rooms, be it double, single or child.

These bedding models are ideal for environments full of joviality - the base can be an optional, made of wood, pallets, concrete and other materials. If you want to have a more informal environment, bet on this option!

In Eastern culture, having contact with the floor helps dissipate the negative energies - if you like this style, know that it can still save a lot of space compared to a traditional bed, in addition to making the room decor lighter.

Before placing the mattress on the floor, you need to know more about the floor and the impact of moisture on the material. Another option is to use rugs under the mattress to preserve the item.

60 designs with beds or floor to inspire you

To make it easier to see, check out 60 low-floor or floor-mounted designs for inspiration:

Picture 1 - Double room with bed on the floor.

Couples choosing this proposal should have a youthful profile because the bed is almost flat on the floor, old people may feel a bit of difficulty over time. After all, the common thing is that the bed is 50cm away from the floor.

Picture 2 - The wooden floor takes advantage when the mattress is placed directly on the floor.

Besides all the warmth that the wood takes, it contributes to repel the humidity of the mattress, that is, it is a material that avoids mold and bad smell. So if your room already features hardwood flooring you can join that idea now!

Picture 3 - If the floor is cold opt for pallets under the mattress.

If your floor is cold, place a pallet structure between the mattress and the floor. Do not forget that you should aerate the area, so lift the mattress periodically and clean it thoroughly.

Picture 4 - In this example, the bed next to the floor in a minimalist room.

The bed on the floor is versatile and can create the style you want. It all depends on the harmony with the rest of the decor, like the colors, the inserted items and the layout. For a minimalist air, the room needs to convey lightness, freshness and warmth.

Picture 5 - Asian origin gains modern touches.

The bed on the floor comes from the oriental culture - and the result may be an environment characteristic of that origin, but with a modern air. A plate placed on the floor leaves the light and contemporary environment. And the combination of wood and light colors further enhances the style of this cozy room.

Picture 6 - Another way is to embed the bed on the wooden board.

For those who adhere to this idea it is necessary to make a difference with the floor. This way you create a higher platform where you can delimit your rest area.

Picture 7 - Make a bed composition with the rest of the decoration.

At the time of the project, think about the room as a whole. Like the example of the room above, the carpentry composed each corner of this room forming a single furniture embedded in the wall.

Picture 8 - Finish your bed, slightly raising the floor.

Making a wooden board is a great choice for anyone who wants a slope off the floor. They are easy to design, practical for day to day and stylish for the bedroom.

Picture 9 - She also offers a stripped air into the room.

Reinforce your stripped lifestyle by betting on a stool as a nightstand. Cushions and rugs help create an intimate and cozy space!

Picture 10 - Room of boy with bed on the floor.

Picture 11 - With the help of the platform, the bed has gained some drawers in its structure.

This is a great idea to optimize all the room space, after all, these drawers are great for storing bedding and suitcases. Another strong point of this project is the bed positioned at the height of the window with a corner to position potted plants and books.

Image 12 - Due to the slope of the right-hand, the solution was to opt for a bed on the floor.

It is very common for some houses to suffer from this type of problem, as the inclination of the roof results in these irregular spaces. The bed on the floor can be a solution for low-rise environments - this way you can set up a room and optimize all the space it offers.

Picture 13 - If you choose a stage, extend it to the end of the wall to gain extra space.

With a deck larger than the size of the mattress, it creates a more reserved environment that can be complemented with some objects, like the plants, transforming that small space in the particular altar.

Picture 14 - If the room does not have enough height, this can be a great option.

This is a great solution for rooms with a right foot from 2.50m to 2.80m. One bed over another would be uncomfortable and would not obey the rules of ergonomics of the project. Already the desk is a space where the residents would be seated, without harming the main function of that corner.

Picture 15 - This idea is ideal for those who have a higher right foot.

Picture 16 - The cool of the stage is that the base can accompany the growth of your child.

Think of a child's dormitory, but not dated, where your child can continue with the same layout for many years.

Image 17 - Female room with bed on the floor.

At the headboard, you can assemble a composition of pictures - besides leaving the environment more beautiful, it will give personality.

Picture 18 - A new way to draw a bunk bed.

Picture 19 - Get inspired in chic hippie style to decorate your room!

Mattress on the floor, vibrant prints, images hanging on the bed, fabric overlays, scattered plant vases and a well-colored rug make any style for bohemians!

Image 20 - The oriental climate invades the design of this room.

The basic principle of bedding on the ground in Eastern culture is for the earth to absorb the heavy energies, being renewed throughout sleep. This idea has been adapting with the tendencies of the decoration, leaving the proposal more modern for the present time.

Picture 21 - There are several models of upholstered for floor bed.

The market offers several types of low beds that fit different tastes and styles. In this project, we can see a more elegant model that resembles the upholstery of a sofa with its checkered finishes and marked by a signed design.

Image 22 - The contrast of the materials gave personality to this room.

Picture 23 - To keep the mattress fixed make a fit the size of your mattress.

To make your mattress more secure on the wooden pallet, try to draw a hole so that the item is perfectly installed in that space. So the mattress will not have problems getting around moving throughout the night.

Picture 24 - Ground floor.

Image 25 - The Scandinavian style has everything to do with this proposal.

With the super high style another option is to choose frames also on the floor, supported on the walls, which accompany the proportion of the positioning of the bed.

Picture 26 - This project opted for a larger base than the mattress, offering more security without leaving the original proposal.

Picture 27 - Note that to put the mattress straight on the floor, it was necessary to have different floor in the room.

As the proposal avoids cold floors (porcelain and ceramics), the idea was to add a wooden plaque in the bed area. This differentiation of floor and the design in slats of plaster was a way of delimiting the function of each space in that room.

Picture 28 - For this idea to be more fun put different sheets on each mattress.

A practical idea is to stack several mattresses, one on top of the other and add different sheets forming a nice composition for your child's bedroom.

Picture 29 - The low bed can be cozy and comfortable.

The simplicity provided by the low bed can create a clean and modern decoration, without losing the elegance and the coziness.

Picture 30 - Keep the modern air with a good carpentry project.

Picture 31 - The furniture of this room is proportional to the height of the bed.

See that the side table, tables, armchair and lamp follow a size pattern so that the look is harmonious with the proposal.

Picture 32 - Child's room with bed on the floor.

During the day, with the help of cushions, they look like sofas where the child can play and parents can sit without having that bed-like appearance.

Picture 33 - Make a low bed flatbed with a different shape.

There is no rule for the drawing of the stage, it goes according to the size of the room and the layout you want for the layout.

Image 34 - For those who have tiled floors in the room, place a rug under the bed.

In this case the rug should be larger than the dimensions of the mattress and you should lift it whenever you clean the room, to give an airy.

Picture 35-Making the bed at floor level requires a project and a skilled workmanship.

This proposal must be made by a specialized professional, because any size or wrong cut will influence the final result.

Picture 36 - The floor with minimum height was designed to support the mattress and still received the same floor model to give the feeling of continuity.

Leaving the stage with the same finish of the decoration of the environment is another good alternative for small spaces. Too much information can lead to a heavier and visually smaller room.

Picture 37 - The LED ribbon around the table emphasizes the presence of the bed in the room.

Another way of leaving the decor beautiful and modern using planks is illuminating the bed through the space formed between the floor and the wood. The most practical way for this type of lighting is to use LED tapes.

Picture 38 - Work flexibility in small environments.

The cool thing about this project is that throughout the night you can pull the bed that is hidden underneath the living room floor. And during the day, store it to form a large circulation space for the environment.

Picture 39 - The design of bed on the floor is ideal for who shares the room with brother or sister.

And if you divide the space, you can also make a room with mattresses on the floor, just like the project above.

Image 40 - Invest in a sturdy mattress cover.

The cover is an essential item for anyone who puts the bed on the floor - prefer the raincoats to leave your mattress clean. With this small care, you can enjoy your informal environment for many years.

Image 41 - The rest of the decoration must respect the height of the bed.

The entire composition of this room was made according to the bed. The rear dresser has gained a comfortable height, well-positioned drawers for bedside function and shelves not too high to not disagree on the decor.

Picture 42 - The bed on the floor when combined with other details of the room can transform into an environment in a very cozy place.

We can observe in the reference above that some small objects continue at the same height of the bed, in order to make the decoration practical. Stools can turn into a nightstand and on the floor itself we can accommodate baskets within reach of the arms.

Picture 43 - The bed on the floor further extends its environment, appearing to have a bigger right foot.

This effect is given by the bed being lower, which results in a gain in height and a cleaner look.

Picture 44 - Even in the industrial air we can find the bed full of style.

Picture 45 - With the lower bed it is possible to abuse the rest of the decoration.

As our field of vision is about eye level, it is possible to use and abuse a more daring decoration. In the room above, the fixtures become present, the wood flooring highlights the room and the plant pot gains a more imposing version in the room.

Picture 46 - The bed on the floor should be cozy and comfortable.

Picture 47 - Male room with bed on the floor.

Picture 48 - The extension of the base of the bed can be used as bedside table or support of objects of the day to day.

If your room is large, be sure to opt for this larger bed. So you will not have to put a nightstand or think of a bedside table.

Picture 49 - With the bed on the floor there is no need to put a bedside.

When the bed is placed on the floor, most headboards are dispensed into the design to make room for the frames and lamps. You can also give up a nightstand and support the objects on the floor, which creates a more youthful and uncluttered environment.

Picture 50 - The bed on the floor received a marble base bringing elegance to the room.

Picture 51 - Let your light and minimalist environment.

Image 52 - Mattress on the floor is one of the methods for a Montessorian room.

The idea is to allow the child to explore the room and grow in a safe and full of possibilities.

Picture 53 - Room with bed on the black floor.

Picture 54 - Single room with bed on the floor.

The bed positioned in the corner of the walls can gain an extra space to organize your objects. In the project above this little corner was perfect for organizing books and toys.

Picture 55 - Versatility in the environment.

Another idea is how to work flexibility with furniture in small apartments.

Image 56 - The canopy can make all the difference in the decoration!

The canopy demarcated the edge of the bed and further reinforced the room's style.

Image 57 - The bed on the floor lends more light to the look of the room.

Picture 58 - The low base makes all the difference in the bed.

Promote a gap in the room by raising the bed relative to the floor.

Image 59 - The bed on the floor is an economical solution for the room.

Another practical and economical idea is to build a base for the mattress with strips of wood, as if it were a big bed, only with a more rustic air.

Picture 60 - The model of the bed should follow the same line as the rest of the room.

Harmony is everything in decoration! The way to decorate the environment makes all the difference when it comes to a more daring proposal. The bed on the floor can create several styles depending on how it is treated in the setting. In the bedroom above, we can see the bed with details in leather B & W, which gives us a feeling of a more youthful environment, so the choice of more vibrant color in the panel can reinforce the proposal of the room.