Models of chandeliers: 60 ideas to get right in the lighting

The chandeliers can be great protagonists of the decoration of diverse environments - with so many models and different styles, there is always one that suits the lighting design. In living rooms, dining rooms, rooms or kitchens, they have the function of ensuring good lighting, whether direct, indirect or diffuse.

With extensions, wire compositions, branches, crystals and different shapes, it is essential to make the right choice for your interior design. Want to know the professional tips to choose your chandelier? Continue below:

60 environments with different models of chandeliers

To make it easier to see, we separate different projects with chandeliers in the decoration. At the end of the post, some stores that market these items:

Picture 1 - The spherical model is ideal to emphasize the environment with double ceilings.

Generally, tall ceilings create a void between floor and ceiling, so round chandeliers cover all of this space ensuring everyone's attention when entering the residence. In that case, it should be lowered up to 3.5 meters from the floor, to create this monumental effect.

Picture 2 - To give the air more detachable, prefer the models with the apparent branching.

These unequal extensions create a playful effect on the environment - in this project it guarantees personality, because it is a room with neutral tones, classic materials and usual furniture.

Picture 3 - The chandeliers in carbon filament are the latest trend in decoration.

The composition of yarns that form on the ceiling is ideal for a youthful environment. It is highly sought after for male environments - the result is casual and trendy at the same time.

Picture 4 - The different heights create a stripped air for the dining room.

These heights can be tailored to your liking - if you do, you can smooth the distances by leaving the dining room with another look.

Picture 5 - Colored chandeliers usually come in acrylic version.

For a light and unique environment, use a colorful chandelier in the decoration. The piece stands out by itself and can be used as a starting point for the decoration of the environment.

Picture 6 - Note that the chandelier complements the decoration.

The chandelier in classic style is present in the dining room decor of many homes. They are usually in chandelier format with several branches and lamps in each part. Because they are ostentatious, they have the function of being the outstanding piece in the decoration.

Picture 7 - Put all your personality in the room.

Picture 8 - The chandelier gold can accompany some details of the items in the living room.

The combination of the color chart and the materials must be harmonious. With this, all the detail that it contains in an accessory, must be present in another furniture. Note that chandelier gold appears on the coffee table, floor lamp and decorative tray.

Picture 9 - The copper or rose gold gained prominence in the decoration, since it is a tonality that combines much with neutral colors.

Get in this trend by replacing your luminaire with one that has the copper finish. Any neutral room becomes sophisticated upon receiving a component part of this tone.

Picture 10 - Look for balance with the choice of the chandelier and the rest of the furniture.

Chandeliers are flashy objects, large and detailed. The ideal is to combine them with light elements, with neutral colors and simple pieces. The result is harmonious, elegant and clean.

Image 11 - Respect the rule of proportion, taking into account the size of the chandelier with that of the environment.

To prevent the environment from becoming visually smaller, do not opt ​​for a very large chandelier in a compact environment. The same proposal happens in opposite situations - the proportion must be worked to ensure the balance in the decoration.

Image 12 - This is another filament model that has the trim in one direction only.

The dining room is a place that asks for a chandelier in the decor. This model, which features bulbs and small details can be a great alternative to apartments.

Picture 13 - Make a mix of styles like this model that plays with the contemporary crystals and the vintage touch of the dome.

Mix the classic and the modern to leave the sophisticated ambience, but without using the very traditional items. A chandelier with clean design can look nice in this style.

Picture 14 - There is no problem in mixing types of luminaires in the same environment.

We can not forget that the lighting provides a more cozy and bright environment. Therefore, a lighting project requires different models of lighting, as well as a mix of chandeliers, pendants and spots.

Picture 15 - The cube installed in the wrap of the chandelier creates a stunning effect for the room.

Picture 16 - For a more delicate decoration, bet on the metallic candelabra.

This room earned a chandelier in acrylic and metal to compose with the shabby chic style of the rest of the decor. This style features old-fashioned pieces with more modern looking pieces.

Image 17 - The more branches, the greater the effect of prominence in the environment.

This model is ideal for large rooms, so it does not weigh in the visual and works with the proportion of the environment. It can be a good alternative in a loft apartment - its stripped-down feature further enhances this style of housing.

Picture 18 - This model of chandelier is a sure bet for those looking for modernity and joviality in the environment.

Image 19 - The Scandinavian style demands sophisticated yet discreet pieces.

Luminaires for this style of decoration are important pieces in the environment, they are usually in neutral colors with black details and have a simple design.

Picture 20 - Harmonize the format of the furniture: the chandelier and the table follow the same design pattern.

Picture 21 - The coppered version stands out in a dark environment.

Highlighting the shades of furniture materials is a step that should be studied at the time of design. If your proposal is to have this piece as a highlight bet on this effect!

Picture 22 - Another tip is to work with the simplest chandelier to have a cool atmosphere.

Picture 23 - The chandelier made all the difference in the look of this dining room.

The tall ceilings ask for a stunning buff on the environment. Beware of too much information, one piece is enough to decorate integrated environments.

Picture 24 - For children's bedrooms, bet on colorful models.

Picture 25 - Combine tones and textures so that the result is balanced.

By positioning the chandelier in front of a mirror, it creates the feeling of extending the space along with the reflection - a cozy proposal.

Image 26 - The famous spider lamps are a success in the industrial style.

The spider lamp is versatile in the environment! They adapt in smaller or larger spaces, since it has the articulable arms, reaching a diameter of up to 1,5 meters.

Image 27 - Be versatile in decoration!

There are several ways to use this chandelier because of its height adjustment. The distribution of all equal filaments results in a cleaner and more discreet environment.

Image 28 - The Provençal chandelier requires a decoration in the same line to not stand out from the others.

The chandelier should follow the same style as the rest of the decoration. It is therefore important to define which trend should be followed. You can choose first the chandelier and then design the rest of the decoration around that piece.

Picture 29 - Chandelier with modern and innovative design.

Picture 30 - Chandelier with hook effect.

The detail in fishhook leaves the environment with a more rustic footprint, but with a flexibility in the height of the luminaires.

Picture 31 - Acrylic chandelier and crystal.

Picture 32 - Modern and clean chandelier for the dining room.

Picture 33 - For a right-high foot, prefer the chandeliers with the longer branches.

After all, the chandelier should be proportional to the area of ​​the environment. It should stand out and also illuminate where it is positioned.

Picture 34 - The chandelier chandelier by designer Nika Zupanc brings all the charm to any environment.

Picture 35 - Chandelier with glass bottles give the cool air to this dining room.

Reusing materials is another trend in decoration. You can install the lamps in each bottle and assemble your own chandelier by spending little and using what you already own.

Image 36 - Glass chandelier and crystal details.

Picture 37 - The chandelier with multiple lamps creates a clean air in the room.

Image 38 - Chandelier model for the bedroom.

Picture 39 - To give more prominence in the environment, the chandelier has a round dome.

Picture 40 - The cool thing about this chandelier is that you can regulate its height, as well as its extension.

Following the spider chandelier line, this model comes with a different detail on each nozzle.

Picture 41 - Chandelier with appearance in metallic structure.

Image 42 - The apparent rails appear in their chandelier version.

It is a practical way to give the stripped-down effect that rails offer.

Picture 43 - The chandelier model can be found in the most rustic option.

This type of chandelier leaves the atmosphere romantic and cozy. The material of the chandelier should follow the decorative line you want to create. For example, crystals take elegance, metal adds rusticity and small domes bring smoothness to space. The colors should also follow the proposal that is desired when assembling the environment.

Image 44 - The Luster Batons have a particular design, containing apparent bulbs at the ends of each strip of metal.

Image 45 - The illumination reflected in the wires guarantees a distinctive touch for this chandelier.

Image 46 - The chandelier effect was made with a glass structure.

Picture 47 - This chandelier has a metal frame and crystal ornaments.

The chandelier can be laid out on the dining table to create this romantic and elegant effect on a special occasion in your home.

Image 48 - The design of this luminaire is ideal for rectangular tables.

By having long branches, the shape of the chandelier calls for a long location such as a rectangular dining table or a long and wide hallway.

Picture 49 - For a clean and modern environment, bet on the crystal chandelier.

To use a crystal chandelier, the ideal is that the ambiance is cleaner - with the use of neutral colors and especially with the presence of white. The decoration is always modern, with lacquered furniture, an interesting design in the joinery, as we can observe in the above project.

Picture 50 - Who said that a chandelier does not match with a more daring decoration?

In this proposal, the ideal is to use the metal candelabra, since they refer to the younger and less"luxurious"style. The black furniture on this porch also calls for something more stripped down, following the same line of detail used in the finishes.

Picture 51 - This crystal chandelier has several pendants in different heights.

This chandelier has a perfect shape for dining rooms and kitchens. Its pendant crystals bring the traditional influence and the PVC structure resembles a more contemporary design.

Picture 52 - The cascading chandelier is ideal for tall floors.

Cascade-style models are longer because of their crystal wires - so it's a bit more complicated to use in normal standing. They are suitable for high environments, close to mezzanines and stairs.

Picture 53 - The candelabras that have lamps simulate the candles and take elegance to the environment.

Picture 54 - The global chandelier gains a model made by metallic fillets.

In this model, the ramifications leave the central axis forming a modern and different spherical chandelier.

Picture 55 - This model in brushed steel with lamps embedded in each nozzle follows the same style of the living room.

For those who do not know where to place the chandelier in the living room, try to center it according to the position of the coffee table.

Image 56 - Its different design is due to the set of drops in glass.

Image 57 - The spider model simulates the legs of the spider, as it is composed of several extensions.

Image 58 - The spherical model is also ideal for round dining table.

Just as rectangular tables require chandeliers of the same shape, the reverse is also true. Remember that this is not a rule, but a way to maintain harmony in the visual.

Image 59 - Here the chandelier is the main protagonist of the decoration.

You can put a touch of color in the room through the chandelier. Opting for a single colored piece is an alternative for those who want to give personality while keeping the style clean in the environment.

Image 60 - Crystals are still preferred for those who seek elegance and sophistication in the environment

Models of chandeliers to buy over the internet

The choice of chandelier is an important step in any interior decoration project, whether it be for living room, dining room, kitchen and other environments. Here are some models and specialty stores that you can buy online:

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