Office Chair: 60 Ideas and Tips to Make the Right Choice

A corporate design or a home office should cater to many details - both aesthetics, ergonomics, comfort and lighting. Therefore an important item that should be taken into consideration is the chair, after all it is where the professional will spend a good part of the day to carry out their activities.

At the time of purchase it is ideal that a professional of the area is present to assist the buyer to find the ideal product, that fits in your budget and that fits the project.

Study the models, finishes and the different systems that the chairs have. This is a key part in making the right choice. If you need to, visit specialized stores and try the chairs.

Manufacturing standards for office chairs

The manufacture of office chairs should meet some standards so that they do not harm the health and column of its users.

The office-specific standard defaults to 8-hour daily use, with a maximum weight of 110kg and an average height of 1.70m. In it we can highlight the item about classic chairs (known as operational) - this is the most common model found in workstations, where it is essential to have height adjustment and lumbar support. Read more about NBR 13962 Which deals with office chairs.

In view of these requirements, we must take into consideration the height of the table, as there is a standard height of 80 cm so that the legs are comfortable. The foot should be leaning on the floor, forming 90 degrees with the knees, so the height adjustment of the chair is critical.

The shoulders and spine should remain erect, leaning against the back, elbows close to the body, also forming 90 degrees with the arms and the visual field should be straight with a distance between 45 and 70 cm from the computer screen.

At first it is important to analyze the user profile and the environment. There are models for all types of sector and each one of them with their particularities, so see some models more used in offices:

7 types of office chairs and commercial environments

Long chair


Also known as stringer - these are the chairs joined one by one, forming a single piece. Usually comes in modules of at least 3 seats, where it can be distributed according to the size of the space. It is very common to meet in reception offices, public offices, theaters, airports and other places.

Reception chair


They are the classic chairs, where the time of use is very short, so the indicated one is to opt for the models that transmit the image of the company and that harmonize with the proposal of the office. By being a simpler model, you can save on this step and give priority to other sectors where the chairs have a slightly higher value.

Design chair


With the signed design and therefore differentiated, these are preferred for those who want to decorate the environment. They can be placed at the front desk, in the president's or principal's room as a prominent object or in corporate projects in areas of decompression.

Secretary chair


It is the simplest chair in the organizational sector of a company. It should have a height adjustment, rod system for easy locomotion and support for the arms.

Box chair

Referring to Fig.

It is similar to the previous chair, only with a larger height to fit the counter. Its seat is 72cm high, with the base fixed to the floor and a structure for the footrest that gets stuck in the chair.

Executive chair


It is the traditional office chair that has the same functionalities of the desk chair, but with a more sophisticated design and with more functionalities. It should respect the order of magnitude of each employee, it may be by color or by the height of the backrest.

Chair chair


It is the most ergonomic chair to close this organizational cycle. It is intended for extended use, so it offers several optional mechanisms for every user taste. Its design is so imposing that one of the most visible features in these chairs is its higher back, since they represent the importance of who uses.

Other factors to be analyzed are the foam of the chair and the type of fabric.

There are two types of foam that can be worked for the work chairs. The first is the laminate, which are layers of foam overlapping one over the other, but over time it usually deforms and creating that deep and not very comfortable seat.

The second is the injected foam, which is most appropriate, since it is customized for each seat or backrest format, ensuring greater durability than the previous model.

There are several types of fabrics, colors and textures. The main ones are leather, synthetics such as nylon, leather, mesh, lycra, gobelen, suede and finally the fabrics. Each one has its characteristics that adapt to the project and how much can be invested in this question.

Mechanisms of office chairs

There are several different systems and mechanisms for these office chairs. The most suitable are those who work the ergonomics according to the user profile, as they avoid the problems of back and muscle pain. Here are some of them:

Gas pneumatic system : Its function is to change the height of the seat through a lever located on the right side of the chair.

L folded : With accordion-shaped, it is a fixed piece that connects the backrest of the seat.

Syncron : Is the mechanism that allows to move the seat and the backrest

A-Syncron : Follows the same proposal as the Sycron, but with a movement regardless of the seat and the backrest.

Back system : It allows the adjustment of height and inclination of the seat backrest.

60 environments with different office chairs

Whether for a home office or for a corporate office, the concepts are the same. To facilitate its visualization, we separate some corporate environments where the chair influences the decoration:

Picture 1 - Chairs for workstation.

Referring to Fig.
For this proposal the chairs can be operational that has a long daily use and need to move, so they have casters.

Picture 2 - Chairs for clinics and offices.

Referring to Fig.
A traditional room is composed of a table and chairs. The first model is that of the professional, generally using an executive chair, with a more robust format. The others are called dialogue chairs, have the base fixed and are indicated for a smaller use of time.

Picture 3 - Chair with high backrest, used in management and management environments.

The height of the chair backrest influences the price, comfort and look. The higher the backrest, the more expensive the model tends to be, however, it is more comfortable and imposing. If the priority is this, give this type of backrest.

Picture 4 - The arms of the chair have an important function for those who use the computer every day.


The positioning of the arms should be in line with the table, with forearms horizontal. Choose a table that has the right height for the work environment. Having a chair with a system that regulates the height is crucial to adapt to each person.

Picture 5 - The chair without caster also has its advantages.

In addition to being more economical, it must meet the design layout. For large workstations, with leftover circulation, the chair without caster can be used. Rotating helps with movement without the need to move your chair away when you go out or interact with other colleagues and professionals.

Picture 6 - Small office chairs.

Anyone who is starting a career usually opts for a small room to set up their office or office. Often the investment we can make in the beginning is limited, so the chairs end up affecting the budget of the space assembly. The tip is to prioritize by the professional chair, it should be imposing, beautiful and comfortable. The chairs dedicated to the customers can be a little more economical, maintaining the harmony with the rest of the decoration.

Picture 7 - Chairs with lower back.

The lower models are ideal for a lighter and more relaxed work environment.

Picture 8 - In this project the highlight are the Eiffel chairs with arm.

The design and colors have created a harmony in the meeting room decor.

Picture 9 - A treat for a female home office.

The chair is one of the most important decorative elements in the work environment. The above project shows how the upholstery reinforces the personality of the resident and contrasts with the Scandinavian decoration, creating an interesting composition with the rest of the environment.

Picture 10 - The castor with silicone is indicated for cold floors, as is the case of this project in burned cement.

An important detail is to choose swivel chairs with the right castors for the floor type of the environment. Silicone casters avoid scratches and are quieter.

Picture 11 - Already for floors with carpets or rugs, the rigid rod type H is ideal.

Carpet or rug rooms require nylon casters, where chairs slide better and do not lock when pulled apart.

Picture 12 - The system with height adjustment is important for ergonomics.

Choose chairs that have height adjusters, which fit the user to the height of the desk and the computer. The height lever of the chair should leave your feet flat on the floor and your eyes facing the monitor.

Picture 13 - Chairs for meeting room.

The meeting room may or may not have a hierarchy with the use of the chairs. In the above project, we can see that the chair with the highest backrest, placed at the end of the table is dedicated to a leader or who commands a particular meeting, the other models are the same so as not to interfere at the organizational level.

Picture 14 - High chairs are indicated for people of high stature, because they allow the complete backrest.


Picture 15 - In this project, the chairs follow the colors of the cabinet and office style.


Picture 16 - The professional and customer's chair can follow the same model.


Picture 17 - The chair should have a comfortable design for the spine, so it comes with a small slope for the lumbar socket.


Figure 18 - For the office with this layout pattern, use different models on each end of the desk.


Picture 19 - The standing toothpick chairs are classic and versatile in any decor.


Picture 20 - This chair model is great for those who use more than one monitor at work.

If the space is in L, opt for a swivel chair with casters, so things are all at hand beyond mobility.

Picture 21 - To leave the visual harmonic, the same material was used in the chairs.


Image 22 - Coworking has become a sought after space for self-employed professionals.

This shared work model prioritizes a creative and comfortable environment. There are several spaces that can be used according to the time the professional stays in the place. The types of seats range from the corporate chairs to the long sofas.

Picture 23 - Chairs with casters for meeting room.

Many people are in doubt whether it's good to have a wheelchair in the meeting room - it makes it much easier for the chair to move more quickly. This way, it is not necessary to disturb the person to the side to move.

Picture 24 - Model of chair in fabric and metallic structure.


Picture 25 - Office chair with synthetic fabric.

The material that covers the chair is an important item, especially in relation to the practicality of the day to day, since each type needs a specific cleaning. In the case of the office above, the chairs are upholstered with fabric, very comfortable, but with more laborious cleaning.

Picture 26 - Decoration with colored chairs.

Because it is a small room and a small business, the meeting space and workstations are in the same environment. Here we have the use of orange in the chairs and other decorative objects to leave the place more relaxed.

Picture 27 - The chairs should be in harmony with the style of decoration.

In addition to having different models for each function, they must match the rest of the setting. As the office features a neutral color scheme, the classic P & B was the right choice for this space.

Picture 28 - Combine ergonomics and decoration in the choice of chair.


Picture 29 - Use the ergonomic techniques for a home office.


Picture 30 - Because it is a meeting room with wide circulation, the chairs can be fixed and swivel, guaranteeing the necessary mobility.


Picture 31 - Chairs for waiting room.

The models of the reception chairs depend on the proposal of the office. If it's a more upscale environment, opt for more robust models like the upholstery in the photo.

Picture 32 - Leather office chair.

The leather, whether synthetic or natural, does not allow good ventilation, but offers comfort and beauty to the space. They are sturdy and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Picture 33 - The swivel system allows flexibility for large tables.


Picture 34 - In shared boardrooms, the chairs must follow the same model.


Picture 35 - No matter the size of the workspace, the chair should be comfortable and make your style!


Image 36 - Office screen chairs.


Image 37 - Color influences the image of the company.

One of the issues analyzed for corporate decoration is working with the brand's colors. Generally, chairs have an important role, because they stand out in the environment without interfering in the production of the activities.

Screenshot 38 - Models demonstrate different levels on this workstation.

To differentiate each position from this office, the project prioritized different chair models. It is an alternative for those who like to give a contrast in the environment and make the look more dashing.

Image 39 - Models of chairs for each function.


Image 40 - Chairs for a doctor's office.


Figure 41 - This slotted model allows for more practical ventilation and cleaning.


Picture 42 - In this informal meeting table, the chairs with box style were chosen.


Picture 43 - Chair with upholstered arms.

The chair with armrests is ideal to offer the rest and the best posture. You can opt for the upholstered models with the same seat finish, they make the chair more comfortable for day-to-day use.

Image 44 - Director chair or chair with mechanism Relax .

Chairs with the"relax"system allow stretching of the back without the need to lift, and have a balance to stretch the muscles and relax the back. This function of the chair allows the backrest to recline according to the user's need. That way it can be adjusted with the person's weight, which can leave the movement smoother or firmer.

Picture 45 - Only the upholstery is colored to follow the pattern of decoration.


Image 46 - Chairs matched with office colors.


Image 47 - Choose a lighter fabric like fabrics and fabrics.


Picture 48 - The chairs with different colors determine the functions of the employees.


Image 49 - The design prioritized the airflow gaps.


Image 50 - Simple chairs for workstations.


Picture 51 - Even using simple chair models, they should combine.


Picture 52 - Give preference to models with lumbar support.

In addition to being more comfortable and healthy for the speakers, consider ergonomic standards that allow you to adapt to users of different heights.

Picture 53 - The colored chairs break the neutrality of the workstations.


Image 54 - Meeting room with signed design chairs.

This meeting room is for those whose priority is to receive customers in the office. So they must be beautiful and comfortable.

Image 55 - Waiting room with wooden stringer.


Image 56 - The layout and furniture are fundamental in corporate design.

This reference clearly exemplifies how the corporate environment should work.

Image 57 - The height of the backrest influences the quality of work and health.

The medium backrest is usually used in desktop chairs with desktop computers.

Image 58 - Chair for desk.


Picture 59 - Chair with height adjustment of the arms.

66 Once again the ergonomics working in your favor! The chair needs to have a height adjustment to better exert lateral and longitudinal clearance in the work space.

Image 60 - Chair for waiting room.


Where to buy office chairs on the internet

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