Plaster shelf: advantages and 60 projects to inspire

The plaster finish has gained popularity in interior decorating - it is a versatile material that can be molded to the needs with unique shapes. Besides the moldings and linings, plaster can also be found on shelves, shelves and niches. In general, they are embedded in walls of gypsum board, creating an exclusive space to dispose the decorative objects in the environment.

Advantages of plaster racks

Modernity : In addition to being an elegant and contemporary solution, the use of lighting spots can make the shelf much more attractive, especially decorations and decorative objects.

Space : One of the main advantages in relation to a common shelf is that with plaster it is possible to embed niches in walls, occupying a small space if we compare with a traditional furniture. The shelf can be present in a TV panel, without having contact with the floor for example, keeping the lower area free to place other objects.

Made to measure : This means that the shelf can adapt to different projects and spaces, including using more daring formats.

Cleaning : By occupying a smaller space, cleaning is facilitated by using only a duster it is possible to remove the accumulation of dust in the niches and shelves.

An important recommendation is to evaluate exactly what needs - so you can create well-defined spaces according to the objects you want to store on the shelf. Another relevant point is the hiring of skilled labor in the application of plaster, ideal to have the expected result.

60 rooms decorated with shelves, niches and plaster shelves

How about adding all the elegance and delicacy to the plaster shelves? We have selected beautiful projects that can serve as inspiration for your own project:

Picture 1 - Shelf of plaster with niches.

This shelf is slightly recessed from the wall to highlight even more in the environment. The lighting effect contributed to this proposal as it leaves the light look with the appearance of a floating shelf.

Picture 2 - You can compose the plaster bookcase with a trimmer in the white finish.

It is possible to mix the plaster shelf with a cabinet piece. For those who want to set up a TV panel, use this technique.

Picture 3 - Empty plaster shelf.

Room partitions have become commonplace in small apartment projects. Therefore, having more economical options to do this integration is always welcome. The plaster shelf can have a functional and decorative role for this type of proposal while maintaining excellent cost-benefit.

Picture 4 - Enjoy the finish of the lining of plaster to install a bookcase with the same material.

The shelves help a lot in the organization of children's rooms. In this proposal, she separates books, stuffed animals and other toys.

Picture 5 - The structure made of plaster has niches in the entrance of the room.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 6 - Bet on the plaster partition.

With walls made of traditional masonry, the bookcase blends in with the building, making it an integrated piece. It can still receive these leaked niches, allowing visibility between the two environments as well as support for decorative objects.

Image 7 - Further optimize the space with niches embedded in the plaster wall.

This proposal is ideal for storing towels and toiletries in the bathroom. In this proposal, the objects were arranged in baskets - for this it is imperative to have the measurements in hand so that they make sure they fit into the niche.

Image 8 - Beautiful composition with wallpaper and mirror with plaster panel.

Referring to Fig.
For a modern and elegant effect in the living room, line the panel in dry wall with wallpaper and on the shelf look for the mirrored background.

Picture 9 - The finish of the lining and the shelf follow the same pattern.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 10 - Double room with plaster bookcase.


Image 11 - On the plaster shelf you can embed another piece of furniture.


Picture 12 - Shelf of plaster with shelves.


Picture 13 - This bookcase made all the difference in the design of the baby room.

In the baby room, the bookcase was created embedded in the wall with space for TV and ornaments. Lighting is a strong point that values ​​the niche created in plaster.

Picture 14 - Mount a library with a plaster bookcase.


Picture 15 - Bookcase of plaster in L.

The gypsum shelves are tailor-made, fitting perfectly to the project.

Figure 16 - The effect of the shelf on the entire wall refers to a panel.

The fixed model on the wall allows a more complete design, allowing the structuring in different forms without losing space.

Picture 17 - Make a harmonic composition with the decorative objects.


Picture 18 - The plaster bookcase can be transformed into a beautiful headboard.


Picture 19 - In this proposal of double room, the plaster shelves were inserted in the wall of the head of the bed.


Picture 20 - Enjoy the corners of the walls by mounting a plaster shelf.

This is a modern model, where the plaster shelf is embedded in the wall and has opening in the corners, occupying both sides of the wall.

Picture 21 - Play with the colors and shapes of the shelf.


Picture 22 - Shelf located on the wall behind the dining table: here the decorative objects gain prominence and harmony with the niches.


Image 23 - Plaster shelf with potted plants.

The shelves built into the plaster take up less space and can still receive LED lighting.

Picture 24 - Panel for TV with next plaster bookcase.


Image 25 - The plaster shelf highlighted the passage between the two environments.


Picture 26 - Model of plaster bookcase for books.


Picture 27 - This panel is accompanied by straight lines that express the contemporary style.

In this living room we have a more modern shelf model that was used to put decorations around the fireplace. The differential is in the suspended structure that allows a lighter look and still a space for decorative stones. The lighting also brought originality, as the luminaire is embedded in the shelf itself, reinforcing the impression of lightness.

Picture 28 - Light your plaster shelf with the fixtures in spots.


Image 29 - Differential space for the wall with niches embedded in the plaster.


Image 30 - The plaster bookcase became an entrance portal.


Picture 31 - Bathroom with plaster shelf.


Picture 32 - Child's room with plaster bookcase.


Picture 33 - With highlight lighting.


Image 34 - plaster rack for double room.


Image 35 - Entrance hall with plaster shelf.


Image 36 - Environment partition made with plaster shelf.

This bookcase had the same process as a wall that divides the rooms, only with niches created to house the ornaments.

Image 37 - Dining room with plaster bookcase.


Image 38 - Highlight decorative objects with lighting in each niche.


Picture 39 - Place the plaster bookcase from floor to ceiling.


Image 40 - This plaster set behind the nightstand of the double room.

This idea is cool for those who own the wall with the clean headboard. Try investing on the sides of the bed with a shelf and decorative objects as the highlight in the environment.

Image 41 - The plaster bookcase brings movement to the white wall.


Picture 42 - Make a set of volumes between the liner and the plaster bookcase.

Assembling the composition of objects is an important step. The look must be harmonious and should have a color chart that follows the style of the environment.

Picture 43 - Corridor with plaster bookcase.


Image 44 - Suspended plasterboard with fireplace and side shelf.


Image 45 - The plaster shelf is ideal for decorating the environment with objects and accessories.


Picture 46 - Baby room with plaster bookcase.


Picture 47 - Gypsum bookcase for living room.


Image 48 - Gypsum shelf for home office.


Image 49 - Panel with plaster shelf.

The plaster shelf was installed on the wall with a wooden panel, maintaining a contrast between the colors.

Picture 50 - The plaster bookcase can be composed in any style of decoration.


Image 51 - Simple idea for a working corner.


Picture 52 - Enjoy the high right foot to install a plaster bookcase.

This shelf follows a distinctive and original style, the niches were installed on the top of the right foot, following from the TV panel to the ceiling. The decor is clean, following the same neutral color pattern.

Picture 53 - Rooms integrated by plaster shelf.


Picture 54 - You can choose any size and depth on your shelf.


Picture 55 - This shelf highlighted the predominant color in the decoration.


Image 56 - The plaster wall gave way to the wooden niches.

The gypsum structure was used as a support for the mirrored wooden niches, a sophisticated solution and with a perfect decoration finish. The built-in light enhances the niches causing an effect of light and shadow.

Image 57 - The corner of the room has gained a special space to support the stuffed animals.


Image 58 - To highlight objects in an office room.


Image 59 - This shelf received the same paint color from the walls.

The finish and color combination is harmonious, the chosen embellishments match the proposal and the recessed lighting brings more charm and highlight.

Image 60 - Bookcase for living room.


A functional and decorative item for any environment, whether in rooms, rooms, offices and others.