Simple Kitchen: 60 Beautiful and Cheap Decoration Tips!

The kitchen is an essential room in a house, after all whether it is small or one with a more complete structure, it must rely on the basic elements for its proper functioning. Today we will talk about how to decorate a simple kitchen.

Today it has become a place of coexistence, where integration with the room becomes one of the most sought after concepts by residents. With this new modulation called the open kitchen, some basic aspects should be pointed out to avoid errors and to guarantee to this environment the function of cooking and receiving guests.

How to Build a Simple and Cheap Kitchen

Due to this fact, many people try to decorate a simple kitchen in a different way, taking advantage of all the spaces with a personalized atmosphere, so that the environment is comfortable for these new functions established in the interior market. And as we know that it is not easy to assemble and decorate an environment without spending too much, we have decided to point out 5 important tips to set up a simple, beautiful and inexpensive kitchen for you:

1. Take advantage of the hydraulics and electric points that the kitchen already has

This item is the starting point in any kitchen project. After all, when you move any of these points, there will be more expenses to do in the work. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid changing the pipe or socket and let the appliances and furniture are adapted for that case.

2. Functional decoration

Once the step of surveying points and measurements, the second item you need to keep in mind is the functionality of the environment. A simple kitchen takes care of the basics, like the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. The rest serves to complement the decoration, such as a set of chairs, a more elaborate cabinet, a highlight accessory, a different finish and etc. Stay with the basics and gradually complement each other!

3 - Use shelves

Because the joinery project has a very high price, the storage space can be on account of shelves and rods with hooks. This solution can be applied to the wall of the sink, with decorative decorative elements or even with dishwashers, provided that the surface of the piece is leaked and metal.

4- DIY

To save and give a personal touch to the kitchen, repaginate the old furniture and create DIY objects, which help with expenses and contribute to sustainability.

5 - Choose a highlight point

Put a decorative element that draws attention to your kitchen. For example, a different coating, stainless steel appliances, a colorful detail in the cabinet, a creative and inspiring picture, an imposing light fixture, flashy stools and any item that suits you.

Choosing a prominent item in a simple kitchen can change the look of the environment, focusing on looking at that detail, without realizing the simplicity of the other elements. Remember that this tip is only valid for 1 item! After all, the goal is to have a simple decoration without exaggeration.

60 decorating ideas for simple and cheap cooking

By putting these tips into practice, the project flows more easily. The important thing is to leave the kitchen beautiful with what fits in your pocket. And to make these tips clearer, we have separated a gallery of how to turn a simple kitchen into a modern one with little decorating tricks:

Picture 1 - Prioritize the basics to have a good kitchen.

In this small kitchen, we can see that the appliances are positioned in a functional way, without disturbing the internal circulation of the environment. The composition of white pastilles with dark grout, greenish wall, plants and pendants let the antique cabinets disappear into the visual, turning the simple into a super cool kitchen!

Picture 2 - Simple decoration for kitchen and integrated laundry.

The special touch is the blue cabinet that includes the storage space for the service area items. This detail that makes all the difference in the visual as a whole of the environment.

Picture 3 - The white kitchen never goes out of style!

Often the way is to prioritize by a neutral decoration that lasts for years and even for a future resident of the house. The white kitchen is one of those versions, which never goes out of fashion and pleases most people.

Picture 4 - Pallets are economical and can create an incredible central island in the kitchen.

Here is the example of doing it yourself spending little! We have already talked about previous posts on how to reuse the pallets to assemble furniture to have a bold decoration without the need to hire a joiner.

Picture 5 - Functionality and flexibility go together in a kitchen.

Furniture that adapts to certain functions in the kitchen leave this environment much more functional without spoiling the decoration. In this case, the table with casters can function as a meal table or as a food stand when cooking. Besides being able to take it all over the kitchen corner! The sidewalks were also placed in a way that does not disturb the circulation.

Picture 6 - Painting can change the whole look of an environment.

Painting is the simplest technique for those who want to decorate an environment spending little. You can give up the work and venture into this activity! Remember that it is necessary to do a study of colors so that the environment does not get unpleasant in the final result.

Picture 7 - The classic tablets take a little color to the kitchen.

The inserts are another alternative to replace the painting, because the effect of inserting a color in the environment is the same. They are easy to find and install, so it's an option for anyone who wants to refresh the kitchen look quickly and cheaply!

Picture 8 - Wall with slate paint is practical and easy to apply.

That's the sweetheart in the decor! Even more when applied in the kitchen, it can function as a recipe frame, grocery list or a themed art. Its application works just like a traditional painting.

Picture 9 - Simplicity can be in minimalism.

Image 10 - Hydraulic tiles brighten any wall in a kitchen.

The tiles are still the most used alternative when it comes to decorating a simple kitchen. They bring joy and movement to the walls when the joinery is simpler as the highlight gets whole to the flooring!

Picture 11 - The shelves are great items to organize the kitchen utensils.

And yet you can complement with the hook-and-span that supports kitchen utensils and even cookware. They cease to be just a kitchen item and become a decorative element.

Picture 12 - A meal counter helps a lot in the day to day.

Picture 13 - Simple and very well planned.

Picture 14 - Adesive your refrigerator!

Refrigerator stickers are a great way to change the look of the appliance without the need to buy another. The market offers different models for all styles, from smooth to geometric designs, which are the latest trend in decoration. The indicated thing is to apply in a kitchen with neutral cabinets so that the adhesive does not stand out in the decoration.

Picture 15 - Use the counter that integrates the environments like a dining table.

Picture 16 - Give a touch of personality with pictures and books in the decoration.

Do you know those pictures that you do not know where to put it? How about positioning them on the kitchen wall? The cool is also complementary with the cookery books to make cooking more inspiring at the moment of cooking.

Picture 17 - The countertop is a great item for those who do not have enough space for a table in the kitchen.

Picture 18 - Decorate the kitchen with visible decorative elements.

The simple joinery of this kitchen does not leave the atmosphere monotonous and without personality. The priority was to leave some elements leaked to insert some decorative items to give the final touch to the setting.

Image 19 - The glass mural can act as a decorative item in the kitchen.

Image 20 - Kitchen with cabinets in Formica.

Image 21 - The niches can receive a differentiated finish.

Figure 22 - The less cabinets, the simpler the kitchen gets.

Consequently the joinery project is also cheaper. The doors make the look heavier and with the niches open it is possible to decorate these voids in your own way. In the case of the above design, the glasses did not weigh in the visual because of the transparency of the glass. Just like the stainless appliances gave a sophisticated charm to this kitchen.

Picture 23 - Simple kitchen with pink decoration.

Picture 24 - American simple kitchen.

Picture 25 - For the clean effect, opt for light and neutral finishes

Image 26 - Apparent utensils further decorate the kitchen

Even more in this feminine kitchen, colorful items make a presence and give personality! These items can be easily found in department stores and the cost is far lower by having a simpler finish than porcelain.

Picture 27 - Simple kitchen with planned cabinets

The planned furniture is great because it is manufactured according to the measurements of the kitchen. The advantage of this type of design is that you can enjoy all the space and is very useful when it is necessary to make the corner cabinet or narrower benches.

Picture 28 - Even without cabinets, the kitchen has gained other highlights in the decoration.

The rail lamp, the green paint and the geometric floor mark the style of this kitchen. The cool, jovial air takes care of its simplicity and the current items that make it modern.

Picture 29 - The cabinet with the discreet finish takes simplicity to this kitchen.

The linear furniture is responsible for giving a modern look to this kitchen. The straight and continuous lines are absent from knobs, which reinforces the design of the joinery.

Picture 30 - The wood kitchen can gain an incredible effect with a mix of colors and materials

The choice of appliance models and the harmony of colors and textures also contributes greatly to the modernization of the kitchen.

Picture 31 - The treated wood panel is a simple material that finishes for the walls.

Picture 32 - With the low budget, the project reused some existing elements of this kitchen.

The base of the cabinet is the same, however in the doors, contact adhesives with a color of your preference and later removed to apply another color can be applied. The shelves are items that can be found ready in the decorative market and you can even install it on the wall. Note that the walls and the antique tile were painted with a softer shade of pink, making it clear the use of tone over tone in the proposal.

Picture 33 - The wooden table highlighted the decoration of this kitchen.

Image 34 - The cart is a simple item that helps a lot inside a kitchen.

This is multipurpose item in a kitchen! Whether to support some kitchen appliance or items, it serves in a flexible way in the environment. For those who want to save on the joinery project, you can leave a corner reserved for this accessory in the environment.

Image 35 - Choose only a part of the joinery to make the colored finish in a simple kitchen.

It is not necessary to use many decorative objects for this room, if the furniture itself already gives style to the environment!

Image 36 - The tablets are a simple and inexpensive coating.

Image 37 - The subway tiles leave any kitchen more current.

Picture 38 - Painting on one of the walls is a way to change the look of your kitchen.

Painting one of the walls quickly changes the old look of the kitchen. It can even offer another style depending on the color that is painted. In the above project, the turquoise blue gave more liveliness to the environment, giving more courage to the residents in the moment of cooking.

Picture 39 - The mix of colored chairs made the atmosphere more cheerful.

Picture 40 - Want to give the vintage touch in your simple kitchen? Abuse these retro items in the decor!

Picture 41 - And for the scenery to be even more perfect, opt for colored cabinets.

Picture 42 - Wooden boxes are great pieces to reuse in the decoration.

They can be treated and painted to a color of your own. The ideal is to keep them open, to make the items apparent. They create a cool air without the need to spend a lot of manpower and material.

Picture 43 - Simple American kitchen with white cabinets and wooden bench.

Image 44 - Simple kitchen with clean decoration.

The decor may be simple but the appliances can come in to give your kitchen elegance. The stainless steel finish is the most requested when it comes to modernizing the kitchen. Want a quick and functional upgrade? Choose stainless steel items that have no error!

Picture 45 - Pictures, shelves and apparent utensils are simple ways to decorate a kitchen.

The leaked shelf gave room to the dish drainer as well as supporting some decorative objects. What was interesting in this case was to leave the bench space free, since it is small and needs a place to handle the food at the time of cooking.

Picture 46 - Make a contrast of the tiles with the colored joinery.

Picture 47 - Pinus wood is an inexpensive and modern option for kitchen cabinets.

Picture 48 - The dining table inside or integrated the kitchen deserves special attention.

After all this is the space where you will receive the guests! So abuse your personality with items that demonstrate your style. No need to spend too much to set up this little corner, as the dining table and lamp can be found at an affordable price. Just have good taste and know how to harmonize the combination well!

Picture 49 - Even with a simple decoration the kitchen counts on a practical operation.

Image 50 - White tiles are neutral and match any type of decoration.

Usually these tiles are the traditional ones that already comes in the direct apartment of the builder. And even so there is no need to remove them to insert others with another design. Because they are neutral, they may well be complemented with a good joinery project. If you prefer, choose to paint to give another air in the kitchen.

Picture 51 - DIY or Do it yourself is a trend in decoration.

In this case the curtains were made in the DIY method to give personality to the kitchen. It also served as a small door for hiding kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans under the sink. You can apply with your favorite stamp and change over time, since the fabric needs a temporary cleaning.

Picture 52 - Even close, the meal counter with the yellow chairs gave the special touch to this kitchen.

Picture 53 - The time clocks of each country are an inspiration for the lovers of travel

This is a simple way for anyone who wants to decorate the kitchen walls. Make a composition of watches at different times in your favorite countries. So you create an inspiring wall for your next trips!

Picture 54 - Simple integrated kitchen.

Picture 55 - Simple rustic kitchen, abuse of plants in the decoration!

Picture 56 - How about a different decor every day?

Image 57 - This mural made of hooks helps and decorates the kitchen.

Image 58 - Play with the shades of a color in the kitchen cabinet.

Image 59 - Simple kitchens with white and gray decor.

Image 60 - Wall stickers are an item you can apply yourself.

In addition to the refrigerator stickers, there are also wall stickers. That nothing is more that the printed design that simulates some coating, can be brick, tiles, concrete, tablets and etc. The cool thing is that it can be easily changed when it gets sick or wear off without the need to do a job and dirty the entire kitchen with dust and traces of cement.