Swimming pool models and sizes

Many people do not need a pool at home, even if it is small. AtSwimming pools in residencesAre becoming more common or owning one has become a tempting new resource.

They come in many shapes, materials, styles and sizes. More modern ones may be more classic, but all allow for a moment of leisure and relaxation. To design it is essential to see the free space available and the study of the sunshine you wish to have at certain times. As they are permanent choose a design that functionality and aesthetics are appropriate.

If you are thinking about building or redecorating a pool, here are tips for starting your project:

Abuse of Forms
The communal pool, both for leisure or swimming, has a regular shape. For a more creative version the ideal is to choose a different and modern design. If there is space, a square pool creates a contemporary look for any space. If you are more daring the option is to create a pool that alternates straight and curved lines. The design possibilities are endless.


Just as there are many pool format options there are several size options. The standard applies to sports pools.

Style ringtones

Add lighting, decks, rocks, fountains or waterfalls. The landscaping around it can give a strong effect on its size and shape. For a tropical look choose the natural design with the addition of stones. If the pool is surrounded by foliage, it is important to look for times of the year for maintenance.


The standard used is fiber and tile, but may vary for materials that are new to the market like tablets, porcelain tiles and coatings. The type of floor is essential to prevent accidents so choose a slippery ante, do not go just for the aesthetics.

After these tips we selected 55 images for those who are looking for ideas for their leisure area.

01. Swimming pool with lounge

Image (1)

02. Swimming pool with spot lighting

Image (2)

03. Swimming pool with green area

Image (3)

04. Swimming pool with small waterfalls

Image (4)

05. Swimming pool with cinema

Image (5)

06. Swimming pool with suspended lighting

Image (6)

07. Swimming pool with colored lighting

Image (7)

08. Contemporary swimming pool

Figure 8)

09. Cascade pool and brick wall

Image (9)

10. Pool with tablet floor

Image (10)

11. Pool with wooden deck

Image (11)

12. Swimming pool for swimming

Image (12)

13. Rectangular swimming pool

Image (13)

14. Large home pool

Image (14)

15. Swimming pool

Image (15)

16. Indoor swimming pool

Image (16)

17. Swimming pool for private swimming

Image (17)

18. Swimming pool with stone and wood floors

Image (18)

19. Swimming pool with atrium

Image (19)

20. Minimalist pool

Image (20)

21. Pool with tablet and decoration in shade of blue

Image (21)

22. Pool in low light

Image (22)

23. Pool with house

Image (23)

24. Swimming pool with narrow waterfall

Image (24)

25. Swimming pool with waterslide

Image (25)

26. Swimming pool with view

Image (26)

27. Pool in straight and rounded lines

Image (27)

28. Pool with concrete block path

Image (28)

29. Pool with several wooden decks

Image (29)

30. Swimming pool with orthogonal line drawing

Image (30)

31. Pool with wood panel

Image (31)

32. Swimming pool with bungalow

Image (32)

33. Swimming pool with plants

Image (33)

34. Swimming pool with infinity edge

Image (34)

35. Swimming pool decorated

Image (35)

36. Swimming pool with symmetrical format

Image (36)

37. Swimming pool with tree

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38. Heavenly pool

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39. Swimming pool with colorful waterfall

Image (39)

40. Swimming pool with green area

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41. Traditional swimming pool

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42. Swimming pool raised with concrete finish

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43. Narrow Swimming Pool

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44. Swimming pool for adults and children

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45. Swimming pool

Image (45)

46. ​​Swimming pool with upholstered benches

Image (46)

47. Swimming pool with rustic style

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48. Swimming pool with sea view

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49. American style house pool

Image (49)

50. Swimming pool with rounded shapes

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51. Swimming pool with resting space

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52. Swimming pool with stone decoration

Image (52)

53. Swimming pool with fountain

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54. Swimming pool with straw gazebo tent

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55. Swimming pool with natural style

Image (55)