Vinyl Pool: What It Is, Benefits And Photos To Inspire

With works in progress, it is time to choose what material and the most suitable form of construction for the pool in a residence, after all, who does not want to enjoy the good moments of summer leisure alongside friends and family? The market offers different materials for the installation of the pool: each with its characteristics and advantages. This time, we will cover the vinyl swimming pools:

What is a Vinyl Pool?

In general terms, the vinyl swimming pool, as well as the masonry pool, is also built on a similar basis, offering the same robustness of a construction. The difference is in part in the construction process, in which the masonry receives a vinyl coating, also known as a pocket. This material confers waterproofing, water tightness and guarantees hygiene, without the need to apply specific waterproofing products and without tiles - that is, it can be a good option.

This type of pool is already the favorite for construction in other countries: besides being flexible, it is economical and suits the most varied constructions with modern architecture.

Main Advantages of a Vinyl Pool

Before making your choice, know the main advantages that a vinyl pool presents in relation to other models:

  • There are no size limits : Vinyl swimming pools have a clear advantage over size: Unlike fiber models, which have a prefabricated shape, vinyl can fit different sizes of a work.
  • They have the flexible format : Vinyl is ideal for anyone looking for a custom pool shape, whether in curves, steps and different drawing cutouts in construction.
  • Custom drawing : This model allows flexibility when choosing the design. Although the imitation of tablets is the most popular, the customer can also choose by bands, geometric designs and varied prints that suit your taste. According to the manufacturer, there are over 20 prints available for customizing the design.
  • Has attractive aesthetics : after finishing the work, the look of a vinyl pool can be surprising, executed according to the specifications of the resident.
  • They are excellent value for money : Despite the tightest durability, the vinyl model may be more cost-effective than the more traditional ones.
  • They are practical at the time of transport : the vinyl swimming pool dispenses the large carts to be transported and does not require large spaces of corridors and streets during the route, unlike the fiber model.
  • Practical installation : because it is a simpler construction, the installation time of a vinyl swimming pool can vary between 15 and 20 days. For comparison, a concrete pool can take up to 4 months to complete.
  • Easy maintenance : Vinyl can be repaired through specialist company kits to repair cracks and leaks that may arise spontaneously over time.
  • Easy discard : The vinyl pool is sustainable since its construction, during its use and even in its demolition. It is made with a light masonry structure. Excess residues do not exist in demolition, since the disposal of the materials are perfectly suitable for recycling.

What's the difference between a vinyl pool and a concrete and masonry pool?

One of the main differences between the vinyl pool and a masonry pool is in relation to construction. The structure of a masonry pool requires hardware, concrete, specific products for waterproofing and finishing with tiles and pellets. To install a pool with vinyl, despite the basic structure, it is simpler, bringing a better cost benefit compared to the concrete model.

Vinyl Pool Price

The price of a vinyl pool may vary by region. In general, a pool of this material can cost in total between R.000,00 and R.000,00, which can also vary in relation to size. Even so, its cost is less than fiberglass and concrete.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Pool

  • Durability : one of the characteristics that weigh when choosing the ideal swimming pool type is its duration. The vinyl has less durability than other materials.
  • Chemicals : Vinyl is a specific material and its maintenance needs chemicals in greater quantity to keep the pH of the water neutralized.
  • More fragile : This type of material has more fragility and can be damaged with use. Sudden contact with a metal object, a sharp object or even a toy can damage the material, requiring repairs.

General Care with the Vinyl Pool

For the sake of greater durability, please keep your pool with the chemicals recommended by the material manufacturer and the installation company.

In case of maintenance, it can be done without having to empty the swimming pool. Vinyl repair kits have this function, especially for minor damage and leaks. The material can still be completely replaced according to the wear and tear.

The pool water is permanent and the exchange is not necessary. Even with a certain carelessness, with the use of specific products, it can be treated and regularized for use.

60 pictures of vinyl swimming pools to inspire

After knowing the main characteristics of this material that is trend in the construction of swimming pools, check out some more tips with visual references to be inspired:

Picture 1 - Vinyl swimming pool with stairs.

Any swimming pool that receives this vinyl coating aims to stagnate the water. It has a solid construction, but instead of being coated with tile or tablets, it receives the vinyl coating that simulates these materials. The part of the installation must be done by a skilled workman to avoid future problems.

Picture 2 - Vinyl pool with fountain.

It is possible to have a beautiful design with a vinyl swimming pool. In the above design the marble border gave all the elegant and sophisticated finish to that area.

Picture 3 - This model imitates a mix of tablets in shades of blue.

The traditional tablet composition can be found in the form of vinyl. A great option for those looking for the same effect, but at a lower cost.

Picture 4 - Depending on the proposal, they can create designs in the pool.

Be creative in your design! In the same way that you can insert designs with the inserts and ceramics, the vinyl receives a personalized treatment if you wanted that different effect in your swimming pool.

Picture 5 - The vinyl has a versatile design that takes beauty to your home!

Because it is an industrialized product, it needs a specialized company that makes the correct measurements and perfect installation for a good result!

Picture 6 - And we can still find her in the version with infinite border.

Image 7 - Of the several prints the most used is the one that imitates the tablets.

In the market there are several prints according to the availability of the contracted company. In order to avoid errors, imitation tablets are the most recommended.

Image 8 - Its great advantage is the versatility in the format.

Because it is a soft material you can design your pool in the desired format, because the vinyl accompanies curves and angles in the most varied types of projects.

Picture 9 - Small vinyl pool

The coolness of the small pools is the versatility in the visual that can be made in a short time due to its quickness in the installation, not to mention the possibility of changing the vinyl for another different one spending little.

Image 10 - Its finish is very similar to the original materials.

Picture 11 - This pool has won up to a special landscaping

Image 12 - She skirts around the pool design.

Picture 13 - In addition to having an easy installation, its maintenance in relation to cleaning is simple and practical.

The vinyl works like a pocket, where it is embedded and glued to the surface you want to coat.

Picture 14 - Vinyl swimming pool with jacuzzi

Leave the look of your pool cozier with a deck floor. That way you can unite beauty and functionality in one place!

Image 15 - The variety of vinyl prints allows you to create different styles of decoration

Picture 16 - The vinyl pool integrates the environments of the house

Picture 17 - The vinyl swimming pool received a crystalline finish

Picture 18 - You can insert different colors on each level of the pool

Image 19 - There are several vinyl finishes that simulate the materials

Picture 20 - It is moldable according to the size of the pool

Picture 21 - It goes from the simplest projects to the bold ones

Image 22 - Complement the pool area with a vertical garden

Nothing better than to leave the corner of the pool more connected to nature. For those who have little space, you can opt for a green wall that leaves the most intense contrast in space!

Picture 23 - Barbecue with integrated vinyl pool.

Picture 24 - Here are two pools that receive the same vinyl finish.

Image 25 - In this model only part of the border was inserted with the vinyl

Image 26 - Narrow vinyl swimming pool.

Picture 27 - Vinyl swimming pool with cutouts.

Picture 28 - Swimming pool with infinity edge of vinyl.

For areas with vegetation, mountains or beach: this model is ideal to create a connection with the environment, so it is indicated to have a landscape that favors this proposal.

Picture 29 - Large vinyl swimming pool.

Picture 30 - You can choose only one wall of the pool with the vinyl blanket.

Image 31 - Detail of the vinyl finish in the pool.

Picture 32 - It takes all the modern touch to your home.

Picture 33 - Can be docked in several formats.

Image 34 - Interconnect the leisure areas by the pool.

The design of all environments should walk together, so interconnecting the spaces is very important. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčleisure, these places should have a greater attention, because it is indicated to make a connection between them so that the result is a unique leisure environment for the residents.

Image 35 - The cool thing is that this type of pool does not require waterproofing.

As vinyl is responsible for waterproofing, this type of pool does not require the use of waterproofing (blankets) as would happen if the chosen model were concrete.

Picture 36 - Install a vinyl pool in the backyard of your home.

Image 37 - Beautiful composition of vinyl with Portuguese stone.

Picture 38 - The vinyl pool is a sustainable construction.

Image 39 - Your look is so perfect that it is one of the main alternatives for those looking for a low cost when it comes to installing a pool at home.

Vinyl swimming pools are increasingly used in Brazil, as they are more accessible and the installation time is short compared to other models.

Image 40 - Curved Vinyl Pool.

Picture 41 - Pool with L format of vinyl.

Image 42 - Tiles used on the edge to give the finish.

Do not forget to finish the edge of the pool! Choose a coating that highlights the visual like marble, stones, wood, porcelain tiles and tiles.

Picture 43 - Even with different gradients, it is still a great option.

Image 44 - Your finish on the edge can be done with the vinyl itself.

Picture 45 - Vinyl swimming pool with wooden deck.

The landscaping treatment in the surroundings is essential for a comfortable space. Do not forget to delimit the circulation area with the differentiation of floor, insert the armchairs for sunbathing, a green corner to brighten and install the water fountains to make the climate more refreshing.

Picture 46 - If there is a perforation of the material, a simple repair in the place is enough.

The print has a very long durability. The only caution one should have is in relation to excessive abrasive products and the use of hard sponges at the edges. But in case of damage, vinyl is a cheap and simple material to be repaired.

Picture 47 - Simple vinyl swimming pool.

Picture 48 - Modern vinyl swimming pool.

Picture 49 - You can use several finishes at the time of assembly.

In the above project we have the vinyl with two finishes, one imitating a mix of pads and the other in uniform tone where the tracks are drawn. The marble surrounds the entire pool that extends to the balcony and still receives a special corner delimited by the wooden floor.

Image 50 - Heated Vinyl Pool.

Picture 51 - Rounded vinyl pool.

Picture 52 - Install a night illumination to highlight the pool.

The pool area needs to be specially lit so residents can safely move around the area. In addition, creating lighting-based pool effects is one of the ways to decorate the pool area during parties and special occasions.

Picture 53 - The result is similar to a pool of tablets

Picture 54 - Yard with vinyl pool

Image 55 - Your installation ranges from the smallest to the largest pools

Picture 56 - Make a picture playing with the shades of blue

You can make your custom design or choose to play with colors, geometric designs, banners and other prints.

Image 57 - Rectangular Vinyl Pool

Image 58 - Here the vinyl is only installed on the edge of the pool.

For those looking for a modern pool, it can work with different finishes and finishes along its length.

Image 59 - Balcony with vinyl swimming pool.

Another nice effect in the decoration is to leave the edge extended, skirting the entire pool.

Image 60 - Complement your project with a landscaping that integrates the visual